PlayStation Publishing Partners make E3 Announcements

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Hello PlayStation Fans,

E3 may have come to a close, but we couldn’t be more excited by the plethora of great games and content available for PlayStation fans. Along with PlayStation Move and a host of exclusive titles coming from our first party developers, our publishing partners were out in force taking full advantage of everything PS3 and PSP have to offer.

Gabe Newell for Portal 2 at E3 2010

One of the biggest surprises at E3 was Gabe Newell from Valve’s arrival on the stage at the press conference earlier this week. He acknowledged his appreciation for the PS3 as “the most open platform of all the current generation consoles.” He went on to not only announce that Portal 2 was coming to the PlayStation 3, but also to state that it’ll be the “best version on any console.”

EA also introduced several exclusives to PS3 including the special edition version of Medal of Honor that comes with the 2002 classic Medal of Honor Frontline, which has been updated and re-mastered with HD visuals. And those of you looking forward to Dead Space 2 can pick up the premium edition, which includes Dead Space Extraction. A prequel to the original Dead Space, Dead Space Extraction will be fully Move compatible and also offer trophy support. Offering these packed-in hits like Medal of Honor Frontline and Dead Space Extraction is something only possible on PS3 because of Blu-Ray.

Fans of Assassin’s Creed can look forward to an exclusive beta of the new multiplayer campaign within Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, with the beta hitting PSN in late summer. 2K Games Mafia II will also feature unique content for PS3, including exclusive day-one content including missions, story and gameplay. There’s also the much-anticipated shooter from Crytek, Crysis 2, which will sport 3D-compatible graphics on the PS3.

These along with other great titles, including Kojima’s recently-released masterpiece Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and Sony Online Entertainment’s much-anticipated MMO DC Universe Online, are expanding our library of titles and offerings for gamers, and help make our family of products some of the best of the industry.

Once you’ve digested all things E3, keep an eye out in the coming weeks and months for further news and updates from our publishing partners.

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  • PS3 exclusives, yeah!

  • i can not believe this is happening portal 2 on ps3

  • my thanks to Gabe Newell for his apology for sony and playstation 3, and bringinig one of best puzzle games … but why in E3 Stage was so scared and like almost cry !? anybody noticed that ?

  • I can finally die now that Portal 2 is coming . . . well at least after I play the game.

  • bought orange box today and played portal., have to get ready for portal 2:)
    highlight of the show when gabe came out. fantastic news that valve has started working on ps3

  • Please convince Gabe Newell to add PlayStation Move support to Portal 2.

    When the entry portal is ready to be shot the glowing sphere (on the PS Move controller) should show blue. When the exit portal is ready to be shot then have the sphere show orange. Not to mention that PS move also provides improved FPS aiming in console games.

    This would be an absolute KILLER feature. Thank you.

  • AWESOME. It’s true that Sony is the most open platform right now, and therefore has the best games coming out for it. I think I’m finally gonna make the switch from PC to console. Thank you, Sony, for helping me see the light. xD

  • Hopefully Left 4 Dead 3 comes to the PS3 especially if it has cross-platform play with PC/Mac users like Portal 2 should have. I mean if PS3 is getting Steam features they might as well bring more stuff over as it seems like a waste for only 1 game.

  • cool beans! now what we just need is a couple of jrpg’s announcements XD

  • I’m Excited!

  • Congratulations on landing these deals. Portal 2 coming is awesome, and I’m also VERY happy to get Dead Space extraction.
    But in general it is my belief that if a game is multiplatform it should have the same content across all releases. This time we’re the ones who benefit but next time, when the competition fires back we might get the short end of the stick.

  • Good stuff, glad we will get to play Portal 2, also very excited for Dead Space Extraction, all great exclusives.

  • “One of the biggest surprises at E3 was Gabe Newell”

    A cheeky fat joke for all his PS3 bad mouthing? ;) lol

  • Best E3 ever! Sony you guys did great :)

  • This was the worst SONY E3 press conference for me personally. Only game I will be getting this fall that is exclusive on the PS3 is SLY Collection and LittleBigPlanet 2. Where was The Last Guardian and Agent (why announce/show these two games last year but show nothing of them this year?), were was Resistance 3?
    We really didn’t need to see another Medal of Hour Trailer and have a tiger woods game up on stage for 10 minutes.

