inFAMOUS 2 Announced, in the new Game Informer

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Hey Guys – you may have seen the new inFAMOUS 2 cover on


I’m very excited to officially announce that Cole MacGrath will be returning exclusively to the PS3. This issue will give the very first details of the game and how Sucker Punch has improved every aspect of it. You’ll learn about the new city, new powers and new gameplay. It should be hitting news stands in the next week.

Look for more inFAMOUS 2 news at E3.

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  • @cyber probably the same stuff just show it more in depth…theres nothing much Sony can cover now except for the Move and even that has been exposed more and more…

  • …Sony, what are you saving for E3?

  • SCEA is pumping out the big guns for 2010 and 2011. I get to look forward to Grand Turismo 5, LittleBigPlanet 2, Killzone 3, and now Infamous 2. I hope SCEA announces Resistance 3, and possibly a new Twisted Metal.

    Keep up the great work.

    I’m looking forward to seeing if the PSN+ is true, if so SCEA’s E3 is going to be a mega ton!

  • Cole was kind of generic looking in the first game but now somehow you made him even MORE generic! He looks like those pasty nerdy models in a JCPenny clothing catalog! terrible. Shoulda went with a new character or something. Enough with the boring, generic white males.

  • Chillax people, its concept art.

    The important bits to look at is the environment and the “feel” of the world. It looks brighter and more colourful than the first game, there are many more people in the streets, most of the infrastructure is still standing. If you look at the building in the background you can see scafolding on it, like they have begun to rebuild. The people also seem unconcerned with the fighting, so either it has just broken out or they are used to it.

    Stop worrying because Cole has longer hair :P

  • Hopefully we expect some new IP’s on E3 seeing how all the sequals have been announced :)

  • New Orleans
    not a bad place for inFamous.

  • Awesome, I went to the site and found out that Infamous is having a sequel I played the demo of the first can’t wait for more news on the second game at E3.

  • I absolutely LOVED the first game, but where is Cole? I’m not digging the character design. Both his face and clothing.

  • Hell Yeah! Loved the 1st one

  • Funny I was just thinking last night, with all the game reveals going on so far and this hasn’t been shown yet, starting to think Sony is helping give it the uncharted polish and we will be blown away with this game. I wake up today and to huge disapointment, I know it just concept art and hope I will be shown wrong, but wth happened to Cole? The redesign is leaving a bad taste in my mouth. Atleast he doesn’t have a shark tooth on his lame necklace, but really he almost looks whimsical… Ugh kinda worried now about one of my favorite IPs. Please prove me wrong.

  • YAY!!!!!I beat the whole first game then got bored now second one is coming!!!WOOO!

  • BiezulbubBill69

    wow, cole looks horrible now! i hope that’s not his final look! he looked way better than that in the first game!! :(

  • its interesting that we are way in to 100+ posts and none has responded to some of the legit questions of the fanbase.anyways, this question is kind off topic but here it goes anyway… i wonder if grace and wilson chen are related?? i know this is a private question but i couldnt help to notice the coincidence of their last names! :0

  • CANT WAIT!! 1st one was amazing!

  • Higher cheak bones, broader chin, if its Cole, hes had plastic surgery.

    Either way, will be a day 1 buy for me.

  • that-acmilan-guy

    is that the graphics? it looks much improved.

  • well i take after the first game he didn’t have time to go to a hairdresser???

  • hate how Cole looks now, and don’t like the art style either. The Art from the original game is way better. I am guessing the game will have have 100% real time cut scene instead of graphic novel art?

  • YESSSSS!!!!!!! but what else is left to announce at E3 ? Motorstorm 3 we know its coming , Starhawk we know its coming , Resistance 3 we know its coming , i just hope you guys dont make your Press conference a Move Conference that would suck real bad , leave some surprises for us ( your hardcore loyal fans )

  • Wow…LittleBigPlanet 2, SOCOM4, Killzone 3, and NOW inFamous 2 all announced RIGHT before E3?

    Geez…I hope you guys actually have some surprises/announcements left for your conference.

  • shouldn’t stuff like this be saved for E3?

    I hope this time playing as a good Cole doesn’t mean helping every poor schmuck & being evil Cole isn’t being a total [DELETED], killing everyone who crosses your path (not that that wasn’t fun)

  • mrjinglejangles

    OMG i’ve been waiting for the next chapter in this amazing story, the ending to the first one blew me away, i only hope that the next game is as good as the first if not better, and does any one now if there will be any prizes for playstation Home?

    Infamous Rocks cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wow

    so many games on PS3

    the only game i have on junk box rrod 360 is mass effect 2–oh wait thats on PC too

  • looks like its in a different city new Orleans?


  • wait u said exclusivly to ps3 does that mean this games ganna be on 360 too?!? WTF INFAMOUS IS A PS3 GAME AND IF IT IS ON 360 SUPER WTF! and i didnt read the new gameinformer.

