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Hello World! It’s exciting to be back on the PlayStation.Blog. It’s even more exciting to be able to announce that Joe Danger, the PS3-exclusive title that allows you to fulfill your daredevil fantasies, will launch on PSN June 8th!

I can’t describe what it feels like to see our own game actually hit the PlayStation Store. My three friends and I at Hello Games couldn’t be more nervous and giddy. We barely slept for the last few months, trying to get the game finished and polished. I doubt we’ll sleep for a month more, trying to stay on top of the leaderboards.

What I really can’t wait for is the surprises we have in store for PS3 gamers. This has been a total labor of love for us, and I’m really looking forward to seeing what people think of the game. If you want to know more about the Joe Danger, you can read some previews here, here and here, but first let me tell you a bunch of stuff you might not know.

Joe Danger for PS3

Stunt, Create and Share
Creating levels in Joe Danger is as fast and fun as playing the game itself. In fact, you never leave the game! As you ride through your level, press Edit at any time to freeze the world and play about with it however you want. You can drop a ramp then launch Joe over it, or place a Shark Tank just before he lands.

You can even create your own challenges to send to your friends. Lay down the gauntlet with your own Multiplayer race level, or set out a Coin Dash against the clock, or a tricky Target Smash. You can complete a friend’s level, then add more danger and send it right back for the ultimate challenge. That’s how we’ve created all our own levels in the game.

Joe Danger for PS3

It’s a BIG game

You take Joe from zero to hero across eleven tours, which are each made up of up to ten levels. Levels are set in a crazy diverse set of hazard filled game modes like Target Smash, Assault Course, Race, Coin Dash, Bowling Bounce, and Puzzle Mode.

Each of those levels feature a high-score table and up to eight challenge stars earned by thrilling the crowd. Some involve collecting hidden pick-ups high in the sky using skilful boosting, beating Team Nasty to the finish line, collecting the letters of D-A-N-G-E-R , racing against the clock, launching your bike at top speed towards a rack of bowling pins and scoring a strike, or keeping the crowd cheering as you combo a whole level. Sometimes you’ll be trying to do all of those things at once!

Joe Danger for PS3


Joe Danger is all about playing with friends, because playing Joe Danger together is how we’ve built this game. That might mean passing the pad on a heart-breakingly difficult Coin Dash, or punching your rivals off their bike in Splitscreen. Sometimes it’s crossing the finish line to immediately see all your online friends highscores, and instantly restarting. More often, it’s about downloading a new level and trying to complete it, before making your own tweaks.

We want this to be a competitive game, something to play with friends and one we hope you’ll want to tell everyone about.

The PSN Store publish date is June 8th — and we hope you enjoy it!

You can keep up to date with Hello Games and Joe Danger on our blog, follow us on Twitter or even just send us mail!

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  • Local splitscreen FTW

  • I’ve been looking forward to this game for months! Could you tell us what the price is?

  • Stinkinmushroom

    Day one. Looks awesome

  • Yay! Can’t wait! How about a trophy-list reveal? :)

    • We want to do some cool things with Trophies. I like it when they make you play a game in a very different way. I hope that some of those trophies will become a real badge of honour to Joe Danger players. We also took some ideas from the community on our last Playstation Blog post. Thanks everyone!

      We’ll put the list together and reveal them soon.

  • Looks pretty awesome. Who’s the post by?

    • Thanks! Really appreciate the positive comments. That means a lot to us.

      Post is by me :) I’m Sean Murray, one of the programmers on the team. The rest of Hello Games is David Ream (programmer), Ryan Doyle (programmer) and Grant Duncan (artist).

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      We’ve fixed that. Sorry, Sean!

  • This game looks awesome, cant wait

  • Can you tell us europeans if the same date goes for us?

    • We’re working around the clock to make sure that the two dates are as close as possible. We’re based in the UK, so I know that pain of waiting for games sometimes ;)

      We’re hopefully going to be able to make an announcement about the European date really, really soon. As soon as we get the go ahead we’ll post on the European Blog.

      The dates will be as close as we can possibly make them.

  • in-game music?
    youtube support/

  • Looking so damn amazing. Day 1 :-D

  • looks sweeeet,,cant wait

  • Love the whole art style and physics system. Can’t wait to give this one a shot.

  • Day 1 buy for me!

  • This game looks awesome!
    How long did it take to make?

    • Thanks! Really nice of you to ask.

      I guess as a little Indie team everything takes longer than you might think. We’ve been making Joe Danger for nearly two years now! Hopefully it shows, we’re definitely poured a lot of love into our game.

      If you’re interested you can read a little more about the development on our blog:

      We also write a column for Edge about the fun and games of being an indie developer on PS3 here:

  • This looks awesome! Can’t believe it was developed by a team of four.

  • It’s even more exciting to be able to announce that Joe Danger, the PS3-exclusive?????????

    no it is not,it is also available on the PC.

  • As post #1 mentioned: Local Splitscreen FTW. I cannot wait for this!

  • Price?

  • Looking forward to it very much.

  • Looks awesome! Can’t wait to crash a whole bunch. I’m also curious about the price though.

  • Can’t tell you how excited I am to pick this up. Mechanics are fun, art is wonderful, and the humor is great. I played it at PAX East and its such a blast. Folks support these guys! Its such an amazing game that is developed by such few people! I mean, they have been living on nothing but tea for the last few months! LOL Cant wait!

    • I loved every minute of meeting people at PAX East and talking to real gamers. Hello Games isn’t really that well known, especially in the States and I guess we’re not really big enough to do marketing and PR. That’s why people coming and taking the time to play the game means so much to us. Thank you so much for spreading the word!

