PlayStation Publishing Partners make E3 Announcements

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Hello PlayStation Fans,

E3 may have come to a close, but we couldn’t be more excited by the plethora of great games and content available for PlayStation fans. Along with PlayStation Move and a host of exclusive titles coming from our first party developers, our publishing partners were out in force taking full advantage of everything PS3 and PSP have to offer.

Gabe Newell for Portal 2 at E3 2010

One of the biggest surprises at E3 was Gabe Newell from Valve’s arrival on the stage at the press conference earlier this week. He acknowledged his appreciation for the PS3 as “the most open platform of all the current generation consoles.” He went on to not only announce that Portal 2 was coming to the PlayStation 3, but also to state that it’ll be the “best version on any console.”

EA also introduced several exclusives to PS3 including the special edition version of Medal of Honor that comes with the 2002 classic Medal of Honor Frontline, which has been updated and re-mastered with HD visuals. And those of you looking forward to Dead Space 2 can pick up the premium edition, which includes Dead Space Extraction. A prequel to the original Dead Space, Dead Space Extraction will be fully Move compatible and also offer trophy support. Offering these packed-in hits like Medal of Honor Frontline and Dead Space Extraction is something only possible on PS3 because of Blu-Ray.

Fans of Assassin’s Creed can look forward to an exclusive beta of the new multiplayer campaign within Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, with the beta hitting PSN in late summer. 2K Games Mafia II will also feature unique content for PS3, including exclusive day-one content including missions, story and gameplay. There’s also the much-anticipated shooter from Crytek, Crysis 2, which will sport 3D-compatible graphics on the PS3.

These along with other great titles, including Kojima’s recently-released masterpiece Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and Sony Online Entertainment’s much-anticipated MMO DC Universe Online, are expanding our library of titles and offerings for gamers, and help make our family of products some of the best of the industry.

Once you’ve digested all things E3, keep an eye out in the coming weeks and months for further news and updates from our publishing partners.

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  • I think Valve in another interview said they weren’t going to support motion gaming. It’s a shame because this game would be prefect for it.

  • I was shocked to see Newell to now support the PS3. That was odd, but then again people can change. But seeing Dead Space 2 now with Extraction is probably the greatest exclusive yet. Congrats Sony I think you won the E3 this year (although I give MS and Nintendo my appluase for their presentation).

  • @39 “(A second wish would be a patch for the original Dead Space so I can play it all over again with the graphical enhancements from DS2!)”

    Why do people have such dumb ideas? Why would the developers/publishers waste their time for something that wouldn’t make them money? Someone’s living in lala-land.

  • Valve + PS3 = some of the most greatest FPS games to be made in the future :)

  • It’s nice to see an E3 where Sony is receiving tons of support from developers. I was getting tired of hearing developers continuing to praise the 360 and not even bother trying to tap the potential of the PS3.
    But I have to say, seeing the name Valve and Sony in the same sentence, in a POSITIVE way…. completely caught me off guard.

  • There are like 6 paragraphs there, yet only one PSP game is even brought up…

    Something seems wrong with this picture…

  • I was disappointed when they hardly didn’t even talk about the PSP…Nothing More is going to happen for it isn’t? This is crazy…Is like they gave up all hope on the PSP…Yeah and it’s outdated…they need to bring it up a notch. They need to change things, give new updates more frequently. They need to update the PSP!!!! They go on with PS2 and PS3’s but what is going on here…I was very disappointed on Sony for what they did not do and was suppose to do for this. Come on People work with me here. Like a petition or something…Mostly People all over of the world are giving up on the PSP and switching it to iPhones and such. I don’t see people playing PSp’s anymore these days. We Need Change!!!

  • Devil’s advocate here, honestly.

    How exactly is the PS3 “the most open”, other than using an off the shelf hard drive. The Xbox will let you write your own game and run it.

    Also, what does this even matter as far as making Portal so great?

  • YESSSSSSS!!!! PORTAL 2 on my ps3 :)

  • Oh Gabe Newell, how much does irony hurt?

  • the guy from valve was scared, he stated he was nervous because someone told him that Kevin Butler was announced VP of sharp objects XD

  • Left 4 dead 1 and 2 on one blu-ray please.

  • Portal 2, Dead space 2 ps3 only content and medal of honor ps3 only content. Oh yea

  • @Maximegalon

    Because Sony is allowing them to integrate Steam into the game, which is something that Microsoft would never, ever, ever do.

  • @54 Maximegalon

    you didnt get the memo didnt you? the PS3 version of Portal is getting Steamworks Support.

    you know steam? right? you know, that app were you can download and play thousands of games on your PC, not to mention steamworks(Cloud Storage,Achievements,automatic updates,etc.) support right?

    the PS3 is getting steamworks support. thats what makes the PS3/PSN “The Most Open” console. the 360, is a closed platform. which is why you wont see mods on games, or Steam support on the 360.

