Thanks, L.A.! The PlayStation E3 2010 Meetup Recap

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One thing I’ve learned since joining the team: Never count out PlayStation fans.

Before starting with the PlayStation.Blog, I was well aware of the legendary community events. And I’d gotten my first taste in March, when hundreds of crazed God of War players packed into a big red tent for the PlayStation.Blog God of War III GDC 2010 Meetup and took disturbing photos like this.

But nothing could have prepared me for the size and intensity of yesterday’s PlayStation.Blog E3 2010 Meetup. If I were Chef Gordon Ramsay from TV’s Hell’s Kitchen, I’d have to say I was “gobsmacked.”

E3 2010 PlayStation.Blog MeetupE3 2010 PlayStation.Blog Meetup

The line kept growing…and growing…and growing… Right: The first 150 entrants got one of these wicked signed Kevin Butler posters.

Devoted PlayStation fans starting lining up 24 hours early in the hot California sun, setting up a Sony shantytown of sorts in front of L.A.-based restaurant Cuidad (great, friendly place, tell Annie we said hi!). Eight hours before we opened the doors, the line stretched to 170 fans. By the end of the night, well over 300 gamers had packed through the doors. What a turnout!

Then Metal Gear Solid mastermind Hideo Kojima showed up, and… well, this YouTube fan video below can do a way better job explaining than I ever could:

E3 2010 PlayStation.Blog MeetupE3 2010 PlayStation.Blog Meetup

Hideo Kojima walks into a bar…and gets the kind of reception only Kojima-san can get!

Amidst screams from the fans, Kojima-san gave out five signed Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker PSP Entertainment Packs (but we saved one signed PSP pack just for you guys, and we’ll be giving it out soon right here on the PlayStation.Blog). The E3 2010 Meetup also had a special guest appearance by Arne Meyer from Naughty Dog, who gave away a one-of-a-kind Art of UNCHARTED 2 Folio Edition that was signed by the entire Naughty Dog team. And “Professor PlayStation” himself, Jeff Rubenstein, confirmed that the first 150 Meetup attendees would be attending the PlayStation E3 press conference (that’s tomorrow at 12pm Pacific!) and gaining access to the E3 show floor. At this point, I think my eardrums burst from the screaming.

E3 2010 PlayStation.Blog MeetupE3 2010 PlayStation.Blog Meetup

Record-breaking attendance, a surprise visit from Hideo Kojima, and new games like Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, Hot Shots Tennis: Get a Grip, Invisimals, and of course, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. Sounds like a success to us!

Now only one question remains: What do we do for the PlayStation.Blog E3 2011 Meetup?

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  • I waited for around 20 hours and got 19th place in line and i got hella sun burned but it was all worth it just for the chance to attend E3 and getting to meet Jeff. I also got Hot Shots Tennis: Get a Grip even though me and my partner lost twice in a row. Any word on when we will get those emails?
    Well anyways thank you Playstation and thank you Jeff!

  • How can I score me one of those sweet KB posters?

  • I loved it… True people were cutting in line, i saw a lot… But i mean i met some awesome PS fans, got to see Kojima (Hell YEAH!), finally met Jeff and gave him some special gifts from Lebanon ^^, and met Arne from Naughty Dog (Hell Yeah x2) =D
    Congrats to the top 150, i was like 166 i think… Hehe…
    Enjoy the conference! I have a show floor pass and im sure E3 will be great!
    Jeff and Sid thank you for all the work… It was fun and fantastic!
    I agree that lines should be respected more next time, but either way its all good…

    P.S: Anyone felt that earthquake?! I froze from the fear! :P

  • wow…. you guys need to speak up to those who cut in line or force yourself back in front of them.

    i know for a fact that i wouldn’t let that slide so easily, especially after traveling so far and waiting for hours.

  • Wtf at rude people talking while Kojima and Jeff are up there…

  • “Now only one question remains: What do we do for the PlayStation.Blog E3 2011 Meetup?”

