Trinity Universe for PS3 Next Week, Atelier Rorona Update

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Hello fantastico people! E3 was so intense – I hope you found the announcements exciting! I want to recap NIS America’s E3 2010 announcements with you guys: We showed Trinity Universe and Atelier Rorona on the show floor.

Trinity Universe will be released next week on June 29th. Trinity Universe has two main characters and two stories. It is a collaboration of NIS, Gust, and Idea Factory, so you get to play familiar characters – Etna, Flonne, and Prinny (of course!) from the Disgaea series and Pamela from Atelier – in one game. These characters are animated in the event scenes, so you can really see their expressions!

The battle system is also unique. You create special moves and skill attacks by pressing certain button sequences. Each character has different sequences for their moves, and you can combine with other characters to make far more damaging attacks. Check out the trailer to see more about Trinity Universe!

I know, I know – you want to know more about Atelier Rorona! Atelier Rorona is scheduled to be released this September.

Atelier Rorona for PS3

Atelier Rorona is the first Atelier series game to hit the PS3. The game has field maps with 3D graphics and battle scenes with cell-shaded characters, and it looks fantastic. You have to see it with your own eyes, so check out this E3 trailer. It’s a very short teaser trailer, but you can see how good the characters look in the world of Atelier Rorona.

Let’s go over the story a bit. Arland is a small kingdom that used to have a small, poor population. It has prospered recently thanks to newly recovered technology called the machines. Thanks to the machines, the people of Arland are able to live more convenient lives. Within the kingdom, there is a small alchemy shop where Rorona works for the owner, Astrid. The shop used to be successful, but because of the machines and Astrid’s laziness, no customers have come to the shop in a while. One day, a messenger from the kingdom visits the shop and Astrid and Rorona are hit with a dose of harsh reality. They must prove the worth of alchemy by completing all of their assignments over the next three years, or the kingdom will shut down their workshop!

“You do it, Rorona,” said Astrid. Oh right, I forgot to mention that Astrid couldn’t care less about jumping through hoops for the kingdom, even though her workshop is at risk! Does Rorona have any choice but to take up these tasks to save the shop? Of course not! Rorona now has to work extra hard to keep the shop, and you must help Rorona gain the trust of the town people.

Meet Rorona and Astrid.

Atelier Rorona for PS3 -- RoronaAtelier Rorona for PS3 -- Astrid

I’ll be back soon to show all of you some game footage. Oh, and a quick reminder that Disgaea Infinite is out on PSP and PSN. Explore the adventure novel genre with Disgaea characters!

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  • Great. Can’t wait for Trinity Universe ^-^.
    Any hope for Tales of Vesperia localization?
    Cause I really want it and Im sure every rpg fan wants it too ^-^

  • Awesome, these type of games are always welcome, the PS3 needs more of these.

  • I already preordered Trinity Universe. I absolutely can’t wait for it. Atelier Rorona has been one of my most wanted PS3 games for a long time. I’m definitely buying it on release. Looking forward to any future NIS America published game on PSP and PS3. :D

  • More exclusive Japanese RPGs are always good. I think there needs to be some 1st party RPGs too (Legend of Dragoon 2 perhaps?).

    Also, hopefully Level 5’s new game Ninokuni for PS3 will come to NA soon.

  • I’m glad to see more JRPG’s coming to the west. Now if we can get Ar Tonelico 3 please! (Also NIS, feel free to bring over Tales of Vesperia to the PS3 since namco seems to not care)

  • Please include the Japanese voicetrack, no offense to the English cast!

  • That looks pretty cool

  • Interesting, I don’t think anybody has commented (and thrown a tizy) here yet about the box art being changed.


  • can’t wait to play is it DL only or can i go buy a Hard Copy, if no Hard Copy forget it

  • @58 – both are retail only. Don’t you see the boxes?

  • Alright more JRPGs. What more can you get for a Video gamer and anime/manga fan like me.

  • Definitely buying both of those. Loved Mana Khemia on my PSP and looking forward to more from the Atelier series.

    Keep bringing these titles over NISA, you’re making a lot of JRPG fans very happy.

