BulletStorm PS3 Interview: Me and CliffyB

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Cliff Bleszinski is a not an easy man to find. When he’s not Tweeting away, he’s cooped up in Epic Games‘ Raleigh, NC-based studio working on his latest ultra-violent fascination.

This time that fascination is BulletStorm, an off-the-wall shooter spectacle that will grace the PS3 sometime in 2011. Cliff himself is a big fan of PS3 titles like Heavy Rain and the God of War series, and in our one-on-one interview for the PlayStation.Blog, he expressed excitement that BulletStorm will strut its stuff in front of PS3 players.

BulletStorm for PS3 (cropped)BulletStorm for PS3 (cropped)

In the following video interview, you’ll also learn much, much more about BulletStorm’s unusual shooting gameplay and Cliff’s design inspirations. Sure, you can kill. But can you kill creatively? Let’s let Mr. Bleszinski answer that question (and many more!) in his own words.

If you want to see more of BulletStorm’s high-octane shooting, sandbox combat, and carnivorous plants in action, watch the debut trailer below. And be sure to sound off in the comments!

BulletStorm for PS3 Logo

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  • Looks decent. Not a fan of Epic or Painkiller, but I’ll keep an eye out for this…

  • I may buy this game just because you used NIN in the trailer. Tell me you have some NIN in the game as well. Rock

  • Didn’t you see the 1up interview? Dont call him CliffyB.

    • The end of our video he denies that he dislikes CliffyB :-) Apparently he was joking when he said that a couple of years back.

  • @52

    I’m right with you on that.

  • I don’t understand the Cliff hate one bit. I’ve had a chance to meet him a few times over the last few years and each time he’s incredibly polite and happy to talk.

    I think the problem is that the industry, more specifically the media, build him into something he’s not. It’s like Hollywood’s perversion of some of our favorite actors/actresses in the latest tabloid. He’s built into this giant, maybe egotistical giant and he’s anything but. He’s simply a talented designer with a successful company and a gamer much like the rest of us. All this hate attached to his Gears franchise and its attachment to “the competition”, is unwarranted.

    Anyhow, Sid…FANTASTIC interview, very passionate and great interaction with some excellent questions. Bulletstorm was a day one the minute Epic announced it, but after this exchange and the trailer unveil, it has been solidified as one of my most anticipated titles! I hope to get some hands-on next month.

    • Really happy you liked it. Cliff is one of my favorite guys in the industry, partly because he just speaks his mind.

  • Well lets hope Gears of War goes to PS3 too :P

  • Is this game going to have Keyboard & Mouse support and PS3-PC cross-play?

    Epic Games is the only developer I believe to do this on the PS3 (Unreal Tournament III), and that, to me, is really what “taking advantage of the PS3” is about. Wish more developers would follow that lead and utilize these features.

  • The idea of using multiple weapons, environments, etc to create death combos for more XP is brilliant.
    Burnout with guns is a very good description for this game.
    I hope there is a most creative death combo contest when this is release. :()

  • For some reason it reminds me of the Duke Nukem series, but what it would look like in the current generation.

    • That comparison was definitely made! Duke 3D was an inspiration for the game. Speaking as the world’s biggest Duke Nukem fan, this can only be a good thing.

  • Hey Sid, did you formally introduce yourself on the PSBlog? I don’t remember you doing so…

  • Fantastic interview, Sid. Never thought I’d see Cliff on the PS Blog.

    I must say Bulletstorm looks very cool. I love the “get creative” approach, just like Just Cause 2 had.

  • He was probably just being nice while on camera.

    Be Honest, he curb stomped you right after the video ended didn’t he?

  • Superstrokey1123

    Good old dude huge!

    Game looks like a cross between Gears and Borderlands and therefore its double awesome! Really looking forward to this one.

    Now PS3 fans you need to get out and buy this game, it will encourage more epic games on the PS3 if we do. We might get lucky and get a gears spin off, gears itself, or soemthing like shadow complex!

