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We’re only a week away from our kicking off E3 with our soon-to-be-legendary PlayStation.Blog Meetup in downtown LA. Have you RSVP’d yet??

PS – get excited for Joe Danger, hitting PSN this Tuesday. Check out the IGN review (9.5) below.

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of May 31, 2010)

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  • Can’t wait for Joe Danger.

  • hey jeff, why do you guys announce stuff before E3? why not announce it at E3?

  • The last month has been big news for ps3 sequels. Can we see something new coming to ps3 ( games or a new psn)?

  • Motorstorm 3 info please.

    And, keeping with the recent trend, I’m assuming we’ll be getting a Resistance 3 “leak” this week?

  • Move, 3D gaming, sequels, new IP’s, possible PSN overhaul are just cherries on the top of the cake. The veil being lowered on GT5 showing all it’s new features is worth watching the live streaming alone.

  • Sweet I am for sure going this year’s E3 blog meet-up! I missed the last two years :/

  • Motorstorm 3 leaked, Infamous 2, killzone 3, LBP2, Socom 4 all announced already. I hope theres some actual surprise announcements at E3 instead of just talking about pre-e3 announcements.

  • If those Motorsotrm leaks are true what are you guys going to show at E3. IF the press conference is all Move and 3D it will be fail. Please don’t disappoint and please no PSP 2 or price drop I am buying a PSP on Tuesday.

  • Cool to see DC Universe Online out in November.

  • Seeing_Red_Again

    Hey Jeff, is Sony going to be announcing anything related to White Knight Chronicles 2 or a US release date for it?

  • Again we will be there and we have rsvp’d….Gators in the California sun…Cant wait!!

  • oh and Im not commenting on any leak but is there any Official Motorstorm news or should we wait for something in the future?

  • Hey, Jeff. We were having a debate on Rock Band’s forums as to whether a “Album Completion Discount” similiar to the one used by iTunes was currently possible in the Playstation store. Could you clarify for us?

  • @ jeff’s response to #2

    Thats true and if thats sony’s strategy, then thats definitely an interesting one, but the main place that counts is E3, if people are talking about your E3 the most over the competition then you know you got the most attention and “won” E3. Im a bit skeptical only because all these games that are definitely E3 debut material are being announced before hand. I just hope that sony has some great stuff and not just more details and trailers on the already announced things and I also hope the main focus wont be the PS Move and 3D.

  • I’m really excited to see what Sony is going to include in PSN premium. i hope a redesigned xmb & trophy card. hurry June 15th! HURRY!

  • I’m all for PSN Premium aswell. Hopefully it’ll have some worthwhile features!

  • after E3 psn wil never b the same again XD

  • just 9 days to go guys! just wish there was a countdown page here on the blog.anyways, kudos to sony for doing the meetings for all these events for (us)fans.i dont think that the other two companies are as engaging to their customers/fans as sony is!

    this e3 is poised to make our colletive heads explode! XD

  • I can’t wait to hear more news on Gran Turismo 5 and possibly a release date.

    Hey Jeff, aren’t the developers of God of War III going to work on some type of Downloadable Content for the game?
    Its been couple of months since the game released, and there isn’t absolutly anything we have gotten. :(

  • Can someone give me an answer on this :(
    Will Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3 ever be released on the Playstation Network so that people with the psp go can get it?
    We can get the demo but we can’t get the game and it was released over 3 weeks ago :(
    Tell Bandai Namco not to give you the rights to post the demo if they weren’t gonna give you the rights to put the actual game on there too.

  • Jeff, try to get an interview with the developers who are localizing Trinity: Souls Of Zill O’ll at E3. Looks like might be an good action role playing game.

  • Can’t wait to get my hands on Joe Danger.

  • Motorstorm 3 official announcement soon? i mean before E3? come on Jeff it got leaked already we want an official announcement , cant wait to play The world’s most brutal off road racer game , LUNATICS UNITE!!!!!!!!!
    almost forgot England 3 – USA 1 on june 12th

  • Kmart and Amazon have a 250GB PS3 bundle with Little Big Planet GotY edition and a HDMI cable.

  • Any word on the Magic: The Gathering game for PSN? It was announced a while back, but there’s been no more information on it since then.

  • Were getting pictures of the E3 setup this week right? Oh by the way, you rock man, thanks for being so cool. =)

  • I hope SONY’s E3 is not all about MOVE & 3D. But saying that the last few weeks have been amazing with all the ‘normal’ games News like LBP2 & KZ3 & inFamous 2 & MotorStorm 3(if true) :P
    & all i want is a date for GT5 & PS2 play-back on a PS3[i know i must stop going on about it) :D

  • Hey Jeff, I didn’t get a response from Sid. Any thoughts?

    “I think it would be really smart to include the tracking ball on top of the navigation/sub controller for Playstation Move.

    I played the Gladiator game in Boston :) and I loved having two controllers tracking my movements.

