Late Night with Killzone 3 – Tonight!

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UPDATE: Here’s the video, and a story from Late Night’s website.

Got someplace to be early tomorrow morning? Well blow it off! You’ll wanna stay up late tonight to see Killzone 3 in action.

Killzone 3 for PS3

Video Game Week continues on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, as Guerrilla Games’ Hermen Hulst will be demoing KZ3 in gorgeous 3D. Jimmy stunk it up a little bit last night in Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit; hopefully he’ll have better luck dishing out brutal melee attacks on the Helghast. If he does well, we can all forgive him for his role in the cinematic catastrophe known as 2004’s Taxi. Queen Latifah, you’re still on the hook.

David Spade will also be guesting, so stay up or set your DVR for 12:35 am tonight on NBC. You’ll be able to play Killzone 3 in February 2011.

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    HAHA AWESOME! :P I’m expecting the utmost best out of this game!

  • Cool. Will we ever see a KZ3 demonstration with PS Move?

  • Don’t even bother watching. They wait until close to the end of the show only to show maybe if you’re lucky 5 minutes talking about the game. showing the actual game? probably less than a minute. It’s pretty much no point staying up just to see it. and it’s probably going to be the same demo footage we saw during E3.

    • Another valuable public service announcement from DMPrince, ladies and gentlemen! What time should we go to bed, fine sir?


  • is this a box-art of k3? wow god…. sony may have to re-thinking this art… it´s terrible.

  • @Jeff

    Jeff, if you are going to be there, ask Herman if there is going to be any kind of co-op.

  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    Can we go in a prone position in Killzone 3?

    Also I think you guys should be having Move there instead of Killzone 3, Killzone 3 won’t be out for another 8-9 months, Move is out in a couple of months. Need to get the ball rolling on that.

  • I don’t want to see it unless it’s multiplayer or co-op footage. I already know it’s going to be an incredible game, I’d hate to spoil anymore of the story gameplay.

  • if this is the final box art, i think it’s great.

  • Is there any way to set my DVR to record the Killzone 3 part and not record the David Spade part?

  • I want to see Multiplayer already!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • February 2011. that’s rough.

  • Hope you will post “Late Night” video.

  • I never generally comment about anything but on this I gotta say something. The box is too crowded, too much is going on. It kinda diffuses the point of it being artful.

    I really don’t think all those logos need to be on the front, especially the PlayStation Move one, it could simply be the Move sign or just put it on the back. Apart from that it looks OK, not epic like the KillZone 2 one but OK.

    My 2 cents.

  • @13 lol crowded? people are wierd! i’m wierd too for lol @13 =P


    Am I dreaming or are you actually promoting a game in a smart good way? It seems SONY might finally learns how Microsoft promote there games and whys there games sell much better.

    I say, KEEP THIS UP SONY! Promote AAA games and MOVE on TV shows like this and others. That really make ppl see the games and it promote PS3 in a huge way. Dont loose the PR grove, just take it to a higher level and the sales will be very good!

    I hope Motorstorm 3, LBP2, inFAMOUSE 2, GT5!, SOCOM 4 and MOVE gets exposure like this or better. YOU NEED THE SALES! I NEED THEM!


    Because I love these game sand want more of them! Or new IP that you(SONY) have been so good at creating in partnership whit 1st party and 2nd party developers.

  • Will be watching, would be nice if you guys show a new level.

  • I don’t like Jimmy Fallon but love Killzone, so I might catch it. Awesome job with the cover, looks great. The cover art for sony games have been pretty great recently, keep it up.

    Please fix the friendly ai in this one, as we speak I’m trying to finish off elite mode in KZ2 to get the platinum and I’m on the fight with Radec’s men inside the palace and I just watched Rico unload an entire clip into a wall, reload, then do it again! At this point, his only purpose is to distract the enemy.

    Also how you pick up ammo is kinda annoying, you can walk by and pick up an entire pack of grenades and get only one but the whole stack gets used, you should be able to use the same ammo piles more than once.

    FWIW, those are probably my main concerns with KZ2

  • When’s Beta begin?

    Collector’s/Limited Edition?

    New Box Art please?

  • don’t care about 3d,but will watch for the game.

  • Already set my DVR for this. Look forward to fast forwarding through all the nonsense that comes before the demo.

    Can’t wait to see some stuff from Killzone 3 that’s set somewhere other than a snowy environment, though. Right now it seems like they’ve only switched one environment for the other between Killzone 2 and 3.

  • would be nice to see this demoed with PS move tonight. hopefully it happens…

  • You guys should have Move on the show! Fallon has had the Wii and Kinect(twice) on there.

