PlayStation Home’s E3 Booth an Enormous Success + Toy Story 3, Community Events, and More!

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Last week, PlayStation Home took a huge step forward in connecting gamers to their favorite PlayStation titles by bringing the E3 experience directly to their PlayStation 3 consoles via our virtual E3 Booth. We wanted to take a moment to thank each and every one of you, the nearly quarter of a million gamers that have visited the booth since we launched it last Tuesday. In the first day alone we had over 60,000 visitors (compare that to the 46,500 real world attendees — more people visited the PlayStation Home E3 Booth in one day than did the Los Angeles Convention Center for the E3 festivities last week!)

PlayStation Home: E3 2010 virtual booth PlayStation Home: E3 2010 virtual booth

Needless to say, the virtual E3 Booth event space has been a tremendous success. And we have you, the 14 million users that make up the illustrious PlayStation Home community, to thank for that.

After all, it was your idea to recreate the PlayStation E3 Booth for the hordes of gamers unable to attend in the flesh. It was your requests for bigger and better rewards that led to the development of all the awesome commemorative items associated with the space. It was you that asked for the behind-the-scenes look at SCEA’s PlayStation Home development team that has been airing in the VIP area of the virtual E3 Booth. It was you that demanded that the SCEA PlayStation Home Community Management team get out from behind the screen and chat face-to-face on the show floor (many thanks to those of you that took the time to stop by the booth and talk to us, learn about some of the new content we have coming down the pipe and, most importantly, give us your feedback on the platform — we had the time of our lives!)

We have tremendous momentum coming out of E3, and you can bet that we’re going to continue to come correct and deliver the content that you demand between now and our next big event. This week, we are releasing a brand new personal space based upon Disney-Pixar’s third installment in the critically acclaimed Toy Story series. “Andy’s Room” transports players to the world of Buzz Lightyear, Woody, and the other toys owned by Andy Davis. Packed with mini-games and fun interactives, Andy’s Room is a must-have addition to your personal space collection. Pick yours up this Thursday from the Estates store in the PlayStation Home Mall. In the meantime, check out this video we’ve scored that highlights some of the key elements of the space (Note: Some of the virtual items that are shown towards the end of the video will be released over time — stay tuned for specific release dates).

In other Toy Story 3 news, be sure to head to the PlayStation Home Theater this Thursday to load up on some exclusive Toy Story 3 virtual item rewards. All you have to do is watch the Toy Story 3 footage and — voila! — Toy Story 3 t-shirts will magically appear in your wardrobe. Pretty cool, eh?

Our uber-popular PlayStation Home’s Top Avatar events continue with our 80s Week contest. Decorate your avatar in neon garb, spandex, and other loud and proud attire, snap a pic, and upload to this thread on the official PlayStation Home forums. The winners will be awarded the fame they’ve always vied for (or maybe not, but you will get your picture emblazoned on a billboard in Central Plaza, which is a good first step towards your own TV show, or so I’ve heard…)

PlayStation Home: Top Avatar Competition -- 80s Week

The recently released Playground space is a smash hit, with tons of users gathering in this highly immersive space to partake in games of H-O-R-S-E and chess, party of the rooftop lounge, and enjoy the high-quality, original hip-hop and funk music circa-1980 that is blaring throughout the space. Come this week, you’ll be able to bring the party back home with the Playground Boombox, which allows you to take the music of the Playground space to your personal space for your own private bash. A first for the platform (the ability to play music in personal spaces and clubhouses), the Playground Boombox will be available on Playground Boombox this Thursday, June 24th from the Furniture store.

Finally, the Sodium store will be updated this week with additional female clothing items and furniture, and the popular Dog and Cat suits will be released as well. Check the Latest Update tab under the Community section in your Menu Pad on Thursday for a complete list of the newest content.

See you in Home!

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10 Author Replies

  • Toy Story 3 Home space looks awesome. i cant check it out though until i get my ps3 fixed ;(

  • Any chance that we could use Music off our hard drive while browsing Home? You could even give us something like a walkman so we’d have to have it on our Avatar to enable the music streaming. That would be a nice feature.

