Want to attend E3 but don’t have a badge? Come to PlayStation Home

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Millions of gamers across the globe are glued to their monitors this week, rabidly devouring every last detail surrounding the announcements made during the video game industry’s biggest trade show: The Electronic Entertainment Expo. Simply put, E3 is the place to be if you are passionate about games. Everyone wants to be there, but only a select few are able to attend.

Until now.

This week, we take a huge step forward in bringing gamers closer to their favorite PlayStation titles, closer to the people that create these games, and closer to one another by delivering the E3 experience directly to their PlayStation 3 consoles.

Right now, you can log into PlayStation Home and experience E3 for yourself in PlayStation Home’s virtual E3 booth. Watch Jack Tretton’s 2010 E3 press conference and get briefed on what to expect from the PlayStation platform in the coming months. Check out the latest games and collect exclusive PlayStation Home rewards (we’ve got new ones waiting for you every day of E3). Unlock the VIP area and get a sneak peek at what’s in store for PlayStation Home fanatics this year. Only in PlayStation Home can you participate in the E3 action without boarding a plane, securing a pass, or stepping foot in the Los Angeles Convention Center.

This week marks the release of one of the top requested features from the PlayStation Home community: Games that players can collect and place at will in their personal spaces and clubhouses. Available now in the LOOT store in the PlayStation Home Mall is a new game, Cabin Boy, that users can purchase and then share with their friends in the personal space(s) of their choosing. This highly-addictive game challenges players to juggle multiple tasks (including fishing, protecting a friend from the sun’s scorching rays, and keeping a curious cat away from the daily catch) in order to place on the game’s “friend’s list” and community leaderboards. Check out this video for a look at LOOT’s new Cabin Boy game – a first for PlayStation Home.

Coming tomorrow, June 17th, is a brand new PlayStation Home game space known as the “Playground.” Previewed approximately a month ago in the official PlayStation Home forums, the appropriately titled Playground space is an urban playground and block party setting not completely unlike what you would have found in Brooklyn 30 years ago. This visually-dazzling, immersive space contains a multiplayer basketball game (H-O-R-S-E), chess, a rooftop lounge, and a stage where the community can party while enjoying high-quality, original hip-hop and funk music circa-1980. And if you want to bring the party back home, simply pick up the Playground Boombox (available on Thursday, June 24th) and take the music to your personal space for your own private bash.

PlayStation Home

PlayStation Home

See you in Home!

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  • Great update HOME team. I have a question. Will the Playground Boombox will only play music that is within the Playground space?

    Is this the first step to bigger things to come?

    • The Playground Boombox will only play the music from the Playground space (which is awesome, btw).

      Every step in Home is a step towards bigger and better things. Look at the E3 event we had last year, for example, and look at where we are now!

  • Great update Locust! New spaces are always cool, more so when they have interactive games!

  • Gaara_Of_TheFunk

    I live in NY, so to me, I’ll feel at home in the playground. Also if the boombox can play music stored on the hdd, that would be something that many users will enjoy! Great update!

  • The E3 space is awesome. Checked it out last night and got the E3 Tron-like outfit. Also bought the cabin boy game to put in my club so my friends can drop by and play it. Its starts out slow but gets hectic around level 10. I’d love to see more arcade cabinets like this for Home. Great job Loot! Can’t wait to check out that boombox. Growing up in the 80’s myself I’m sure this is going to be an awesome edition to my home spaces. Home just keeps getting bigger and better and I’ve found myself logging on more and more in the last couple of months. Now if I can just get a pool table and bowling lane for my personal use I’d be happy.

    • We’re really pleased that so many of you are excited by recent developments on the platform – such as the E3 space, Playground (and boombox), and Cabin Boy game. Many of these things are, as stated earlier, first signs of things to come. As for games in your personal spaces – Loot has done it, and people are loving it, so why would we stop there? ;)

  • i love E3! i love Playstation! I love summer!

  • I’m excited by having the Playground. I hope it’s a big space with lots of placed to hang out. I am intrigued by the “boom box” mentioned in the article. Will this play only the music from the space? Is this a step in the direction of personal radios?

  • E3 space looks cool;)

  • Are we going to start closing share ideas? Many of them were recently accomplished; Cross-Game Voice Chat, Dreamcast PSN titles, Portal 2 PS3, etc.

  • HELP!!! My PS3 restarts when i go to update HOME to 1.36 ….

