E3 2010: From the Stage

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We have been blessed with the most dedicated fans in the business and I’d like to take a moment to thank our new members of PlayStation Nation for helping us to achieve nine consecutive months of growth on the PS3 platform. We are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to enhance your entertainment experience on the PS3 and we’re so excited this week to deliver on this promise once again. Today, your PS3 experience already includes Blu-ray games and movies, streamed TV shows and sporting events, and unique original programs, but as we showcased on the E3 stage today, it also delivers cutting edge 3D technology and the most ultra sensory and precise motion gaming solutions available.

Jack Tretton, CEO, SCEA

There is no denying that Sony is the undisputed leader in 3D technology today and we are the only ones to offer an end to end solution to consumers. With four stereoscopic 3D games available for download already, PlayStation is truly leading the effort to bring theater-like experiences into your living room. There are nearly 36 million PS3 units around the world that are 3D ready today and with demos on the show floor that range from Killzone 3 in 3D to Gran Turismo 5 in 3D, you can get a glimpse of what the future holds as we alter what immersive gameplay means with 3D technology.

We are also experiencing tremendous growth on the PS3 platform and have already started the year with huge releases such as MAG, Heavy Rain, God of War III, MLB 10: The Show, and ModNation Racers. Many would call this a blockbuster year, but for us it represents just the first half of what will surely be an onslaught of brand new experiences with the PlayStation Move controller, in addition to richer and deeper experiences from some of our most favorite characters and franchises like The Sly Collection, Twisted Metal, SOCOM 4, inFAMOUS 2, and LittleBigPlanet 2.

We’ve also been working hard to enhance our digital entertainment offerings, which comes packed today with access to live baseball games from MLB.tv, premium original content from HBO, and 23,000 movies and TV shows from all the major networks and studios. We also unveiled PlayStation Plus, an opt-in and add-on service package designed specifically for PlayStation Network’s most avid power users. PlayStation Plus will provide subscribers with added value, access and convenience to special features like discounts on PlayStation Store content, free and exclusive access to select games, full game trials, and much more – all for $49.99 a year. A tremendous value. In the first month alone, you’re getting $49.99 worth of content for free. Existing features and services you enjoy today and have come to expect from PlayStation Network as part of your daily experience, will remain unchanged and free to access.

We set an incredibly high bar last year and we expect to surpass it this year by reaching our goal of 15 million PS3 units worldwide. When we say ‘It Only Does Everything’ we know we’re also making a promise to you, that we will continue to deliver new experiences and entertainment options that you didn’t even know you wanted today and many years from now.

For those of you who were not able to join us at the Shrine auditorium this morning, you can download the full presentation on the PlayStation Network.

I also invite all of you to virtually attend E3 in PlayStation Home where you can view our full presentation an experience a virtual replica of our PlayStation booth.

Jack Tretton

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  • Hey Jack what about the MUSIC!

  • Vincent_Kavaldra

    Watching E3 was a bitter experience for me. My PS3 stopped working a few months ago. Even though it was Sony’s firmware update, not wear and tear or irresponsible use, that broke it, sony still refuses to fix it without me paying 150 bucks. When I called tech support and explained that it was their update that broke my ps3, they simply said “That’s not our problem”

    So every awesome game that got announced during the e3 conference made me look over at my paperweight and cry.

  • cross game chat?

  • do you guys even looks at ps blog share? at all?

  • Easily the worst E3 Briefing I’ve ever seen. I’ve never been more dissappointed with Sony.

  • One thing I don’t understand about Playstation Plus? what is that? I couldn’t understand because I am deaf and I watch live stream on internet that doesn’t provide the subtitle or closed captioning. Please explain me. Thanks.

  • ps plus, man come on we canadian dont even have pstore video and took over a year to get ps card so this i bet it will take a year to have or we wont have at all but at least they are great games coming so nice work for that.

  • DAMN YOU!! Where is AGENT!??

  • Superstrokey1123

    @101 – obviously you havent seen many then cause it wasnt that bad.

    @104 – Rockstar said they were skipping E3 thats why no agent.

  • Never mind about my post #102. I found information about Playstation Plus at

  • Superstrokey1123

    ALso guys if we really think about it how would cross game chat work with PSN+? If you and 1/2 opf your friends had it but the other 1/2 didnt would you be able to talk to all of them? or just 1/2? IF so would they be able to talk back? Doesnt really make sense. Cross game chat would need to be a universal feature and now that they haev a PSN+ which costs money it literally elliminates the chance of it ever happening.

  • @105:

    Yeah, it was bad. Other than probably Portal 2, the crowd seemed pretty unimpressed. It seemed like there was another Global Recession taking place in that room.

  • Nice show man. Kevin Butler is da bomb.