  • Want both of these, but Only GameStop is going to carry them in my area, and at $49.99 way too expensive for these type of games, for me. Will look at them at $39.99 again.

  • RurouniSaiya-jin

    Woohoo! Can’t wait for my copy of Trinity Universe to ship from Rosenqueen next week. Also, looking forward to Atelier Rorona. Keep up the good work NISA!




  • i just love nis and their cheaply made games

  • I hope that’s not the final box art for Atelier Rorona =T

  • cannot wait to pick up these games , thanks for bringing them to us \o/

  • YES! 6~7 days till Trinity Universe’s release! RPGs FTW!

  • also, is the maker of this atelier boxart the same ones who made Hexyz Force? it feels so similar o_O

  • It’s a major bummer I only recognize the Disgaea characters in these cross-overs, I’d be more akin to purchasing one of these titles if it had more RPG characters I were familiar with.

  • Thank you Atlus for bringing us JRPGs! I’ll try to get both of the but college has me broke :(. Any word on Persona 5? (Come on you can tell me, I wont tell anyone I promise! :D)

  • TU preordered @ NISA and AR preordered @ Amazon.

    Okay, now about AT3…

  • @71

    This NISA not Atlus.
    anyways I was hoping for a reply but seems like nothing yet :(

  • Nao I’m happy that you posted here in the blog, because I followed a lot of E3 coverage. Because of the negativity surrounding America and JRPGs most totally blew off your area focusing on all the FPS titles and what not.

    I’ve been watching a lot of trailers lately, but the Trinity Universe trailer is probably one of the best that I’ve seen in a while. I use to be hesitant on whether to get the game or not, but that trailer showed exactly what the game is about and more importantly a lot of the new cool features that make it stand out from other games of the genre. I hope that you spread that trailer around. And I’m still really excited about AR! :D

  • For reader’s sake (at least last time I checked this is where localization right stand):
    1. NISA doesn’t have rights over the ‘Tales of’ series in America, that’s Namco Bandai’s turf. Go ask their reps about Tales of Vesperia.
    2. Ar Tonelico series is currently under NISA jurisdiction as long as the most recent installment didn’t change anything.
    3. Localizations take time: White Knight Chronicles came 2 years later to America, AR will probably end up being 1.5 years. Not every game has a budget like Final Fantasy where it is co-produced because profits are instantly guaranteed, so the delay is only like a month.
    4. Reviews by for American release. They crack down hard on these localizations, because when localized they don’t totally remake games. So like White Knight Chronicles (not NIS produced, but same genre), took a lot of points down for the fact that 2 years ago the expectations and quality of games was at a different level. So you can’t get always get a true read of how good JRPGs are through reviews because of this age factor.

  • Have Trinity Universe preordered and look forward to what NIS can do on the PS3 and the 3DS as well.

  • Thank you for bringing these RPG’s to the PS3. I have been wanting to play some new JRPG’s and these games look great.

  • DigitalDevilSaga

    I’m a HUGE RPG fan. Finally, more RPG titles for the PS3! Both of these titles are on my MUST-PURCHASE list. I can’t wait!

  • Thank you guys so much for supporting the PS3, I’ve purchased every one of your releases for it (yes, I’m even one of the few who bought Last Rebellion), and I’m definitely getting this next week.

    By the way, are you guys aware of Atelier Totori? Its the direct sequel to Rorona, and it looks gorgeous, and I’m really hoping that you will bring that one out as well. Here is the trailer for it:

  • I’ll definitely be picking up Atelier Rorona (with artbook?) and I’ll probably be picking up Trinity Universe with the Artbook since I love my Sakura Wars artbook.

    Any news on the rest of the Sakura Wars series coming over to America? Sega screwed up and posted it as a downloadable title on their blog [Super Monkey Ball 2: Sakura Edition became Super Monkey Ball 2 Sakura Wars], but I hope you guys are able to make it a reality. So long as there are english menus and subtitles, I’m good.

    Also, it’s good to hear that the NISA Avatars are still coming! I keep checking every week and they’re not here yet. Here’s hoping one of them is Gemini Sunrise! ^^ (Princess Sapphire is cool too)

    …I alcan’t wait for NISA’s press conference in July! I’m hoping they announce Prinny 2, Sakura Wars I, Ar tonelico III and Neptune!