  • Well, I was excited for DC Universe until I found out there was going to be a $14.99 subscription fee. Plus micro transactions, PLUS expansions. Who were the idiots who thought this was going to do well with all of those factors? Those high subscription based games, in these times, are over. It’s time to move forward. Then they try to justify this by saying they want to compete with and take down WoW. If you want to take down WoW, you actually LOWER your subscription fee to give yourself the edge. Undercut the competition. You don’t set the same price, because you’re still empowering the competition. Not to mention you just killed your impulse buy market.

    Ever since the announcement, about 30 people I know are walking away from this. SOE really dropped the ball on this. And before all those P2P defenders come in saying a fee will bring quality to the game, keep away idiots, remember this. The quality of the game was made BEFORE they priced it. Even if people pay, there will still be idiots on there. If anything they’re going to feel entitled to act that way even more now, because they ARE paying for it.

  • Also, for those who think a monthly subscription is for the sole fact of keeping servers going, you’re crazy. If a million people subscribe at 15 bucks a month, they’ve clearly maintained servers and they rest is profit. Hell, Guild Wars proved you could do this without a subscription fee.

  • Are we getting the last part of the Sony conference in the store? I missed Gabe and Jaffe and would like to see it…

  • Yep, I was surprised about the Valve support too. They were set on telling us the PS3 was impossible to make games for.

  • I was shocked to see Mr. Newell there after some of the comments he previously stated slamming the PS3. Now, if only something could be done for TF2 patching or additional maps on PS3. Its a dream request, perhaps maybe TF 3 can come to PS3 sooner or Left 4 Dead. It would have been a great laugh if a Tf spy had come come out on stage while Newell was there.

  • @ EventStatus
    DC Universe is going to have a $15 subscription fee? Well I just lost all interest in that game. Keep subscription fees off consoles because we are already getting the short end of the stick when it comes to DLC in which we pay and PC gamers don’t.

  • biggest surprise at e3 .. hands down.

  • @BlooodyCow

    Yes, it’s being reported at many credible websites like

  • First off great E3 Sony.

    When are you guys going to start talking about Playstation Plus?

    There seems to be no communication about this service that is supposed to hit at the end of the month, so lots of people are speculating about what it is which is leading to misinformaion going around the interwebs. The best information I have found is from the comments from the SCEE blog. Please provide more information so people stop listening to rumors.

    If the same features are going to be in the SCEA version of Playstation Plus then count me in, but I know that every detail might not carry over from thier territory to our.

    Thanks and again great E3, also looking forward to Move.

  • @deafwing
    This was definitely the biggest surprised alright. I wonder how much cheeseburgers Sony had to pay him to show up on stage :)

  • Will Portal 2 support move? I mean to be honest, that would be the only reason I would ever get the move controller.

  • does this mean that the rest of the conference (including the portal 2 and twisted metal announcements) are up on PSN? i’ve been dying to watch them.

    i’ll say it again, you guys actually did pretty good this year, good job.

  • Hey I was wondering why there was no word on The Last Guardian this year at E3… Can anyone from Sony please just give us a answer… Even just telling us it wasn’t ready or something, thanks =)

  • the extra pack-ins on blu-ray are a great idea! keep ’em coming.

    My only E3 complaint was no Last Guardian news. expect any at TGS?

  • Great to see Sony getting the third party support back! BTW you forgot to mention that both medal of Honor and Mafia 2 will give PS3 owners DLC before every other platform on the market. Day one content for PS3 is back!

  • mu head was about to explode when i saw Gabe

  • ????????????????????? another ps3 i just got 1 2 years ago

  • I was quite excited by the Konami announcements for the PS3 at E3. Some really cool stuff coming down the pipe from them.

    Need to support them a bit more, Sony. Especially on the PSN; they have some great classics dying for PSOne treatment.

