Thanks, L.A.! The PlayStation E3 2010 Meetup Recap

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One thing I’ve learned since joining the team: Never count out PlayStation fans.

Before starting with the PlayStation.Blog, I was well aware of the legendary community events. And I’d gotten my first taste in March, when hundreds of crazed God of War players packed into a big red tent for the PlayStation.Blog God of War III GDC 2010 Meetup and took disturbing photos like this.

But nothing could have prepared me for the size and intensity of yesterday’s PlayStation.Blog E3 2010 Meetup. If I were Chef Gordon Ramsay from TV’s Hell’s Kitchen, I’d have to say I was “gobsmacked.”

E3 2010 PlayStation.Blog MeetupE3 2010 PlayStation.Blog Meetup

The line kept growing…and growing…and growing… Right: The first 150 entrants got one of these wicked signed Kevin Butler posters.

Devoted PlayStation fans starting lining up 24 hours early in the hot California sun, setting up a Sony shantytown of sorts in front of L.A.-based restaurant Cuidad (great, friendly place, tell Annie we said hi!). Eight hours before we opened the doors, the line stretched to 170 fans. By the end of the night, well over 300 gamers had packed through the doors. What a turnout!

Then Metal Gear Solid mastermind Hideo Kojima showed up, and… well, this YouTube fan video below can do a way better job explaining than I ever could:

E3 2010 PlayStation.Blog MeetupE3 2010 PlayStation.Blog Meetup

Hideo Kojima walks into a bar…and gets the kind of reception only Kojima-san can get!

Amidst screams from the fans, Kojima-san gave out five signed Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker PSP Entertainment Packs (but we saved one signed PSP pack just for you guys, and we’ll be giving it out soon right here on the PlayStation.Blog). The E3 2010 Meetup also had a special guest appearance by Arne Meyer from Naughty Dog, who gave away a one-of-a-kind Art of UNCHARTED 2 Folio Edition that was signed by the entire Naughty Dog team. And “Professor PlayStation” himself, Jeff Rubenstein, confirmed that the first 150 Meetup attendees would be attending the PlayStation E3 press conference (that’s tomorrow at 12pm Pacific!) and gaining access to the E3 show floor. At this point, I think my eardrums burst from the screaming.

E3 2010 PlayStation.Blog MeetupE3 2010 PlayStation.Blog Meetup

Record-breaking attendance, a surprise visit from Hideo Kojima, and new games like Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, Hot Shots Tennis: Get a Grip, Invisimals, and of course, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. Sounds like a success to us!

Now only one question remains: What do we do for the PlayStation.Blog E3 2011 Meetup?

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4 Author Replies

  • 2nd!

  • 3rd!

    But seriously…needz me one of those posters…KB is one of Sony’s best creations…pure marketing genius!

  • 4th!

  • Sending you massive jealousy from Blighty

  • Wow, What a surpise…Hideo Kojima showing up to the meet-up.
    As always, Sony showing love to their fans!

  • hey jeff its Sid Demesa, do you guys have a pic of me and Kojima-san? all i have are videos, looked around all the blogs that were there but they didnt have a pic of me and kojima! lol

    anyways, this event was the best ever, it was like a dream, i mean free camera, free peacewalker psp bundle signed and given by kojima himself, PLUS free access to E3 presser AND show floor? if this was a dream i dont want to wake up.

    shoutout to my homies reading this, i couldnt have gotten anything if it wasnt for you guys!

  • The eatery is Ciudad which means “city”.

  • umm..what exactly did $ony have for us fans???

  • That’s sweet! Wish I was there instead of hanging out with screaming 15 month old… (Ooops! I shouldn’t have said that…)

  • When I get older, I will be there, they’ll call me Doctor playstation, just like the Sony Corp!

    Seriously can’t wait to move to California and attend all these E3s. Oh well. You guys had fun and I’ll be having fun at the presser tomorrow.

  • Looks like a good time. Kojima seems like a cool guy.

  • Anything on Starhawk?

  • jonathan00013889

    13th! :D

  • i dont want to be a pest but Starhawk seems to be the only thing interesting other than killzone 3, NEED STARHAWK, NEEEEEED!

  • Yo Jeff, we’re getting those pictures of the booth going up this week right??????!!!!!!!!!!!! 8 )

  • I’m so jealous. I would love to be at e3 tomorrow i just hope sony isnt all about move cause e3’s kick off was too casual.

  • cool.can’t wait for the conference tomorrow.hope to see kojima there too.

  • It was intense there. So glad I went. Happy to be attending the press conference and E3 tomorrow. :D:D. One question though. We show up at the Shrine Auditorium for the press conference and go through that but what E3 itself? I didn’t get any mail or email…so do we get the badges for E3 at the press conference as well?

  • Jealous in Toronto! Looks like everyone had fun. Peace Walker is the greatest ting to happen to the psp and IMO the Metal Gear series to date. If you don’t have it get it!!!

  • lol nice Bioshock joke Jeff :P

  • See you guys there next year :)

  • “Oops! You don’t have permission to view this photo.”

  • I never thought about it, but meeting Kojima would probably put me in a state of shock or starstruck fanboy mode. I guess that’s ok though, I’m not sure he’d be able to understand me anyways. Did he chill, drink, and talk or run?

