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Hello World! It’s exciting to be back on the PlayStation.Blog. It’s even more exciting to be able to announce that Joe Danger, the PS3-exclusive title that allows you to fulfill your daredevil fantasies, will launch on PSN June 8th!

I can’t describe what it feels like to see our own game actually hit the PlayStation Store. My three friends and I at Hello Games couldn’t be more nervous and giddy. We barely slept for the last few months, trying to get the game finished and polished. I doubt we’ll sleep for a month more, trying to stay on top of the leaderboards.

What I really can’t wait for is the surprises we have in store for PS3 gamers. This has been a total labor of love for us, and I’m really looking forward to seeing what people think of the game. If you want to know more about the Joe Danger, you can read some previews here, here and here, but first let me tell you a bunch of stuff you might not know.

Joe Danger for PS3

Stunt, Create and Share
Creating levels in Joe Danger is as fast and fun as playing the game itself. In fact, you never leave the game! As you ride through your level, press Edit at any time to freeze the world and play about with it however you want. You can drop a ramp then launch Joe over it, or place a Shark Tank just before he lands.

You can even create your own challenges to send to your friends. Lay down the gauntlet with your own Multiplayer race level, or set out a Coin Dash against the clock, or a tricky Target Smash. You can complete a friend’s level, then add more danger and send it right back for the ultimate challenge. That’s how we’ve created all our own levels in the game.

Joe Danger for PS3

It’s a BIG game

You take Joe from zero to hero across eleven tours, which are each made up of up to ten levels. Levels are set in a crazy diverse set of hazard filled game modes like Target Smash, Assault Course, Race, Coin Dash, Bowling Bounce, and Puzzle Mode.

Each of those levels feature a high-score table and up to eight challenge stars earned by thrilling the crowd. Some involve collecting hidden pick-ups high in the sky using skilful boosting, beating Team Nasty to the finish line, collecting the letters of D-A-N-G-E-R , racing against the clock, launching your bike at top speed towards a rack of bowling pins and scoring a strike, or keeping the crowd cheering as you combo a whole level. Sometimes you’ll be trying to do all of those things at once!

Joe Danger for PS3


Joe Danger is all about playing with friends, because playing Joe Danger together is how we’ve built this game. That might mean passing the pad on a heart-breakingly difficult Coin Dash, or punching your rivals off their bike in Splitscreen. Sometimes it’s crossing the finish line to immediately see all your online friends highscores, and instantly restarting. More often, it’s about downloading a new level and trying to complete it, before making your own tweaks.

We want this to be a competitive game, something to play with friends and one we hope you’ll want to tell everyone about.

The PSN Store publish date is June 8th — and we hope you enjoy it!

You can keep up to date with Hello Games and Joe Danger on our blog, follow us on Twitter or even just send us mail!

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  • Looks great. Try and add online asap if possible.

  • Thanks for bringing this to the Playstation Store.

    I will definitely be picking it up next Tuesday. =)

  • question for the hello team.
    is there a possibility that this game will be offline, with multiplayer capabilities?
    the reason i am asking is because my wife and kids will be wanting to play this with me, and we do not play games online much as a family.

  • Game looks awesome. Will there be a demo?

  • Why do people still ask “Will there be trophies?”

    They’ve been a requirement for how long now?

  • How the hell can you make a game like this and Not have an online multiplayer component? Are you living in the 80’s or what? I had my eye on this game but now i’m giving you the finger and telling you to get with the times.

  • Since 2008 I think.

    No online co-op, I heard. Why is that?

    • One thing that isn’t always always obvious straight away is that Joe Danger is all about Highscores. As well as being a racer and a platformer, it’s got an awesome “Tony Hawks”-esque combo mechanic. Even though Joe Danger has a lot of levels and different game modes, every one of those also has a whole other layer of replayability just for Highscores. The moment you cross the finish line you see your friends scores, and you’ll know if a records been beat. I think we’ve integrated that in a really interesting, clever way.

      In terms of online competition, that’s what Joe Danger is all about. We’ve really focused the gameplay around that, and it’s been amazing to watch testers and press having some intense competition on the tables over the last few weeks.