  • What is up w/ that box art? I mean, it’s good but it sucks! I like the japanese one better.

  • Uh oh, I’m not comfortable with these guys playing such an awesome game. They’ll start joking around and goofing off.

  • The game looked great at E3….I hope he doesn’t make it look terrible…also as for Co-op I believe they already announced that there was going to be the possibility of it online for 4 players or something like that and as for the box art stop whining about it guys…who cares what that looks like what matters is what it looks like when flipped around :D like I love taking my games like little big planet and flipping the art around cuz the ones on the back always look amazing :D but I do agree the psmove logo takes up too much space and is unnecessary by anyone’s standards

  • Be nice if it was new footage. And being it is in 3D we can’t see what is going on as well. Still it is good to see Sony getting this kind of thing in the main stream non-gaming media. You need to get KB on one of these shows someday. Man that would be great.

  • If you guys show off Move make sure you have a good game. Don’t show that horrible bowling game! Show Eyepet, maybe Start the Party. Otherwise, I would wait until something big comes out. You guys need to show something that wows people, not a “oh it looks like wii, who cares.” Not Socom either, because you are not catering to the fans with that one-no one would want to watch that. Lower the price of the Move, redo the Nav controller (combine the Nav and Move controller), and show off an Oblivion like game. That would win the people over!

    -GeoHot speaking at Nuit Du Hack -youtube

  • I will be sure to set my DVR, I would normally stay up for this but I just took on a second business to manage today.

    Ready Set GO!

  • I like you Jeff!

  • Damn you for making me watch Jimmy Fallon.

    God that guy sucks at comedy.

    • But you have to give him credit- he’s putting video games on national TV. No way that’s bad.

  • i put a reminder on my cable box. no dvr cause after not getting the psx not much impressed me. oh and Queen Latifah gets a free pass because of Set it Off.

  • lolthe new sarcastic jeff is interesting

  • Very nice box art, i like it

  • the previous box-art of killzone2 was better though :/

  • thats some nice box art IMO feels like the god of war 3 one

  • Any word on the box art for LBP2?

  • @Jeff

    Just wondering how/if us Canadians can watch this broadcast?

  • Please change the boxart. It seems empty and lacking in action or something. Make it intense!!! or awesome like Killzone 2 boxart.

  • XScreamingEagleX

    great! cant wait to check it out!!!

    great box art, i love it.

    anything for socom 4?? :(

  • Let’s see some annoncement abou the Killzone 3 Beta!!

  • Cool, would love to see some new footage.

  • Oh and Jeff, I just saw the KZ3 interview video from last month – and noticed that you mentioned my name. Awesome!

  • I’ll watch it. I got nothing better to do.

  • Always thought that show was Microsoft exclusive most of the titles that come up there tend to be. either way I like the box art although all the playstation stuff on it makes it look a bit cluttered but still good stuff…

  • insomnia 999. Lower the price of the Move, redo the Nav controller (combine the Nav and Move controller), and show off an Oblivion like game. That would win the people over!

    okay shoosh you the move is perfectly priced it costs as much as a ps3 controller for the controller and the attachment and also it’s extremely high quality for the price and when I held it it had an amazingly great feel to hold it and how would showing off an oblivion like game win people over? not everyone in the world is obsessed with that rpg (which is actually a bad rpg honestly)
    they should show off the eyepet or something like that cuz that’s what won me over even though I’m a hardcore gamer and it won over the rest of my familly (buncha softies) even my grandparents and it also kinda showed how well this will stand up to project natal and shows off just in general all the new technological advances in one blow in a media form that everyone can appreciate :)

  • Kchow23. Always thought that show was Microsoft exclusive most of the titles that come up there tend to be. either way I like the box art although all the playstation stuff on it makes it look a bit cluttered but still good stuff…

    it isn’t but it’s biased towards microsoft due to the fact that more people play the 360 for now and the fact that microsoft is taking every company left and right and doing something to get them to make 360 exclusives

  • I hate Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. *sigh* I’ll watch it for Killzone 3 but the channel is going to be changed immediately after.

  • @Otenko you can just respond by saying @Kchow23 don’t need to copy my entire comment lol… but yeah also didn’t they use to own an NBC station or something? good to see playstation titles finally appearing though

  • @Jeff.. hopefully if they let him try Killzone 3 he won’t be as bad playing it as he was with NFS: Hot Pursuit lol that was terrible

  • @37 if you have ABC I believe or whatever channel it is you can. I am from Canada and I can watch it although show not really that great aside from video game stuff and the very few times Jimmy Fallon is funny

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