  • AnthonyTonyMagic

    I think too many great announcements had already come out, making E3 a little underwhelming. If things like LBP2 were actually unveiled for the first time at E3, people would have gone insane. I missed the beginning of the presentation though, people said the 3D was really good.

    I loved the Kevin Butler part though, saying the things that nobody else would say… instant classic.

    Please release more details about PSN+. It sounds good, but the presentation was not really specific.

  • Yeah more details and soon please. I need to get the word out to my friends but I wouldn’t if I don’t get an official answer to if Party Chat is going to be included.

    No Party Chaty, No PSN+.
    None of my friends will get it without that and some of the cool features that were spread around the internet as a Premium Service Sheet.

  • @ Kronniks: He announced that the Video Service in the PSN Store is coming to Canada.

  • i didn’t like, especially with no news about psp or the new psp and games. i miss some games at the show. i think it was disapoiting.

  • Doesn’t early access to demo’s really just mean that everyone else is delayed? A demo is either ready or not, you can’t get it early. On the Move, you need one for each hand (at least for some games) so if you want to play two player you’ll have to buy four of them… thanks I’ll stick with the dual analog sticks, and if I really feel the need to play motion boxing I’ll play my kids wii.

  • Where is my new browser? It feezes my ps3 3 times a day!
    I can’t even e3 without crashing. What a joke. I expected Jack to apologise for subjecting us to the worst web experience ever known, but as usual
    it’s ‘give us money we’re working on it’ or ‘it’s complicated’.
    I see through the bull, giving us blogshare after destroying ps.com & the forums is no trade-off. We have told you what you to do since day one.
    What’s this sbout movies in Canada ? Everthing is already free before it comes out!!!! So all we’re left with is ‘It only does games’

  • WHERE THE *&$# is Cross Game Chat!?!?! SONY YOU JUST LOST E3 because you are an epic failure, and my PS3 is gonna collect more dust. Thanks

  • Glad to see a lot of big traditional PS3 games.

    Move got me successfully interested with the real games shown like that Sorcery game and the upcoming one with Rachet/Jak/Sly etc. but PLEASE:

    Also offer a Move Controller+Navigation Controller bundle option for those of us who already have the PSEye.

  • Was really hoping you guys will change your interface XMB.. if I am gonna pay for this suscrib with that same lame ol dull interface, I don’t think I will pay and keep it free..atleast when it was free well its free what can you ask for.. but if iam paying you guys need to revamped the XMB for SUBcribers if iam paying for this.

  • Okay, @ all the PSN+ haters: Where do you get the idea that content is a rental, or that we’d be paying for less features??? Retchbox unlive is pay-to-play service, how much you pay right now to play on PSN??? There’s absolutely NO change to the current network, the + is for those of us who want more, and guess what??? It’s a discounted price for purchase, NOT rental. Try something new for once in your lives: think BEFORE you speak!!

  • very good conference!congrats! also nice to see a virtual E3 on Home!

  • Damm what happened to Cross game chat and voice message? its been over 4 yrs and still nothing, not even a comment. I must say that i have always been a loyal sony customer, but the above is truly driving me to the Xbox360

  • snake6000, Second worst. The very worst was when the PS3 was announced at a ridiculous price, all the while claiming backwards compatibility and rumble were useless features.

    This was just a dull waste of bandwidth, as opposed to a massive slap in the face Sony has done in the past.

    Idiots, maybe if you would lure me to PSN+ with otherOS support I could respect you in the same way you respect a fascist despot, rather than pity you like Mad King George.

  • I’m starting to feel embarrassed for Jack — having to go out on stage with absolutely nothing exciting to reveal.

  • “#58 PaperCarrier  |  June 15th, 2010 at 2:21 pm What exactly is the PlayStation Blog Share for anyways? Just a distraction? None of the major feature requests from the community have been implemented.”
    After three years of ignorance i’m sick of people that only have “yay sony haha” to say. Three years of asking sony & devs questions yet being
    IGNORED. They think we are all a bunch 5 yr olds when they try to say that
    Home is worth more than 5 minutes. Home & browser crash-a-thon. NO CUSTOM SOUNDTRACKS. STOP PRETENDING TO CARE. YOU HAVE NO CORE LEFT, THEY USE WINDOWS.

  • LOL @ the losers hating on Sony’s presser. It was awesome.

    WTF is wrong with you tools asking Sony to change the XMB? Are you touched in the head or what?! XMB is the greatest user interface ever.

    BooHoo for people crying about cross-game chat. LOL I couldn’t care less about it. I never used it before I got rid of my 360 and any of my friends using it while playing online would be lagging all over the place. It’s a waste of bandwidth. Besides…..blame your precious M$ for PS3 not being able to have cross-game chat. M$ holds a patent on it, and there’s no other way to implement it. And they aren’t going to give Sony the rights to use the patent.

    Thank you Sony for a great show, and thank you for keeping online gaming free.