      Level sharing is also why having that online community is so important. People being able to make levels, share them, create their own challenges and actually compete for Highscores on them is pretty awesome.

  • I mean competitive, not co-op. Silly me.

  • will there be custom soundtrack in game so we can play music from our hdd


  • Takes me back to the days of Excitebike, except this looks better, due to more tools and creation and just being plain funner. To say that this is better than one of the best NES games is true amazement.

  • Any plans for Playstation Move support for Joe Danger in the future?


    Hey Sean, will you continue to support this game after it comes out with for example skins, new items to use in creation maybe different vehicles?

    • If someone buys our game, I can’t tell you what that means to us. We’re really excited for people to get their hands on it, see what they like, what they need and try to support that any way we can.

      We’ve already got a whole bunch of stuff planned. I’m not supposed to talk about it yet, but I think people are going to be excited when we do!

  • I will buy this game day 1, also I will have someone make a Joe Danger Mod in ModNation Racers in celebration of the release!!

  • hey sean , can you answer if the u.k will get the game at same time as u.s or the day after as its really unacceptable for a u.k developed game to get released for u.s and not u.k at same time . why should u.k wait for a u.k game just to satisfy european psn stores, this happens a lot with u.s store getting games and dlc before other e.u stores so why do we have to wait for a game that was made by people from u.k .

    • Coming from Ireland and now living in the UK I know how unfair it seem waiting for delayed releases. It can go both ways (sometimes the States gets a release last), but you’re right, generally it seems like Europe gets delayed more often. I guess, the reason for that is because Europe covers so many languages and regions. You can imagine all the heartache involved in managing that.

      The reality is that the delay normally comes from the platform holder (Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo) and not from the developer. Sony is actually one of the best at managing those simultaneous releases, but trust me though it’s waaay harder than you would expect.

      As I said in reply to comments #7 and #43, keep your eyes peeled to the European Blog. Fingers crossed we’re going to be able to make an announcement in the next few days. We’ve all worked as hard as we can to ensure that it’s good news, and that the release dates are as close as we can possibility make them.

  • Will there be a demo for Joe Danger?

  • really annoying when devs blatently ignore region who kept ps3 afloat and still have bought the most ps3s out all regions when u.s were all running out buying the cheaper xbox 360 .

  • Will be buying on day 1. Nuff said….

  • PS3 only owners, you go and BUY this game on June 8th. You will not meet nicer and cooler guys then the ones who made this game. They were at PAX and were the sleeper hit of the show. Everyone who played this game raved about it. These people know how to produce straight up quality in their games.
    For people who own more then one console “box”? Yeah ummmm spread the news about this to your PS3 only friends and then hold off just a bit because you’ll be glad you waited.

  • Wow, i’ve been waiting for this one.It looks to much fun!.

    I really like all the play,create,share games ’cause of the replay value.

    Congratulations to all of you guys!

  • I got a $20 PSN card ready and waiting for this bad boy!

    Oh yeah, some Joe Danger avatars and a dynamic theme would be nice as well :D

  • 3 coders and 1 artist, still cant believe it….
    day one purchase for me..

  • This game looks like100% fun! This is a day 1 buy for me. It looks old school excitebike meets next gen badass. I’m there. It’s 14.99 right? Crazy that most of my fav ps3 games are psn exclusives.

  • I’ve been looking forward to this one. I’ll be buying it!!

  • still no excuse sean as psn runs a sytem were any game can be submitted in english to any european store if the dev wishes to do so , mike kebby head of e.u store states this on a weekly basis so i dont understand why u guys havent bothered at least giving this game to us in the u.k at same time as u.s and then give rest of europe it a week or 2 later . it happens all the time u.k got fallout dlc and we get games all the time before rest of europe for simple reason being THE GAMES ARE IN ENGLISH so as i said theres no excuse for u guys delaying it for the u.k people . this has put me right off supporting this game sorry .

  • maybe this will make u relize why u.k game devs are losing jobs and getting shut down when you cater to another country 1st and leave u.k to wait and by that time theres other games out and yours gets passed by and equals less sales .

