The PlayStation Recap: E3 2010 edition

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Huuuuge update this week, so I’m going to shut up (for once!) and let the games do the talking. What was your favorite E3 announcement?

P.S. Thanks for all the E3 feedback this year. PlayStation fans rock!

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Play the MAG Beta with Zipper!

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  • SOCOM 4 at E3 2010 — Learn about the GameStop-exclusive pre-order bonus and get a tour of the SOCOM 4 E3 booth.

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  • even tho Sorcery looked good it so reminded me so much of harry potter now not sayin its a bad thing but idk the video didnt really catch my intrested cus all i was seeing was harry potter all over it why not make a starwars game using the move now that would be kick well yea and i would so love that and would every starwars fan out there as well

  • After seeing the demo of Sorcery, I’m more confident that Move will actually work as advertised. (Compare this to the demo of that game featuring a certain sword-wielding elf we saw on that other console.)

    I’m glad to see some actual games that are developed with the Move controller in mind instead of regular games with Move controls tacked on as an afterthought. That Sorcery game looked good enough to actually convince me to get a Move controller set. I’m hoping that future games will show the same amount of depth instead of simply being glorified tech demos. There’s too many of those kinds of games on that other console where motion controls are nothing more than a gimmick.

  • @46

    Canada has had a warranty for PlayStation from Sony since day one:


  • I bought a PS EYE and sat on my thumbs for 3 years as practically zero games were put out in NA that supported its use…

    Thusly…I’ll be waiting at least 2 years to see if support for MOVE is real or not…it isn’t a cheap purchase for a family and if the support is anything like EyeTOY or PS EYE got…it isn’t going to be worth it.

  • i personally think sunday’s gonna be da best what happened in the week for the whole of 2010! XD
    (excluding GamesCom & TGS!) XD

  • where was lara croft? the xbox360 booth??

  • I still don’t like the Move. You know what I don’t like the most? The price.

    Why can’t I get everything I need in one kit? Why isn’t the sub controller in with the rest of the bundle?

    At 100+30 to have the complete set up, why shouldn’t I just drop an extra 70 on a Wii and know for sure I’ll good games like Zelda.

    At this point that’s what I need. A Zelda clone/killer whatever.

    Either that or put it all together in a pack under 100.

  • @57 Let’s try it then. So, you pick up a Wii. Then you want to pick up more sets of controllers for that Wii. You know how much they cost? Around the same cost plus they aren’t sold in a bundle either. They’re sold seperate just like the Move is set to be.

    Also have you checked reviews lately? Zelda for Wii is horrible. The perks are there somewhat for bow shooting or using the hookshot but does nothing else for the rest of gameplay, in places actually hurting it.

    Now. Looking at this picture we go back to the Move. More accurate by far, still not really as costly as people’d like to make it out to be, and offering amazing gaming not just limited to kiddie titles. Then to add to this since the Move will run with the PSEye it gives the PS3 the ability to use augmented reality.

  • I’m so glad that Sony supported the PSP EVEN MORE this year!!!


    This year for the PSP is kinda ridiculous.

    Oooh, yay. 70 games by the years end. We get a little 3 minute montage and a new ad campaign. That’s it.

    I only thought that two of those games actually looked interesting anyways…

    Then the PS3 gets an hour and 45 minutes. Sure. Ok then. We know it’s awesome, but COME ON!!!

  • Us new Sony Bravia 3D TV users are still waiting for all the 2010 E3 3D videos to be uploaded here! Also, any chance of a trilogy for G-Police & Colony Wars getting 3D/Move makeovers?

  • Sorry Sony but i cant help but feel alittle disappointed at your E3 showing especially when compared to Nintendo and Microsoft conference. 1st party games was disappointing. D ont get me wrong Killzone 3 looked flipping AMAZING and so did Little big planet and the new Motorstorm 3 but we already knew about these games before E3 only two new games were mentioned for PS3 that weren’t move or 3D oriented that was Portal 2 and twistedmetal black and only 1 of these is 1st party nevertheless hats off to you for bringing Portal2 to PS3. Another thing that concerns me are the amount of IPs Sony is losing to its rivals especially the 360 for example Metal gear solid was a HUGE BLOW TO LOOSE to rivals a big majority of people with xbox and PC wont even consider buying a PS3 anytime soon just because of that reason alone whats happening to the company that used to be number 1 nearly 5years ago thats now stuck stone last in the console industry :( !!!!!

  • My favourite E3 announcement? The 3DS. Mindblowing stuff that. Also a new Kid Icarus, Donkey Kong, Kirby, Goldeneye, 3DS ports of Lylat Wars and Ocarina of Time AND MGS3?! Plus fully working 3D display tech without the need for glasses. Awesome.

    Yea. 3DS. Of course.

  • Oh and no PSP stuff was such a let down Sony. It’s your best device at the moment. No word on a new PSP model (which is coming, we all know it in the UK. You can’t buy a 3000 model for love or for money and even the Go’s are dwindling in stock). But there was nothing! I even watched the whole presentation with my debit card ready to buy a 4000 or PSP2.
    Ho hum!

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