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ModNation Mondays

Hi everyone, Ramone Russell here with a bit of ModNation Racers news. All great games deserve their own website and ModNation Racers is no different. Today we are excited to reveal the Community Website. (For those who haven’t stumbled across it during our soft launch) is your one stop shop for all things ModNation Racers when you aren’t taking down Espresso in your career or trying to break the Hot Lap time for the day in the ModSpot. Interacting with ModNation Racer’s web community is only the tip of the iceberg. You can search/view all the top rated Karts, Mods, and Tracks from both the PS3 and PSP versions of ModNation Racers. In addition, Hot Lap, XP, and Race leaderboards from the game are searchable here as well.

ModNation Racer’s community portal was built mostly in house here at the San Diego Studio. The San Diego Online Development team started working on ModNation Racers’ community portal over 6 months ago with heavy involvement and input from United Front Games. Providing everyone a seamless experience from the game to the game’s website was one of our goals from day one.

Browsing creations and viewing the leaderboards are just a fraction of the features included in the site. You can also visit the forums and interact with other members of the ModNation Racers community, including members of the development team at UFG. In the coming months we will introduce new features to the site, many of which will come from community requests. It’s also a great place to provide feedback and let us know what you think about ModNation Racers.

ModNation Community

The home page of ModNation Racers Community Portal. Here you can browse the Top 5 Mods/Karts/Tracks, view yesterdays Hot Lap Champ and Top Players. It’s also where you can create your personalized signature.

ModNation Creations

By clicking on the Creations tab you can browse thousands of community created Mods, Karts, and Tracks using the same search options found in the circle menu.

ModNation Leaderboards

The Leaderboards tab allows you to browse by Hot Lap, Race, Creation, and XP.

ModNation My Profile

Your personalized profile card displays all of your stats and the Mods/Karts you have uploaded to the servers.

ModNation Forums

Last but certainly not least, ModNation Racers official forums. Be sure to check weekly for official ModNation Racers news and event updates from the development team.

Well, that’s all from me for now. We look forward to seeing you in the ModSpot and on

ModNation Russ1

Me and my low-rider

P.S. Ready for a new Kart or Mod? Every 2 weeks we will be introducing new Mods and Karts on the PSN! Each comes with new accessories you can use for your own creations.

ModNation Van Man

We kicked things of with Van Man and his Super Nova Kart.

ModNation Vamp Mod

Tomorrow “Vamp” hits the track in a Kart fitting for the undead. A new Mod or Kart for ModNation Racers PS3 is only ($.99) separately and ($1.75) for the bundle.

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  • I really need to buy this game.

  • Um… this has been around a while now, hasn’t it?

    By the way, great game. Love it.

  • @#1 You really do, its very awesome.

  • Wait, Russell?? Are you the Russell_05 guy who moderates the forums?

    If so, please put a stop to all the difficulty threads! Just merge them or something in one sticky thread, we don’t need a bunch of them!

  • It’s a lot of fun!

    The web site is kinda cool — your picture updates as soon as you change your mod or kart in game, which was freaking out my kids as I was showing them my picture on the laptop as I played. You can search for stuff a little faster on the web site than you can in-game, too, though you can’t flag anything to download it later (you can bookmark it to help you remember what to search for in-game, but I wish there was an option to flag it for automatic download the next time you play).

  • best karting game since mario kart 64….already convinced my friends about that

  • We can browse the site while waiting for a race to load.

  • First of all, this web functionality is wonderful and so incredibly well done. Kudos!

    Secondly, I love (seriously, love it) how my PSP exp transfers over to a total pool of exp for online play / create / share for both PS3 and PSP versions. That was unexpected and very cool.

  • Are those pointy ears on Vamp new? Can’t wait to see the first Spock mods. Guess we’ll see a bunch of elves too.

  • Just to give some input, I think instead of Mods and Karts, we’d rather have Track creation stuff… a lot of the tracks are already feeling kind of samey… I’d like some more variety out there.

    Just a thought though, love all the good work.

  • Once they release the “Vamp” mod, any bets on how long it will take for Edward or Bella to show up in the mods section? If my wife played, that’s who she’d be making, I’m sure. They’ll surely be around before the next movie hits at the end of the month.

    I wish you’d announce more than just a week’s worth of mods — knowing there’s more coming is cool, but knowing WHAT is coming helps me decide what to buy, if anything.

  • cool cant wait for this tomorrow, any chance we might get some new themes for track creation anytime soon? maybe with some premade career courses with new kart and mod items, and new a elite to unlock?

  • Sweet, I’m hoping for a Shadow of the Colossus DLC to make it’s way into this just like it did for LBP.

  • I wanted to commend you for this awesome job you have done for your game- ModNation Racers! You guys MUST BE PROUD OF YOURSELVES FOR DOING AN EXCELLENT JOB ON THAT GAME!!!

