PlayStation Home’s E3 Booth an Enormous Success + Toy Story 3, Community Events, and More!

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Last week, PlayStation Home took a huge step forward in connecting gamers to their favorite PlayStation titles by bringing the E3 experience directly to their PlayStation 3 consoles via our virtual E3 Booth. We wanted to take a moment to thank each and every one of you, the nearly quarter of a million gamers that have visited the booth since we launched it last Tuesday. In the first day alone we had over 60,000 visitors (compare that to the 46,500 real world attendees — more people visited the PlayStation Home E3 Booth in one day than did the Los Angeles Convention Center for the E3 festivities last week!)

PlayStation Home: E3 2010 virtual booth PlayStation Home: E3 2010 virtual booth

Needless to say, the virtual E3 Booth event space has been a tremendous success. And we have you, the 14 million users that make up the illustrious PlayStation Home community, to thank for that.

After all, it was your idea to recreate the PlayStation E3 Booth for the hordes of gamers unable to attend in the flesh. It was your requests for bigger and better rewards that led to the development of all the awesome commemorative items associated with the space. It was you that asked for the behind-the-scenes look at SCEA’s PlayStation Home development team that has been airing in the VIP area of the virtual E3 Booth. It was you that demanded that the SCEA PlayStation Home Community Management team get out from behind the screen and chat face-to-face on the show floor (many thanks to those of you that took the time to stop by the booth and talk to us, learn about some of the new content we have coming down the pipe and, most importantly, give us your feedback on the platform — we had the time of our lives!)

We have tremendous momentum coming out of E3, and you can bet that we’re going to continue to come correct and deliver the content that you demand between now and our next big event. This week, we are releasing a brand new personal space based upon Disney-Pixar’s third installment in the critically acclaimed Toy Story series. “Andy’s Room” transports players to the world of Buzz Lightyear, Woody, and the other toys owned by Andy Davis. Packed with mini-games and fun interactives, Andy’s Room is a must-have addition to your personal space collection. Pick yours up this Thursday from the Estates store in the PlayStation Home Mall. In the meantime, check out this video we’ve scored that highlights some of the key elements of the space (Note: Some of the virtual items that are shown towards the end of the video will be released over time — stay tuned for specific release dates).

In other Toy Story 3 news, be sure to head to the PlayStation Home Theater this Thursday to load up on some exclusive Toy Story 3 virtual item rewards. All you have to do is watch the Toy Story 3 footage and — voila! — Toy Story 3 t-shirts will magically appear in your wardrobe. Pretty cool, eh?

Our uber-popular PlayStation Home’s Top Avatar events continue with our 80s Week contest. Decorate your avatar in neon garb, spandex, and other loud and proud attire, snap a pic, and upload to this thread on the official PlayStation Home forums. The winners will be awarded the fame they’ve always vied for (or maybe not, but you will get your picture emblazoned on a billboard in Central Plaza, which is a good first step towards your own TV show, or so I’ve heard…)

PlayStation Home: Top Avatar Competition -- 80s Week

The recently released Playground space is a smash hit, with tons of users gathering in this highly immersive space to partake in games of H-O-R-S-E and chess, party of the rooftop lounge, and enjoy the high-quality, original hip-hop and funk music circa-1980 that is blaring throughout the space. Come this week, you’ll be able to bring the party back home with the Playground Boombox, which allows you to take the music of the Playground space to your personal space for your own private bash. A first for the platform (the ability to play music in personal spaces and clubhouses), the Playground Boombox will be available on Playground Boombox this Thursday, June 24th from the Furniture store.

Finally, the Sodium store will be updated this week with additional female clothing items and furniture, and the popular Dog and Cat suits will be released as well. Check the Latest Update tab under the Community section in your Menu Pad on Thursday for a complete list of the newest content.

See you in Home!

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10 Author Replies

  • 80s week? Now this is a theme I can get behind!

  • Whaaaa? I think I speak for EVERYONE when I say, “Where is our PVC?” By PVC I mean pretty vanilla cake. I was promised free cake in closed zulu way back in 2982. If anyone needs me I’ll be in the angry dome. To infinity and maybe over there!

  • All these complainers, wow. Great job Locust. All this new stuff is sweet. The E3 booth was excellent and I enjoyed the rewards, especially the 3d glasses. Looking forward to the Steampunk space and all the other great stuff coming. O, and the playground is cool as well, liked Horse.

    Any idea of when the last part of the LBP space will be available?

  • >> are you serious, guy? that Cabin game thing is half a step in the right direction for games in our personal space, but what we Really want are things such as a small bowling alley, poker tables, or the pool table that was originally advertised for personal spaces back when Phil Harrison was in charge.

    I gotta agree with this dude. This is going on over two years in Playstation Home’s Open Beta (well, 1.5, 2-3 years from closed) and there is still JACK ALL to do in personal spaces except for a few programed games.

    And no, nickle-dimeing us for these personal games as a “treat” isn’t the way to go.