    The PS3 version of Tales of Vesperia would be awesome. The 360 version was fantastic, but I’d totally buy it again for all the extras.

  • A localized version of Tales of Vesperia “Director’s Cut” for PS3 would be great :P

    Add one more copy if you choose to bring this game oversea.
    Seems that Namco still ignore the fans claim.

    Btw I’m waiting Atelier Rorona, and cross my fingers for Neptune. ;)

  • epiphaniesarefun

    Hi Nao,
    First, I would like to say uber thanks for brining TriUni Over.

    I really hope you’re able to pull neptune off: It looks really neat and there are tons of fans hoping it’ll make it across (seriously just google Nis america and neptune and you’ll see all the websites picking it up ;).

    I know it may not be possible to bring over ps3 tales of vesperia, but it would be awesome if you can!

    Also, I hope you’re going to announce the psp la pucelle and the absolute modding project (I’d really like to see this one!). And classic Dungeon! They all look cool ^_^

    Thanks again for all your hard work!

  • Actually, I was doing my monthly scouring online for games that I was waiting for and had yet to release, and SakuraCon 2010 played host to Troy Baker, one of the VAs for Tales of Vesperia. And he seems to have established in an interview at that convention (which was back in April, mind you) that Vesperia was still due to release in North America and Europe in the coming months since the entire cast had to rework voicing script for the new party member, Patty Fleur. Here’s the video: ( But cut out the bubbles. And don’t mind the scratchy audio on the other end…but with how badly Namco Bandai is hurting for money, they will relinquish 60 bucks of my money if Vesperia for PS3 becomes a reality, especially with the content they released it with back in Japan.

  • Japan is getting Rorona’s sequel this month, and we’re still waiting for the first one. Step it up, NIS!

  • First off i am extremely excited for both of these titles…especially Atelier Rorona.

    The NA box art looks just fine, but i wouldn’t complain if they put Rorona on the cover. My guess is it’s the usual minority of Jp gamers outside the Japan who are doing the complaining. The video looks amazing and has me wanting it now, so it will be pre-ordered.

    I also can’t wait for word on Ar tonelico 3 and Neptune. The Neptune screens look incredible. I don’t need to say anything about Ar tonelico 3, as it’s a pre-order from the moment it’s up on the new NISA store. When i saw the Ar tonelico 3 teaser in my Prinny Bomb, i was fist pumping like mad.

    I would also slap a pre-order on HD remakes of Atelier Iris 1-3 and Ar tonelico 1+2, but would appreciate the bugs and translation mishaps fixed. This is a HUGE please in the case of Ar tonelico 2, because if there was only one game i could ever have, it would be that one. I’m still listening to both OSTs.

  • I can’t wait for Trinity Universe to come out! I already
    pre-order it and I’m very excited for this game to come out!
    I’m gonna try and get Atelier Rorona as well. I’ts been a long
    time since I’ve played the Atelier games and this game would
    be perfect for my PS3! I’ll be looking forward to playing both
    of these games.

  • NISA already confirmed they would bring Ar Tonelico 3 and Super Dimensional Game Neptune to North America.

  • By the time I finish Trinity Universe, (or even before that) I’ll have Starcraft II to deal with, then I’ll have Atlier Roranoa shortly after that.

    Then I gotta find time to finish Platinuming Cross Edge, Star Ocean 4, and which ever of these JRPGs I haven’t finished at that point.

    Guess I can just try to finish the last few missions of Heroes of Might and Magic V before my Trinity Universe Pre-order is delivered. LONG LIVE THE RPG!

  • Buying both as soon as I can. NISA you rock my socks. I’ll support you to my grave!

  • I’ve been a supporter ever since you started, and I must say that you have improved tremendously over the years. Trinity Universe has been a blast so far, and the dub work you guys did is amazing. I normally never support dubs except in the rarest of cases, but I really like what you did with this game.

    Any info on Ar Tonelico III/ Neptune? Those two games are looking great and I am loving the crossover genre that has begun to get so much attention! Keep up the great work, and I’ll keep my money rolling in ^-^

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