E3 Show Floor: SCEA’s Peter Dille

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SCEA E3 Press Conference

If you’ve watched any of our previous E3 press conferences, Kaz Hirai and Jack Tretton are probably pretty familiar figures to you. But this year, we saw some newcomers to the stage, like our “VP of Sharpening Things” (according to Valve’s Gabe Newell) Kevin Butler and KB’s boss, Senior VP Peter Dille. For a busy exec, Peter pays a lot of attention to what readers like you think – that’s him writing those Kevin Butler ad blog posts and responding in the comments. So I grabbed a few minutes of his time to talk about a few things I think you all care about: core gamers and motion control, Move vs the competition, and PlayStation Plus.

And yes, that is a shot Steven Spielberg playing Sports Champions in our booth…

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  • awesome.

  • Looking at the Vid, mentioned something about special offer for signing up with PSN+ right now. Where do I hit the sign up button?

    • We’ll be sharing that info shortly. We’ve got some more info coming up soon, but working on a full-on FAQ for the Blog.

  • lol @ Steven Spielberg. I also want to sign up!

  • How and where do we sign up to PlayStation Plus?

  • I can’t imagine how nervous I would be having to do an interview with my boss… Just thinking about it gives me the creeps…

  • WOW, there’s a video? All I see is “application not supported”. @1 – FAIL!!

  • i want more deets about ps+

  • why is the sound only in the left speaker? Lol its actually kind of annoying. >.>

    Watching the video now… Playstation Move sounds awesome, especially that Heroes thing with Ratchet/Jak/Sly. :D

  • Very VERY pleased with this years presentation. There was a lot of stuff that peaked my interest this year!

    Can’t wait to get a hold of Move on Sept 15th :-)

  • Lol i would be scared out of my mind interviewing my boss. Good job though =.

  • Jeff, no stache for E3 eh??


  • Great interview Jeff. Steven seemed to be enjoying Sports Champions which is awesome. Did you happen to talk to him?

    Also I hope that you guys get to allow people into the Sony Press Conference/E3 during the next E3 Blog meet-up as well, I’m planning on being there.

    Btw, a little off topic but I was wondering… If you happen to run into anyone from Square-Enix could you ask them if they’re planning on releasing Crisis Core on the PS Store? It’s the one game I miss playing since purchasing my PSPgo. :(

    • I didn’t talk to him – was a bit intimidated (and this is while I was talking with 6-foot-10ish Blake Griffin at our booth).

      I’ll ask them about Crisis Core, but I haven’t seen it on any upcoming calendars.

  • Thank you Sony for your wonderful efforts :). One things that’s missing… CROSS GAME CHAT! I don’t mind waiting for it, but at least let us know if you’re working on this feature at all!

    If cloud storage comes becomes a feature I will definitely be getting PlayStation+!!!

  • Am I the only one expecting more out of psn+??? I kinda wanted a revamped xmb at the least and maybe that music service they were talking about. maybe theres more to come but for right now discounts and a free game or two isnt enough to justify $49.99 a year. C’mon Sony get with it!

  • i never knew spielberg was so red and triangular

  • @14


  • Peter Dille is one of the few CEO’s that really get the core audience. While I’m not interested in motion gaming and won’t be picking up a Move, Sony really has a nice line up for it. It’s obvious “Kinect” let down the core 360 audience and at $150, it might be dead in the water. I’m hoping you guys take advantage of this and make the best of the Move. Keep up the good work!

  • “Cloud storage”? Well, if that is what I think it is, yeah, I’d love that too.

    Anyway, I’m loving the Move more and more as time goes- especially after seeing Sorcery. Though I’d hate to think that we’ve seen all of the Move’s titles already- we don’t want a Wiipeat where decent games are few and far between.

    And I’m seriously considering PlayStation Plus just for the first month’s incentive, nevermind that great stuff that’s coming after it. Wait to incentivize, Sony. You really make it easy to get behind you. =) (Of course, another part of my drive to do so is that I suspect it will help improve PSN, which is basically a win-win-win– I win twice.)

  • I think it is just great that between all the numbers and commercials (we all know what these shows are for, right?) , that sony also used (precious) time for plain fun.

    someone wrote that the only real laughter was created at sony’s presentation. I think that it is true. Sony is a lot more genuine than all the other presentations and that makes it great , fun and makes me want to be part of the ps3/psp community .

    Thanks for that!

  • Sony you have a pretty badass Playstation crew. I <3 you.

  • Oh, and by the way, “VP of Sharpening Things” was freaking hilarious. Gabe almost instantly became the guy you love to hate.

  • Can you use a PSN card to subscribe to PSN+? I don’t like using Credit card over an online source…


  • ya how do we sign up? peter mentioned a early sign up offer. i wanna sign up now.

  • Hey Jeff. Is there a way that I can get that cool shirt please?

  • Playstation Plus? Id buy it if its worth it…
    (By Worth it, i mean CoD maps before xBox!)

