E3 Eye Candy You May Have Missed

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You can only fit so much into an E3 press conference, and with as many huge titles as we showed at Tuesday’s event, not every game got the full trailer treatment during the show. We’ll of course be talking about all of these games extensively in due time… but while we’re still at E3, why not take a closer look at some trailers you may have missed?

The Sly Collection
Now this is one hell of a deal – All 3 Sly Cooper games, remastered in HD, with Trophies, PlayStation Move mini-games, and 3D support – all on 1 Blu-ray disc. Oh yeah – you requested it.

God of War: Ghost of Sparta
Go back to Kratos’ roots in his second rampage on PSP and discover what shaped the ancient world’s angriest man.

Heroes on the Move
Ratchet, Clank, Jak, Daxter, Sly and Bentley are together at last in this PlayStation Move enabled game.

Hot Shots Tennis: Get a Grip
This one will become available before the month is over. Hot Shots Tennis: Get a Grip was a hit at our E3 Meetup, and winners of doubles matches actually won pre-release copies of the game.

Hope you enjoyed this first look at some more of our first party lineup. Indeed, there are even more titles that we have yet to really talk about. Of course, we’ll be featuring everything on the Blog later this summer.

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  • My 2 request that psp makes some more online co op games, cause I’m into this online co op games stuff now (especially since it’s summer time beats the heat) and my other request is to add an pandora or slacker widget, or app to the system so when i’m not gaming i can play my music. cause since 4g is here now, it can use my phone as a hotspot i can get onilne and use it for online gaming and it would be cool to use it for music also like when i’m in hotels or on the road traveling

  • how about fix this thing called a browser, it would be nice if everyone could watch these videos. if Sony has the technology to have 3D, then they should have the brains to make improvements on this “ALWAYS LOCKING UP THE PS3” browser !!

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  • Jeffrey, your statement that we requested the Sly Collection is false and makes it hard to respect Sony and you. The Sly Collection has only 222 votes, 50% are down votes. ICO/SotC Collection has 10000+, 75% are up votes. Grow a brain. We want ICO/SotC.

  • LiquidhAWK makes the case against chat. If a person can not control themselves in a forum setting what makes anyone think what happens in a game setting?

    I do think the first set in shipping the ps3 with at least a usb mic…. though the eye cam works in pinch.

  • No The Last Guardian = very disappointing.

  • Looks like Jeff used the Mjolnir! Nice!

    Sly looks amazing, I’ve yet to play any of them :( but will for sure be picking up this collection

  • ^^TGS

  • Cross game chat please.

  • Sly’s great and all, but I want DMC and/or R&C Collection. =(

  • final fantasy collection? I want HD! I already have PS One CDs, why download????????

  • Interesting that Sony is doing something as a direct result of these PS Blog Share ideas.

    The ones I really want next:

    Devil May Cry Collection
    – DMC 1, 2, 3 Special Edition
    – HD-fied
    – trophies

    Kingdom Hearts Collection
    – KH1 Final Mix, KH2 Final Mix, KH RE Chain of Memories
    – HD-fied
    – trophies

  • Your not even going to mention Patapon 3?

  • glad the sly games are being re-mastered and re-released, I have never played any of them and I’ve been wanting to try them, If its 40$ like the GOW collection then I’ll definitely be picking them up, now please give us Ico and SotC as well as KH collections re-mastered!

  • I’m sure the Ico collection is coming, but there is no point in doing it now when The Last Guardian isn’t until 2011 at the earliest.

    There is also no point in a Ratchet collection, we’ve got enough of those on the PS3 already, the old ones would just look very outdated, even in HD.

  • I’m really excited for the Sly collection! There’s still lots of pixellated surfaces on things close to the “camera”; hopefully they fix some of those up before they ship!

  • Never played any of the Sly Cooper games, but with trophy support for all 3 titles included with this, and if the $39.99 price point is right…I will snap this one up.

    But Eco, along with hopes of remastered, trophy supported versions of many others are much higher on my list of requested games.

    Final Fantasy X + X2 + XII
    Xenosaga series
    Grand Theft Auto San Andreas + Vice City

    Along with alot more are much higher on the list than Sly, dont get me wrong, having 3 titles on 1 disk, all with their own trophy support is VERY cool…but there are many other, much more requested titles out there.

  • The Sly Collection and Heroes on the Move coming to Playstation3? FREAKIN AWSOME!!!
    I’m a HUGE fan of Sly Cooper games and this collection is on PS3 with better graphics and bonus features will ROCK ya!!!!^_^

  • Put all this in the HOME Blog Theater.

  • Question:
    When can we expect Hot Shots Tennis to hit our PSPs?

  • Hey can you dudes remaster ico and shadow of the colossus, or are you throwing that stuff on the Last Guardian disc?

  • always meant to get the Sly Cooper games, & Heroes on the Move looks interesting, but why no Quark, he’s a hero too (atleast in his own mind)

  • Thank you for the Sly Cooper collection!!! Now there is somethingI can buy for my wife’s birthday or for Christmas(depending on the release date) and it secretly be for me and her!!!

  • Where’s the remade SOCOM II? I really wish Zipper Interactive would give us this.

  • one thing i would like to see on ps3 from ps2 is APE ESCAPE COLLECTION…it rocks

  • Great announcements, I hope the lack of presence from Insomniac at E3 means they are working on a Ratchet and Clank collection!!!

  • am extreamly big fan of badcompany2. will be possibille to make this game compatible with motion controller system for ps3?

  • Ico and Shadow of Colossus is definitely the next thing after that Jak and Daxter collection plz naughty dog released it when you can:)

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