Want to attend E3 but don’t have a badge? Come to PlayStation Home

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Millions of gamers across the globe are glued to their monitors this week, rabidly devouring every last detail surrounding the announcements made during the video game industry’s biggest trade show: The Electronic Entertainment Expo. Simply put, E3 is the place to be if you are passionate about games. Everyone wants to be there, but only a select few are able to attend.

Until now.

This week, we take a huge step forward in bringing gamers closer to their favorite PlayStation titles, closer to the people that create these games, and closer to one another by delivering the E3 experience directly to their PlayStation 3 consoles.

Right now, you can log into PlayStation Home and experience E3 for yourself in PlayStation Home’s virtual E3 booth. Watch Jack Tretton’s 2010 E3 press conference and get briefed on what to expect from the PlayStation platform in the coming months. Check out the latest games and collect exclusive PlayStation Home rewards (we’ve got new ones waiting for you every day of E3). Unlock the VIP area and get a sneak peek at what’s in store for PlayStation Home fanatics this year. Only in PlayStation Home can you participate in the E3 action without boarding a plane, securing a pass, or stepping foot in the Los Angeles Convention Center.

This week marks the release of one of the top requested features from the PlayStation Home community: Games that players can collect and place at will in their personal spaces and clubhouses. Available now in the LOOT store in the PlayStation Home Mall is a new game, Cabin Boy, that users can purchase and then share with their friends in the personal space(s) of their choosing. This highly-addictive game challenges players to juggle multiple tasks (including fishing, protecting a friend from the sun’s scorching rays, and keeping a curious cat away from the daily catch) in order to place on the game’s “friend’s list” and community leaderboards. Check out this video for a look at LOOT’s new Cabin Boy game – a first for PlayStation Home.

Coming tomorrow, June 17th, is a brand new PlayStation Home game space known as the “Playground.” Previewed approximately a month ago in the official PlayStation Home forums, the appropriately titled Playground space is an urban playground and block party setting not completely unlike what you would have found in Brooklyn 30 years ago. This visually-dazzling, immersive space contains a multiplayer basketball game (H-O-R-S-E), chess, a rooftop lounge, and a stage where the community can party while enjoying high-quality, original hip-hop and funk music circa-1980. And if you want to bring the party back home, simply pick up the Playground Boombox (available on Thursday, June 24th) and take the music to your personal space for your own private bash.

PlayStation Home

PlayStation Home

See you in Home!

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  • great E3 space! reminds me of the TGS space they had on the JP space in home (last year think) But by any chance are we getting a new central plaza like our EU friends in the sometime future (around AUG-NOV) maybe?

  • How long will the E3 space be available for? My PS3 broke and I’m getting another one this weekend and I want to be able to visit it.

  • I just got Cabin Boy this morning. Not only do I love the fact that I have a game anyone can play in any Personal Space, I also like the fact that I can put it in my Clubhouse and my members can stop by and play. Locust, please tell Loot to make us more arcade games. I payed for Cabin Boy and I would gladly pay for any functional arcade game they or any other publisher would release. Hopefully, this is a sign that this is the next step towards getting us Pool Tables, Skee Ball, Air Hockey and plenty of other stuff as well.

    Being someone who lived in a city for quite some time, I appreciate the Playground and its 1980’s throw back style. I feel like I’m 8 just looking at the place. Funny thing is I noticed the old church I used to attend is visible from the skyline in the Playground. Nice attention to detail. Triple kudos to the developers for that.

    Also, the Disgaea 3 space was a nice surprise last week. This space actually convinced me to go out and buy Disgaea 3. I even bought some items and gave the space a tribute in my Clubhouse.

    Now I look forward to The Midway. Like usual, thanks for all the hard work and effort. Now I have to get back to Home and G4. E3 is awesome this year.

  • I’m sooo happy that “E3” has come to Playstation home.
    I wounder if “Comic Con” will come to playstaton home TOO , hmmmm…

  • I loved the E3 Booth space! It was really cool! (Totally digging the E3 Tron-like outfit!)