  • Jeff, my avatar changed from Sly (though still a HUGE fan, wish Sly PS3 and PSP was announced instead of i2 and Sly collection, still will purchase both however), but you should know what I’m going to post by now. Not being able to see PS3 related videos on a PlayStation dedicated site on a PS3 browser makes no sense! Can you post a transcript or a Viddler link? I’m anxious for more details on PlayStation Plus. I read up on the Europe blog, and I want to see if the US version is similar. They have a release date and an early subscriber incentive, as I’m sure you know.

  • @ everyone complaining about PS+, remember that this just the start. Live didn’t have all of their features available at their inception either.

  • Kevin Butler also known as “KB” Rocked the Show at SONY’s E3.
    Can’t Wait for PSN+ to rock on my PS3 I dont know about anyone on here reading. But Im going to get the Pure Value out of PSN+ evenw ith the discounted games and the Free Games and Add-ons let alone what else is in store for the PSN+
    My Key Focus is to know all about PSN+ inside and out.
    What it will look like on the XMB to what benifts will I have in store for me.

    ►ME: I WANT CROSS GAME VOICE CHAT aka better word “PSN Party System”

    To have the Better Options to Join in with My PSN Friends In-game and join up with them in a Voice Chat even if im not in the same game yet or just hanging out on the XMB doing other stuff. Also to Have a Better Experince Inviting PSN Friends to a Game and also to Have a Pure Choosing System on Which Game to Play and for PSN Friends to Vote on it or Veto it if they didnt want to play it.

  • Jeff can you clarify if Psn plus will have cross game chat in it please i’ve seen some websites confirming it.

  • If I had a son, I’d name him Sony. My broken DVD player has a name…Xbox 360.

  • I want a move!!!!!!

  • sweet see thats why i love sony and always been my fav and i love play station home great place to chill at with friends and chat with new people every day and looking at the ps plus good for the people that try out Qore 1 year just what i did this year and on my wish list that you could bring the ps3 slim and the play station move to home and cant for get all the psp’s keep up the great work sony

  • Can you please do a full post listing all the features of Playstation Plus in full detail? Everyone is confused about what it does or doesn’t include because Tretton only spent 20 seconds on it in the presentation. If you want us to sign up, SELL US THIS SERVICE!

  • are you guys going to do a post about how the video store in finally coming to Canada?

  • guys, i dont want to sound like a troll or anything. but, according to neogaf xgchat isnt coming anytime soon.if you dont believe me just go to neogaf and see for yourself.also,the same guy that gave the info said that the feauture if implemented maybe gimped… in any case, i advice you to take this info with a grain of salt because you never know if the guy is correct or not..anyways,i dont have much of a problem with the psn+ service.however, i find it disturbing that people may have to pay for firmware updates and auto downloads which in my humble opinion should be standard psn feautures :0

  • the only reason why subscribe to PS+ CROSS GAME CHAT nd AGAIN no mention from this guy of the only feature ps3 users care about yo complete the ps3 psn experience …anyways thanks sony!!!!

  • cant w8 to see more info on PSN plus, it will be sweet if i get MAG interdiction for FREE when subscribing to PSN Plus

  • Can it be confirmed that Cross Game Voice chat will be in that Firmwire update the 22nd and that it will be free?

  • @19…

    I wouldn’t compare move and kinect using price points.

    If you want a 4 player experience on move your talking $200+ minimum in hardware costs…with kinect you pay once for any number of players.

    Now there is more to it than just price (quality of games of course) but an argument on price alone is not wise.

  • A UK website reported that PS+ will include at least 4 free games a month inc. 1 PS1 classic, 1 PSN exclusive and 2 minis. They also noted that early sign-ups will get a free PS3 game download like LBP or GTA. Is this confirmed or BS?

  • Bring on PSN+ NOW! Hardcore PS fan here in need of the concierge treatment! :D

  • By the way, is there any chance of us getting a desktop/ps3 wallpaper of Kevin Butler in the Move bow stance? PLEASE I would love to have a copy!

  • @35

    Probably not since this is the US blog. The Canadian site has all the information you need to know: http://www.playstation.ca/psn/playstation-store/vds/


  • @41…it is info specific to the EU *https://blog.eu.playstation.com/2010/06/15/playstation-plus-check-out-what-its-all-about/

    Jeff has already said…North American info coming to the blog today at some point.

  • @41
    if there is a free ps3 game download – can we download record of agarest war?

  • Hi Jeff,

    I hope E3 is going well for you. :)

    Anyway could you see if Namco Bandai know anything about a US release of Tales of Verperia. Even to say it is not coming would be helpful.

  • Cross game voice chat anyone?? And also will psn+ will be available for Canada?

  • Regarding PSN+, Please tell me Qore subscribers are going to be offered something.

    I mean you guys removed all the value added content from Qore on us without warning in the second year for PSN+, the least you can do is Give us a Year of PSN+ for free, 1/2 off, or something to migrate our subscriptions(day one subscribers subscriptions are ending with the next episode anyway).

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