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Some great PlayStation stories hit the web this week, what with the official reveal of Killzone 3, HBO’s content coming to PSN, and the release of ModNation Racers on PS3 and PSP.

Did we miss anything? You know what to do. And please try to enjoy your long holiday weekend!

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  • cool. nice work. any news on E3 jeff?

  • Honestly if Sony is releasing info on KZ2, LBP2, Socom4, and Move BEFORE E3, then I really have to wonder what earth shattering megaton news they are going to announce at E3? You have to ask yourself what could they show that tops that and is more important? What on earth is better than LBP2 and KZ3? It boggles the mind.

    Also in the wake of the PSPGO leaks and the recent iPhone leaks if Sony does have a hardware announcement then they have done a great job of keeping it a secret.

  • loving MNR, but any word on a patch. these load times are terrible

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      We actually link to a story about that above. The UFG team hears your request – and when we’ve got news on it, you’ll read it here.

  • It is a wonderful time to be a PS3 owner!


  • do you know something jeff?i thought that e3 was around next week or so.glad that you gave inuyasha500 the right date.also, are you guys going to stream the conference like you did with gdc?? in any case, i hope you guys will stream it …..

    well,i have been playing hexyz force and man that game is pretty good.i advice to every rpg player out there that has a buy the game because its fun and quite addictive too.

    speaking of rpgs, it seems that nisa is going to make a big announcement next do i know? because i received the news in one of their prinny bombs newsletters..hmm i wonder what game it could be?

    lastly, gotta try the modnation demo that i just downloaded the other day but i havent had the chance to play because i have been busy lately…hope i get the chance to try it tonite :0)

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      About 10 different sites will stream it, so we’ll probably pull one of those, and then add in a text-based livechat for those who can’t stream the video. Then we’ll follow up with recaps, details, and trailers from everything shown at the show. We’ve got you covered!

      PS, thanks for the reco on Hexyz Force – been looking for a good portable RPG.

  • cant wait for E3

  • Thanks, Professor Playstation!

  • Last week LBP 2, this week KZ 3 and next week? :D

    Good work SONY, just like the ps1 and ps2 days its always FUN being part of the PlayStation clan;)

  • I actually looked for Coconut Dodge right as I read that article but I guess it’s not available in the US yet! Ah well…

  • Killzone 3 Footage All Blown Up

    I personally prefer seeing Jeff’s sick beard.

  • Holy crap I frikkin LOVE Settlers of Catan. I hope I’m not the only one…

    A loading time patch for Modnation racers is nice…but I hope they fix other things too. Like the online matchmaking and ridiculously frustrating AI that constantly cheats. I absolutely NEVER trade games in, but I found MNR so unplayable that I’m seriously considering it if they don’t improve anything…

  • Jeff, the devs of DCUO revaled that the costume creator will allow you to choose an established superhero’s (like Superman, Batman, etc.) costume as a basis from which you’ll be able to create your own character’s costume. They revealed this news in their latest video on the DCUO Facebook page. Unfortunately, my mobile device won’t allow me to copy & paste the link.

  • Any chance we can get Namco Bandai on the Blog for a little Q&A session?

    Mostly just so myself and other RPG fans can barrage them with questions on where Tales of Vesperia is for us NA PS3 owners.

    Please Jeff? ;)

  • Hey Jeff,

    LBP2 – leaked on a friday, blog post the following monday

    Killzone 3 – leaked on a friday, blog post the following monday

    Infamous 2 – leaked this past friday…

    …blog post on tuesday? (because memorial day)

  • when will the MvC3: FTW video be up on the PSN store? any news on the MNR patch? also when can we expect more premium avatars?

  • Jeff, thanks for the Joe Danger videos!! It looks like I will buy it for sure!! When can we expect the E3 meet up to be announced?

  • whats up Jeff ? ready for the FIFA world cup ? listen i thought u said u were gonna revealed all the details about the playstation meet up this week , i hope u do it soon because i really wanna know if i have a chance to get into sony E3 press conference , if so i would buy my ticket in a heartbeat

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      Sorry, will definitely happen this week, and yes – the first X amount to get there will gain access to our press conference. Stay tuned!

      Actually, the meetup will be the day after the big USA-England match. Maybe we should all meet-up then, too. Anyone know of a good soccer/sports bar near downtown?

  • Yo Jeff, do you think you or someone can take pictures of behind the scenes on how the Sony booth was setup or put together? Thanks!!!!!!!

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      I’m planning on getting in there on Monday and taking some pics. Let me see if we can get more.