    By the way, I don’t mean to criticize you or to put you down or anything like that, but this game has literally taken my interst away- I mean ALMOST. You see, I prefer to have third option in this game which allows me to finish third place or above in order to earn/obtain special items/karts/mods. Having required myself to TOP EVERYTHING EVERY TIME I MUST FINISH IN FIRST PLACE?- That is NOT RIGHT. I am sorry to say this, BUT IT’S NOT RIGHT BECAUSE THAT IS A FORCEFUL ACTION I don’t want to take. It’s like seeing me SHOVE foods DOWN IN YOUR THROAT. How do you feel about that? The idea STILL APPLY SIMILAR to this game.

    Otherwise, everything in this game that has offered… is UTTERLY AWESOME! Thank you for choosing Playstation 3 as your EXCLUSIVE PLATFORM FOR THIS GAME!!!

  • Part Two from my first Part One Comment:

    Oh one more thing: Are you planning on creating AWESOME TRACK: Transylvania that goes with Vamp mod/kart Theme, you know? Why not include Dracula’s wife, Werewolf, Mummy, Frankestein (Spelling?), etc that are from Transylvania realm, you know? Please make that happen, but this time around in a PACKAGE!- Not individual pack. Thanx!

  • I love how hard is this game :) Thank you! Best game I played since LBP :)

  • I paid for the VanMan DLC….STILL doesnt show up in-game? Lots of others have the same problem. Any chance of fixing this? Kinda puts me off paying for anymore MNR DLC.

  • WOW! Nice of you to finally show up! I thought you guys went on vacation.

    Dude, this games needs some fixing!!

    Career Mode: Needs to be tweaked! For one AI is way to cheap, and it cheats. The whole bonus, and payoff are down right ridiculous! Get so, and so and finish 1st! The game is not fun when I have to play a track about 5 times to un-lock everything!! Especially when the AI cheats! Fix that NOW!!!

    XP Races: The 1st week in XP games were horrible. Finally I get to play with about 10-12 players. But the tracks all seem to be the same!! There is about 25 tracks in Career mode, but in XP there is about 5-6. Why can’t we play the harder tracks in XP?…..

    • I can’t make any announcements, but we are diligently working on improving the MNR experience.

  • …..
    Hot Lap: There seems to be glitches to when people do Hot Lap. How is it possible for someone to finish a lap in about 10-16 sec.? I want to get this trophy, but I don’t think I ever will cause people are finding ways to cheat!

    I like the game a lot, but these things need to be looked at and tweaked. Career mode is a turn off it is TOO HARD! There should be a fine line. I am not asking for super easy, but I am not asking for super hard where controllers are flying into walls cause of the frustration I have in career mode. I know I am not the only one that thinks that Career mode needs a difficulty setting.

    • I can’t make any announcements, but we are diligently working on improving the MNR experience.

  • Hello russell,
    First, I would like to thank you and the dev team for such a great game!

    I have a few requests for ModNation Racers:

    1. When can we expect the first patch and where can we check for patch notes?

    2. Are you guys planning to adjust the AI in the career mode after all the complaints?

    Would appreciate some answers :)

  • What we really need is to be able to play as a “community” not just share stuff…………..

  • You guys should totally make Track Packs, just like LittleBigPlanet makes level kits. This could include awesome themed tracks, and you first theme should be LittleBigPlanet. Racing around on a LittleBigPlanet themed track would be AMAZING. Oh……and SackBoy could be the boss like the ones in story mode.(WHICH IS INCREDIBLY HARD i got ModNation on release day and i STILL haven’t beat it, IT IS SO FRUSTRATING)

  • C’mon y’all- the post just said “It’s also a great place to provide feedback and let us know what you think about ModNation Racers.” You should check out the site and head over to the “Official Feedback Threads”. Putting your ideas in the comment section here will just make it harder for Sony/UFG to hear your opinion! Go sign up!

  • @24 i’ve done that already! More then once.

  • I apologize for invading your personal space once again, but this just came to me: Why not create or implement this awesome feature(S) within ModNation Community website:

    Allow us to create/customize/share our mods/karts/tracks if our Playstation 3 units are somehow broken down or is incapable of playing anything (You know, in random cases) (Which I hope that don’t happen to ALL OF US! :-)) within that website? Rather than to block our creative thoughts when we need to express them right away, you know?

    Why not set up the “SHOP” within the website to sell Mods/Karts/Tracks and other surprise stuff? Similar reason if we run into situations with our Playstation 3 units, you know? To make things more easier for us so that way, we can consider them to be more “manageable”.

    Oh! Also, why not include our stats within that website as well? You know, let’s say I need to know how many drifting or drafting I need to complete in order to earn that or specific trophy? So, I can be assured that I did this or that- rather than going into the game on Playstation 3 to check my stats. That is all. I hope you find my suggestions or ideas more helpful… Good day.

