The PlayStation Recap: E3 2010 edition

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Huuuuge update this week, so I’m going to shut up (for once!) and let the games do the talking. What was your favorite E3 announcement?

P.S. Thanks for all the E3 feedback this year. PlayStation fans rock!

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Play the MAG Beta with Zipper!

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  • SOCOM 4 at E3 2010 — Learn about the GameStop-exclusive pre-order bonus and get a tour of the SOCOM 4 E3 booth.

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  • Twisted Metal. Its been like 8 years and it just nice to see it coming :)

  • This is why there are so many loyal PlayStation fans like me. When you get a PlayStation console you know that you will get awesome games. Lets go Sony! I will always support you.

  • WHere was Resistance 3? Did Insomniac completly drop PS3 as exclusive platform?

  • I was so disappointed not to hear or see anything about The Last Guardian…hopefully it will be at Tokyo Game Show in September. But other then that letdown, Sony had a very strong showing!

  • Cancel PlayStation+ NOW.

  • well it was an awesome week for me , i was 1 of the lucky ones to get into sony press conference and i have played Motorstorm Apocalypse , Killzone 3 , Gran Turismo 5 in 3D , Little Big Planet 2 , Socom 4 , Twisted Metal , God of War Ghost of Sparta

    at# 3 Ted Price was playing Killzone 3 next to me , he said Resistance 3 is coming , they couldnt announce it this E3 , they are listening to the community feedback and they want to take as much time as they can to make the best R3 possible.

    one thing i dont understand is how you guys arent promoting Motorstorm Apocalypse that much , the game looks freaking insane in 3D , even better than GT5 and Killzone 3 , it should have had its own time to shine at the press conference

  • Twisted Metal, easily. I’m very excited for Portal 2 and the Steam implications, but Twisted Metal was the reason I got a PlayStation instead of Saturn. That was a big deal considering how big a Sega fan I was. I’m so relieved its finally confirmed for PS3.

  • Anyone who plays MW2 Add me no noobs are gonna add me no 2nd prestiges only 3rd to 5th

  • My favorite E3 moment was the gran turismo 5 trailer and the release Date you guys at E3 didnt let me down this year i had a feeling it would be announced just couldnt tell when til you announced the finalized release date so now all i gotta do is cough up the money and get the game paid for so im a happy camper that i will be able to have this game but it seems so far away.

    another good E3 moment was the announcement of twisted metal driver and the playstation plus

  • WTF you guys say ull have info on ps+ but you did not?? how do we pre order it like you guys said you could????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • PS PLUS! w00t. E3 in PS Home was AWESOME! I’m also excited about the coming games like LBP2, Twisted Metal, Motorstorm Apocalypse and GT5 but some are a long wait, hope they’re worth the wait. I’m also hoping that the much anticipated Cross-Game Voice Chat feature will finally come.

  • @DMPrince Why cancel PS PLUS? A lot of us may want it for it’s bonuses. You don’t have to buy a subscription if you’re not interested and you’ll still be able to use PSN and play online as usual for free.

  • Hey everybody, I got some good news!!!!
    Castle Crashers, the xbox live game is now ready for submission to the PSN.
    Please guys from Behemoth might be contacting you soon so please have an announcement ready for CC arrival!!

  • @5 what do you mean cancel playstation +? if you cant afford it, then don’t get it.don’t try to ruin it for other peoples. DAMN COMPLAINERS!!! ALWAYS WINING!

  • @Blakkternalx520

    my point exactly, Sony Said they going to keep all the current futures so that should make everyone happy.
    I will be signing up for the PSN+ I just need that FAQ section up to learn more about it.

  • Cool E3 guys;)

    I was just wondering with the World Cup on[Football/FIFA], at every game there is the SONY advert in the stadium(advert about SONY’s 3D), why can’t they stick the ‘PS3′ logo on it sometimes? It would be a VERY good erm advertisement for the PS3 i think! :)

  • Hopefully Sony will bring Syphon Filter to PS3. To bad no new IPs were announced this year.

  • My favorite E3 moments, let’s see”

    -Twisted Metal
    -Portal 2 along with Gabe Newell on the Sony stage
    -PlayStation Move
    -Last but not least, seeing KB on stage telling an epic speech.

    Yo Sid, did you get a chance to catch KB after the show?

    • Good choices! Sorcery did look great, that’s one I’m eager to try. I haven’t met KB in real life — yet!

  • @Sid

    You guys still working on that PSN+ FAQ?

  • When do we get the rest of the Press Conference on the PS Store? So far only 3 parts are up there.

  • Cross game voice chat on PSN+ and improved XMB features or the service is a complete rip off compared to Live.


  • Darn no Resistance 3

  • Im band from mod nation. how come? it might be because i left my mic unmuted when i was partying and swore a lot. but now i cant even download or upload tracks and that sucks

  • The Last Guardian / FFvXIII / Starhawk / Syphon Filter I want these.

  • Dead Space 2 looked really good, but I wonder if Move is necessary to play Extraction on the PS3?

  • FF7 ps3…. Missed, Resistance 3…. Missed, Uncharted3….Missed, in game X chat…. Missed,
    Last Guardian…Missed, MGSRising….. Missed, FFVS13…. Missed, Final Fantasy Agito….. Missed….. SO yea thats what i liked from the E3…..thanks for asking.

