Get a Grip on E3 at our PlayStation.Blog Meetup

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E3: it’s the most important gaming event in the world. But if you’re not part of the games industry – good luck getting in the door!

Well, as we proved last year: we don’t feel that it’s got to be that way. Once again, we’re opening up E3 to our most loyal fans, and you’re invited: I’m happy to announce details for our 3rd annual PlayStation.Blog E3 Meetup.

E3 '09 Meet-up

On Sunday, June 13th from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m, we’re taking over Ciudad in downtown LA. As usual for these types of events, we’ll have food, games, prizes and the opportunity to mingle with your fellow PlayStation gamers. We’ll also be featuring new and upcoming PSP titles such as Hot Shots Tennis: Get A Grip (we’ll be holding doubles matches for advance copies of the game). And just like last yearthe first 150 people in the door will gain access to our E3 Press Conference, to be held at the Shrine Auditorium the following Tuesday.

If you live in the greater Los Angeles area, or will be visiting during that time, get your serve and smash ready – this will be our best meetup yet!

Now, the all-important details:

Please note – last year intrepid Blog readers started lining up 8 hours before the meetup… so if you want in to our press conference, you might wanna set your alarm ;)

And if you’re not able to make it, we’ve still got you covered. Stay tuned for details on how you can follow along with E3 from wherever you live.

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  • to bad it is to far away for me! anyway I will be watching you guys from here!

    (psst… uncharted 3 will be announced. really? yeah! don’t tell anyone, but you’ve heard it here first)

  • so is Jeff when can we expect the Motorstorm 3 announcement ? lol

  • Are there going to be other opportunities for us to attend E3, if we can’t make it to the Meet Up? I live in Riverside, CA and I had absolutely EVERY intention of attending the Blog Meet Up so I could go to E3 this year – that was until I saw that it was scheduled for June 13 at 5:00pm… because that is the exact night when I will be graduating from UCR at 6:00pm. Please tell me there is something else that can be done for me to attend!!

  • last year rocked can’t wait

  • I want to know about CASTLE CRASHERS FOR THE PS3

  • How will we know where to line up? Is there going to be people there instructing? I plan to get there early too.

  • Also forgot to ask, do we have to RSVP to facebook? I don’t use facebook >.>

  • I actually went to E3 last year and it was awsome! hope I get lucky enough to go again (also bringing the woman along this time).

  • Look at that, a First shirt! I have one of those! Sorry I can’t be there, but I’ll be watching.

  • My cousin and I’ll shall camp the night away

  • man, LA is the place to be! PS Blog meet-up plus E3 plus the lakers parade (LA beats boston in 5). i have to be in LA.. too bad, i already used all my vacation time early this year.

    kobe time!

  • You can count me in. Real talk though, I am not getting there 8 hours early. Last year I got there a little less than an hour before the meetup began no sweat. Looking forward to it, and looking forward to getting there a little earlier and having myself a bit of a wait. =)

  • I rsvp but my brother doesnt have facebook can he show up with me and get in?

  • What if any is the likelyhood of getting into the actual expo as a result of this shindig? And I am gonna try and make it there either way, sounds like it’ll be a blast.

  • E3 2010 will only be good for Sony if…

    1) They announce and release a massive firmware update for PS3 bringing it in line with their competition. Improved XMB, context sensitive PS button (for messages, notifications, etc), cross game chat, web browser updates, auto-sync trophies, etc.

    2) The do not lose any more major exclusives like they have with FF-XIII, Metal Gear Solid, or Insomniac. And GAIN and exclusive such as Mass Effect, or something similar.

    It’s as simple as that.

  • Well that just sucks… I won’t be getting in till Monday night… :(

    Are there going to be any other ways to get into the Sony Press Conference?


  • Why did my vacation to California have to be in May instead of June!!!

    You guys need to come to Toronto ASAP!


  • Jeff please reply i will be there and i will try to be the first one there so where does the line start? When i look on the address on google all i see is a johnny rockets. Will there be a sign somewhere like PlayStation.Blog E3 Meetup starts here?

  • wish i could see it live, but unfortunately i have exams during all 3 of the Big 3 press conferences, so i’ll just have to watch the recording of it. ah well.

    to go completely off topic, when will Final Fantasy 9 come to psn? and is it true the Sony will be announcing something along the lines of PSN Plus?

  • Is there a due date for ModNation Racers and Sonic and Sega All-Stars trophy information being added to my I can see them from my PS3 but cannot see on the PlayStation site.

  • Playstation should have had a 420 event =)

  • if your under 18 can you still get the e3 pass?????????????

  • Wish I could be there, but my birthday is the day after and I can’t leave. I hope everyone that is going will have an awesome time! ^^

  • Hmmm… flight from Canada to LA. should I?

  • Hey Jeff,

    Me and a friend from Europe would love to go at this Meetup. But the thing is that He is 18 and I am one month away from being 18 myself, does that mean its still not possible to get in for me? Since we come all the way from Norway and we are attending E3 already, but it would really be cool to get together with fellow Playstationers and see how these meetups work.


  • hey jeff,

    I’m 20 so is it ok if i bring along my cousin who is 17? or will he absolutely need his parent?

  • If I am under 18, am I allowed to bring someone just over 18, or does it have to be a parent?

  • Killzone 3 teaser trailer at guys !!!! WOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW!!!!

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