  • Welcome to the darkside CliffyB, buwahahahaha. Good interview, the game looks great

  • should’ve called him Dude Huge

  • Gears of War is the only franchise I’m envious of. Cliffy B is the Man! It was really cool of him to show up for the intervew, THANKS Shu and Cliff!!!
    The game looks pretty bad ass and fun by the way. I’m liking some of the new mechanics I saw in the trailer. I just hope for 2 things. Split screen support PLEASE!!! and a decent length campaign. with those two things added I’ll be very happy and willing to buy 2!

  • Interesting, looks pretty impressive. The thing that really gets me is the graphics are really good yet it runs so smoothly. I’ll keep my eye on this one.

  • no co-op for story mode = no buy. You got co-op for Gears of War so why not this? I won’t bother with this generic shooter (it’s like Gears of War environments with Borderlands type gameplay. both are garbage individually & both are garbage when combined). I don’t even see why Epic bothers with the PS3 considering Epic can’t make anything above mediocrity (as the trailer for this game proves).

  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    No one cares about this generic POS game or the other generic POS game from Epic on PS3 (UT3), if Epic want us to buy their games, they should stop bending over for MS and bring us Gears of War franchise.

  • its really cool to see Cliff B on here….well done PS blog.

    Good to see EPIC getting away from MS for a while.

  • The Heavy Rain thing, admittedly, threw me. That’s cool.

  • NIN? I suppose some people still listen to the same music they did in high school. ;)

  • I can’t imagine not buying a game released by EPIC Games…welcome back to the PS3.

  • PLEASE! Make this online co-op!
    This will be a 0 Day game for me if it has online co-op!
    Looks awesome though!

  • I loved Unreal Tournament 3. The mods, free DLC, patches that added trophies and split-screen… it was awesome. Most games don’t get that kind of support. Epic won me over. I’ll gladly buy BulletStorm.

  • All this hate on Epic is pure fanboy crap from people who simply want MS’s console titles on the PS3 that they own. Honestly I had one of those RROD machines when it worked it was utter fun, and great online play, when it did not it sucked hard. Just like any hardware you can buy.

    Sadly fanboys fail to see that exclusives are that way for a reason. If you want Gears of War buy it on the platforms it’s sold on, don’t make us look like hate filled cry babies and fill the blog with this crap.

    I have a PS3 and love it! I want more good Multiplatform games, so Epic please get it right, don’t listen to the hate fanboys you can have Gears on Xbox, I’ll take this, and anything else you release on the PS3! WELCOME BACK!

  • I don’t mean to nitpick, but I believe Epic is based Cary, NC which is right next to Raleigh.

    We are know as the Town of Cary but still actually a city!

    And the game looks awesome!

  • playing a “CliffyB” game on a ps3 just seems wrong, but I won’t completely disregard it yet

  • I’m surprised no one’s brought up R&C, Resistance or Insomniac- that’s immediately what struck me with creative weaponry and what looks like the tesla whip.

    Eh, all the same, it looks pretty interesting.

  • By the way: loved UT3 (especially that free massive update- thank you!) and I’m glad to have you back on the PS3.

  • i like the way that ps blog allow dev to talk about non playstation hardware and being truthful, but i didn’t know he was that happy to go multiplatform again,
    which is the lead hardware? pc ps3 or 360?

    • *Guessing* it’s PC given the pedigree, but no idea on that one. From my perspective, the concept of “lead hardware” is largely going away these days, it seems that developers are focusing on making each platform offering as good as it can be.

  • Nice interview. I love how you got him to talk about PS3 games. Bulletstorm doesn’t look too generic, let’s hope the final product shows that. Should have asked him if Gears 3 is coming to the PS3….

  • I don’t get people here that are saying ‘Welcome to the PS3 side…Cliffy B’

    All that guy did was give an interview to promote a multiplat game, and then he doesn’t even stay long enough to reply to people in the comments section? Instead, Sid Shuman has to play PR agent and give out info on C. B’s game?

    No dice for me, as far as Im concerned Cliffy B can stay the **** away from me and my playstation 3, I will say this though, UT3 was a beast on my PS3.

    So Cliff, do everyone a favor if you’re going to promote a game on PS Blog, then do the minimum and answer some questions from the comment section.