  • This year’s E3 Press conference was excellent, you guys pulled a good card so far but for everybody who’s reading this comment right now thinking that “this year’s press conference sucked”, etc. let me just say this… We know what the other consoles could do for example Xbox 360, you can access Facebook, Twitter, Netflix (which is also on the PS3), and others to name a few. Unfortunately ladies and gentlemen, special takes time and eventually the time will come someday, maybe next year, who knows. But that’s just me.

  • Cross-game chat was confirmed.

  • Please tell me Qore subscribers are going to be offered PSN+ for a discount.

    That’s the least you can do after choosing to stop providing downloadable goodies with Qore because of PSN+ without warning us in advance.

    Let us take advantage of the 3 month trial as part of the discount. Dont make us choose 3 months free or 50% off the first year or whatever. Let us subscribe with the discount at the end of the 3 month trial.

  • @ Vincent_Kavaldra: I sympathise
    My 20 month old phat 80gb won’t let me finish a round of MAG.
    There’s more to it like my 1TB External ‘breaking’!!!!!
    Don’t give up, I WON’T!!!!

  • A Full Breakdown of the PSN+ Features would be nice, but You guys still put on a great show. KEVIN BUTLER!!

  • Sorry guys but I wasn’t impressed at all. Playstation Move was promising until I saw the huge lag between movement and screen feedback. That was a very big let down for me since they have been pitching the whole 1:1 no lag movement for so long.

    Additionally most of the games in this generation of consoles except the Wii seem to be mostly Mature rated with major focus on blood and gore.

    Finally most games look dull, trying to achieve realism instead of being fun like the beautiful vibrant graphics and fun gameplay on the Wii(I am talking about the first party games).

    The reason I started playing games in the first place was because of the fantasy, cartoony feel of the games on the NES, Genesis, SNES up to the last generation and on the Wii. I guess I will stick with Nintendo games from now on since everyone else is moving to realism which to me, is very boring.

  • @129: Darth-Krapt

    Have you saved any more games from bad reviews?

  • As an Xbox owner who is currently paying for gaming over the internet and other features with an RROD system right now I say they can slam Xbox because PS+ is an optional service with additional content you can’t get anywhere else the internet. Man Xbox don’t even have a browser. I was in their preview program and rewards program. I bought the Xbox for exclusives and the fact it was the first system out this generation. But me and my clan had to face the facts that when you weigh everything out the PS3 and the new features have future gaming in ming and us the gamer not only a demographic. My whole gaming crew are either buying or saving for PS3s right now. No company is perfect and meets all your expectations but thank you Playstation for trying and thinking ahead of the curve. I will never doubt again.

  • LOL @ 136…..you are SOOO obsessed. Sorry man, I don’t swing that way….I’m not into d-bags, LOL……thanks though.


  • unannounced but we just might get this anyway!(XGC) http://de.playstation.com/playstationplus/

  • Oh and a BIG LOL at the people complaining about no cross-game chat. It may be a completely useless feature and a waste of bandwidth imo, but as it turns out, it’s been confirmed to be coming to PS3. See the story on N4G. And it’s not even part of the PSNplus supposedly……..anything else to cry about?

  • I agree with others on here. More details on Playstation Plus, please?!!?!???!?!?!??!!!??!

  • Reaaaally bad e3… The move is good but repetitive. PS+ issss… i don’t know I expected media sharing, cg voice chat and more. The free game each month, the ones I want or like qore the ones you choose? You had the ability of the minority report thing with the eye and the other console use it first? Anyway you still have the best games so it’s good but what motivated me with the ps3 at first was a monster multimedia machine the ps3 was. Oh, I want espn in my ps3 too lol, and a better looking eye and with better quality and for some reason I was waiting skype in the ps3

  • I’m going to get a framed picture of you for my office, Jack, just like Keven Butler.

  • Darth-Krayt  |  June 15th, 2010 at 3:32 pm LOL @ 136…..you are SOOO obsessed. Sorry man, I don’t swing that way….I’m not into d-bags, LOL……thanks though.

    IF You have good to say don’t say it. I think you want KB’s number.

  • These people. It was a good show. Gabe coming out was the highlight of my day. I lol’d a lot. Awesome job, Sony. I can’t believe all these people logging in talking about it being boring. There is a ton of stuff I’m really looking forward to now.

  • If a wanted PS1 I would play Wii

  • @142

    Full details of PSN plus are being released. Go to N4G, you’ll see plenty of headline. Also the official page on playstation.com is up.


    That guy’s been stalking me forever, so no, I don’t have anything good to say to him. That being said….do you have KB’s phone number, I would like that.

  • Please upload the press conference to the network today! Last year sucked when we had to wait 3 days just to see the whole thing.

  • Great job on the show, I was surprised with how many game you guys have supporting Move.

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