  • Guess Home is as close as ill get to E3…I wish i could have been there… TWISTED METAL!!!!!!! :)

    Ive played all the twisted metal games all the way back when i was a young chap!

  • @GreyFox

    Try deleting the Home application and re-download it. You will not loose any of your virtual items and it should fix this problem.

  • I can’t log in. Do not want to dump OtherOS.

    Bring it back first, then we’ll talk about that Home stuff.

  • I’m guessing the demos aren’t playable…

    Now THAT would be cool.

  • The E3 conference video stream upstairs is annoying, Can’t you just move the different parts to each TV instead of just one ツ

  • First off..GREAT JOB on E3 this year.the space is awesome..feels like yer there..the team has put out some amazing things in the past few weeks..lookn foward to the playground..great job team..keep up the great work!

  • @GreyFox666 – DO NOT DELETE YOUR HOME DATA. Yes all your virtual items will come back but all your apartment furniture arrangements and avatar will have to be redone. Just turn on home. When the screen pops up asking if you want to update look at your yellow HDD indicator light. It is probably on or blinking. Walk away from your PS3. Got take a leak get a drink of water or whatever. Come back, is your yellow light off? If so, update, if not wait a couple more minutes. That is what worked for me.

  • E3 space is pretty disappointing… not even the newer trailers from E3, just the old trailers from pre-E3…

    Should have live streams… and more impossibly, actually have the demo stations play demos of the games…. that’d be pretty sweet, were it possible.

  • I choked during level 25 of Cabin Boy… yes more game cabinets!!

    E3 space is good just needed a little bit more…

    the conference video was rebuffering in the same spot..though it was change to a playground video later..

  • The E3 within Home thing would be cool if we could play the same demos the press can within home just by walking up to the demo station. Instead all we get are 7 trailers we can watch online in higher quality.

    Total letdown.


  • These are some really great updates, I’ll definitely check out this new NYC space.

    I wish there was more at the E3 space, though. I haven’t gotten to see anything of Motorstorm: Apocalypse and it wasn’t at the press conference, so I was hoping this would be the place to see it.

  • Home has come along way over the years and if you did watch the home video upstairs at the home e3 you can see the hard work they do. with rockband 3 coming at with real guitars I hope there’s a rockband 3 free space area better than the lame gh space. all the newer areas are better and better each time. home plasa right now is boring though. get rid of yoda and add some monthly theme as before.The saucer game is lame add the plasa game that the uk has. And give some free spaces away like I got in japan final fantasy space and the uk -free tree space

  • More rooms :( no in game music?

  • Glad to hear we’re getting something to do with our home spaces! Meeting up just to chat is kind of unreasonable, considering it can be done significantly faster on the XMB. I am, however, enjoying the stuff I’m getting from games- the White Knight statue is pretty freaking awesome, and my little prinny trophy was a seriously nice surprise. Wish there were somewhere I could find out if I could win anything else from my games….

  • Nice month for home. Hey, the Boombox is going to play predetermined music or it will be able to play our HDD music too?

  • E3 should have been streamed live in Home.

  • The 1.36 update problem has a fix country1991. http://boardsus.playstation.com/t5/PlayStation-Home-General/UPDATE-Fix-for-Booting-Problem-with-1-36/td-p/45713913

    When greeted with the 1.36 Patch notification screen, wait for the yellow HDD activity light on your PS3 to stop flashing before pressing any buttons.

    Once the yellow HDD access light has stopped blinking, press [CROSS] to start the install process. The update patch download should then begin as usual.
    If you press any buttons before the yellow HDD access light stops flashing, your PS3 will restart and you will need to repeat this process from the beginning.

  • Locust_Star, You’re linking to a link.

  • The update was fantastic. I had fun watching all of the videos, especially the E3 video with Jack Tretton and the Gran Turismo 5 one. I definitely will have to keep visiting just in case I missed something. Also, it’s a perfect opportunity to help out and answer questions from the community.

    I may have to pick up Cabin Boy and will most deinitely hang out in the Playground singing songs from Westside Story. Kidding. I recall reading that there is to be a personal space associated with The Playground. If so, that will be cool. When going from one space to the other, it will be like stepping in from the street to our own urban apartment.

    One question: Why hip hop and funk from the boombox? Nothing against it, but I like variety inb my music. Oldies to popular mainstream. Ballads to dance.

