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Hi everyone, Ramone Russell here with a bit of ModNation Racers news. All great games deserve their own website and ModNation Racers is no different. Today we are excited to reveal the Community Website. (For those who haven’t stumbled across it during our soft launch) is your one stop shop for all things ModNation Racers when you aren’t taking down Espresso in your career or trying to break the Hot Lap time for the day in the ModSpot. Interacting with ModNation Racer’s web community is only the tip of the iceberg. You can search/view all the top rated Karts, Mods, and Tracks from both the PS3 and PSP versions of ModNation Racers. In addition, Hot Lap, XP, and Race leaderboards from the game are searchable here as well.

ModNation Racer’s community portal was built mostly in house here at the San Diego Studio. The San Diego Online Development team started working on ModNation Racers’ community portal over 6 months ago with heavy involvement and input from United Front Games. Providing everyone a seamless experience from the game to the game’s website was one of our goals from day one.

Browsing creations and viewing the leaderboards are just a fraction of the features included in the site. You can also visit the forums and interact with other members of the ModNation Racers community, including members of the development team at UFG. In the coming months we will introduce new features to the site, many of which will come from community requests. It’s also a great place to provide feedback and let us know what you think about ModNation Racers.

ModNation Community

The home page of ModNation Racers Community Portal. Here you can browse the Top 5 Mods/Karts/Tracks, view yesterdays Hot Lap Champ and Top Players. It’s also where you can create your personalized signature.

ModNation Creations

By clicking on the Creations tab you can browse thousands of community created Mods, Karts, and Tracks using the same search options found in the circle menu.

ModNation Leaderboards

The Leaderboards tab allows you to browse by Hot Lap, Race, Creation, and XP.

ModNation My Profile

Your personalized profile card displays all of your stats and the Mods/Karts you have uploaded to the servers.

ModNation Forums

Last but certainly not least, ModNation Racers official forums. Be sure to check weekly for official ModNation Racers news and event updates from the development team.

Well, that’s all from me for now. We look forward to seeing you in the ModSpot and on

ModNation Russ1

Me and my low-rider

P.S. Ready for a new Kart or Mod? Every 2 weeks we will be introducing new Mods and Karts on the PSN! Each comes with new accessories you can use for your own creations.

ModNation Van Man

We kicked things of with Van Man and his Super Nova Kart.

ModNation Vamp Mod

Tomorrow “Vamp” hits the track in a Kart fitting for the undead. A new Mod or Kart for ModNation Racers PS3 is only ($.99) separately and ($1.75) for the bundle.

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  • @47. Thx. I hope that’s what it was. I saw on the hot lap thong some guy blew himeself up at a certain place and it reset him in front of the finish line with another lap completed and he just did that untill he won. He got it in like 5 seconds after starting. I did it to get in the top ten percent and I did and then used it on a race online, then the people got mad that had mikes and then it said my name on #1 and everyone else got DNF and became guilty. Sigh. So then I redid the trophies I got from it and unofficialy earned them the right way, and now I only feel a little bit guilty. I still feel sorry for those people though. So I now know not to do it again and hope I haven’t been banned for life because I got a lot of hard to get trophies and a platinum for batman arkham asylum and almost done with mnr. Anyway, great game!

  • i bought a copie of mod nation racers and it has frozen while its loading at 65% it doesnt connect online nd if it does it would kick me or freeze at 65% again so i called scea nd the instructions they gave me i followed i changed the tcp ports on my router checked my nat to type2 i did it all i even called my isp nd they said comcast modems have no firewall so i called sony again nd they asked me if i could go to guys i really like mod nation racers please help me get connected online with the game all my other games connect fine last nite i played kllzn2 online multiplayer

  • Looking forward to the new mod and parts….

    My loading has been good….so the rest of ya get of the 256k connection already…8)

  • I really like this game, having 4 player local split-screen is AMAZING! A major reason I bought this game, my friends and have really been enjoying this feature.

    I did notice that the campaign started to get exponetially harder, I’m probably even less than halfway through, I just switched to online. Online is getting much better, online rsces with more than 4 people are actually starting to regularly occur, which is a nice change.

    Please, please, please add a restart lap option when running the hot lap or offline time trials so annoying to screw up 20 seconds into a lap and be forced to continue the whole thing. I think the top mods and charts should rotate more often. One day it could show the newest, the next day it could show the most raced, the next day the most downloaded, the next day it could show the weeks most viewed, etc.

  • @Kallidoan

    Calm down, the game has been just over two weeks, it’s not like they wave their hands and patches get finished. Besides what was said was it would be in one of the first patches, that doesn’t mean the first (obviously since it wasn’t), second or even third.

  • The patch to shorten the load times is coming….the day after you sell your game!