  • to be able to play chess in a personal space would be great . i like the trout game , but it isn’t multiplayer . it isn’t something you can do together .we already have chess on home , so it shouldn’t be too hard .E3 space is great . everything worked for me . 49 , maybe your internet provider sux …? anyhoo… HOMELINGS ROCK HOME !!!! Commander of Mothership21 , phatso64 , JOIN USSSS….

  • Every time i try to start PS Home my screen goes black and reboots. I have a Ps3 Slim btw. Is this happening to anyone else?

  • can you play demos of games like gran turismo 5?

  • I got a free blue glasses At E3 but it’s not in my inventory can u fix it

  • Wats the next update next week

  • yes good work guys but we need one more thing a block messages from anyone not on my friends list the new kids on home always run up now and send dirty messages to you so that would help alot thanks for your hard work guys

  • Awesome news, Playground looks great.

  • wow virtual e3 now that’s pretty cool great job Sony

  • ummm you can already block messages,once you recieve a message from a user you want to block select the message on the XMB then press triangle and add to block list.

  • I can’t seem to download the 1.36 update. Every time I launch Home, it says there is an update I need to download for it. When I click,”OK”, it goes to “Please Wait” and the system simply restarts without updating the game. It’s a continuous loop of me not playing Home!

  • E3 Space is Cool Hope to see it again!

  • why is this update taking so looooooooong…. i stayed awake all night to see this playground b 4 it became a freeze trap amd it’s now 8:45 am EDT and still nothing….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


  • lol i hear ya. it will be up soon guys. im waiting on it too! ;-)

  • see this time stamp? this is kinda rediculous guys….i know home is free n all….but c’mon! this is the third closing of home for a quarter of a day in a week…

  • I’d Like A Radio That Plays The Songs In Central Plaza. A Radio That Plays Every Song To Date Realeased On Home. Or Song Packs For The Radio Thank You.

  • @69 Good Grief Be Cool Man, They’re Probably Adding More Content Like PSN Plus Stuff That They’re Not Reavealing Yet. Just Be Cool Go Outside For Awhile, Or To Work Then Home Should Be Up & Then You Can Body Pop Till You’re Blue In The Face. Home Team I’d Like A New Snow Themed Redesigned Bigger Log Cabin This Winter. Can I Have A Bear Skinned Rug? Please Add Night Day & Dusk Settings To Spaces. How About Personal Space Bundles ? The Space And All Furniture For 8-10 $ I’d Like That. I’d Love If You Guys Gave People Whom Ideas You Used To Improve Home The Item They Suggested Free That’d Be Nice.

  • Gimme My Urban City Loft With The Subway Train Riding By Lol.


  • how do i get the move controller in home??

  • Wish it would show the glory of the 3DS…

  • I’m excited for the fact that there’s a Brooklyn-style place in Home, given I’m from Brooklyn (718 baby!!), and E3 space in Home is a clever idea. last year, they streamed the conference in this big central square place, so this is a step up, although it could’ve been a bit better. (Where is this 2nd f-in trailer. just need this last one! haha)

  • In the e3 space where is the 2nd trailer? i’ve watched little big planet, killzone, medal of honor, socom, twisted middle, and GT5. Where is the last one? plzzz help. Thank-You

  • motor storm i believe

  • stike that,
    the move vid… my bad

  • I like the E3 place, feels like you`re there, and the new Playground is cool, but where are the fursuits like other servers are getting? We`re the only ones(US) not to get the hopping rabbit suits, and I hear EU just got cool cat and dog ones. If you won`t give us these then do what another member suggested and allow global shopping PLEASE

  • I missed out on the PS Move controller code as I didn’t even know you guys were posting them on FourSquare.

  • @ DarthLee28 thanks but is thats the big screen that we u walk to it says screen lol then it doesnt count it as a video :(. if not where is it located plz

  • im trying to update PSHome but everytime i try my PS3 restarts. anyway to help. wanna go to E3 bad.

  • where did the dice vanish to?

    @maikemars012: wait till your light on the fron of your ps3 goes out to hit X

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