    Oh look, free Toy Story 3 tees. To go with the numerous other tees I have. *yawn*

  • At least E3 gave a FREE animated item (with the exception of the Singstar Valentine’s shirt, this is the first FREE ANIMATED SHIRT ANYONE COULD GET WITH LITTLE HASSLE). And Yakuza 3 gave us a free suit/shirt/tattoo that looks good for being free.

    But it seems like you guys have forgotten that some of us refuse to buy items (the only exception I have made is the LBP space, which while great and feels like LBP… doesn’t come with furniture and the free stuff I have just clashes with the space, WTF seriously) and as such treat us as second class citizens in having good looking and fun stuff.

    Oh, and don’t forget that I and others haven’t forgotten this past Christmas’ event where you had to have PAY-FOR-ITEMS FOR FREE FREAKING ITEMS. Seriously, SCEE/Home Team, seriously!?

    What we really want for Christmas is a free Bowling Alley and Poker table in our spaces.

    And to have free furnishings (sofa/table/chair/tv/whatever) that fits in the space instead of having to splurge an extra $5 for those items.

    What a rip-off.

  • how much will the dog and cat costumes be or did people how got it before us all really tell us which was .49 cents is it true

  • i agree, there has been alot of proof recently that the home team has been listening, i pray there isnt selective listening, so i have hope this is just the begining.

    but . . .

    Why did the video music lounge go away? It had the same two songs 4 over 6 months and never changed even tho it was said the videos would change out often and then it suddenly disapeared 2 weeks ago. And it started out so good with SHAKIRA! please bring it back and keep it up.

  • Is the Playground space a public space? Or is it a personal space

  • The boom box and portable games 4 your personal space is a good start.. i have faith we’ll reach to d point of playing songs from your playstation HDD from a music appliance ..KEEP IT UP PSN HOME TEAM

  • LOCUST_STAR: HELP!. I bought the Dice last Thursday after the weekly update. They never appeared in my inventory and then they disappeared from the Central Plaza Kiosk store. However, i did not get my money back! Will they appear in my inventory after the update? Also, after i read last week’s Home update blog, i bought the black Playground Boombox last Thursday, but it does nothing in my Playground Personal Space. It is just an ornament! Will this play musica after this week’s Home update? If not, how do i get my money back for these items?

    • The Dice were put back in the Central Plaza kiosk on Monday, and they should be appearing in inventory and working for everyone.

      The Boombox does play music. Give it a moment to download the tracks.

      Customer Service is always ready to help if you experience any other issues.

  • You do good work guys! I ran into Glasswalls at E3 and nabbed a pair of those awesome shirts emblazoned with your purdy mugs. That said, it’s been a real pleasure watching the community grow and the service evolve. I think most of the complaints that exist today are people who had one bad visit and never went back to see how things have blossomed. There’s so much to do, so many people to talk to…it’s insane!!

  • first of all , great job on improving loading times and such . home has really been making great strides . all these whiners shouldn’t even read the home forums . find something else to do .i too bought the boomboxes last week , please tell me they will work after this update .also , is there any way to get the GlassWalls t-shirt … i wantz BAD!!!

  • Okay 1st I would like to say that I thought E3 was awesome and I liked the rewards better than last years. 2nd I was wondering if we could get more save spaces for our wardrobe. Also I heard that in within a few months you will be adding the pool tables for personal spaces! thats good to know. I know for a fact that our suggestions don’t get ignored considering all the items that have been added. I have suggested alot and I would like to thank everyone involved who helped these ideas come to life. thanks!

  • Any news on The Midway? It looks awesome.

  • is the e3 booth staying or will it be taken out? i haven’t get a chance to visit it yet.

  • Giving us a little look at what the E3 Booth looked like before you guys offically released it ehh Locust? Because those screen up top are not of what the Gran Turismo Area & outer Demo Area look like now. Although while the Gran Turismo Area looks exactly like it did at E3 in the E3 you gave us the Outer Demo Area in the pic above looks more like the real E3 then what we have now.

    All in all though great Space and I loved it, it did such a good job it reminded me of the real E3 a time I don’t think I’ll ever forget thanks to Sony & the Great Playstation Team. :-)

  • Bloody hell sony all we want is different nose hair styles for our avatars. I AM JACK OBSOURNE AND I DEMAND SATISFACTION! STOP ERASING MY POST! My father said fafanaaa, Jack and he is more angry than ever

  • Not a Fan of Home…But hey that is just me, it really seems to apply to others. I was hoping for more E3 coverage in the PSN Store, but I see now that Home was the place to be, just not into Home yet. I can’t get any of my PSN friends to even download Home or if they do they won’t use it. Go Figure!

    psn: frostquake

  • Still waiting on those long hair styles and hair accessories (ribbons, bows, clips, exc..) for us girls ;(

  • I hope they added the rest of the IREM Beach Shop items.
    Thats all I really want, atm.

  • Great job at E3, best E3 every imho, you guys really showed me a lot to be excited about.

    Also great job on the E3 home booth, that was an amazing idea and shows how awesome of a company sony is.


