inFAMOUS 2 Announced, in the new Game Informer

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Hey Guys – you may have seen the new inFAMOUS 2 cover on


I’m very excited to officially announce that Cole MacGrath will be returning exclusively to the PS3. This issue will give the very first details of the game and how Sucker Punch has improved every aspect of it. You’ll learn about the new city, new powers and new gameplay. It should be hitting news stands in the next week.

Look for more inFAMOUS 2 news at E3.

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  • inFAMOUS is my favorite new IP this gen, can’t wait to see some gameplay.

  • I loved the first inFAMOUS. It had its faults, but the core of the game was incredibly fun. I’ve been waiting to see how much they can improve on a sequal and will buy this day one.

  • Yup, I’ve already noticed some differences through the picture. Cole has hair! So this is either in the past before the blast or long after and he’s a refuge who can’t find peace in order to shave, or maybe he just wants it that way. He really does look amazingly different.

    Anyway like I said on the playstation boards, I’m becoming extremely worried for Sony’s press Confrence. If you’re putting Killzone 3, LBP 2, Socom 4 and InFAMOUS 2 before your E3 press confrence, I can only see you guys putting info on these games, maybe the Last Guardian, and Agent, Gran Turismo 5. The thing is will there still be the megaton surprise announcements that we’ve come to expect from these E3 conferences? Like Bloodycow above me stated it better not be just about Move, 3D, PSN, and stats with say one announcemect and info on these current games it doesn’t make for an eventful E3. It can only go one way either Amazingly bad or amazingly good, I trust in Sony that it will be amazingly good, but still I worry.


  • Jeez, now I am getting worried. If you guys end up talking about the move alot, I will truly be pissed. My god what is left. Also, please just let go of the ps2, its had it’s time!

  • Hope they make better the Karma system and the variety.

  • This is awesome! Sucker Punch really is making a sequel to InFAMOUS! Can’t wait to read more about it in the next Game Informer Issue.

  • Thats not Cole

  • People stop hating on the looks everyones hair grows, and stop thinking its a prequel the story started in the first infamous.

  • They changed cole and he almost looks like me now. lol Either way the game will be awesome, as I loved the first.

  • This “Cole” looks like a chump compared to THE Cole MacGrath………..

  • Maybe this game is a prequel, and this is how Cole really looked like……

  • almighty-slayer

    yeah hair grows, not sure everyone’s face changes too though

  • @ Everyone saying that isn’t COLE MacGrath
    That is Cole people. You people need to realize that this is both a concept art and time has past since InFAMOUS 1.

  • Cole looks much cooler than in the first game. Can’t wait to see what kind of rocking powers he has now.

  • what happened to cole? he looks like he likes dudes

  • omg people!!!!!!!! How can this be a prequel to the first game if in the first game is when he first gets his powers!!! HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM?!?!?!? come on now seriously

  • I say, we don’t know what E3 has in store for us. Who knows what kind of bad [DELETED] they have waiting? Killzone 3, LittleBigPlanet 2, and inFamous 2 might be something small compared to the stuff they have waiting at E3. Metal Gear Solid: Rising anybody?

  • Awesome! Love inFAMOUS!

    Im guessing a new IP is going to be anounced then..xD..or at least info on Agent or Trico.

    Hows about finally announcing driver 5 too, and Monster Hunter Ps3, and Borderlands 2, and Motorstorm 3, and Starhawk…wait thats it isnt it!..Starhawk!!..ive been waiting for news on that since like 2008!..xD

    Im being optimistic, but i’d be happy even if its only move stuff announced…im not picky.:P…just as long as theres a decent medevil sword and shield game for it..;)

  • *Spoiler Alert*

    ok now lol srry for teh attitude in my previous post lol, now (deep breathe) ok this cant be a prequel because cole got his powers and you learned how to use em in the first game, theres no way possible that this game can be a prequel if the cover shows him electric arms. However *spoiler alert* He probably moved to different city because of what his future self (Kessler) said to Cole. But see, changing voice actors is good enough, but changing his face a bit thats too much. He looks younger, or like a different person.

  • I’m absolutely stoked about this game, but I can’t help but be disappointed that the announcement didn’t come at E3.

    Oh well, InFamous 2 ftw!!!!!

  • GI cover = boxart

    Make it happen, Sucker Punch!

  • looks platinum trophy for the first one.Cole looks a lot older though. guess its good to talk about kessler to get it!