    I would be blown away if I could do that with a game like Zelda or Demon’s Souls 2. Using a bow and arrow, sword and shield, two lightsabers, so many possibilities. Although, we need to be able to move our character (Navigation controller). Combine the two and I think incredibly rich experiences could be made!!! :)

    What do you think?”

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      You know, some games utilize/support a double-Move Controller config just for this reason.

  • Last Guardian info will be fantastic. Hopefully Versus 13 will be there as well. I also think that its possible that the wii exclusive Madworld and prolly Epic Mickey will be announced for Move. Kingdom Hearts 3? who knows……it must be a great lineup though if sony is winking at the competition.

  • oh, i almost forgot, i think Okami needs to have a true sequel for move.

  • hey jeff i have a question.
    i’m thinking of going to the e3 blog meetup. i’m under 18, but i have a badge for e3…
    if i’m one of the first however many people, can i still get into the press conference (i’ll bring a parent)?


  • Hey Jeff is the whole thing about the 50% refund thing for the lawsuit and Sony removing the Other OS true? Some people say it was hacked and not true and some are saying it isn’t. But nothing from Sony. So can Professor Playstation enlighten us?


  • announcing so many sequels already… you guys must have some special stuff ready for E3

  • Figures, my PS3 dies a week from E3.

    What’s the timetable this year for the Sony conference? hopefully I have G4 on the satellite so I can watch it.

  • Man. Between LittleBigPlanet 2, inFamous 2, Motorstorm 3, The Last Guardian, and other games announced before E3, what else can you possibly have to announce that we don’t know about yet?

    Well, aside from supposed premium PSN subscriptions. Which had better friggin’ rock, because if all we get with those is cross-game voice chat, then I will be so pissed.

  • That comment Jeff made on post 2 got me a bit worried. It seems like he is admitting they have nothing new for the conference in terms of games. They better have games we don’t know about yet.

  • jeff it our games.

  • RONDOOOOOOOOOO, Boston Wins!


    AND JEFF TELL SONY TO BUY UP R*. Would be a great company to own. Because it pwns.

  • Sony better blow xbox out of the water at E3 this year.

  • really think i want to get killzone 3.. never had any killzone games but they looks sweet and my friends say theyre awesome. gunna try to borrow KZ2 so i hope its good!

  • Jeff, I wish Sony was doing more to promote Transformers: War for Cybertron. This game has been getting Arkham Asylum level buzz – except from you guys. I understand that the demo will not be available on PSN, bummer. I would love to hear that you guys have some exclusive content planned! Thanks for listening

  • i really want to go to e3 but i cant, is there any place i can watch it?

  • Jeff, I have a question, Love. Will there be any information about Eyepet as to when it will be released this year? I have called three different stores and have gotten three different dates as to when it releases for the US.
    Best Buy & Toys R’ Us are telling me September, 30th of this year and Target is telling me November 17th. Will it be annonced on it’s official site or at E3?

  • 8 Days..

    Hey, that sounds familiar!

  • Motorstorm 3???? I seen some pics and I hope they add suport for The GT racing wheel. But oh well probly wont they will suport the MOVE instead. Go figuare:) any way getiing my Meteal Gear Peace Walker TOMARROW… And why do they spill the beans So early All of these NEW Games are 6 months away. And I have yet to see a MOVE Game that I want they look boring like the wii.

  • hey Jeff, is Google OS coming to PS3 and PSP?

  • Did you guys even advertise Modnation Racers? Non of my friends even heard of it when I got it. Sony your really down this generation at selling games and making good console firmwares. Aren’t you ever tired of your competition being years ahead when it comes to software? Because I only own a PS3 now and I’m tired of wanting to buy the competition.

  • @48 there are ModNation Racers ads all over TV right now. i know i saw one during the NBA finals the other night. and what do you mean being two years a head in software(thats games), the PS3 has a great library that holds it own when compared to either one of the other two console on the market. as for as hardware(consoles), we wont delve into the massive failures that one of the other consoles had. so i am not sure where you’re heading with this comment.

  • Jeff, to explain myself further:

    I know that games will support the double move controller(gladiator duel, etc.) config. Although, I find that to be limiting. With that config. you can not move your character. You will be a stationary object(the game could move for you but that wouldn’t be fun)-gameplay is limited.

    I think it would be great to have the navigation controller with tracking capabilities, so you can move your character in the game world and have dual tracking capabilities.

    Think Oblivion, Demon Souls, etc, moving through the expansive world with the navigation controller and then when I get into a battle I can use the tracking capabilities of the navigation controller to block(while also being able to strafe and move) and then the move controller to attack.

    I think this is a really great idea that should be looked at. I think this would really help hardcore titles and introduce possibilities that would attract the hardcore players (We don’t just want social and shovel ware games like the critics have stated). -Also, if a game doesn’t want to use dual tracking or analog/dpad just shut off the tracking ball/deactivate analog/dpad.

    Jeff, hopefully I can get another response.

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