E3 Eye Candy You May Have Missed

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You can only fit so much into an E3 press conference, and with as many huge titles as we showed at Tuesday’s event, not every game got the full trailer treatment during the show. We’ll of course be talking about all of these games extensively in due time… but while we’re still at E3, why not take a closer look at some trailers you may have missed?

The Sly Collection
Now this is one hell of a deal – All 3 Sly Cooper games, remastered in HD, with Trophies, PlayStation Move mini-games, and 3D support – all on 1 Blu-ray disc. Oh yeah – you requested it.

God of War: Ghost of Sparta
Go back to Kratos’ roots in his second rampage on PSP and discover what shaped the ancient world’s angriest man.

Heroes on the Move
Ratchet, Clank, Jak, Daxter, Sly and Bentley are together at last in this PlayStation Move enabled game.

Hot Shots Tennis: Get a Grip
This one will become available before the month is over. Hot Shots Tennis: Get a Grip was a hit at our E3 Meetup, and winners of doubles matches actually won pre-release copies of the game.

Hope you enjoyed this first look at some more of our first party lineup. Indeed, there are even more titles that we have yet to really talk about. Of course, we’ll be featuring everything on the Blog later this summer.

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  • what about laura croft??

  • I’m not sure I understand what kind of game Heroes on the Move is. Is it an action adventure like the individual games, or some kind of mini game collection.

    Also, thanks for the Sly Collection. Next request: Ico and Shadow of Colossus :)

  • I’ve never played the Sly Cooper games, but I’ve heard great things about them. Maybe this is my time to finally play them.


  • Sly 3 was already in 3D, that isn’t new.

  • Please give us an answer on cross game voice chat, can’t you see we are all waiting for it?

  • @CDubyahS : Laura Croft must be the sister of Lara Croft.

    I also vote for an Ico/Shadow remaster. While you are at it Someone bring back Flashback and Syndicate and not to mention Decent!

  • How come you only showed Sly 3 footage?

  • Invisimals for the PSP Go? Looked like E3 took advantage of the top mounted USB port of older PSP.

  • My PS3 broke again ;(. On tuesday of all days. I went to fire it up to check out the Home E3 booth and bam yellow light. Ill never go to Play N Trade again. they did a crappy job repairing it.

  • somehow cant see the videos, its just me?

  • Wrong Hot Shots :(

  • Sly Collection? OK, cool, but what we really want is ICO, Jak and Daxter, MGS or Ratchet Collections.

  • is there a price for the Sly Collection yet? is it going to be $39.99 like GoW collection, or will it be $59.99 since this one comes with 3 games?

  • Where is my ICO Collection :( Make it happen guys! Day one buy for me.

    An MGS Collection wouldn’t be bad either, though I guess it’s up to Konami more so than you guys.

  • P.S. this blog is extremly lacking in the PSN+ Q & A.

    EU blog is kicking your behind.

  • Has there been a date announced for the Sly Collection?

  • Waiting for Eye candy.

  • what happened to the cross-game chat?


    this is seriously testing my patience….
    what kind of side-issue is it now?

    im sorry to be asking for this here, but the wait is getting ridiculous.

  • WAR OF THE MONSTERS for the PS3 is still missing, what is taking so long??

    PLEASE Give Us Some Real Eye Candy.
    So far the E3 is baby food!!!

  • “Now this is one hell of a deal – All 3 Sly Cooper games, remastered in HD, with Trophies, PlayStation Move mini-games, and 3D support – all on 1 Blu-ray disc. Oh yeah – you requested it.”

    Request for Team ICO collection is way higher. :D

  • And still no Castlevania. Shame on you Sony.

    If that’s where the 2D Castlevania series ends up instead of on the portable….I will have to switch platforms.

    20 year relationship takes it over the 15 year.


    Didn’t even give me anything fresh to look forward too just the same old things and a meh full of Move.

    Where was Team ICO at?

