Trinity Universe for PS3 Next Week, Atelier Rorona Update

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Hello fantastico people! E3 was so intense – I hope you found the announcements exciting! I want to recap NIS America’s E3 2010 announcements with you guys: We showed Trinity Universe and Atelier Rorona on the show floor.

Trinity Universe will be released next week on June 29th. Trinity Universe has two main characters and two stories. It is a collaboration of NIS, Gust, and Idea Factory, so you get to play familiar characters – Etna, Flonne, and Prinny (of course!) from the Disgaea series and Pamela from Atelier – in one game. These characters are animated in the event scenes, so you can really see their expressions!

The battle system is also unique. You create special moves and skill attacks by pressing certain button sequences. Each character has different sequences for their moves, and you can combine with other characters to make far more damaging attacks. Check out the trailer to see more about Trinity Universe!

I know, I know – you want to know more about Atelier Rorona! Atelier Rorona is scheduled to be released this September.

Atelier Rorona for PS3

Atelier Rorona is the first Atelier series game to hit the PS3. The game has field maps with 3D graphics and battle scenes with cell-shaded characters, and it looks fantastic. You have to see it with your own eyes, so check out this E3 trailer. It’s a very short teaser trailer, but you can see how good the characters look in the world of Atelier Rorona.

Let’s go over the story a bit. Arland is a small kingdom that used to have a small, poor population. It has prospered recently thanks to newly recovered technology called the machines. Thanks to the machines, the people of Arland are able to live more convenient lives. Within the kingdom, there is a small alchemy shop where Rorona works for the owner, Astrid. The shop used to be successful, but because of the machines and Astrid’s laziness, no customers have come to the shop in a while. One day, a messenger from the kingdom visits the shop and Astrid and Rorona are hit with a dose of harsh reality. They must prove the worth of alchemy by completing all of their assignments over the next three years, or the kingdom will shut down their workshop!

“You do it, Rorona,” said Astrid. Oh right, I forgot to mention that Astrid couldn’t care less about jumping through hoops for the kingdom, even though her workshop is at risk! Does Rorona have any choice but to take up these tasks to save the shop? Of course not! Rorona now has to work extra hard to keep the shop, and you must help Rorona gain the trust of the town people.

Meet Rorona and Astrid.

Atelier Rorona for PS3 -- RoronaAtelier Rorona for PS3 -- Astrid

I’ll be back soon to show all of you some game footage. Oh, and a quick reminder that Disgaea Infinite is out on PSP and PSN. Explore the adventure novel genre with Disgaea characters!

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  • Awesome!

  • not my cup of tea but looks good

  • So is Trinity Universe for the PS3 or the PSP? Either way it sounds very interesting.

  • @IrishPete333 Both games are for PS3.

    The games look adorable. Longing to see more Atelier Rororna gameplay footage.

  • Been looking forward to Atelier Rorona for a while now, glad to see it got a release date :)

  • Just started getting into many different NIS games, think I’ll have to snag these two =P

    • Hi Faythi,

      Oh yay! Thank you! We’ll be announcing more titles in July so I hope you will be interested in those too!


  • Oh man, I’ve been waiting for Atelier since I first saw the trailers one or two years ago. I hope I have the time to get this in September–there are just too many games to play right now, it’s too hard to choose (and afford)!

    • Hi jh6269,

      Oh, you know you’ll have to make some time for Rorona, right? How can you ignore this cute little thing? he he

      Seriously, if you’ve been a fan of Atelier, I am sure you’ll enjoy it to the max!


  • Trash.

  • This is awesome. As usual, thanks for supporting us PS3 RPG owners. They were pretty much the reason I picked up the system and I thank you for the exclusives. Any word on Neptune or Ar Tonelico III (which I saw some hints about from you guys)?

    • Hi clupula668,

      our pleasure!

      Ar tonelico III…? I have no idea what you are talking about… he he he ;p

      Sit tight for a couple of weeks. You won’t be disappointed!


  • Definitely preordering Trinity Universe once my login is fixed on NIS Store. (My own fault that login got messed up)

    Looking forward to Rorona too. Love the Atelier Series. Bought the 3 Iris games and Mana Khemia Games and loved them all.