  • Gotta agree with NintendoTim, it would make [DELETED] BoxArt. I wonder what bonuses (if any) a pre-order would bring! (original cole suit would be awesome)

  • Jesus people. EVERYONE of you knew that KZ3, LBP2, AND InFamous 2 (and R3) were coming long before they were officially announced. So were you really going to be that surprised at this year’s E3? Have a bit more faith in Sony that they’ll have more to show than the obvious.

    To speak topically, I’m excited about InFamous 2 and can’t wait to see some gameplay.

  • I wouldn’t get too worked up about the “changes” to the main character based on a piece of concept art that may have nothing to do with the final product. Maybe I’m crazy, but I didn’t think he looked all that different.
    As far as the glut of announcements…were any of them really a surprise? Did no one expect KZ3, Infamous 2, SOCOM 4 and the like? Since I’m not attending E3, I’m perfectly happy to hear about the new software asap.

  • God are they stupid? why change a good thing. this really makes me mad. If this is released with a bunch of other good games coming out i will not buy it on general principles. He looks like a dang GQ model now. Man whoever made this choice is an idiot. Too bad too because i bought the first one and day one.

  • @BeerManMike I hear you man.

  • Cole looks kind of weird. I’m very excited for this game.

  • What’s with all the complaints about Cole’s look? So he took his jacket off and had better things to do than shave his head.
    This is just a drawing. I guarantee you the in-game model will be basically the same as before(though I admit, possibly jacketless).

  • So … I’m assuming you guys are saving absolutely nothing “new” for E3, just showing us more KZ3, LBP, inFamous2. Don’t get me wrong, I love those franchise and want to see more, but some E3 surprises would have been nice.

  • Oh, and can we please get some inFAMOUS avatars? Cole, Sasha, the Reapers, Dustmen, Alden, Kessler, First Sons, I want them all. Hook it up!

  • People are stupid too complain about sony announcing these games before E3. It will be announced eventually anyway and we will still see these same games here. Get over it.

  • Loved inFamous, Excited for inFamous 2, HATE this redesigned Cole…

  • Woooohooooooooooooooooo!

  • It’s only concept art guys, probably an early sketch no need to judge yet.

  • i love the new look of Cole. Guess he decided to clean himself up after the first game lol.

    inFAMOUS was a great game and got my plat on it and i plan on doing the same for inFAMOUS 2

  • Please tell me the developer not only enhanced the graphics, but also fixed the enemy AI so they can’t shoot you from half a mile away while your limited to about 800 yards. It was my major beef with the first one, also the time it took to level up and unlock the more use full powers was way too long.

    I got board half way into it and traded it in because of those 2 key issues. Other then that the plot line was awsome, the controls were ok, and the graphics for an open world game were still wonderful.

  • I heard the news a little earlier today but that doesn’t make it any less FREAKING AWESOME SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD!!! 8)

  • What NEW game have you got for us Lucky PS3 Fans next week SONY?

    2 weeks ago it was ‘LBP 2’ then last week ‘KZ3’ and this week ‘inFAMOUS 2’… :P

    The PlayStation Brand is the BEST!

  • lol why does SONY keep leaking soo many games so early?

    E3 is right around the corner!

    Please announce Resistance 3 already!

  • EPIC news Sony! its a day 1 Purchase! loved the first game

  • proof sony doesn’t know how to keep their secrets. Their REALLY good secrets, but still…

  • lostinplainsight

    that is one ugly cover. someone should be shot or fired for letting gameinformer run that thing.

    on a side note the red star is the best game ever.

  • I was really hoping to See Sly4 or you know a Sly game on PS3.. still hoping about it in E3!! Sony you guys are Epic!

  • cole? that guy does not look like cole. and im not talking about the hair, i mean his face. it doesnt look like him at all.. maybe cole will be in the game, but u will play as this new guy…

    idk.. exciting stuff tho! loved infamous

  • Hm I want to know where Cole is. That isn’t him, his face doesn’t even remotely resemble Cole IMO. I want to know the new gameplay and powers, fire, ice? Can’t wait.

  • lol…. okay… I am excited and all, I loved the first.. But you see that counter at the topsideof the page? It says 10 DAYS LEFT TILL E3!! lol

    Why dont you guys just wait so you have at least ONE thing to surprise people with!? As Kevin Butler would say: “CMOOoOooOoooOn!!”

  • cybershinigami87

    Uh what are you guys going to show at E3?

  • I feel like a giddy little girl.. I just hope they add in game music to some extent. It got too quite at points in the first game. I’m also curious on how they’ll top the first story ;)

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