  • Will the Darts game for our personal spaces and apartment UFOs be making their way to the Mall this week Locust_Star?

  • Definitely checking out the Toy Story 3 space :) It looks great!

  • Congrats on your huge success!- Really! Although, I wanted to know if there is any way that I can retrieve the second item from Day Two? Because that was the day I visited, but I apparently did not get the item (E3 2010 Sofa). I don’t know why it did not appear in my inventory list or reward list, even though I visited, viewed and did necessary steps in order to obtain those items… Can you please help me out with that one? Please?

    Also, I am looking forward to see whatever you plan to bring surprises on the table. I know they will be HUGE and you will have a HUGE SUCCESS with them! Keep up the good work!

    • The rewards are once again available in the E3 Booth for today only (we’re pulling the space down tomorrow), so get in there now!

  • 80s Weeks?!

    Great Scott!

  • I was reading and seen; “Playground Boombox, which allows you to take the music of the Playground space to your personal space for your own private bash”

    So we can have the Playground’s Music in our spaces?! Just awesome! I can’t wait for it.

  • Great news on the E3 success. It really is an awesome space and experience. Looks like a really good week, are we getting those cool World Cup Puma and Umbro jerseys here too? I really hope so.

  • Those Toy Story costumes are awesome. I definitely want the Buzz Lightyear wings.

    • I agree. Do note that those costumes are not being released tomorrow, but will be available very, very soon.

  • Nice, we’re getting the DOg and Cat costumes! :D
    Any word on HCVs yet?

  • Hello TrueFFVIIFan,

    For today only (6.23) we are able to visit the E3 space and get ALL of the rewards! – Check it out, before it’s gone tomorrow.

  • Boombox!!!

  • I hope the sodium store update has long hair for us ladies!

  • How much for the cat and dog costumes? I think everyone is dying to know this lol

  • How much for that Playground Boombox?

  • Boombox, Toy Story 3 freebies, Dog and Cat outfits. Awesome :D

  • Can’t wait to grab that boombox! Music in personal spaces is here! Now new need some media streaming going on. Keep up the good work HCM Team.

  • Glad to see the Personal Spaces are getting better things. More games, music and more. Hope Media Streaming will be next. :)

  • Great stuff this week already! And I can’t wait until more personal space portable arcade games and pool tables come out. Cabin Boy: Trout trouble was pretty cool. Thanks!

  • Awesome! :D I Hope the Toy Story Place got Rewards :P

  • Crap, wrong link. Please erase the other. – Found this on N4G, now could you do me a favor and ask someone who would know the answer to this question. If you download a PSN game offered free for download during PSN+ membership, will there be an option to purchase that game (at a discounted price even) to keep?

  • Wait a minute, Sodium store as in the Mall or the Sodium credits shop in the Sodium one space?

  • great update!

  • Awesome LS! I can’t wait to see them, omg lol Everything sounds great but this is awesome now with the jerseys!

  • Its okay Locust, thanks for the reply, and good update by the way :)

    • Sorry – I’m trying to track down some answers for you right now. When I get word on those items, I’ll be sure to let you all know!

  • So many “first time ever items for home” this time around.
    1. First time inventory items are sold at the mall. (Dice)
    2. First time you can buy an arcade for your apartment. (Cabin Boy)
    3. First time you can buy appliances that play music. (Boombox)

  • until sony fixes the major lag problem in home, i’m not going to waste my time trying to do anything in home.

    • When was the last time you logged in? With our 1.35 and 1.36 core client updates, we’ve managed to greatly improve the navigation process in-world, and have drastically cut down on load times. If you haven’t been in recently, we encourage you to give it another go.

  • I have to say that I don’t use Home often but lately I’m checking the updates often. I’m still having problems to receive my reward items from PixelJunk Shooter though. Also, I think some kind of video-tutorial for newbies will be great. Home can be really overwhelming the first time around.

  • The content in Home is excellent.. This is truly the future of social gaming.. a 11 out of 10… THE FAZEONES LOUNGE

  • I always wondered what it was like to experience to Sony’s E3 Booth. Thanks!

  • sony does not listen to us, so stop saying it was our idea for this and for that.
    if they did listen to us, by now we would have what we really wanted in Home.