  • Cool =)


  • I really want to thank Jeff and the tireless team at the PlayStation Blog for their hard work and the genuine warmth they extended to us all last night.
    I’m sure wrangling 200 (250? 300?) sunburned fanboys and fangirls was far more stressful than we can ever imagine. As for the infamous ‘list’, I think the two guys who went down the line at 10am, taking down the names of the first 150 people should be applauded. Without them, and without the Blog team honoring the list, many of those who cut into the line – and there was a lot of that going on – would not only have got their hands on the press conference/E3 tickets but, far more importantly, would have walked off with those beautiful prints of the sexiest VP in the industry, Kevin Butler.
    Oh, and thanks for using my video in the post, guys – I’m truly flattered! Now I’m very relieved that my English accent, and the boisterous crowd, drown at my rather lame ‘Solid Snake’ joke!
    Thanks again, and ‘cheers!’ as we say back home!

  • I was number 155 and I got the ticket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I see myself! LMAO!

  • HAhahahahaah that’s me at :28 seconds sporting that Castlevania Symphony of the Night shirt!!!!!

  • i was the second guy that got the psp, me and my friends were also the VERY FIRST in line, although i was listed as #1 in line. we were geared up and camping as early as 3pm june 12th!

  • What to do for E3 ’11? Well, it IS LA, so… “adult film” star? =P

  • @Thrasher20

    Hey, I remember talking to you in line! I was the one behind you who didn’t get signed up on the un-official, then-became official list :/

  • i want to win that signed metal gear solid entertainment pack! :D

  • thanks for link jeff! now it’ll last forever!

  • wow! great meet up! well done PS blog! I hope SONY delivers on the press conference!

    Cross game voice chat and firefox web browser in free firmwire PLZ!!

  • I would’ve been there in a heartbeat if possible. You guys should come on up to Canada one day (preferably Northern Ontario or Manitoba). =)

  • Nice video! I just woke up and I needed a laugh.
    haha jeff

  • Dear Jeff,

    If E3 doesn’t bring news of Castlevania Harmony of Despair to PSN. My Playstation Lifestyle will end.

    BRING ME CASTLEVANIA! NO EXCUSE! It’s worth fighting for. You gave up SOTN and now all you have left are remakes…bah.


  • I wish events like this would happen near or around the Dallas/Fort Worth or even Houston area of Texas.

    Sounds like everyone there had a blast, i would love a signed PSP. Care for a slice of cake? :)

  • now that Hideo Kojima is done with the PSP spam will he add trophies to MGs4?? 3 years!

  • I have to say that microsoft left the door wide open. this should be the easiest e3 ever.

  • Great stuff, maybe one day i could go.

  • Look like it was a nice event.

  • What I want from this E3:

    – FULL PSN Brazil (PS Store included)

    More information about:

    – The Last Guardian
    – Uncharted 3 (yeah, I want it NOW!)
    – inFAMOUS 2
    – LittleBigPlanet 2
    – The Agent
    – SOCOM 4
    – God of War: Ghost of Sparta
    – PS3 500GB
    – A previously not announced survival horror exclusive on PS3 would be fine too…

  • I bought The Art of Uncharted 2 (regular edition) from Ballistic Publishing. It looks beautiful!


    That was an awesome vid, I wish I was there, but I’m in UK right now :(

  • Awesome..glad everyone had a great time. Now, hope Sony is planning on showing some love to the fans at PaxEast next year with maybe a meet-up or, I don’t know, showing up at all? And, no, showing Move the day before the convention starts then leaving town does not count. Don’t want to sound like a hater, but you were missed…hope you make it next time! Now, get back to work and have a killer E3!

  • Hey Jefff, Did you say free PSP signed? I want one. I left you a tweet at about the PLAYSTION BLOG meetupin Phoenix AZ

  • Didn’t Kojima reveal MGS Rising at the Microsoft conference? Seems he is snugly in bed with them these days.

  • I want the PSP signed by Kojima!! PLEASEEEEEE!!! :D

  • @Sid, yeah I know but Kojima didn’t reveal it at the Sony conference and that’s the second time he’s popped up at at a MS conference. I just read Sony people told him to wear a wristband one day prior to the presser or wait in line so I guess he won’t be on stage. Shame, the Rising swordplay could have been demoed with Move, really wowed the crowd.

  • Hate to sound like a Kevin Butler fanboy, but Sony definitely needs to offer us a means of ordering an autographed poster of him. I would frame it and stick it on my wall.

  • Oh jeeze. Nintendo’s E3 conference was amazing. xD

    Hope you guys have some crazy stuff to top that. 3DS looks crazy. PSP 2? I hope so… :D

  • Man I wish I could have been there.

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