Get a Grip on E3 at our PlayStation.Blog Meetup

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E3: it’s the most important gaming event in the world. But if you’re not part of the games industry – good luck getting in the door!

Well, as we proved last year: we don’t feel that it’s got to be that way. Once again, we’re opening up E3 to our most loyal fans, and you’re invited: I’m happy to announce details for our 3rd annual PlayStation.Blog E3 Meetup.

E3 '09 Meet-up

On Sunday, June 13th from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m, we’re taking over Ciudad in downtown LA. As usual for these types of events, we’ll have food, games, prizes and the opportunity to mingle with your fellow PlayStation gamers. We’ll also be featuring new and upcoming PSP titles such as Hot Shots Tennis: Get A Grip (we’ll be holding doubles matches for advance copies of the game). And just like last yearthe first 150 people in the door will gain access to our E3 Press Conference, to be held at the Shrine Auditorium the following Tuesday.

If you live in the greater Los Angeles area, or will be visiting during that time, get your serve and smash ready – this will be our best meetup yet!

Now, the all-important details:

Please note – last year intrepid Blog readers started lining up 8 hours before the meetup… so if you want in to our press conference, you might wanna set your alarm ;)

And if you’re not able to make it, we’ve still got you covered. Stay tuned for details on how you can follow along with E3 from wherever you live.

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  • AAAH! That’s me and my bro in the picture! (I’m the baldy)—that’s right peeps we flew in from Montana and camped out :-) Bring your A-Game for campin’ out–we sure as heck are bringing ours again!!!

    LOL I will miss Mama’s Hot Tamales—guess my friends and I will have to hit it one other night just to say hi (the meet up was there last year and Mama is an amazing person–so awesome that PlayStation helped her get recognition!)

  • This is gonna be awesome!!! :)

  • PS Nation will be there!

  • Last year’s meetup was great, but of course nothing will top the first meetup, was much more intimate with I think only 50 or so people.

    Anyway RSVP’d! See you on the 13th! I’ll be in a blue PS Home shirt. :)

  • E3 better be good this year…

  • I want to go how old do you need to be im 17.. = (

  • time to buy my ticket from NY to LA , thanks Jeff , i hope i get into sony press conference , no heinekens this time ? cant wait to see the future of the playstation brand

  • What blog oriented tshirts will there be…

    How about…



    Where are my avatars?


    X Game Chat!

  • 8 hours before the meet-up? I better make sure to juice up the PSPs.

  • Let’s do this! I LOVE blog meet-ups! Hopefully I will be one of the 150!

  • What freebies will you give me?!

  • lol England 3 – USA 1 , you know whos gonna win that match , dont u Jeff?

  • Hi there I’m a french blogger who will attend E3 as media, I would have a little question about this event (if you can pm me) thanks by advance !

  • YES!!!!!!!! =D
    But i can’t be there 8 hours before! My flight from NY arrives at 3 =( So ill be running to the event before even going to the hotel :P!
    Im just crossing my fingers at a press conference badge! It would be a dream come true =D
    Can’t wait to meet up with all the awesome PS fans, and team of the PS blog! =D YIPPEE YIPPE!!!
    This just made my day, i just wish i make it to the top 150!!

  • Man, next E3 should be in Dallas. Sucks that the west coast gets all the goods >.<

  • Hey Jeff! This will be my first time attending a show like this!!! I cant wait!!! :D I live like 30 minutes away from the LA area!!!!!!! :D

  • I’ll see everyone there :)

  • Summer classes are the bane of PlayStation Fans everywhere.

  • JEFF!!! why is this and kojima’s signing is on the same day!!! im driving from davis(by sac), to la to camp out the day before for kojima. i won’t let let what happend in sf happen again, i was the last guy after they did the cutoff’s for the signings, i waited for 5hrs……NEVER AGAIN!! do you think if i get my stuff signed by kojima, and mad dash over to the meet up early enough would i make it?also i think a good chunk of us will be in line for kojima,as. WHY HAS KOJIMA FORSAKEN US?!?!?

    hey, i’ll get somebody a autograph if they save me a spot for the meet up, deal?