  • PuppetShoJustice

    I’m less frustrated by the difficulty of the Career Mode challenges and more frustrated by the fact that you cannot adjust your Speed/Accel Drift/Handle toggles without having to exit out to the ModSpot to face the wrath of two loading screens just to be able to move your slider bars.

    Sloppy execution is sloppy.

    I also gave up on XP Races because I’m so very sick of the same 5 or 6 tracks that I already played through a couple dozen times in career mode trying to do above-mentioned challenges.

    We -need- more track variety for XP Series if the mode is going to survive.

  • dont see any problem with the load time . they should also reset the timer to one minute when a person jumps in the xp race . give more time for people to jump in . been getting consistent 10 player race online which is awesome .

  • This game needs a lot of fixing. I still can’t believe it got such great reviews. I still like the game but hopefully you guys can do a lot of improving QUICKLY.

  • i agree the patch is coming soon after i sell mod nation for transformers war for cybertron so sad for sony allways releasing a good game same story sony doesnt care xample we want a better p3 network nd they answere ur p3 is free online we dont care i called them when i was watching g4tv the feed came up nd said on e3 june 14 2010 sony will anounce a new psn network nd they replied its just fabricated rumors u c guys sony doesnt care if they did they would listen to the consumer nd fix the psn network frankly microsoft cares hey i partychat on my 360 with my friends while we play p3 pathetic it is to use 360 to partycht u c sony doesnt care

  • Why is everyone b*tching about LOAD times when Career Mode is the most annoying thing about the game? Load times are not that bad compared to the aggravating Career Mode tasks for Bonus, and Payoffs!! Drift 100,000 and get in 1st, stupid stuff like that when AI cheats like H3LL!!

    I also find it really funny that we only get 8 response now that the game is out. When they were blogging before the game (trying to sell it) came out we had a reply for almost ever comment. Huh, go figure.

  • i really hope you could unlock region locked………….

  • I’m another person who is tradin in this game. Loadin is so ps1 (whats the huge install for) and the single player is way too hard. Its doable, but I was gettin crazy mad playin the same track 15 times. Creation items for the karts or too little. Besides unlockin the select few of bodies, could have a bunch of body kits for each body. But, too little too late. Trade in. Should have got Blur, it got about the same rating.


    This is a place to talk about all things of the game. Why should yours be more important. We should bring up ALL the things that make this game crap, not just your opinion.

  • This SO better be what unlocks that #14 silly seat I’m missing or heads will roll…


    You are right, but I think the things I mentioned are far more important than loading, plus they did have a patch for loading in their 1st patch. I don’t think it will get any faster, but we shall see………..

    Also I still LOVE this game!! It is the things I mentioned that really bog own the game, and makes it less enjoyable. Playing casual races on-line with friends (who have mics) is really a blast.
    The community is flat out awesome. People showing off their mods, and karts they downloaded, or created is a blast.
    I know UFG will fix these, but how long will it take is the question? Will it be in one patch, or will it be something like LBP, where patches comes every so often. I just hope they are taking notes, and let consumers know before it gets too late.

  • Agreed with #50

    many flaws indeed


    Look man, if you are any good at the game (other people complain as well) then you’ll realize you can come in first place just about everytime in every race if you play smart (ie. not using all your boost all the time, you’ll want to save some from being attacked) How can the AI cheat? because you’re not that good a racer or because they hit you with weapons the same way you hit them with weapons? you make no sense, if they didn’t hit you with weapons and they were all slow and uncompetitive, what would be the point of playing the game???

    Do agree about the XP races though, i only get like 4-5 tracks when i XP race.

    Also again people complaining about the Payoff and Bonus achievements int the races, just get better at the game, they are all pretty much do about and not that hard (with the exception of the devastator ones, 3 cliff sideswipes, and one other one i can’t remember) so just get better at the game by playing it and learning the way the AI plays against you.

    Note: I’ve gotten all the achievements in the career mode and beaten all the grudge matches :D just need to get a few more tokens and i’ve 100%’d career mode.

  • (Second part)

    Another note, i notice that if people don’t created “themed” Mods/Karts, they pretty much go unnoticed so idk how people are supposed to gain any kind of Create XP. The cost of originality in your creations is that no one cares because its not based off of something.

    3rd Note XD. It’d be cool if players could party up in the ModSpot and join in a XP race. I notice that we can challenge other players, but while people like 1-on-1’s most people like to beat other people and enjoy more competition and of course bragging rights if they win ;)

    -Thank Russ.

    + Would be awesome if there was some in-game character export to PSN avatar thing, that would be awesome. Would love something like that to be worked in to game in the next firmware update. For other games (ie. action or soemthing, the export process would just take a pic of the render of the character and the lighting on them and the background would be taken out).