  • After Gabe Newell’s previous hateful public remarks toward the PS3 and its fans, I’m not inclined to ever buy anything by Valve again. And I used to be quite a fan of Valve’s games.

    Oh, now he’s realized there’s money to be made in the PS3? So he comes crawling over? I’m not impressed.

    He thinks he can spit in my face and still get into my wallet?

  • is the remastered medal of honor frontline going to have trophies?

  • OK sony heres the deal and listen Damn it for the first time!

    I’m doing a favor to you guys! I work At GameStop and Everyone its talking about the new 360 Slim! there are a lot of reservations for it! and the 3ds its already been asked a lot if its open for reservation!
    Sony U need To Already announce your PSP2 and Make a Slicker black or white(not matte black) Ps3 premium (Ps3 Slim with the same functions of the 60gb Ps3 for around 400$)No joking in here! PLUS ADD ALREADY THE Xchat!!
    Plus your Lacking in Blockbuster Titles already! no one will buy a ps3 for twisted metal Sony! U need a game that everybody in the world wants! and you know what game its that…. FF7! That game alone will make Sell the Ps3 like never before! everyone is saying it! ” The Day Sony announce FF7 for ps3, i will burn my 360 and buy a ps3.”

    So Sony I hope U understand this message and i hope u guys read it.(which i dont think so)Bc i love the ps3 and i want to make it successful so i can keep my good gaming on.

  • How much did Sony pay him to stand there and say that he was dumb and wrong ect. And that the portal 2 version going to be the best on PS3.

  • I don’t know how to feel about this. I mean Steam support is great but is it just Portal 2 or is it more than that? I would love to see them re-uh-release the orange box with this kind of support.



    Probably a year’s supply of Krispy Kreme’s donuts.

  • I can’t believe all the exclusive content that you guys secured. Portal 2 + Steam support is huge. And I’ll be buying the special editions for Dead Space 2 and MoH. I’ve always planned on getting Mafia II, the extra content is just icing on the cake.

    The conference rocked. Gabe, Jaffe + Twisted Metal, and Kevin Butler on stage was just too awesome.

  • Any news from Naughty Dog? What are they working on? Come on give us a hint… A tease please?

  • Did…did i just read Assassin’s Creed multiplayer campaign!?
    LBP2, Portal2, Killzone 3 and Fallout NV all coming out soon!
    My brain hurts from Sony’s level of awsome.

  • Great work on E3 Sony! It had some great announcements Twisted Metal, Portal 2 on PS3………. Now we just need the web browser to stop locking up every few hours and we would be in great shape.

    Currently there is also no way to back up PS3 game saves when they have DRM on them If Sony could release a special USB stick that would allow us to move DRMed game saves back and forth between PS3 system as well as help make it easier to upgrade HDDs without losing our saved games. It would be a massive help even if it was a 10GB USB unit that had massive encryption and only worked on PS3 it would be worth it IMHO to offer it to customers. I want to add in a 500GB HDD, but I won’t do it unless I can keep my saved games.

  • I saw e3 on tv the other night,but they didnt talk about GT5.:(

  • Great to see all the exclusive content for PS3! That is what make the hole idea of having different consoles relevant. Now there is a reason to buy the PS3 version of Medal Of Honor, Dead Space, Assassins Creed 2 and MAFIA 2! Well done SONY!

    KEEP IT UP! I bet Microsoft was not happy about this so be aware that they will try to do the same whit new games next year. STAY ONE STEP AHEAD OF THEM PLZ!


  • Now we need the first Portal to be put on the PlayStation Store with Trophy support. Make it happen Valve!

  • Surprised by Gabe Newell appearing at Sony’s conference.

  • Where’s the PSP2 Dyer?

  • And tell Valve I want a L4D collection, that is L4D+L4D2+ all the DLC+ some new stuff because they’re so late bringing it to the PS3.

  • I Still don’t Like him… BUT glad there starting to support PS3 :)

  • where was lara croft? qore and xbox 360 booth? GAME OF SHOW!

  • playstation 3 is better than xbox 360

  • I could be wrong, but I’m not sure Team ICO has ever been a big E3 presence. If that’s the case, I have no problem with them being absent, it gives me hope that they want to continue comfortably making their game the way they do best, not having to interrupt the process to release new info all the time.
    Fumito Ueda is God

  • wow…WAY TO PISS OFF THE 360 FANBOYS GABE!!! :D lol

  • Hello Gabe Newell, its nice to meet you. My name is Kevin, VP of sharpening things.

  • spongebot1234567

    CAN’t belive you playstation guys are making a
    playstion motion TM

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