  • unfourtunately, i will not be able to make it to the event due to the fact that i live in south florida. but the good news is that you guys will cover the event for us so we wont miss a for my case, i might not even miss the food since i’ll probably order a pizza that day haha! ;0)

    anyways, i wish to all of you that will be attending the event the best & game on guys! :0)

  • Hey Jeff, so can you give me a little more details on what will happen during this event? like nothing in specific, im just curious cause i wanna bring a couple of my friends too!! :D

  • I really really want to attend this but i have to decide this or meeting the GREAT HIDEO KOJIMA! Man why does it have to be the same day as Mr.Kojima is in town.

  • ok so i google mapped it and it’s bout 16 minutes away so if i get done with kojima i could make it to the meet up, to be the 149 guy, maybe………

  • Will try to attend, although plane gets in earlier afternoon and have to check into my hotel so I won’t be able to camp very early :(

  • Count two more Gators in. Cant wait, Ill be leaving up here on Friday and enjoying the coast on the way down!!

    This is going to be rad!

  • lol , i already have my Metal Gear Solid 4 copy signed by the mastermind behind the game , i was at the NY launch event

  • To fly from Texas, or to not fly. Gah, I don’t know!

  • @Jeff…

    Then how about….

    We got your Avatars right here.

  • I be that short black-haired one to the left of the sign. Looks like I’m playing my PSP, lol. Will be traveling all the way from the East Coast this time! Will definitely miss the tortilla soup and cinnamon tamale I had at Mama’s Hot Tamales CafĂ©.

  • ALRIGHT! ill be there again this year for the third strait year. i remember the king taco meet with like 35ppl and last year when i got to go to e3. you guys are seriously, i cant stress this enough, the best.

  • Hey Jeff,

    What are the odds that this will be happening again next year? I live in Virginia but I have an old friend out near LA I need to go visit sometime and I’d be rushing too much this year to try and make it.

    If odds are this will be happening again next year it’d be nice to know, or at least announce it a month in advance so I can finally make it out to a meetup.


  • man i would do anything to be in LA during that week…a kid a dream…

  • Jeff!! Can you PLEASE book my place until i arrive! Im trekking half-way across the globe for E3 and in particularly the PS blog meet-up… Ill bring cookies shaped like sackboy, sly cooper, and kratos all the way from the middle east! =D
    **Looks at jeff with puss-in-boots look**

  • Makes me really happy to be one of the Sony loyal when I see events like this…BUT…I’m hoping that in the spring, you won’t leave your fans hanging at PAX East like you did this year. You were in town the night before the convention to show off Move..but no meetups and no presence on the expo floor?
    Still love ya, but was disappointed with the lack of presence…we missed you! :)
    Keep up the great work.

  • hope to hear some really good news about some upcoming new games this year. i mean earthshattering type games like fallout 4, elder scrolls 5: alinor, or something else really kewl!

  • Hey jeff, will the entire sony press conference 2010 be on playstation store this year?

  • No love for the east coast… There never is… We are the origin of this country… Even after this oil spill not even the SE doesn’t get love… Why doesn’t the world love us… :(

  • Hey Jeff,
    What exactly would the E3 passes give us access to? Just the Sony press conference? Or the other conferences as well? What about the show floor?


  • Do we haaaave to sign up with Facebook? :(

  • Wow! It sure would be great to go there, but I’m only 17 and live in Canada. I think I will just watch right here from my laptop. Good luck PlayStation! I know you will make us all proud!

    P.S. – I can’t wait to see what you all have in store for all of us! :)

  • psp 2……. pwease??

  • Oh no! Will happen one day before I land in town. Will there be some blogging it on this site (or on PS Home)? Have fun those of you that are able to make it. Pack your PSPs.

  • Me and my brother will be there! Only live about an hr away so I will indeed set my alarm clock!

  • I’m boycotting CA this year!!! Since they are boycotting other states.

  • I will be driving 8 hours to get there (NorCal). If the pass is only for tuesday I will drive back up to norcal and then drive down on tuesday. If it’s the whole 3 days of E3 then I will go broke, i will need to find a hotel etc etc..

  • I will be there next year if I am alive :)

  • Jeff, please tell us the press conference will be available for download on PS Store!!

  • can u guys give the restaurant an official signup sheet? last yr i went early and everyone cut us…


    Im bringing a friend, we’re both under 18, will one parent be enough for both of us?

  • Question: If you don’t RSVP on Facebook but are one of the first ones in line, do you still get the goodies?

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