PlayStation Move Developer Diary: EyePet for PS3

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As you may know, we launched EyePet in Europe last year as a PlayStation Eye title. However, this year, we are very excited to finally introduce EyePet to North America, not to mention, as a PlayStation Move title!

We debuted EyePet and its Move compatibility recently at the Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco, where the response has been tremendous. The marriage of augmented reality and the interactions between the EyePet and his owner, via the PlayStation Move, has been turning quite a few heads.

The PlayStation Move controller can be used in many ways throughout the game. You can engage in a variety of pet care activities like feeding, washing and styling your pet, as well as playing various games using toys such as a bubble wand, fish net or trampoline. You can also use the PlayStation Move controller to draw items on the screen that your pet can interact with, such as planes or cars.

I can go on and on, but would rather let EyePet’s creative director, Nicolas Doucet, do the talking. Check out the video above to learn about the evolution of the title and how it came to be, and with the introduction of the Move, how EyePet is more accurate and precise — which definitely means more fun!

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  • @colstripcapn I guess you consider SOCOM a gimmick too then… Keep in mind that if it works well, other decent shooters will come out as well.

  • I’m really looking forward to EyePet, had it pre-ordered on Amazon since late 2009.

    Will there be 3D support in this new version? and/or 1080p native graphics?

  • @Nicolas Doucet – From one Doucet to another – Great Work!

    It Only Does Fur!

    I like what you have done and can’t wait to get my Pet!

  • DigitalDevilSaga

    I’ve been waiting for the US release of Eyepet since last year. The Playstation Move and Eyepet are both on my immediate purchase list.I can’t wait!

  • Been waiting too long for this…

  • very nice :D
    love that

  • Eyepet and the potental for Casual games in general for the PS3 thanks to the Move were the selling points for me getting the PS3 for my family this past holiday season. Already have it reserved, but need to make sure they have a Move/PSEye and game bundle. If the Move is accesable for the kids, and it can work with some current and future shooters, win win for me.

  • Why don’t they bundle it with Socom? Who in the hell want’s a year old eye pet game. The idea is fresh when you show it to us and while you are delaying it, so many wonderful and cool stuff has hit the market that makes eyepet not even desirable anymore… So year+ should make eyepet a $9.99 game which at this point should be bundled for free lol.

    As I said, Socom or maybe a family game like sports would be idea and worth the money. Don’t rip us off for some old dusty game trying to renew it. I saw the Move video and I tell you right now Eyepets is not what attracted me too it… It was pretty much everything else including the drawing game if that gives you any indication about Eyepets value now.

    Besides here’s my stats to complete your survey… My kids are not even allowed to touch any of the PS3’s – They have a wii for playing games like that… And for toddlers and visitors under the age of 7, they get to play with the GameCube :P

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