BulletStorm PS3 Interview: Me and CliffyB

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Cliff Bleszinski is a not an easy man to find. When he’s not Tweeting away, he’s cooped up in Epic Games‘ Raleigh, NC-based studio working on his latest ultra-violent fascination.

This time that fascination is BulletStorm, an off-the-wall shooter spectacle that will grace the PS3 sometime in 2011. Cliff himself is a big fan of PS3 titles like Heavy Rain and the God of War series, and in our one-on-one interview for the PlayStation.Blog, he expressed excitement that BulletStorm will strut its stuff in front of PS3 players.

BulletStorm for PS3 (cropped)BulletStorm for PS3 (cropped)

In the following video interview, you’ll also learn much, much more about BulletStorm’s unusual shooting gameplay and Cliff’s design inspirations. Sure, you can kill. But can you kill creatively? Let’s let Mr. Bleszinski answer that question (and many more!) in his own words.

If you want to see more of BulletStorm’s high-octane shooting, sandbox combat, and carnivorous plants in action, watch the debut trailer below. And be sure to sound off in the comments!

BulletStorm for PS3 Logo

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  • well, here’s somebody i never expected to see on the PSblog! :P Game looks like a load of fun :)

  • NICE TO SEE EPIC GAMES ON PS3! Looking forward to this one! I hope it runs just as smooth as UT3 did on PS3! Keep up the great work Epic!

  • agree, will b fun to try out one of EPICs games. looks promising, also great interview.

  • I’ll say this…any game that uses Wish for the trailer bears watching!

  • lol @ ending of gameplay vid

  • Cliffy B is finally showing some love to the PS3…Maybe now I can start buying his games.

  • Good interview, was definitely weird seeing Cliff on the ps blog. :p

  • Great looking game! Welcome to the land of playstation Ciffy B!

  • Right off the bat I don’t really see anything unique about the gameplay. It looks like “The Club” in first person with plants… Or, ironically enough, like Unreal Tournament with score.

    • I was a little skeptical at first, too but seeing the crazy combinations of kicking/energy leashing/flail grenading proved to me how different it is. One of the closest game parallels I can think of is the old Shiny PS1 game Wild 9s — remember that? The goal is to play with your prey before killing them. It’s a very different approach, and I think it’ll make for some epic YouTube user videos.

  • This game looks truly fun as all heck. Score based on how skilled your kills are, and how many different ways you find to kill your enemies? I like it! Now toss in an epic story line, as well as some kick butt AI and it will rock so hard!

  • Agree with everyone glad to see Cliffy B and Epic games on ps3.

    • The man makes good games, no matter what the platform he’s working on. I LOVED the original Unreal Tournament (and 2003/2004 as well) on the PC, those games were revolutionary for their time.

  • silverdoe_joker

    he’s not bringing GOW chainsaw machine gun? And I’m not talking ’bout God of War! Lolz

    • Cliff LOVES God of War, but I think he’s been too busy lately to play GOW3. I have spoken with him on many occasions about GOW, and he is a diehard fan of the series.

  • Cliffy B, Welcome back and thanks, looks great!

  • Great trailer…creative kills, sounds interesting. Who is the song playing in the trailer from?

    • That’s an old Nine Inch Nails song called “Wish” from the album Broken. I was thrilled they used it, it’s one of my favorite oldschool NIN songs.

  • Nice interview, i hope they can get more things into the Ps3 version.

  • Welcome to the ps3 cliff. Hope this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship with the ps3 in the future.

  • looks fun as hell, and that is the key to me buying it

  • Is it me or does that trailer make the game seem as generic as it gets? Maybe it is too early to judge this game so I am in a wait and see mode. But if I had to buy the game base on that trailer, I wouldn’t.

  • Eh, looks like ‘Serious Sam’ cross ‘Mad World.'(Skill points/Carnage)

    • In some ways, that’s a good description of it — the Serious Sam reference popped up a few times at the meeting. The major selling point to me is how creative the combat can be once you start upgrading your gear and guns. The energy leash, for instance, can be upgraded to “thump” guys off the ground in an area-attack effect, and juggle multiple enemies into the air. What you do then is up to you, but there are some killer combos.

  • looks like fun! good to see Cliffy B. on the PS blog…all the game needs is online coop and I’ll definitely buy this day one!

    • They weren’t ready to talk multiplayer, but it sounds like it might be in the works. No idea if it’ll be co-op, competitive, or something new.