  • hi, really excited about JoeDanger, but will the game be available in european PSN at the same time? Please, make it possible :)

  • I hope Canada gets this next week as well, unlike the PSN video store and the PSP comics reader.

  • Any word on what the pricing will be? (I’ll buy it regardless so don’t worry)

    • Whoops! I meant to say this in the post! The price is $14.99 in the States.

      The game is pretty huge, probably one of the biggest on PSN. That’s something that’s going to surprise people, we hope Joe Danger is going to consume your PS3 for quite a while! As a small studio we’re not totally in charge of pricing, but we genuinely think its really good value.

  • YeWest_is_da_man

    This looks really, REALLY great guys. It actually, somewhat, reminds me of a game I used to have a long, LONG, time ago… I can’t seem to remember exactly, but I think it was for the Super Nintendo. It was essentially the same premise, except it was with dirt bikes; but you would race of ramps, do some flips, and if you wanted, you could create your own track. Obviously it wasn’t anything like this, but I loved that game back then, and I think this looks simply amazing.

    The only thing, and I might be blind and not have noticed- but I don’t see a price tag anywhere on this bad boy… I’m hoping it won’t be too much, because I could really use a new PSN game- haven’t bought one for quite some time… I’m hoping you guys can end my drought. :) Either way on the price, looks great, and keep up the hard work guys!

  • radiantshadow92

    day one buy for me

  • Looks great and a lot a fun. If priced right I may just pick this up.

  • The first time I saw a screen and trailer for this I was sold. Such an incredibly fun aesthetic and design, and what looks like a simple interface for both game-play and the creative aspect of designing your own thrilling tracks.

    It was a day one purchase months ago and that remains today. I can’t even wait. I do find it funny that one of my most anticipated releases of this year is a PSN title. That means you do good work Hello Games! I’d hate to get ahead of myself but I can’t even wait to see what you do next, hopefully for us PS3 owners.

  • Hi Shaun, great to see this game come out, I’ve so wanted to play this since I saw the early pitch at SCEE.

    I’ll certainly be buying it and my kids will love it!

    I wish you every success and keep in touch.

    Simeon Pashley.

  • I like this “genre” ever since we played Kickstart 2 on C-64 back in the day. Finally we have a game like this on PS3. It looks beautiful – let’s hope for a close Euro release date, it must be a pain to localize it with such a small team.

  • Day one buy for me!

  • Can’t wait to buy this game! Only one week left, I’ve been excited for this ever since I saw it on GameTrailers TV. It looks like so much fun.

  • BiezulbubBill69

    awesome! My birthday is June 9th! I’m getting Joe Danger, Backbreaker (tomorrow), and Green Day RB all before my birthday! Yay!!!!!

  • I had a go at Eurogamer London and had a really nice chat with you.

    You sold me the game there and then. First minute purchase!

  • Look Forward to seeing some more Video Gameplay Clips of this to see what type of Intresting things you can do :D

    Then Maybe i’ll get my hands on it.. Tell then i’m Busy with ModNation Racers and MAG.

    @imajinetion (POST COMMENT #7)

    Thats Why They have a European Blog ( if im correct and for the Record Try to Keep with the News on there in stead of Complaining here on the US Blog.

    Not trying to be a Stiffler but its best to stick with your Region Thanks for Reading :)

  • virgils_mustache

    This looks completely awesome. Buying this one for sure, great job you guys!

  • Are you able to play this game online with friends? Or just offline Split-Screen?

  • ►►► Important Questions ◄◄◄

    Want to Clarify some Questions I have.

    Is it 6 Player Online??

    Is it 2 player Offline or Online or Both Splitscreen??

    ► Can you use Mics Online?
    ► Is there XMB Game Invite System??
    ► Trophys??

  • This is PS3 exclusive? I thought I saw X360 footage of the game running in a trailer once….

  • Excite Bike

  • By biggest do you mean download size?

  • If its similar to Gripshift, then count me in.

  • Thanks a lot for the date guys! I’ve been following your blog, and I know that you guys have been working hard for this date. I’ll be sure to buy it day one.

  • By the way, I think the biggest PSN game goes to that “Record of Agarest War” game.

  • 1) damn, we need a european release date
    2) trophies?
    3) this isn’t really a ps3 exclusive, is it? in the video, you can see the A-Button on the ramp at 0:56

    • 1) European release date will be really soon, and like I say, will be as close to the US one as we can make it. Glad you’re excited ;)

      2) Trophy support is something that’s always been forefront on our mind. I think it adds a really important extra dimension to gameplay. As I was saying in reply to #4, we’ll reveal soon.

      3) You have good eyesight! It’s coming out exclusively to PS3 on June 8th. That button glitch is a really long story. Short answer is it was an old bug and an icon image that snuck in from a PC build! The kind of weird bug that keeps us up all night.

  • Does it support online?

  • Are you going to add an online mutiplayer patch if this game is famous enough (makes enough money)

  • Well, since the chance that Trial HD will hit PSN is slim to none, I guess this game has to do. But it seems like a fun game, so how knows, maybe it can help me forget that Trial HD game :)

    Also, is this game going to be released in Europe?

  • Yessss!! This is looking like the PSN release of the year! Soooold for 14.99!


    Seriously, looks really fun guys. Can’t wait to play it with friends and family.

  • wow amazing! too bad I HATEEEEEEEE dlc…

    Maybe there will someday be a blu-ray disk game with a bunch of PSN games on it…. sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :-/ one can only wonder

  • Ok, forget my last question. I didn’t notice there were already an answer to that question :)

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