    Will be downloading all the ModNation DLC. (Dynamic themes too if you make them, and they are awesome (ie. not just a face rotating or looking around, something like the Motorstorm: Artic Edge one)

  • #68-69 Shadysaiyanz

    You are good at the game. Not everyone has the same skills. I do use my boost the right way, try to use it for defense for than speed etc. The game cheats, and I think more people would agree with me, even if they have completed all the payoffs, and bonuses. They need to tweak it, or add different types of difficulty so they can be un-locked. The game is not forgiving at all when it comes to career. One wrong move, and your are all but toast on trying to achieve the bonus, or payoff. Not only that some are based on total luck, and that is really stupid!!

  • my preorder cameu in yesterday, and im loving it so far played a few xp races didnt win any but it was fun though the career mode is cool and funny to me im on the 4th race in the 3rd tour and so far its been smooth sailing.the devastor challenge was a pain but every other race was great. the loading isnt that much of a problem 4 me at most a min but i would be nice if it was faster though thank UFG for this awesome game

  • Hey do you know if San Diego Studio has any PSP DLC up their sleeves?

  • @ShadySaiyanz

    I mean this in the most respectful way possible, but what you said has no factual bases at all. You can’t compare your “pure luck” experience with everyone elses. How can you say that @DZMORGADEN is playing it wrong when 100 people are having the same problem? How in the world did you try to equate that? This has absolutely NOTHING to do with being good or bad at the game. It’s about having fair gameplay and making sure your customers come back again to support you in the future.

  • Part Two Of My Comment:

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I can not STAND spending on a too-expensive game, a game in which I felt mislead to believe that it was to be the next best thing since Mario Kart, which comparing this game to Mario Kart is a complete insult TO Mario Kart and all that it stood for, and then end up at the end of the week feeling like I had completely wasted $59 on something that didn’t give me the satisfaction I was hoping for. I didn’t pay $59 to be frustrated and swearing like a sailor all because of a video game. No game is worth that and not be be able to unlock everything for the $59 that I paid for, he’ll, EVERYTHING should have been unlocked when I first started the game up!

    Until the ridiculous AI is fixed for the career mode, I’m never playing that part of the game again. So, you can feel all high and mighty for being stupid enough to wreck your brain over the invincible AI, but I am keeping what sanity I have left.

  • I would just like to say Russel. When one of your customers say there is a problem with the game, don’t just tell him he’s wrong! It’s better for your customers to point out these problems to you, so you can look into getting them fixed.

    I think you guys have done a great job on your first game! Would expect there to be a few problems, & I know you’ll get them fixed soon.

    Will be looking forward to future DLC (Themes mainly).

  • @BlaqueEssence

    I completed the career without many problems. Yeah, I had to do a few challenges multiple times. Are you trying to tell me this was luck? For me I don’t like it when I get games with everything unlocked! But, one thing I would say is, due to the age range put on the box, it’s a little strange that it is quite tough in places.

    “I felt misleaded to believe that it was to be the next best thing since Mario Kart, which comparing this game to Mario Kart is a complete insult to Mario Kart and all that it stood for”

    Are you saying it’s a insult to Marion Kart, due to the games difficulty? If so, I don’t think anyone can say a game is terrible, just because it is too hard for them! For me this game is better than any Mario Kart game I have played (IMO). I loved Mario Kart 64. Used to play it most night with lots of friends. Mario Kart Wii, was good, but didn’t bring anything fresh to the Mario Kart franchise.

  • I actually liked the difficulty on this game. Yeah, the AI was cheap, but it was satisfying then you got the challenges done!

    Lastly, just because you can’t do things, don’t assume because others can, it was pure luck! Keep on trying, you’ll eventually get it done. I for one haven’t wasted my money, I’mm very happy with my purchase (minus a few things).

  • *don’t assume because others can’t also

  • *saying it was pure luck

    Wow, don’t type messages when you’re really tired! Lol.

    Bedtime, I think!

  • Looking forward to using the Web site. The only thing that is holding this game back from being _THE_ kart racer to play is that the shields drain INCREDIBLY FAST. When you’ve got a full boost meter and you’re in first place and there are three attacks targetting you at once, or one after the other, it’s impossible to survive them when your boost meter is full. It seems like the whole thing drains in 1.5 seconds when you use your shields! Increasing the duration of a full boost meter’s worth of shield power to one more second would make it SO MUCH BETTER!

    Thanks again though. =)

  • The site is cool ideal but the 1 new mod/kart every 2 weeks is a fail!

  • Hello,

    First i want to say that your game is totally awesome! Thanks for making such a fun and exciting game. I may be one of the only people who thinks the difficult AI is actually channeling and fun. No one wants a game you can beat in two days. I do have one question, and maybe i have just looked over the answer….

