E3 Show Floor: SCEA’s Peter Dille

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SCEA E3 Press Conference

If you’ve watched any of our previous E3 press conferences, Kaz Hirai and Jack Tretton are probably pretty familiar figures to you. But this year, we saw some newcomers to the stage, like our “VP of Sharpening Things” (according to Valve’s Gabe Newell) Kevin Butler and KB’s boss, Senior VP Peter Dille. For a busy exec, Peter pays a lot of attention to what readers like you think – that’s him writing those Kevin Butler ad blog posts and responding in the comments. So I grabbed a few minutes of his time to talk about a few things I think you all care about: core gamers and motion control, Move vs the competition, and PlayStation Plus.

And yes, that is a shot Steven Spielberg playing Sports Champions in our booth…

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  • That’s awesome that Steven Spielberg was there trying out Sony’s goods. I idolize that man, so to see him having a great time with the Move gives me hope that I’ll enjoy it as well (sorry, but I’m still having trouble looking at it as more than a gimmick).

    I also can’t wait for PlayStation+. I’m signing up Day 1 if my wallet allows it. If not Day 1, then my first pay cheque afterwards.

    I read something on a forum that I was hoping you could clarify for me, Jeff. I read that Qore will be included with your PlayStation+ subscription. Is that just a rumour or is there some truth behind it? I’m just wondering because I currently subscribe to Qore and my subscription just expired.

    By the way, while I’m at it, you’ve been doing an excellent job covering E3. I really wish I could be there. Actually, on second thought, that probably wouldn’t be good because I would’ve freaked out about not hearing anything about The Last Guardian (PLEASE God… let there be a Collector’s Edition or a trilogy package with ICO and Shadow of the Colossus).

  • no cross game chat= playstation+ WILL FAIL

  • @50. Same here as far as all the team ICO stuff is concerned

  • Cross game chat is coming. It was listed as a feature on the European language website for PS+. It will probably be here in a few months.

  • Hey Jeff is there any chance we can get a high quality verision of the image of Kevin Butler firing the Move bow and arrow that was up behind him in the conference?

    Just, it would make an epic desktop background…

  • Other parts of the conference going up on PSN today?

  • 1) Thank you for keeping PSN free, as a result I’m looking forward to see what PS+ has to offer and not feeling in the slightest bit bitter about it. Thank you and please keep PSN free.

    2) Get rid of Marcus…. One of the worst things to happen to PSP is that kid. He’s annoying. What’s funny is that he totts a game that is rated T… you know Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker…. Kid doesn’t even look to be 12, yet he’s slinging around Metal Gear. Really wish that game shot for an M rating.

    3) I have a PS Eye Already and I want Sports Champions…. why am I paying more than someone who isn’t an early adopter of PS Eye?

  • I will sign up for psn plus ad i also want a ps move . I also hope they can include cross game chat with the new psn plus.

  • I have a question and would really like an answer on this. I currently own 4 ps3 (5th console overheated and no longer in use) and now this has left me with only 4 active accounts. I created a new account so I can buy content with that new account, kind of like a back up you know? My question is, if you sign up for PSN+ with one account, can you use it with another account? at least even if it is on the same system?

  • cross game chat should be added as a firmware upgrade. It would be wrong for sony to add this feature to the new PSN+ while many like myself have been waiting for this from the beginning when PSN was only for free. I am getting PSN+ day one, but I would really like this feature to be expanded to all PS3 owners.

  • What if I’m a current Qore subscriber (July is my last month)? Credit for signing up to PSN+ to account for the overlap?

  • “For a busy exec, Peter pays a lot of attention to what readers like you think – that’s him writing those Kevin Butler ad blog posts and responding in the comments.”

    If that’s true then he should realize that the new PSP ads suck even more than the crying baby ads. That kid is not Kevin Butler and the kid is annoying and has a really arrogant attitude. That makes me NOT want to buy a PSP.

  • Is it PSN+ or PSN Plus?

    And no, I’m not being an @ss, but if new stuff is going to be constantly announced on this here blog, and people are reading it fast they may not notice a little + at the end of PSN, then the amount of whiners on this blog are going to explode exponentially as all the PSN people decry all the PSN+ news. If that is the case, god help you moderators. I honestly don’t know yet if I’m signing up – some more details would be nice (OK, that time I was being an @ss) – but either way I don’t want to have to squint reading every article regarding what’s available on PSN(+).

    Oh, and to add to the Move price debate, in particular regarding Kintec, almost every video I’ve seen for Move has 2 $49 controllers in it, not 1, so that’s $100 even if you already have the Eye, which many people don’t. Has there been any reason since Eye of Judgement – which came out years ago – to buy an Eye? Not to sya Move games won’t be better than Kintec, but it will almost certainly cost more if you have more than 1 player.

  • Peter Dille You’re my hero!

  • We need Kevin B uncharted 2 skin NOW :D

  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    You should ask him how he feels about throwing money away on the Marcus campaign considering the 3DS just helped kill off the PSP (it was already dying anyways). No price drop for PSP tells me that Sony knows this and just wants to maximize profits. No PSP2 announcement shows me Sony is not really going for the handheld market anymore.

    Also you should tell him if he wants to give us what we want, then give us PSTwo classics on PSN, real PSOne classics and not XsDodgeball and PS2 brought back through a FW upgrade.

  • Jeff, I thought Flower was going to get Playstation Move support? I’ve been wanting to play this for awhile.

  • As a two time full subscriber to Qore. Will there be a discount for Qore subscribers?

  • About Move, Please, seriously make it clear that you dont have to buy the Navigation controller if you dont want to. There are people running araound trying to add every cent to the price of the package to make it less appealing compare to either having a Wii or Kinect.

    I dont much care about PSN+ as long as it doesnt effect my normal gameplay experience I dont mind that it exists.

  • Go PlayStation 3 Go !

  • FutureGarbageMan

    Hey I was just wondering why don’t you have the regular move controller with all of the PS3 buttons and then have the navigation controller have the control to move around a caracter but also have a color ball on this one so that you can play possibly games like god of war 3 or more games like that where you can still move around. I would definately pay 50 US dollars instead of 30 US dollars for a navigation move controller

  • Does the Move bundle include the Move Navigator controller? I read one description of the $99.99 bundle including the Move controller, the Navigator controller, PS Eye Toy, and the Sports Champions, but when I checked Gamestop to look at pre-orders I didn’t see the Navigator mentioned.

  • ware can i get a code for the move control for ps home ?

  • Hey Jeff

    Thanks for the post!

    Any chance we’ll see another alternate bundle for us Playstation Eye owners when it comes to the Move? I’ve noticed as it stands now there’s both a bundle that comes with a 250 GB system, and then the bundle for $99.99 that contains the Move, Eye, and Sports Champions. It would be great if there was a way to swap out the Eye for maybe the navigation controller. Just something that could be optional for those of us who already own the Eye.

  • hey jeff u guys announced that the playstation move is coming in different bundles, that sports championship bundle how many GB is that ps3 going to have??

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