  • i am sad that PSN wasnt redesigned, it needs to catch up to xbl, PSN plus doesnt do much for me. I wish we had something like Avatars on xbl, if it was all easier to use and all. XBL is so much more personal.
    I am PS fanboy, but i have to say what i think

  • Do we have to forgive Gabe? After what he said about the PS3?

    I will NEVER buy a Valve game! SORRY[well im not] :D

  • REALLY looking forward to Portal 2’s Steam features! Also, Dead Space 2 is FOR SURE goty 2011. i have such high hopes for that game!

  • #32

    I hope we never get avatars on ps3 because that really sucks.

    And to all people that want to see The Last Guardian just wait for TGS in Japan.They need some games too or maybe gamescom in Germany.

  • finaly valve wat took you so long

  • Good to hear that Dead Space Extraction will have trophy support. Two platinum trophies on one disc, can’t go wrong with that.

  • sony get more exclusive dlc for ps3 do what microsoft did and made us ps3 only users go thru do the same and add the new ghost recon to the list

  • I’m most excited about Portal 2 and Dead Space 2.

    It would be wonderful if Portal 2’s disc included the original Portal with the enhanced graphics engine. I never played The Orange Box because I had heard it was not a great port, so it would be great to have both Portal games in one package.

    It’s so great to hear about Dead Space 2 including Extraction, an idea I had put into the PS Blog Share. If I had one wish for Dead Space 2 it would be for it to support HD audio on the PS3. It has the opportunity to be really immersive and scary, like Siren: Blood Curse. Dead Space 1’s poor audio quality was the worst part of the game to me, and I’m looking forward to it being fixed with the new game. If that means a 5GB install, that’s fine by me.

    (A second wish would be a patch for the original Dead Space so I can play it all over again with the graphical enhancements from DS2!)


  • Normally my first preference for any game is to play it on the PS3. Valve games just don’t feel right on consoles though…. Maybe if it had mouse and keyboard support I would bite. Great news at any rate and what an awesome surprise! I was pretty shocked to hear the voice of GLaDOS and then see Gabe walk out onto the stage.


  • Please make PC/Ps3/Mac Cross platform compatible. Let Valve do it!!

  • It’s great to see Valve support the PS3. Sony has really made strides since the time Newell was trashing PS3. Back then it was pretty much deserved. As a PS3 only player, I was actually wondering back then if I had made the right choice. But now I’m very confident in my decision.

  • It’s great to see that Valve is supporting PS3. Back when Newell was trashing the platform, it was pretty much deserved. Sony has made tremendous strides since then.

  • Being there made this announcement 100x better. I knew Gabe hated the PS3 but I wouldn’t have guessed that Valve would make games for it so early. I thought maybe 3-5 years down the line. Pleasantly surprised. :D

    Even though I will still be picking this game up on the PC for user created levels and mods, I might even pick it up on the PS3 just to check it out.

  • I would have liked to have seen some PSP support. I realized it’s old, but you should either continue to support it fully, or cut the price.

    The only thing mentioned in this article was Peace Walker, which has bee out for a couple weeks.

    You give all this press to EA, but they’ve essentially dropped the PSP as a platform, except for iPhone ports. And even the iPhone is getting NCAA football, while the PSP doesn’t.

  • “They introduced me to Kevin Butler backstage as the VP of sharpening things.”
    Good pun, and well worth the humility. Its gonna be a few interesting years down the road.
    As for move support from Valve, they’ve been known to support a few odd devices, so it might get patched in.
    Ya know, if they feel it adds to it.
    I wonder how Steamworks will manage to relate to regular steam. Ya know aside from cross plat chat, maybe achievments. Also, will it be a sub app in the game engine or something big like Linux was?

    For those wondering about Resistance 3, seems a bit late in the year to announce it(didn’t they teased it in may for #2?). Wasn’t the last one the end game for Hale as well(it gettin to it…)? So I’m going to make a loud bet that Insomniac is either taking a year off, or is the developer of Playstation Heroes on the Move.
    We got more then enough stuff to hold off till fall, but I’d expect more stuff to be teased at in the next few months.

  • Yep, Gabe Newell LOVES the PS3. I’m glad we’ve got this cat out of the bag so we can go on about our business as usual.

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