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We’re only a week away from our kicking off E3 with our soon-to-be-legendary PlayStation.Blog Meetup in downtown LA. Have you RSVP’d yet??

PS – get excited for Joe Danger, hitting PSN this Tuesday. Check out the IGN review (9.5) below.

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of May 31, 2010)

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  • wait a minute…. WTF its going on? why u guys keep deleting my comments?!am i banned or something? bc i havent done anything wrong that i know….hummmm….?

  • Excuse me but can anyone tell me what day Sony will be holding their E3 Conferrence this year I cant seem to find the date. Thank you.

  • Is there any way i can see bits and pieces, or clips of E3 on the internet, from Pules, or Qore. Right now im hoping Gameinformer has a lot of details. Jeff could you enlighten me on the situation?

  • How come keyboard and mouse support for PS3 hasnt been in alot of PS3 FPS exlcusives like MAG, Killzone, SOCOM, etc…?

  • Hey Jeff,
    Any idea when FF IX will be released in the US PSN? A lot of us were hoping to get it last week. It seams like it shouldn’t be too hard since EU has had it for about 2 weeks now already. I hope you guys aren’t waiting for E3 it would be strange since EU and JP have had it already so it isn’t exactly earth shattering news.


  • jeff get kevin butler to speak at E3!

  • k…i kno this was asked b4

    but i am so pumped up for e3…after killzone 3, infamous 2, littlebigplanet 2, god of war: gos etc…has been announced im excited. These are the sequels to the games i have. but they are all sequels…nothin bad abt it tho. but a question…are u guys showin all these off cuz u have more games for e3? any new ips?
    pls give a hint:)

  • Hey Jeff, is anyone who’s name rhymes with Devin Kutler going to be at the show by any chance?

  • Hey Jeff Sony should make a new Syphon Filter game for the PS3, that would be awesome!!!

  • i would be blown away if sony brought back medievil franchise with move controls similar to that gladiator game with shield and sword.

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