  • sorry to post again and again but you said about ps3 being best platform that handles simultaneous releases when they are clearly not as if you have a look at e.u store and then u.s store you would see a vast amount of ps1 classics europe dont have , same goes with playstation home too psn is worst for delivering content too all regions as it doesnt do it universally like xbox live does 95 percent of the time.

  • Seany are you serious?
    It’s two weeks, get a grip ok?

  • i hate when they dodge the most important questions and only reply to the suck ups.

  • jayson its not the point dude it wasnt even made in your country it was made in u.k yet we get brushed aside as usual , heck you guys havent even bought as many ps3s as europe

  • the reason im annoyed is that the posts about joe danger were posted on the e.u blog and u.s blog the same day yet once again even with a u.k game europe and u.k have to wait weeks . if this was the case they shouldnt have posted on e.u blog at same time as u.s one to save people getting annoyed when it doesnt come out same time

  • seany1 calm the F down!! The game will come to U.K. also!!

  • emmm no dude i can post my views if i like so stop hurling abuse before you end up banned

  • seany1 why don’t you blog about it, or post this stuff on the UK blog? I don’t think it is fair for you to vent on this blog!! This is suppose to be an exciting day for Hello Games, and you are not helping by bashing them for not releasing it the same as the U.S. I understand you want the game, it looks awesome, but just be patient and you will play it in no time! I am not here to start a verbal fight, cause it’s stupid.

    P.S. I was not being abusive, I was just telling you to quite down. You have 50% of the last 10 comments. And all you are doing is venting.

  • This game is so awesome! I got to spend a good 15 minutes playing with the devs at GDC in San Francisco earlier this year and I must say this game is a blast! Everyone with a PS3 needs to get this game it is so insanely fun!

    And by the way, all the in-game maps were made with the track editor!! :)

  • The game looks like a lot of fun and from the blog post it really does seem as though the game has a LOT of content to it.

    Game looks solid overall and it looks like I get to kill 2 birds with 1 stone. I buy what looks like a fun game and get to support what looks like a pretty dam promising UK developer. Government won’t support the UK gaming industry so I guess that’s up to us!

  • I’ll support you guys because I love supporting smaller developers who show a passion for games and also because you’re from the UK so you probably have cool accents. (actually, since I’m an American I’m the one with the accent. You guys speak proper English.. hehe)

  • Seany, it’s one thing to give Activision or Sony crap about regional releases. To take it out on Hello games is just being difficult for the sake of being difficult.
    If you want the game then when you have access to the game buy the game. Don’t make Hello games the center of your little protest.

  • This reminds me of Excite Bike, only with a lot more options, I’ll be buying it, but how’s the Puzzle Mode work?

  • Better than Modnations!

  • I’ve been sold since the first announcement.

  • I am not sure if i am reading wrong or not but is there online splitscreen or just local?

  • im just stating fact that its a disgrace that a u.k game gets released in u.s 1st and u.k has to wait weeks for it . bad enough we get short end of stick with american based games on psn and ps1 classics but now we have to wait weeks to get our own countrys games too .

  • I was wondering is there any chance of a PSP version? I do not care if the graphics have to be done graded. I just think Joe Danger would be fun to play on the PSP.

    • We’re a super small team, and 100% busy with the PSN version right now. If people like that though, like we hope they will, then we’d definitely love to do some other versions.

      I think the PSP could be a really good fit for Joe Danger.

  • I played this game at PAX East. It was great. Can’t wait for it to come out!

  • Awesome looking game. Reminds me of the old Excite Bike game, but more over the top with stunts and the graphics style is beautiful.

    This is just another PSN game on my list to buy now haha. Still waiting on Planet Minigolf, Dead Nation, Earthworm Jim HD, Castle Crashers, Tecmo Bowl Throwback (if we ever get it), and now this :)


  • I will be buying this.

  • i cant believe u priced it only @ 14.99!! this is a must have for all ps3 owners i thank you hello games and i will always remember you when i have a discussion of game developers ;) and i will make it my duty to make all my ps3 owning friends buy this game so you can make a crap load of $$ lol

  • The moment I seen this game I knew I was going to like it. Can’t wait for the release.

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