    • Nah, chill dude. Cliff’s a cool guy, he’s a game lover like the rest of us. I wrote the post, which is why I’m in the comments…and I’m not a PR guy! :-)

  • I can’t even begin to tell you people that run the Blog how much BS it is that these videos still don’t work on the PS3 browser. What makes it even more rediculous is the fact that in 3.30 the Flash player was updated to be able to play the newer youtube format. Why the hell wasn’t it updated enough to play PSBlog videos as well? You guys have known about this forever and refuse to do anything about it. You people on the blog would have no problem switching videos to a format that works on PS3’s browser.

    I REALLY want to see this video. Does anyone have a youtube link to this? If so please provide it.

    I hope Cliffy B’s team works as well with the PS3 hardware as the Unreal Tournament 3 team. UT3 came out FAR better on PS3 even with 6 months extra develpment time on 360. It looked better, ran smoother, even controlled better!!, along with having more features. True PC Mod support for the PS3 version was and is a truly revolutionary feature on a console game. I literally had over 1000 mods on my PS3’s HDD. Maps, character models, weapons, game types and more. Amazing stuff. UT3 showed that the UE3 has as much, if not more potential on PS3 than 360 contrary to popular belief.

  • This game looks awesome and all the kills are brutal i’m gonna get this game and you shoulda asked when ps3 is getting a gears of war game lol

  • looks good so far, hoping for a good co-op and competitive online play

  • Looks sweet, can’t wait to see more. Glad to see ‘cliffy B’ over on the PSBlog!


  • @EZpickens I totally agree with you it sucks that that not one single video on any of the PS3 blogs work on the PS3 internet broswer it makes no sense. Iam also unable to watch any of these videos unless i use a computer ive mentioned this problem so many times and just get ignored by both the US and EU blogs

    • There’s definitely some quirks with the Viddler/Blog video support on PS3, it’s complicated web dev stuff but we are always looking into solutions — not an easy fix short-term, but we’re not giving up.

  • It’s like borderland all grown up… I hope it has mouse and keyboard support like UT3 had and also use pc mods. that would be hott.

  • how about gears of war trilogy for ps3 in a single blu-ray? AWESOME! sigh….. why dont sony expend some extra cash to make them give ps3 some gears love? i had to buy b4 an elite which only endure 4 month…. just to play gears 1… im not buying other xbox just for gears 3 man… pls dont make me…. T__T

  • This game looks great!!! (great song choice for the trailer!)

    This is the dev that made PAinkiller an under-appreciated gem from the PC (big time pc gamer as well as PS gamer) this is a good thing. Painkiller was fantastic but not very well known. I can’t wait for this. And anyone out there who hasn’t played painkiller you can probably get the game for $10 nowadays as it came out in 2004.

  • I was wondering when Epic was gonna be doing some more projects on the PS3. I’ve been watching closely for news on this game ever since i saw its featured article in Game Informer. The game is looking great, looks really fun, and i cant wait to see more. Why so much Cliffy B Hate? I mean srsly

  • I can’t support anything that involves NIN, so forget this game

  • funny how cliffy talks polish when neither gears had it.

  • reminds me a little of batman arkham asylum just a little bit

  • if you try and put up problems about the PS3 internet broswnot playing videos on this site and the EU one on blog share they refuse your idea and dnt post it on the forums they also rejected my idea of a Matrix dynamic green code theme….why i do not know.

  • Cliff B hates the PS3 controller and he does not like creating games for the platform because the skill and creativity of his “team” is not present.

    They stranded UT3 on PS3 while maintaining proper support on PC and Xbox more so than the PS3.

    The same will happen to this game until the “team” is either taught properly how to make a PS3 game or they learn it on there own.

    The guy is intelligent but lacks the devotion to be a true developer.

  • The game looks good.

  • @97

    I don’t think you could be more misinformed about UT3. The PS3 got all of the 360 extras as well as Titan mode and trophy support in a later update. And it was all for free. The 360 never even got Titan mode.

  • Awesome interview, game looks pretty fun, might pick it up depending on cash/ time.

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