  • when is the PS3 version of gears of war trilogy pack coming????????????????????????????????…

  • Awesome interview Sid. You should do more of this stuff.

  • @18 It isn’t just you. Looking at that trailer, it looked a lot like Unreal Tournament with plants. I’m not quite sure if there is really a demand for old school arena combat shooters.

  • @23 you took the words right outa my mouth….

  • That was a really good interview, to be honest. Cliff is an interesting fellow, that’s for sure. He seems to me, the prime example of a gamer who was given a chance to make games.

    Nice to see more EPIC on PS3. Hopefully there is a demo, since this is a really radical game. But I’m sure that is a long ways away.

    Seriously though, Sid, you have to do more of these.

    • Glad you liked it! :-) Cliff is a great guy, I’ve known him for years. Perhaps the most pure, passionate gamer I’ve ever met — the man knows his games!

  • I don’t think I’m in the audience that this type of game is aimed towards. A fairly mindless FPS with goal towards high score focus… meh.

    • The score is your XP, so as you’re annihilating armies you’re earning credits to upgrade your guns, energy leash, and who knows what else. It’ll keep me playing, that’s for sure…

  • I never really liked this engine, everything looks the same

  • @dojikyo
    Glad I am not the only one. Reading your comment and then watching the video again makes this game look and feel like a Mirror Edge (first person kicks and slides) Unreal Tournament mod rather than a new game.

    • It’s closer in spirit to Duke Nukem or Serious Sam in that the weapons are highly creative and multifaceted. The kicking and energy leash combos really grabbed my attention, and the ability to slide ala Mega Man should open up a lot of secret areas.

  • Meh… another shooter…

  • Holy [DELETED]! Cliffy B on the PS Blog. Super sweet. Welcome home Mr. B. I’d love to see Mark Rein on here as well.

  • Wow, that game actually looks like a lot of fun. lets just hope doing those combos are as easy as it looks.

  • Hey Cliffy, can we get a little Gears of War love? There’s tens of millions of dollars to be made on the PS3 side.

  • Please no more FPS’ @.@. We want a TPS like Gears.

  • EA?
    count me out

  • Game seems to be running at 60fps, which is always a good thing. It does look unfinished though and the rag doll animations don’t look great.

    • Still very early, so they have a lot of time to fine-tune details. It’s a 2011 game…hope it’s earlier in the year and not later!

  • Looks good. Wasn’t a fan of either of the Gears games but this… looks good.

  • I’ve been playing Unreal since it first came out. I wish this game had co-op otherwise I won’t be touching a console FPS.

    See you in the PC world CliffyB.

  • ascendantofrain

    I am a HUGE fan of PCF and Painkiller. In fact, I was the first person to ever create a modded level for the original Painkiller. How I miss those days. Fleabay, Roachy, Bloodjudgment, Luigi, all those guys from the forums. Good times!!

  • o0o please gears of war is never coming to the ps3 you can count on it

  • I’ve been counting down the days to this since I saw it revealed. Pity I have to wait so long to play it, but it looks so [DELETED] that I’ll more than willingly wait to play it.

  • Cliffy is cool guy i don’t know why he gets so much hate sometimes. Glad to see Epic Games game on PS3. Will keep an eye on this one. Questions could have been better have to say.

    • Thanks for the kind words! Cliff is very cool, one of my favorites in the game industry. He’s a massive, massive gamer and has excellent taste in games (of all kinds, not just shooters). I get along with him real well. :)

  • neva heard of this game be4, any good?? :/

  • Looks like some fun if you ask me.

  • That was really cool.

  • Prettyboy_FIoyd

    Cliff Blezenski!!

  • Cliff Bleszinski???


    The biggest loser in all of gaming. Go back to your RRoDbox [DELETED]

    • Now, now. :-) Cliff has had many good things to say about the PS3 in the past, don’t let biz stuff distract you. :-) He’s a big fan of MotorStorm, for instance.

  • @45 Get a life dude. Your one of the reasons why its uncool to state your console preference anymore.

    As for this game, color me super interested. I hope there is a trophy for getting every type of kill because i want to to try them all.

    • There are a LOT of kills. I counted somewhere around 20+ types just in the area we saw — they’re color-coded and “collectible,” sort of like the rare guns in Borderlands. Very intriguing approach…

  • Funny how you can say ‘CliffyB’ and everyones just like: “OMG EPIC GAME DEV”

  • hey next time can u ask Cliff how does he keep his teeth so white. i want whatever he’s using.

  • Looks interesting, can’t wait to see more of it:)

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