  • Do not bring out GT5 this Nov 2010. Take all the time you want and bring it out for the PS4. You already dragged it out for like ever now so why not.

  • i liked the PSP ads
    and inFAMOUS 2

  • Sid,

    My question is reguarding PlayStation Plus. I’m very excited about the annoucnment of this service the only problem is im not exactly sure what I would be supporting. Will PlayStation Plus only offer discounts or will it continue to grow and evolve into the ultimate gamer service?

    What I mean is, will PlayStation Plus continue to grow and evolve by adding additional features and not just be a coupon service.

  • Hey Sid,

    Which games are you most anxious for to be released?

  • @ DarkOne

    Your absence… missed. So go whine elsewhere so I can get back to missing you. Either that or try to get a grip on the good things- pessimists tend to live shorter, more miserable lives.

    The Good Things, by Jeigh.

    Once upon a time, PlayStation Plus, Sorcery, Sports Champions, Enslaved, 3D/Move-enabled Killzone 3, Twisted Metal, Ghost of Sparta, Vanquish, Dead Nation, Motorstorm: Apocalypse, Sly Cooper Collection, SingStar Dance (for Mother), Socom 4, Warriors: Legend of Troy and 351 other days of the year to announce, display and demo everything else.

    And everyone lived happily ever after.

    Can I get a Mod’s “Amen”!?


  • Im pretty much sold on the PS Move but i want to know if in Socom 4 we can expect 2 maybe higher split-screen and a 4 player co-op online? Thanks

  • I really really hope SORCERY becomes a AAA game to compete with the big ones like Ratchet & Clank, Infamous 2, LBP2, Uncharted, etc. The game has the potential, they already proved it works flawlessly with the PS Move, so I wish the make the story, characters, graphics, music, everything else top-notch.

    If this game becomes a success it could mean a success for the Move too! and the opportunity to make more games for the move. This is the game that can prove the world Move is here to stay.

  • Pretty disappointing E3 for the PSP. No price drop, no more software support from third parties really (just a few localizations from Japan), minimal support from Sony (God of War and yet another Patapon, but not Uncharted portable, or anything new). And hiring an annoying kid to be the spokesmen. You did a great job with Kevin Butler. But this is the exact opposite.

  • THANK YOU SONY!!!! This E3 was the first i have ever watched, and to the contrary of some people saying EPIC FAIL, I thinks it was an EPIC WIN!!!! I loved the Twisted Metal announcement, and the Sweet Tooth truck replica. I also loved the great coverage on the Blog. Keep up the good work, and keep with the great games!

  • So who won the Flower Drawing Contest?

  • Spelled “Floor” wrong, you spelled it as “Floow” In the sentence “See the SOCOM 4 E3 Show Floow demo – See how PlayStation Move controls works in this live SOCOM 4 gameplay scenario. ” :)

  • were is uncharted 3 and resistance 3 sony!!!!

  • @ stoffinator check again as of yesterday I got part 4 and go battlefield VietNAM

  • My favorites of E3 were:

    Killzone 3- awesome footage and MOVE SUPPORT!!!

    Socom 4

    Sorcery, this one has a lot of potential

    Sports Champions- disc golf and gladiator duel FTW

    Twisted Metal- how could you not be excited???

    Dead Space 2 with Dead Space Extraction

    Heavy Rain with Move support

    The Fight- that game looks like it’s going to be awesome

    Heroes on the Move- eager to here more on this one

    You guys did fantastic, Move and all the content you showed for it is probably my favorite thing of all. I’m buying Move day one.

  • Thankyou for everything, you made my year.

  • i have all 4 E3 Parts downloaded, my disapointment in E3 was no browser update or new apps for xmb like the other system ie netflix on xmb get some ANDROID or Chrome

    a lot of great stuff coming our way.
    Thanks for everything.
    “It Only Does Everything”
    and soon, even in Canada.

  • yeah, I’m especially happy for the support that Canada is finally getting (video service) then hopefully warranty and digital comics in the future. a bit on the fence about the PSN+ subscription. lots of great looking games coming out but for some reason I look forward to the downloadable ones the most (Castle Crashers, Earthworm Jim, Shank, Pixeljunk Shooter 2, Deathspank, Blacklight, Dead Nation, etc.)

    a lot of the games I’m most excited for aren’t even that far away!

  • OH and how could i forget gabe newell and portal 2 hahaha priceless

  • Ughhhh….. I WILL make it my mission to attend next year’s E3 event! I just have to get over the fear of flying. Especially from far East Coast to California :(

  • STEAM ON PS3!!! I hope that it has everything that STEAM has to offer!!! I was telling a buddy of mine, believe it or not, that it would be awesome if some of the things STEAM brings to gaming would come to the consoles. I hope you guys integrate the overall time spent on a game cause I would love to see how much of a loser I am. That and depending on how far the integration goes, I would love to see how many other people have unlocked the same trophies I have and how many people have unlocked the ones I haven’t! This is by far the biggest announcement that people don’t really realize yet!!!

  • Can i say this as a friend to sony and not just because i want to be a schmuck who wants to post negative comments on a blog ? (i have to be some kind of friend .. my 40 gig died last night and i bought a 120 gig this morning ) but anyway …. I would be very reluctant to purchase another valve title , The Orange box is a glitchy mess with which valve abanded and left that way . nuff said .

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