  • Wow Sony is still trying to claim that Home is some sort of success? LMAO

  • @S-E-G

    Actually I requested the booth. Check Playstation Share if you don’t believe me.

  • I think The Playground Boombox will be a hit. I definitely will be getting it. Now I’ll be able to sit back (or dance), without being distracted, and actually listen to the songs. Maybe soon I’ll be singing the songs while at work. And when people ask about the songs, I’ll point them in the direction of PlayStation Home.

  • @ Locust_Star it would be awesome if you gave out a free personal space

  • siddwell_6 | June 24th, 2010 at 1:28 am
    @ Locust_Star it would be awesome if you gave out a free personal space

    They have done so a couple of times. They will do so again at some point. But then again, SCEA has given away full games, personal spaces, items and clothing all for free.

  • I want a speedo. The rest of the world doesn’t want me to have one, but I really want it. Please. Thanks. Where am I?

  • I can’t even get into Home anymore it tells me to update to the latest version and when I click ok it just restarts my PS3! Hope it gets fixed someday…..

  • The Playstation E3 virtual booth on Playstation Home was awesome ! Now if they could only let us play demos it would be of the chain !

    Great job Sony ! Already looking forward to E3 2011 !

  • So,where are these Soccor Jerseys? I just read where you said we were getting them today.I see all other regions got them.
    So what gives?

  • I’m a little confused. Are we going to be able to play our own music from our PS3 Music Library on this ‘Boombox’, or is it just the music from the Playground?

  • First I just wanted to say great work on the E3 space, Scea helped people understand what E3 is and I’m sure more people are going to want be a part of that energy next year in real life.
    Second- *good work all around* home has come a long way in little time, loading is a snap.
    But boombox hip hop?? NO THANKS, when will electronic music producers like myself be able to play our own high quality music from our HDD in our personal spaces?

  • i am loving this playground boombox ps home is really improving alot im impressed

  • To Zapata2119 –

    PlayStation Home has a series of forums dedicated to it. One of these is PlayStation Home Support. There you will find the following thread, and others, that can guide you through your dilemma:

  • @Tyger0:

    I got you both beat I suggested them on the forums before the blog share back around when I found out that Japan Home was getting the Tokyo Game Show floor space in their version of Home so NAH NAH NAH NAH, That would be Sept. ’08… But as with all things it takes more than one person’s suggestion to get them moving on something.

  • Can you please keep the E3 space open just a little bit longer, I’ve been dieing to see it since the press conference but have stuck away from my (real) home. I should be there by tomorrow (Friday) so please pretty please keep it open just a little while longer. I’ll probably die if I don’t get to see this space that I’ve waited so long to see. It’s the best thing Home has ever done so far.

  • have *been* stuck away from my home. sorry.

  • Also I would like to add that you guys never mentioned in any post about the space being for a limited time only, because I was looking everywhere for that kind of info and assumed that the E3 space will be as open as any other space, not this special limited time deal you guys are suddenly making it out to be. Not fair is all I’m sayin’.

  • I was really looking forward to checking out the E3 space in home but everytime I tried logging into Home I would get a message about the 1.36 update stating the software would close and that the update would automatically start updating. Once I clicked OK to close to program down, my system would restart and the update process does not happen at all. Has anyone else experienced this problem? As of right now I cannot even get into Home :-( Any info would be appriciated. Thank you.

  • There’s a link from a Sony guy in one of the first comments which explains how to work around that problem.

  • @SpeedRacer1955

    LOL! That’s right. I posted it here too back in the day and even if you look at the share posts most ppl thought it wouldn’t work. Glad to see we were both right. Looks like it was a huge success. Great job Sony. Now if only you give us a Move bundle with the sub controller…. I’m just sayin’

  • Man, the update said that Radec was avaiable in the Costume store, I looked and it wasnt there :(

  • i tried to download the playstation home update on my ps3 but my ps3 keeps restarting. plz help. psn id is itachi5474

  • Originalsorastar

    I Know you probably dont tk request but some Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Outfits whould be AWSOME!! i notice PSP Doseint get much attention on home An theres some anime fans tht want “Real anime charecters”

  • Originalsorastar

    Unfortintlt Copy right laws suck //_U

  • Ok for some weird reason I am not able to install v.1.36 of home I say ok for it to install then it freezes on the please wait screen and shuts off my system how can I make it so I can get onto home again?

  • I actually lolled. In a good way :D

  • i’m having problems downloading the new update. every time i try my ps3 restart can anybody help me please.

  • Omg HOW MANY TIMES do they have to tell you how to do the update? READ other peoples comments, its been explained a million times already!

    LOVE the cat and dog costumes btw, could you please have more cool costumes like that? Like an arctic fox, lion, etc

  • Ba Ba Booey HW 46
    you really need to stop bashing sony they do listen to us rather you believe it or not and secondly how do you know that Sony isn’t listening, they can’t develop everything what we ask for over night it takes time to develop those things that we want , try to put yourself in their shoes.

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