    My friends and I would like to play tournament or (cup) series like you can do in Mario Kart in slit screen. How can this be done? Is there a mode we are looking over, cause i cant find it! And if not, will there be a mode added at a later date. Its kind of stupid just playing single races without a goal.

    Thanks for your response. Keep up the good work.

  • Please do something about the European servers. I haven’t even been able to get the Trophy for racing one online race…

  • AnthonyTonyMagic

    ModNation Racers looks amazing, and the site is really good too.

    I’m just wondering if the region lock has been/is going to be lifted. Being able to play with my family overseas would make this a day one purchase for me, as it won’t be released here in Hong Kong until later this month.


    I also love the thumbnails of the mods. It’d be nice if we could replace our PSN avatars with these thumbnails

  • Any idea on when the load time patch will be coming out? Also, I agree with AnthonyTonyMagic, the region lock needs to be released!

  • mnr (lbp’s racin successor) :)

  • Are we going to be seeing any new tracks for DLC in the future??

  • I’ve been enjoying the game and creating various racers and tracks. The AI at times seems a bit buggy but I can cope with that. Even the slow times are ok at times.

    I do have a huge complaint. The REGION LOCK is awful. I’m US player and have friends from Europe that cannot join me. We want to share and create together. We need an option to actually have friends visit or join our tracks from around the world. This was accomplished with LBP, why can’t this be done with MNR? I hope something can be worked out by creating a private server or have options to play locally or globally. Thank you =]

  • lol just by reading some comments, this game is blowing up…and not in the good way

  • Thanks for replying Russell, you’re the second person to ever respond to me :D

    Funny how some of us are double posting, not on purpose though of course XD

    I agree with KONFLICTIONZ. There would be no point in playing or even having a career in the game if everything was unlocked from the beginning. One of the thrills in playing games is unlocking things. If everything was unlocked from the beginning, the game might as well have been online only, but the career mode is great and has a nice original presentation with the commentators and stuff (love ’em)

    Also yeah, not pure luck, 95% of the challenges are easy and pretty do-able like i said. Just get used to playing the game and learning how the AI reacts (ie. make sure you save some boost because if your’re in first, AI will shoot things at your right around the time you’re about to win on the last lap to take it from you)

    @DeathsMom – I didn’t know that, it’d be nice though, i’ve got a few friends in different regions.

    Hope there will be more Kart chassis’ in future downloads :D

  • I was also banned today for cheating the HotLap (Glitching) on Breakwater… I didn’t know you could get busted for that until I did. I was honestly trying to get the best time normally on the track and realized that people had actually gotten a 5 second lap! So I watched the “ghost” of the top player and only human nature caused me to say, “whoa, how does that work? I gotta try it!” But I’m glad that people are getting busted for it because it’s incredibly cheap. I do hope though that there will be some sort of patch that will rid the issue of glitching tracks altogether. In the meantime, now I know, and knowing is half the battle.

  • @KONFLICTIONZ & shadysaiyanz

    I can sit here and say that I agree with 85% of what Konflictionz said, but I can also so say that the both you and Shady totally did not even try to understand where I am coming from with my statement. I am just as good a racer in this game as you two are, but I can sense a close mind from both of you not wanting to believe that other people in the world DO have a problem with this game, ARE good at this game, but are still have conflicts with it.

    So, in saying that, I refuse to debate or speak further on my experience of the game because you two have already made up yours minds that really don’t have an ear or an eye to hear and see another person’s perspective on the game. Will it matter in the future? Nope, because I don’t know you and you don’t me. So, there will be nothing beneficial in us speaking to each other about this game. To the conversation between you and I are is done at this point. Enjoy your game.

  • i love the game, very nice things and many things can be done, only one problem is that cant enjoy the online gaming because of my current location which is in Dubai, UAE. would love to see more support on that.

  • I’ve seen comments about the hot lap times and one of which a person was banned. I first must say great game. Second I must say my hot lap trophy was achieved without jumping a fence or guard rail (I lucked up). If someone truly got banned for jumping a barrier or guard rail, that is quite SAD since it is a FLAW in the game design. The rules of the global settings need adjusting to prevent the reset after crossing a barrier. The individual designers or testers need disciplinary action instead of punishing those who use the flaw to their advantage. The customers who purchased this game did not create the FLAW, they just used it, and some discovered it by chance.

  • Do you guys have a date for the release of the Nucular Kart? If you know which one I’m talking about.
    Y’know, the buggy like kart with a big mouler in front?

  • what’s with the unauthorized kicked from servers crap, I have don anything to be kicked. get better servers and let all world wide play online.

  • For the LOVE OF GOD please patch the difficulty of this game. My kids gave up on this game because the CPU AI is INCREDIBLY CHEAP. This game is fantastic as a Kart Toybox but as a racing game it STINKS because of the freaking difficulty.

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