  • Have to say you guys on the west coast are extremely lucky. Hopefully the Playstation Blog crew will make a visit soon to the Playstation Pavilion down here in Orlando.

  • 25th! Anyway, that sounds like so much fun and I hope to be there next year.

  • oh i failed

  • Waited 6 something hours for nothing. Next time you guys hold another event I’m going to pay a bunch of homeless people to wait in line then create my own list and put myself and 30 of my friends names on it. THANK YOU FAT SLIMEBALL FOR MAKING “DAT” LIST

  • How awesome is that? Incredible. I live in Maryland and would def pay to be apart of all that chaos.

  • Please is the one last signed PSP pack that remains be available for Canadian readers????

  • Wow I want that Uncharted 2 artbook so much!. I just can’t get that much money just to buy even the cheapest one :(

    That’s going to be my future job :p working for Uncharted background designer I hope :]

  • Please don’t focus too much on the Move and have a horrible conference like Microsoft did.

    for the E3 Win Sony should announce PS3 upgraded HDD bundle with Move for the same price $299. if you guys want the Move to be successful it needs to be package with every singe PS3 from now on (at no extra cost, since the price cut boots PS3 sales).

    also PS Move peripheral needs to be cheap since you need to buy multiple moves and Sub Controller for more than 1 player.

    a subscription-based HD Video streaming service is a must since no one wants to pay those high price (rent & buy) for PSN movies

  • wow “kojima”,who will show up tomorrow at E3? KEESHI COMMIE POPO!!! The guy that took your other os, and wants to take your blu-ray, because you don’t need it anymore. Keeshi will announce “you pay me now, you no need blu-ray games.And you pay to access PSN now, and then you pay to get console fixed. If your console die you pay me now to get everything you already paid for on PSN to get back.” welcome to the new $ony. just my guess…

  • Wish if i was there :(

  • @thillntn

    What the hell are you on about ?

  • damn missed it again .. 2 years in a row … next time :)

  • listen i’ve said it before and ill said it again i need one of those Kevin Butler poster!!!!!!!!!!

  • I had the WORST time at the event yesterday. I spent 5-6 hours in line, only to find out some schmuck with a HUUGE ego decided to start a list, and didn’t tell me about it. So, I stood there ALL day off the list, and tons of people cut me in line. Then I find out there’s a list, so I sign up, only to find out that I’m now, after all the waiting, I’m in 186th place. So, no E3 ticket, I’m sad. I also get rude attitude from some of the event staff… I understand you’re trying to move things along because there were A LOT of people, but a little patience and kindness would be very welcome…

  • … The only thing I got out of this event was stress, a Playstation move t-shirt, and tons of disappointment. Don’t get me wrong – all the food, special guests, and atmosphere were great and all, but this event was overcrowded, unorganized, and not worth waiting in line for over 5 hours just to be disappointed. There should be specific rules and official lists next time, you shouldn’t rely on some guy with an ego trip to run the line. Even if he was first in line last year.

    Do I have to end up waiting 18 hours next year just to get press conference passes and Kevin Butler posters?

    I’ve enjoyed all your other Sony Blog events, but this one was a huge letdown from both the community, and the host.

  • lol @ hiphopgamer.. this guy has no credibility at all…

  • i’m very happy to see that you all had a great time.and oh wow that was nice of sony and kojima to give all those psp’s to the attendees.also, i’m impressed that everyone was invited to the press conference tomorrow!

    hope, all of you will have a blast with the show and the for me i will try to follow up the press conference either on tv or a couple of sites ;0)

    again, have fun everyone! XD

  • How do I go about getting one of those MGS: Peace Walker t-shirts?

  • hopefully next year I’ll be able to go! seems like it was an awesome event

  • @39 at least you got a t-shirt LOL
    seriously,sorry for your bad expirience i hope your next one will be much much better!

  • Tomorrow is like Christmas for us gamers!!

  • how come the paper said said tuesday june 14 lol?

    can’t wait for tomorrow

  • I was 121 but missed out on the Kevin Butler poster oh well I got the best part getting into the press conference so ain’t stressing about it, still it would have been nice to have. lol

  • hey thanks for all the great stuff. I was excited just to be able to go to the conference, but now even going to the show floor. wow, thanks a bunch! Oh, and that hot shots tennis game was fun, can’t wait for my copy to come in! =] see you guys tomorrow!

  • Like someone before me pointed out. Why are the photo’s private? I can’t view the one I am in D:

  • Hey, thanks it was nice and fair from you to respect “the list”
    Please next time also let get in the ones that got there firts
    i was 110? i think i i miss the most of the lotery part i miss the Metal gear solid shirt and the move poster just because of the other people cutting in the line.

    I also was there two years ago i think in King Taco ?
    it was good cool to, i hope i can keep going and allways make it
    in for e3, i have allways want to go to e3 since i was a kid.
    And know thanks of you and Playstation i will!!!

    SONY E3 Will be the best !!! they already are with all the games
    they have show this last weeks plus few new ones ;)

    What i want to see more of

    The Last Guardian

    Gamplay video of

    Resistance 3
    The Agent
    Motor Storn Apocalypce
    Little Big Planet 2

    I want to play and tray

    SOCOM 4

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