  • I really hope sony talks about new features for ps3 that everyone is gonna like and i hope they dont spend too much time talking about 3D & playstation Move.Which im afraid they wil.

  • While I think its cool that you guys announced Little Big Planet 2,Socom 4, and Killzone 3 its make me wonder if you guys have anything up your selves for E3, I really hope you do.

  • GT 5 release date?? I am so WAITING to get it for 4 years because I am GT fan. GT 1 and GT 2 for psone on PSN??

  • Jeff have you guys considered moving any of the older SOCOM made by zipper to the ps3, via disc or psn store?

  • Modnation Racers is Amazing!

  • Can you ask Namco Bandai if there’s going to be a world tournament feature in Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2

  • Hey Jeff,

    Do you have ModNation Racers? If so, I would like to race you to see whose the best.

  • E3 scares me… I feel like I will be let down…

  • how come we can’t take things from the pre-order DLC and incorporate it into our own creations in MNR? like LBP does

  • Killzone 3: Stab a Helghan in the eye… in 3D! – Destructoid



  • Add naruto shippuden ultimate ninja heroes 3 to the psp playstation network

  • ok i want some answers and honest ones at that, not the typical company bi-line that keeps being thrown at us to try to settle us down.
    why do you people at sony keep screwing the playstation community over the way you do? i know we are paying your wages through the items we buy, and yet you guys keep on stalling on the consumers, and intentionally keep things from releasing. now i have over 40 friends that own the ps3 system, and they are all in agreement with me that if you guys do not clean up the messes you are creating, and soon… we all will get rid of our ps3 units, which in turn drops down your profit margins.
    stop holding back and making excuses as to why games and demos do not get released when they are given over to sony. this idea that you guys are doing things in a timely manner is a pathetic practice that needs to change and change right now!

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      You didn’t ask a question for me to answer? Other than the really loaded one at the top of the 2nd paragraph.

  • E3 = Uncharted3. Mark my words.

  • Jeff, will the entire sony press conference be on playstation store this year?

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      Yes. They’ll just need to encode it and publish – usually happens within a day or two, but it’s in glorious HD.

  • Red Dead Redemption is the bomb.

  • i’m pretty lucky to be going to E3…im considering going to the meetup. that would be awesome! and to think…the possibility of getting into the sony press conference…


    see you at e3 jeff!

  • Jeff have you guys considered moving any of the older SOCOM made by zipper to the ps3, via disc or psn store?

  • Jeff, hoping you guys at the blog get some interview time with the FF14 staff. Would love to know when the PS3 beta starts.

  • GrooThePerverted

    Any news when Tecmo Bowl: Throwback shows up on PSN? I’m so tired of these games or DLC going to 360 first and PSN having to wait three weeks or more.

  • not to spoil the great fantastic awesome epic miraculous catastrophic beasty superb news but will use pspgo users see naruto shippuden ultimate ninja heros 3 on the psn store (think itll bring in the bucks as well) lolz got my fingers crossed dot know how long theyll stay like this

  • any chance psn will improve there servers so i can download faster? i have a great internet connection but as soon as i switch from pc to the ps3 it seems 10 times slower downloading.

  • Hot Shots Golf 6 announcement at E3 Plz.

    K thx bye.

  • Any Castle Crashers news

  • It’s Memorial Day and it’s pouring down rain here :(

    Oh well, back to Red Dead I guess.

  • Oh and If Hot Shots Golf 6 has Move support, heaven help you if you get rid of Traditional Shot Mode in the process. HEADS WILL ROLL.

  • yeah,,u guys did miss something,,when are we going to get new maps for battle field bad company 2,,we need them for sdm,,the game is getting boring playing the same maps over and over

  • About that Catan game… does it include the Cities and Knights expansion? The game just feels so incomplete to me without it.

  • Modern Warfare 2 is a game to him are cool graphics and weapons are nice

  • I am also wondering what the deal with 360 getting everything worthwhile before we do. I know you have nothing to do with it. But What is the deal with Tecmo Throwback and the Backbreaker demo? I understand that Live is 50 bucks a year so it is going to have it’s advantages but the backbreaker demo was given to both teams at the same time (talking PSN and XBL)What is the deal?

    And with the delay on Tecmo Throwback I have lost all interest in the game at this point and will not be buying it regardless of release date.

    I mean is my only solution to get things on time to buy a 360?

  • Hey Jeff…

    Where’s Legend of Dragoon II?

  • Is there any due date for ModNation Racers and Sonic and Sega All-Stars trophy information being added to my I can see them from my PS3 but cannot see on the PlayStation site.

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