    Sorry to go off topic but any word on Ar Tonelico 3?

    • Hello Midpipps,

      I hope the log in is fixed by now!
      Trinity Universe Artbook is absolutely gorgeous. Love it! I hope you’ll get the art book too:)

      We are thinking about making something special for Rorona as well. Nothing finalized yet though. But I hope I can talk about it when I come back here sometime next month!


  • I like the art direction, but the music in that video was giving me a headache. Here’s to hoping it doesn’t get reviews like cross edge did.

    • Hi phinnv8,

      Trinity Universe actually has really nice background music. The main theme is very upbeat Japanese pop music, but actual game music won’t be like that.

      I think any fans of RPGs will enjoy Trinity Universe, even those who may have felt a little let down by Cross Edge.

      Hope you’ll enjoy it!


  • agreed with post 9 both games are already preordered for me … now i want news on ar tonelico 3 and neptune.

    And i know it not from the same developpement but i’d be a happy camper if i had news of the tales of vesperia for NA

  • so… do you know anything about a relese date for eu? or am i going to import trinity universe??

    just browsing my collection of ps3games.. Disgaea 3 and cross edge where mint.. but i just can not get into Last Rebellion.. still stuck at the second boss..

    now Trinity Universe will be my number 4 game from you. thanks for getting all the great games to the english speaking fellows

    • Hi Rytteren,

      Trinity Universe will be released in Europe on June 25!

      Thank you for your support for these NISA titles:)


  • Is there a plan for a limited edition of Atelier Rorona with an artbook of some sort or whatever else you guys pack together with the games? Thanks for reading and posting.

    • Hi Shinogu126,

      Nothing is finalized yet, but we will be making some special item for Rorona at our online store. Limited Edition Box? Not sure yet. I am hoping we can do something that will make our Atelier fans happy! ;)


  • Will either of these games have the japanese voice tracks in them? if they aren’t you REALLY have to put them on as well! take FULL advantage of the Blu-Ray Disc!!!!

    Besides that, Atelier Rorona looks awesome. liking the art style of it.

    • Hi Zezzler,

      YES! There will be the Japanese voice option for Trinity Universe and Atelier Rorona:)

      Blu-Ray disc rocks! hehe

      Thanks! I am glad that you liked the art style. I personally REALLY love it too:)


  • hay NIS, think you guys can get a deal done to get ToV for the PS3 in North America?

  • Hey Nao

    Really great to see you again on the PsBlog, thank you for posting the info, i really cant wait for Trinity Universe ( will pre-order soon :P ) and Atelier Rorona which will be getting 2 copies of it :), if you dont mind like always i have a few questions :P

    1- When will NISA be releasing the new avatars for PSN?
    2- Will NISA be able to bring out Neptune for PS3? pretty please! :P
    3- Is it possible for you guys to bring some of the trailers to PSN for Atelier or even Trinity?? im pretty sure more people will look into it and buy it which = more people and more fans to get these great games.

    Lastly i would to say thanks again for bringing great games to PS3, i haven’t missed a single PS3 game you guys released and planning on getting them all :P, please keep bringing more RPG’s to PS3 and i’ll keep my support :)
    Looking forward to Ar Tonelico 3! so buying 3 copies of it day 1 :P

    • Hi Destiny89,

      Thank you for your kind words as always!

      Here are the answers…

      1. Oh my goodness. I meant to come back to the previous post and mentioned about the PSN avatar, but I didn’t get a chance to do it… Sorry… but it has been taking much longer than what we first expected. We are still working on it. When the avatars will be available I will make sure to let you all know!

      2. Ahhh, Neptune! It looks so awesome, isn’t it? Honestly, I don’t know if NISA will be bringing it over. But I am (openly) crossing my fingers!

      3. Hmmmmm, I think you are right. I will look into how we can put our trailer up on PSN. Thank you for the great idea!!

      Thank you for your support, Destiny89 as always! We can bring these games to the US because fans like yourself are here to support us. :)

      THANK YOU!!!


