Killzone 3: First PS3 Gameplay Trailer

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Today we’re proud to present the first gameplay trailer for Killzone 3. What you are about to see is a trailer made completely out of in-game footage, taken from the game’s fourth mission, called “Frozen Shores.”

Killzone 3 will take you to dangerous new corners of the Helghast home planet, and reveal that its environments are far more diverse than ISA Command had previously believed. In addition to the larger and more varied environments, Killzone 3 also introduces a brutal melee system and plenty of awesome new battle gear, including the Helghast jetpack and the WASP missile launcher demonstrated in the trailer.

Enjoy the new gameplay trailer, and please let us know what you think in the comments!

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  • This game is awsome and jw is the game only going to be in 3D because im not getting a 3D tv.

  • Wow! that was badass!! Can’t wait for KZ3!!

  • If Chuck Norris played FPS, this is what he’d play. Great job GG!

  • OMFG the guns the wasp are amazing! The Jetpacks look vicious and the snow effects are incredible.. this is a must get for me once again

  • Killzone 3 will have 2 coop modes but no splitscreen mode…

  • It’s, it’s beautiful, SOLD SOLD SOLD!!! 8)

  • SLIDING INTO COVER. ‘s21’lsm BREAKING NECKS. K;sml2s;ml2

    Excuse me. Nerdgasm.

  • Wow…excellent production! The game looks like it is shaping up really well…congrats.

  • Will it have splitscreen and if it does will it have a feature that you will be able to online with splitscreen cause thats what the new motorstorm is doing but nevertheless if there is isn’t that feature I’m sure at least a 4 player splitscreen would work right?

  • Sev is lookin’ badass!

  • Please tell me the game will have 4 player coop campaign (or at least 2 split screen or online).

  • That was the best trailer I’ve seen for ANY game! Can’t wait!


  • looks sweet. infiltrating the deathstar as helghast? WIN.

  • Brutal.

  • man this was freaking tite man. i can’t wait till this releases. im giving up my girlfriend for this game and she knows it.(sorry bebe, you gota go)

  • This trailer is kick ass!

  • I hope this is either a Christmas 2010 or at least a Feb/March 2011 game. If they actually fix the broken controls, this could be the best shooter ever made.

  • Looks freakin amazing! I can’t wait!!!!!!

  • damn that was awesome

  • As amazing as this looks I have to say that I need to see split screen in this game. It would add so much more replay, sales, and fun. Shooters that offer a split screen aspect always are more social and therefore lead to more sales……..

  • This game looks a lot better then the previous two. Looks to have better game play but also will there be co-op campaign in this one.

  • I’m disappointed. I’ve seen it live on Spike and there were much more Close Combat kills. You censored the brutal kills! Go away Sony, you ruined the trailer! I want the footage where the helghast soldier gets a knife in the eye! It was the best thing in the trailer and you removed it. Oh and twisting a neck is okay but a knife in an eye is not? Nonsense…


  • Just so long as multiplayer is fixed. The ridiculous lag and lack of any party system, along with the absence of any game-specific information such as rank, mission-time length, custom weapons, etc. make KZ2 an aggravating experience.

    I shouldn’t have to spend 30 seconds loading a game to find out it’ll take an hour and a half to complete or my friends don’t have the right rank.

  • Like others have said, I would love for campaign split screen co-op like in Resistance: Fall of Man. I love Killzone 2, but I would have played through the campaign so many more times if I could play it with a buddy.

    Game looks great though and I can’t wait for more info from E3 :D

  • KZ3>Kz2>Every Other FPS

  • Please have co-op and single player as well.

  • Wow!!!!! I’m Freaking Speechless!!!

    The best Atmosphere and feeling capture i ve seen in ages!!
    One year for grafical improvments!!!
    I cant imagine how epic it will be!!! Im speechless even now!!
    Do your best guerilla…Give us another grafical and overall quality benchmark!!

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  • This is easily one of the top games on my radar, and if GG actually fix the clunky and borked controls, this could easily be one of the best shooters ever. Don’t disappoint GG. Your reputation rides on simple controls…developers have definitely been in worse situations.

  • Smooth!!

  • Hm, I’m not sure why so many of you seem so impressed with this trailer, to me it’s quite a disappointment. I really hope it’s partly because of the crappy bitrate used even on the socalled ‘HD’ version of the trailer, because it looks like s**t.

    So far honestly going by this trailer Killzone 3 doesn’t look half as good as Killzone 2 did, and I think KZ2 is still one of the best-looking games out there, only slightly bested by Uncharted 2, but the graphics in this new trailer of KZ3 looks really boring! Just a lot of flat, low-detailed textures. This trailer just did not impress me at all. Hopefully it’s not because they’ve dialed back on graphics detail because of 3D…

  • cool stuff

  • wow still can’t watch videos on the playstation website using my ps3. Is it really that hard to fix this problem?

  • sweet looks like a awsome game im a huge fan of killzone i have played the first one but it was borrowed from a friend and i have the second one i also like the co op idea

  • ok, if your gonna finish making this game… please.. PLEASE do me one thing.

    please improve the controls. make them simmilar to Call of Duty. i had been playing COD4 and MW2, and then i play killzone 2 and the controls were completely backwards. made the game so much harder to play.

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