PlayStation Around the Web: What We Read

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Some great PlayStation stories hit the web this week, what with the official reveal of Killzone 3, HBO’s content coming to PSN, and the release of ModNation Racers on PS3 and PSP.

Did we miss anything? You know what to do. And please try to enjoy your long holiday weekend!

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  • when is sony planning on fixing the internet browser?

    why is sony censoring honest questions?

  • yetweallfalldown

    ModNation Racers is awesome!

  • WTF,,when the hell are we going to get new maps for battle field bad company 2,,and whats up with all the lag on that game lately,,i know its not my internet connection because i have road runner and its a very fast internet,,one of the fastest high speed internet out,,i think u guys should look into it,,

  • I would be shocked if this gets a response but would it kill you guys to update the damn ps3 web browser more than once a year? why do you have direct links on the ps3 for facebook or even this site if you can’t do anything on them.I called sony and all the guy could say is the ps3 was never meant to be a full on pc that does not really help the whole it only does everything motto you guy’s have.get your sh@# together. A cellphone can atleaste make use of simple web content and it’s not a full on pc.

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