  • hi nao, i already pre-ordered my copy of trinity universe. so i cant hardly wait to get my gruby hands of it.i’m just waiting for rorona to be on the gamestop database as well…like everyone else i’m looking foward nisa’s press conference.needless to say that, ar tonelico 3 will be a pre-order for me as well :0)

    • Hi Perrandy,

      Thank you for preordering Trinity Universe!

      Our annual press event is coming up soon. Yes, I am excited for the announcement as well:)


  • Hmm, don’t know where I’m going to find that game in Canada. Probably only EB or Amazon; Two distributors I’m not very happy with.

    I’ll look around for it when I’m off next month.

  • Devs should give the option of original voices with subtitles. English voices sound too “Pikachu, I choose you!”

  • NIS America, Inc.. Trinity Universe for the PS3, will definitely be a good one for the video game library… a 8 out of 10.. THE FAZEONES LOUNGE

  • Wait a minute, how’d I get in this blog post?? What? No no, I didn’t preorder Trinity Universe! Ehheehee.. Here, let me make a manly face for you to prove I’d never play a game like that… :3 No wait! Lemme try that again… ^_^ ohhh crap… (Thank you NIS for bringing this game to the states!!)

    • Hi Jimmyfoxhound,

      Ahahahahahaha! Seriously? Wow, your comment literally made me Laugh Out Loud!!!

      thank you for your support and looove <3 <3 <3


  • For those who haven’t bought a NISA title before (AND SHAME ON YOU FOR THAT!), every title they’ve put out has had both English and Japanese audio. So, I doubt they wouldn’t have it with these two, as well.

    • Hi clupula668,

      Is it just me feeling lots of love in the air? Haha I am so happy that you guys are all excited for TriUni and Rorona!!!

      And yes, they both have the Japanese voices option!


  • awesome, maybe i’ll get both, i hope that NISA can bring to the US, Ar Tonelico III, awesome news NISA

  • No laharl? :(

  • This is awesome news. Thanks NISA! I share the same sentiment with most of the commentors. But doesn’t Bamco own the rights to ArTonelico 3? I know that they published it in Japan. And you all know how they are with bringing niche titles over to the states.

  • Hi Nao!! I’ve got both pre-ordered on Amazon already, and will do the same for Ar Tonelico III as soon as it’s listed. Thanks for the continued support of the PS3, and please keep it up.

    As others have asked: Any way you guys could pick up the localization of Tales of Vesperia for the PS3? I’m willing to pay for my copy now……

    • Hi LokeSTL!

      Thank YOU for your continuous support of NISA titles!

      Hmmm, Tales of Vesperia… we don’t have any plans for this title at this moment, but if there is an opportunity we’d love to give it a try!


  • YAY! JRPGs FTMFW! Thanks a lot. looking forward to both titles. just a little and important question….
    Japanese voice acting with subtitles? This is Vital.

    • Hi DarkOne_PR,

      Both TriUni and Rorona have the Japanese voices option. Our localization team did such a good job with English voice over, so hopefully you can enjoy both Japanese and English!

      Have a great weekend!


  • So is Disgaea Infinite playable on PS3 too?

  • Atelier Rorona looks really promising, thanks for bringing these to the US. Keep up the good work. :)

    • Hi the_miyamoto,

      Glad to hear that! I cannot wait until we can show off more of the Rorona game play footage!

      Have a great weekend!

  • :/ I’m just not sure on this. I have no problem with Idea Factory but I’m waiting until Compile Heart finds a publisher to release Agarest Senki 2. This is just not appealing to me and… well I think I’ve already said enough. We could use another Soul game though~

    • Hi OnesOwnGrief,

      I believe there will be more reviews coming out for Trinity Universe soon. It won’t be too late to decide after reading the reviews:)

      Have a good one!

  • Will Rorona get a UK release too?

    I know I’m buying Trinity Universe in 3 days here from the UK.

    • Hi Anon_of_cro,

      Rorona will be coming to UK! Yay!

      Thank you for getting Trinity Universe:) Hope you’ll enjoy it!