  • Why is the official forums not the US one placed on

    Why is it placed in the EU community? I hate the EU forums and like the US one. Do you check both of them?

  • very nice!! oh and it’s time to fix those two gold trophies, they’re IMPOSSIBLE to get for the average player! Only two lucky people in the world are able to get the platinum!

  • By any chance will the pre-order characters & Sackboy be DLC too. I didn’t have enough money to pre-order it and I can’t find the Sackboy sticker anywhere.

  • WoW! The site makes looking for characters, cars and tracks very convenient. Great job! Great game!

  • pretty cool idea

    any word on when the patch to fix the load times is going to be released?

  • Ramone, Fix the stupid Region Lock or at least make it so we can chose Regional or Worldwide when we join a Modspot. I want to play with other friends from Europe.

  • IcEcReAm_KiLleR

    For get the website fix the online sever it takes forever to find also u said u could change the story mode lvl from hard to midum to easy

  • Making this game super hard is really not a turn on.

    I wanna create stuff without having to actually do impossible races that make u wanna pull your hair out just to unlock a part on something.

    better way to do this would be to set difficulties on the career mode
    and a person who completes the career on a higher mode will get a Gold Trophy or what not.

  • I don’t think 25 cents is much to save if buy them in a bundle you should at least make the character/ kart packs $1.50

  • I love this game . download my track and my dude iron mod TYSON

  • I liked the demo. I yet need to play the official game

  • I love this game, its really awesome and I absolutely love all the creations from people, there are some amazing crations out there. Also I dont know why people are complaining so much about the game’s difficulty, I do agree that there should be a difficulty setting, but I also would have liked a trophy or some unlockables if you did beat it on hard. I beat the career and while some races are difficult, they are not impossible. I think people just arent very good at this game

    I just want to see some improvements to the online modes such as: merging game rooms, do not kick us after each XP race to join a new room, we should be able to stay in the room like in casual race. Thats really all I would like to see improved as it is the biggest issue atm.

  • I was banned today for cheating the HotLap (Glitching) on Breakwater. I am sorry for doing it, and I know I’m a bit upset with it but I have nobody to blame but myself and my stupid actions. It’s a two day ban. I’m really glad you guys are puting a stop to these cheaters and glitchers and I have learned my lesson. If you glitch any track, you will get busted!

  • I’m enjoying ModNation so far, and see absolutely incredible potential with the game, but I do have to parrot many others and say that I believe fixing the various problems with the game itself should be priority #1. The “difficulty” (AI cheating) in career mode is just awful, lack of tracks in XP is aggravating, load times are atrocious, etc, etc, blah blah blah.

    I know you guys mentioned a patch some time ago, and I really hope we will be hearing more about that in the near future. Until then, I’ll be shelving the game as the issues mentioned are getting to be too much for me, and there are many other things I could be playing instead of constantly feeling like I’m pulling out my own teeth in this one.

  • I really like the site, I have been there since I got the game last week. But I have a problem creating the Signature for the PSN forum. When I paste it into my settings on PSN the forum goes nuts. It will change/remove code and not show up, I had to go back to my EU Forum signature until you get this fixed.

    Oh I use Ubuntu 10.04 LTS and the latest Firefox web browser.

  • I’d just like something to be done to spur more creativity instead of a hundred copies of known characters/karts/tracks… I totally get people wanting to have Mario and other characters but at the rate things are going, Mario (lol), Iron Man and Spider-Man are going to be the top mods forever… Karts might have a bit more variety and movement but do we need anymore “Get your drift trophy here” tracks? O_o

  • @42

    They are might to be working on something to fix that problem.

  • “meant” not “might”!

  • I put the game down for a bit. Waiting for a patch update to fix things up (XP and Career races mainly. Probably the same complaints you guys heard thousands of times already). Good to know you have a weekly spot on the blog so I’ll know when to get back in the race.

  • My ps3 won’t let me sign in? It says cannot use this account. I am so confused. I am confused please help. Btw. Mnr rocks. Lvl 14.

  • @46

    Sounds like your banned. If its from glitching on modnation racers, your ban will be over in 2 days.

  • You guys need to improve the load times and sell more copies! This game DESERVES to sell 1M+ copies. Make it happen!

  • Love this game … thus far the only thing leaving a bad taste in my mouth is the ever increasing reality that i WILL NEVER get my hands on all the tools and items . if these these kids that game for 8- 12 hours are having difficulties … I dont have a prayer .Well the optimistic part of me says that i will get them all… BY THE TIME MNR 2 comes out ! but the pessamistic part of me says ” Better make that MNR 3 . ” LOL other than that . Thanks for the great game .

  • Don’t buy this game. Load times = crazy slow. The developer has not lived up their promise to release a patch for the loading times and is not saying when it will be released either. I took them at their word and got burned. Now I am going to return this game to Gamestop to take advantage of the 50% trade in bonus.

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