Killzone 3: First PS3 Gameplay Trailer

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Today we’re proud to present the first gameplay trailer for Killzone 3. What you are about to see is a trailer made completely out of in-game footage, taken from the game’s fourth mission, called “Frozen Shores.”

Killzone 3 will take you to dangerous new corners of the Helghast home planet, and reveal that its environments are far more diverse than ISA Command had previously believed. In addition to the larger and more varied environments, Killzone 3 also introduces a brutal melee system and plenty of awesome new battle gear, including the Helghast jetpack and the WASP missile launcher demonstrated in the trailer.

Enjoy the new gameplay trailer, and please let us know what you think in the comments!

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  • WOW nice trailer. Only one thing that i HOPE gets changed. I thought that the controlls of KZ2 were too heavy. If they were as smooth as the movements as say MW2 I would still be playing it soooo much more!

  • can you make a double xp weekend for killzone2 sometime?

  • you guys should be very proud of what you have done with this game…. cant wait.

    btw you better get the halo treatment form sony(in turms of avertiment)

  • Why did you remove these awesome melee kills for the web-version of the trailer? The TV one was cooler!

  • I dont want to be mean or anything. I love Killzone games but this trailer was not that mind blowing. I was expecting cooler stuff and more talk about the story. Not a brain dead shooter. I hope E3 has more to offer because this trailer did not say anything about the game.

  • This looks awesome, hoping there’s online coop.

  • Nobody has really mentioned this anywhere but will Killzone 3 have the same type of epic music as Killzone 2? Any ideas?

  • man. i still play killzone 2 cus i love it and now after seeing all that awesomeness i dont think my ps3 will ever be off. im going to never see light again after 2011…well then ill die in 2012 but ah what can u do? ill die happy with my ps3 and killzone 3

  • That was awesome!!! I can’t wait to help beta test this game. Hope this becomes the best it can be.

  • Looks amazing and incredibly intense! Animations are top notch and really immerse you into the game. I love the fluid movement into melee combat, it all works so well together. This looks to be a pretty game.


  • Please increased the FOV in this game. in the first Killzone, it was perfect. in Killzone 2 it was broken. looking at this trailer, it looks like it is still broken. please fix it.

  • The one on spike T.V. was a bit longer, and showed you sticking a knife in a Helghast’s eye…
    Talk about ****ing epic!!

  • Man KillZone3 is gone be off the chan man i can already see me playin it now

  • GOTY!!!

    I’ve been a fan of the franchise since KZ1 on the PS2. I have faith that this will be the greatest FPS on the PS3.

    Also if you want to make me really happy, you should announce KZ Liberation 2!!! You know you want to! :)


    well must say this goes on my to buy list
    2 was good this looks bettter

  • Man I’m hoping for tons of new big guns and vehicles, online too :)

  • Sounds very Metal Gear Solid 2 with a ‘Yell “Dead Cell”‘ Feel to it

  • EPICCCCCCCCCCCCC…. thanks naughty dog for helping out.

  • WOW, just dont put any tanks or anything like that in the online,

  • i’m liking what i see so far. just don’t cave in too much to the kids who want it just like another game that they’ll go back to. i liked KZ2 because it played different.

  • If you want to see the proper Brutal melee in action watch the E3 gameplay trailer on Guerilla’s site here…!

    Much more brutal.

  • I cant wait for its multiplayer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Graphics is top notch, better than any other shooters out there. When it releases I’m sure it will make we PS3 owners proud :D

    Online coop would be a nice addition, but I don’t get why some people want split screen, I wouldn’t have fun from that :S

  • I think you guys just broke my brain. lol

  • I should probably get off my butt and play Killzone 2 already so I can get caught up by the time this one is released.

    For the record, shooters aren’t really my thing and I was just like “meh, cool. I guess.” before….but then I saw the jet propelled rocket pack thing with shoulder turrets and I was pretty much sold.

  • i really hope they fix the controls for the game cause they were awful thats why i never played killzone2

  • Man, I want to play the game so bad! That neck cracking bit at 1:02…

    Thanks, Mr.Hulst and GG!

  • that was pretty sweet indeed.nice job Guerilla!.

  • trailer is awesome, love it!

  • I’m so getting this one first day!!!!

    Congratz Guerrilla

    Any ideas on preorder bonuses??

  • Looks great, can’t wait :)



    Can’t wait to pilot that jetpack!!

  • i hope there will be coop. that would be nice

  • So far the most Anticipated game of next year….


    best FPS EVER!!!! W00t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Can’t wait to play at E3! Absolutely incredible looking!!

  • Hay why do we need Killzone 3 and Crysis 2 to compete? Can’t we play both and enjoy them? Crysis 2 from the latest Beta footage allows you to pick up the enemy and toss them out windows, do commando take downs ala stealth mode, as well as have killer graphics at the same time. Plus it has Aliens. Killzone 3 has no Aliens has jet packs, and also is not set on earth, it also has a totally different meele system.

    Why do we have to pit what will be too games that show off the PS3s power as rivals? Why not as PS3 gamers just say get these games for killer gameplay and graphics performance? Thats what I’m going to do, get both and enjoy. You fanboys can loose out on two great games while I have both to play with!

  • i find it hilarious that he is wearing a short sleeve shirt in a blizzard

  • Why when I go onto the official Sony PlayStation Blog site using the latest and greatest version of PlayStation, the PlayStation 3, I can not view these videos using it’s web browser? Instead I have to use Sony’s rival’s product to view it. Ironic!

  • Looking kick ass – BUT – Why is it 40 below 0 and we got guys wearing short sleave shirts? These dudes are going to freeze to death before they hit the ground.. hahaha.. btw, Was kinda hoping to play Helghast this time.. Awe well maybe in KZ4 :)

  • Great first trailer. Also glad that there will be an option for quicker controls in the game. We want to see some of the jungle level next!

  • Bought. Day 1. I don’t know what the huge gone was that looked like an exaggerated fire-hose, but I LOVED it.


  • looks epic
    cant wait

  • nice! hopefully we see some MP gameplay footage

  • Thanks to the Blog team for switching to QuickTime/YouTube! I can now watch the videos from my iPhone.
    Also would like to be able to watch on my PS3 as well.
    On topic: thanks Guerilla for showing us the trailer before e3

  • That was just epic! cant wait for more info

  • omfg i cant wait to get this um will it be co op

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