  • One more question for you Nao:

    Will you guys consider PS3 updates of PS2 games like God of War Collection? Here are some suggestions:

    Disgaea Collection (I & II)
    Ar Tonelico Collection (I & II)
    Atelier Iris Collection (I, II, & III)
    Mana Khemia Collection (I & II)

    • Hi LokeSTL,

      Thank you for the suggestions!
      I will bring this up to upper management. We’ll see if that would be doable. :)

      Have a great weekend!


  • Mmmmh the graphics don’t look so good in Atelier Rorona, but i have high hopes for this game anyway.
    Gimme a reason to get one of your games again, please!

    Any news about Disgaea 4?

  • LokeSTL god I’d buy every single on of them, imagine the games at a price like 40$. God damn. Also with fixed bugs and some tweaks.

  • Thanks Moonglare. I think I will pick both of these up.

  • >.< Someone beat me to the Disgaea 4 Punch. Second and Thirded!

    I want to thank you guys for making such upbeat, colorful games. Among the sea of drab, monochrome shooters and action games out there, these are like a desperately needed breath of fresh air.

  • I SWEAR I just heard the voice of Haruhi Suzimiya at the end of the second trailer. The second to last voice to be exact. If it is. I may have to dig for some money. Can I have the name of that voice actor?

  • Trinity looks like a blast. I can’t wait to make a team of Etna and Prinny!!

    I have only one word for Rorona and it is “BEAUTIFUL”! What a magical looking game, so colorful and polished. I wager I’ll be getting some hands on with this next month Nao?

  • Did you really had to change beautiful japanese cover art for Rorona? Well, anyway, thanks for at least bringing it here, now I will suffer in waiting for Totori.

  • Thanks Nao both games look great!

    I second BlooodyCow’s idea of getting the localization rights for the PS3 version of Tales of Vesperia. That would be huge.

  • “Look at my tension gauge!”

    Umm. I don’t swing that way?

  • @40 What? That IS some beautiful coverart. I wish half the cover art out there looked that good. (Looking at you, Hot Shots Golf 5… [shudder])

    I fourth NISA localizing Tales of Vesperia. Change the name to Tales of Vesperia Sigma (ha!), add a “bonus” (just put something like a piece of concept art under “Extras”) and you’re clear of any exclusivity BS.

    …And, yes, I really wish you guys would use Laharl more- he’s freakin’ awesome.

  • Tales of Vesperia already has extras for the PS3 version that the 360 version didn’t have. There’s a whole extra character. They wouldn’t have to add anything else for it.

    However, I really doubt Namco would let someone else localize a Tales title, even if they insist of depriving us of them here.

  • Maybe if the Localized the Tales of Vesperia for the PS3 the Namco Tales Studio would be [DELETED] deep in a debt and about to go bankrupt.

  • i’m with all of you about tales of vesperia but sadly i dont think that namco cares to release it to NA.even though, its rumored that the game was redubbed sometime ago.go figure!

  • Why do female dubbers always sound bad? They are trying way too hard and forcing a high pitched voice (lol at the Pikachu comment) and it DOESN’T work! The male dubbers aren’t as bad tho, freakin females just rattle my ears.

    Thankfully NIS always does it right and makes their games dual-audio.

  • Seems to have disappered from most if not all retailers websites in Europe, I have preordered mine,will this be released on PSN as a download, looks class.

  • NIS is the reason I bought my PS3 in the first place (Disgaea 3 / Cross Edge) and I, for one, am beyond excited about these two games. I loved the Atelier PS2 games and so I doubt this one will disappoint. Trinity Universe looks to be a fantastic cross-over RPG, a genre that hasn’t picked up a lot of steam here in the ‘States’. Both games are day-one purchases for me~ Keep the great NIS exclusives coming.

  • I liked Cross Edge and Last Rebellion despite the bad reviews, and I didn’t just like, I LOVED Disgaea 3. So I’m looking forward to Trinity Universe. But I’m just so busy with a lot of other games that are sitting on my shelf that I haven’t finished yet, that I don’t know if I am going to buy it just yet. I want to, but I don’t know.

    Atelier Rorona looks so beautiful though, I’m definitely getting that day one this Fall. Awesome box art!

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