  • @1 laura croft hahahahaha

    ok… in all honesty I never played a Sly Cooper game back in the PsOne days, not sure if I’ll give it a try or not.

    but will certainly get Ghost of Sparda for my PSP ^^

  • Whats the point of playstation share? You guys havent even gave us ONE single requested feature since that site went up…

  • Any other collections out there still to be announced? An Ico +Shadow of the Colossus collection would be really nice.

  • The network is down… Can we please have a notice as to when the network will be going down. Because it always turns into chaos and confusion on the forums and a simple message stating it would be going down the day before will be greatly appreciated.


  • Thanks much Jeff.

    Please…give us some info/updates on what’s going on with Team Ico. Last Guardian is notoriously absent this E3, and a Team ICO collection briefly appeared on Amazon France.

    Some clarity is called for here, I think :)

  • I hate to be one of these people but… *ahem* TEAM ICO COLLECTION PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE!!

    132 “yes” votes for a Sly Collection on Playstation Blog Share
    7,900 “yes” votes for an ICO & Shadow Of The Colossus collection on Playstation Blog Share… :/

    I’m still gonna get Sly because those were excellent games but I’m begging you.. I’d give anything to see ICO in HD!

  • what a bunch of cross game chat prick, well.
    Just see the trailer for the Sly at gametrailers, it seems really nice, the graphics looks like the fatprincess cell shaded I like it, I miss it on the PS2 so I will surely buy this when gets priced at $20

  • Ah and the Team ICO collection, definitely going to happen, so stop crying out loud.

  • Is the sly collection running at 60 fps.I noticed a lot of slowdown in the trailer

  • i almost missed to play Motorstorm Apocalypse at E3 , 2 little booths ? kidding me ? lol anyways game is great , look very intense and chaotic in 3D so does Killzone 3 and Gran Turismo 5 , Twisted Metal is a lot fun , God of War Ghost of Sparta is great too

  • All hail Kratos the God of War

  • Why don’t Grace Chen or Susan Panico respond to any questions about PSN+? Kind of rude for some people at Sony to completely ignore their customers.

  • Jeff do you have a Ban hammer? ^^


    the ps3 already has party text chat.

    what more could you want? ;)

  • Liquid, it’s coming this month. Stop spamming please!

    I will buy this but PLEASE let’s get a Shadow of the Colossus collection!

  • @34 Jimmyfoxhound

    That is a plus score of 132, not number of “yes” votes. 218(total) – 132 = 86. Half of 86 is 43. 132 + 43 = 175(number of “yes” votes).

    The scoring system that they use is a little confusing…

  • I wish he’d just shut the hell up -_-

  • what young punk spammed party chat all over the boards? hope the mods catch this

  • Ahh, thanks for the correction LokeSTL.. now I feel kinda stupid! XD oh well. Back to Liquidhawk ->

  • i can’t blame the guy , cross game voice chat is somthing we daying for and sony is just not with us in this one … so spam them , they may say OK :(

  • Ban Hammet him please for the love of god -_-

  • O_o Your greatest back liquid is a mom joke, and a avatar joke.

    -_- Dear God

    Anyway picking up Sly Cooper and Move

  • I loved the Sly Cooper trilogy. I purchased all three of them used, at the time, but I’ll be more than happy to get this game as soon as it comes out. Maybe it’ll have some extra bonuses, too. It’s also nice to know that you guys at Sony actually listen to the PlayStation Blog stuff. Wish Nintendo did something like that…

    Not so sure about Heroes on the Move. Interesting concept, but it doesn’t seem to have a lot of depth besides “get 6 Sony characters and put them in an action game”. Maybe we’ll see some more Sony franchises represented on that game.

  • 101 Agreed

    All he’s doing is showing how un-intelligent he his, and making gamers look childish.

  • @LiquidHawk

    If you’re 52 years old, why are you getting so worked up about a friggin’ video game system? Shouldn’t you be complaining about the BP oil spill, or something?

  • Yo Jeff you lost control of the blog here!! Heeelllp!!! XD

  • Your 52 telling a kid hes nothing and saying yo momma jokes ?

    Lies your 12 quit lying.

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