  • The way I’m looking at his appearance change is.. [Minor SPOILER ALERT]
    through out the first game, we play as cole as he develops his powers and comes in to an understanding of being a hero after defeating the final boss. [/spoilers]

    I’m sure this game will take place much later (months, maybe even years). By now, he’s developed his powers and knows what he has to do as a hero (or anti-hero)

    Over time, people change. Their hair grows longer, they grow beards, they cut their hair, they shave their beards, they gain weight, and lose it. Now i’m not sure about you people, but I don’t wear the same outfit every day, and I don’t style my hair the same way I did 2 years ago.

  • @125


  • @125


  • first off: INFAMOUS was one of the BESTTT games I’ve played on the PS3 and I cannot WAIT until this comes out. preordering aaaaannndddd day 1 purchase for me.

    secondly: to all those people who are complaining about the “new look” of Cole. If any of you bothered paying attention to the story, you’d realize that it involves time-travel. the explanation for this new look could be that you play as Cole in a different time period, hence a younger Cole that still has hair. We don’t know for sure, but it definitely is a possibility :]

  • Awesome. inFAMOUS is one of the best games on the PS3 and I can’t wait for the sequel!

  • Maybe inFamous 2 is going to be set in Kessler’s time-line, and you control Cole “Kessler” MacGrath instead of OUR Cole MacGrath. Maybe the different look is because of that, perhaps. But if you look closely, “Cole” still has his messenger back on him.

  • can’t say I’m not excited, but what is that?
    cobblestone streets?
    soft lighting?
    and… are those hats?
    and walking?!

    good lord, is time travel part of this game?

    i need a bigger picture now.

  • I love inFamous and I am excited for the sequel but I don’t like the look of Cole on the cover. I also would like to know why the game is changing cities.

  • Love sucker punch. Hate this cole design, HATE IT in so many ways. We dont want every game character to look like us for the purpose of pulling us into the game, mainly because we realize that were playing a game. Just bring back the real Cole and change his voice, colors and run animation and then your good to go. PS I personally didnt have a problem with his voice.

  • MEGATON. Can’t wait.

  • oh also for a small wishlist, it’d be cool if new powers included:

    — New movement techniques other than gliding and rail sliding —
    >> fast running [it is electricity after all..lightning is fast]
    >> boost jumping [his jumping SUCKED and was annoying as hell if you were climbing a tall building]
    >> levitation/flight [concept of magnetism, ability to float/fly for a while. limited to a magnetism meter that fills up as long as you’re near metal and decreases as you use flight]

    — New attacking techniques —
    >> i liked the direction of the Gigawatt blades, except that they were limited. More melee-based moves and powers please.
    >> update the shield as well, its cool and original, but it’s just there. why not give it some offensive abilities like sending off pulses while you have it out?
    >> utilize the previously mentioned magnetism meter for some magnetic-based powers so there’s some variety other than the regular electricity.

    just some suggestions. im sure that even if none of these are on it, Sucker Punch will definitely deliver another hit :]

  • Pretty cool,we all saw this coming. Also don’t worry guys Sony is not that stupid to reveal everything now,it wont just be about the move,they will have surprises.

  • all sony need to said at E3 is resistance 3 and we are set

  • eh don’t give Sony too much credit, they might actually blow E3.

    not saying they will, in fact i hope they’ve got some cool stuff to show, and they probably do, just saying, if anyone messes up E3 before hand, it’d be Sony.

  • I don’t know about the rest of you, but I didn’t spend much of Infamous looking at Cole’s face.

  • That doesn’t look like Cole at all…

    New look + New voice =/= Same person.

    I’m kinda disappointed, this guy looks a lot less of an interesting character than the real Cole. The real Cole looked tough, and hardened. This guy looks kinda like a wuss. If he had looked like this in the first inFamous, it would be fine, because the design isn’t BAD, it’s just NOT COLE. Cole is rugged. Infact, this looks like a new artist painted this altogether.

    Oh well, either way I’m still going to pre-order it (A special/collector’s edition would be splendid), it’s just a bit of a disappointment about Cole’s new everything.

  • I hate to be a double poster, and I also hate to be a complainer.. but if you look at the link that someone else posted above:

    You’ll notice that his nose is thicker, hair line is higher, jaw line is less defined (as if he got chubbier), and his ears are larger.

    I understand that this is a render and not a 3d model, so I suppose we’re just going to have to see what his in-game model looks like.

  • RurouniSaiya-jin

    Yay! So glad to be getting a sequel!

  • Why does this new Cole look so g@y? He was beast in the first game, even though his voice acting was horrible.

  • I hope you guys at sony have some BIG things in store of E3 because all these announcements before E3 is seriously surprising, especially since these are AAA titles you guys have been announcing and talking about before E3, this is E3 material. I seriously hope that you guys will blow us away with some old returning franchises or some completely new and amazing things that will blow us away.

  • Infamous2 is awesome news!

    but to be a bit off topic:
    @Wilson Cheng, does your avatar mean that we are going to get Portal 2????

  • based off of the building architecture they buildings dont look as if they’re part of a modern day city, looks like its older maybe some type of prequel?

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