    And for thoise who are having problems with the last update (v.1.36) please checkout http://bit.ly/aQCW1S for help with this issue. For questions, solutions and just sharing Home information, I invite everyone to register at PlayStation.com and look up PlayStation Home General for some general discussions.

    Other than that, great work, Locust_Star. Have fun, everyone, and see you in Home!

  • I went into Home and had a good time watching all of the trailers, but what’s up with a lot of stuff being missing? Where was inFamous 2 in the Home space? What about a majority of the Move content, like Sorcery?

    Also, I don’t see why you couldn’t have included playable demos of all the demos you’ve got on the actual show floor at e3. If you can let the people at the show have hands on with Twisted Metal, why can’t we have a limited-time access with that same demo? You’re already recreating your booth in Home, you should have uploaded the demos as well.

  • hey i cannot get into home it keep reset my playstation 3

  • @16-BigRon3400 You have no idea what you’re talking about, as far as personal space re-arranging and avatar re-doing. The only thing that has to be done is the re-download of spaces you frequent (aside from the harbor studio). Deleting and re-installing is a fix-all, pure and simple, no complex instructions needed, AND NO BS-ING BAFFOON TELLING LITTLE WHITE LIES TO DISSUADE OTHERS.

  • Sony who cares about PS Home, where is this official announcement why do I have to keep reading it on other news sites and not this one? This is ALL i wanted to hear at E3 and you didn’t deliver on PlayStation Blog Share AT ALL:


  • I’m sorry, I don’t mean to sound like a Nintendo fanboy, but the Cabin Boy game is a huge ripoff of the Game & Watch games! They were fun back in the day, but are pretty boring to play now. Despite all of the leaderboards, better graphics, and online stuff, I just don’t see myself paying for this!

    On a different note, the E3 Virtual Booth looks great! It may be the only place I can see Sony’s conference. I missed it while I was working, and I can’t find it on any of the E3 websites!

  • Thanks Locust_Star! You and the rest of the HCM team have done a great job for this year’s E3! All of the new stuff PROVES that you REALLY do listen to the community! I am extatic about what may come in the future!

    Oh and thanks for the BoomBox! I can’t wait ’til it comes out next week!

  • Maybe this will quite down the whining about music in personal spaces. Nawht, these whiners will continue because public school teachers have taught todays generations that if you whine enough and long enough you get what you want. Not so in realworld but don’t tell them that. They will continue to whine that they want to play music off of the HDD from the PS3. Maybe they should teach teachers the law of the RIAA and music copyright law so that younger kids would learn at an early age that you can not play music over the internet which PS Home is considered by RIAA legal teams. But whiners will do what whiners do WHINE that much more until they get things their way.

  • Boombox Next Week…..I Want It Now, Lol. I Hope Playstation Plus Has Ties To Home Also.

  • nice,like the playground and the idea ofa virtual E3.

  • Will you be putting the video talking about the new Home space up on the store? I had to go somewhere and when I got back they replaced it with the E3 conference part so I missed most of it.

  • None of these mini games are ever interactive enough… The only truly interactive game you have on home was sodium, and it was limited to a private room + required a purchase…

    Too bad you wont make one large city area with a few very interactive games, then allow many more people than usual, with little secret areas etc to still hang out at… That would have me on home every day.

  • Hi Locust why not open the core Home spaces to every region central plaza, mall, bowling alley exc… it would be like Feva Arena Global Pitch. this would be great to allow us to see our friends from JP, UK, HK… and by doing this it could allow us and people from other regions to buy clothes and items from our mall and there mall. It can be kinda like a global market and im sure a great success.


  • so is this the update post or is there going to another one today?

  • The playground…Yes, so what about the midway?

  • @35 I play music over the internet on my P.C. K Mr. teacher time to get schooled. And I think U can do it over PS web browser also.

  • I thought this was a great idea. I went in last night and got my E3 Suit. It was a little hard to figure out where the trailers were, but I assume that was the point.

    Every video but the one I was looking for was there. I wanted to see Sports Champions for the Move.

  • This has to be our best update yet! I can’t wait to see The Midway. Any release on when it’s coming Locust?

  • a virtual E3 was a great idea. it got me to log on and check it out. cool stuff thats for sure

  • I dunno if I’m alone on this one, but the E3 Booth space just WON’T download for me. I keep getting 0%, and it stays at 0% all the time. Is there an alternative? Is it download overload? Please help, I want to experience this myself too!

  • Home still fails. Try to watch a video and it’ll hang on “connecting to server” with no way to cancel your action.

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