    • We can’t develop everything everyone asks for over night. But we deliver what we can as quickly as we can and remain committed to making the community’s vision a reality. This is clearly evidenced by not only the E3 Booth, but the portable arcade games and music in personal spaces – both of which have consistently ranked within the top 5 requests we’ve received from our users since the launch of Open Beta.

      Have a little faith, my friend.

  • What a fantastic update! I atually just went to see Toy Story 3 last night…love the series and I’m so glad to see that some of our favorite Disney/Pixar friends are making their way into PlayStation Home. What fun!!!

    I’m gonna feel like a kid again!! Thanks, guys!

  • Oh noes i didn’t get into that booth, i will later though.
    And to the comment above i disagree i think they research abit into the community most companies do however many issues can prevent or delays those features or other projects.

  • I think it would be nice of Sony/Zipper to make the audio of the SVER radio available to personal spaces.

  • @ PaperCarrier And to think… it’s only going to get better! ;)

  • How many people can jump on the bed at the same time ?

  • @S-E-G All of these ideas were taken from an E3 suggestions thread that they started a few months ago in the PlayStation Home General forum.

  • Thanks again for portable arcade games, more inventory items such as dice and music in personal spaces!!! Awesome work guys!

  • LOVE HOME, nuff said!!! 8)



  • I liked the idea of a virtual E3 booth, but why didn’t you think about including some 3rd party booths as well? Would’ve loved to see Square’s.

    Also when is Home coming out of “beta”…if ever?

  • I’m sorry, but the booth wasn’t a success. It was a total waste.

    If you could actually play the demos it would have been awesome. waiting in line to watch a trailer I could get in better resolution elsewhere was pointless.

    Getting there to check it out just to find out I already saw everything there in better quality on Gametrailers was a huge letdown.

  • Help me please! I went on PlayStation Home today and entered the E3 Space and did not get a sofa. :-( I went in the VIP area and still nothing. So if I don’t get the sofa will it be on sale in the Furniture store?

  • At FredNation, you need to go up to the VIP area and watch the video on the big monitors for a few seconds, or just hang out in the VIP area for a few minutes, I’m not sure which one exactly, but doing that will get you your sofa.
    I doubt they are going to put those on sale in the Mall, they are limited time items after all ;)

  • you should change the title from “PlayStation Home’s E3 Booth an Enormous Success —” to “PlayStation Home’s E3 Booth an Enormous Success, PlayStation Home an Enormous Fail.”

  • @krae_man I thought they did a great job on that E3 boot space, I it looked like the real thing. It’s seemed pretty cool and energetic. Did you get all the cool furniture rewards there?

  • “We can’t develop everything everyone asks for over night. But we deliver what we can as quickly as we can and remain committed to making the community’s vision a reality. This is clearly evidenced by not only the E3 Booth, but the portable arcade games and music in personal spaces – both of which have consistently ranked within the top 5 requests we’ve received from our users since the launch of Open Beta.”

    are you serious, guy? that Cabin game thing is half a step in the right direction for games in our personal space, but what we Really want are things such as a small bowling alley, poker tables, or the pool table that was originally advertised for personal spaces back when Phil Harrison was in charge.
    And we want to use our OWN music from our HDD’s to stream music into our personal spaces, not some crappy, generic 80’s type noise from the Playground space.

    Stop trying to twist our words around and Stop trying to tell us what we want.
    S-E-G is right, you guys aren’t Really listening to what we Really want.

  • OH thank god, we are finally getting fursuits on US Home! I loved the Cat and Dog costumes I saw in the Global Lounge, will ours have the cool swaggers too?


    So LS when is Party Mic Chat ( chatting with more than just two people on microphone. ie: myself and a friend) for Home coming in Public Spaces? This I have been wondering for many many months. Thanks.

  • i remember when home was first announced and all i can say is where is my hall of fame. to be honest all ive ever wanted was a trophy room to display 3d trophies

  • “In the first day alone we had over 60,000 visitors”
    “And we have you, the 14 million users”

    I knew HOME was full of non-gamers, but only 60,000 out of 14 million? Brutal. :|

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