PlayStation Move Developer Diary: EyePet for PS3

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As you may know, we launched EyePet in Europe last year as a PlayStation Eye title. However, this year, we are very excited to finally introduce EyePet to North America, not to mention, as a PlayStation Move title!

We debuted EyePet and its Move compatibility recently at the Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco, where the response has been tremendous. The marriage of augmented reality and the interactions between the EyePet and his owner, via the PlayStation Move, has been turning quite a few heads.

The PlayStation Move controller can be used in many ways throughout the game. You can engage in a variety of pet care activities like feeding, washing and styling your pet, as well as playing various games using toys such as a bubble wand, fish net or trampoline. You can also use the PlayStation Move controller to draw items on the screen that your pet can interact with, such as planes or cars.

I can go on and on, but would rather let EyePet’s creative director, Nicolas Doucet, do the talking. Check out the video above to learn about the evolution of the title and how it came to be, and with the introduction of the Move, how EyePet is more accurate and precise — which definitely means more fun!

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  • You should bundle it with the controller.

  • I am very dissappointed this game was delayed a year just to tack on Move support(that is unnecessarily REQUIRED now).

    Seems like the move support is nothing more then “Use the Move controller instead of the card”.

    So please tell me: Why Eyepet is 100% better with Move support and worth the wait?

  • @Neil They already said this game will have a move bundle SKU.

  • I feel like I’ve been waiting years for this game. It’s too bad it got pushed back to make it a Move title. I hope it was worth the time.

  • So due to the fact that I am on my PS3, I can not see the video above (what sense does that make?).

    Anyway, I don’t know if this was addressed but from the day at E3 when EyePet was first announced I was actually looking forward to it. I was sorely dissappointed when it was delayed for N. America (for a whole year at that).

    I know the PS Move is a great peripheral that will change gaming especially for the hardcore, but I honestly think the magic card will still be a better option with this particular game. Will the N. American version have a standalone game/magic card version? Or does the N. American version require the move?

    If so, I may do what I kind of have been holding back on for a while. That is, import a brand new copy from Europe for 20 bucks.

  • @G-Force. The North American version is Move required.

    I spent $20 to import the EU version last week. Far better option then waiting for Move.

  • I agree with all comments 1-5. I’d rather see Eyecreate2, so far the best thing to come out of the PSeye. Video chat is sweet too but I never use it. I want to though but family needs to get a PS3.

  • sabercrombiedude

    Zomg I Cannot Wait For This.! I Like That Little Pet. This Is Awesome, Maybe Then I’ll Actually Use My PS3. I Currently Only Use It For NetFlix. Wack, Huh.? =P

  • Random question, but does EyePet support trophies?

  • My kids have been waiting for this since 2008… when it was first shown….hurry up already….it didn’t really NEED Move support as that it works fine in EU without it…

  • “does eyepet support trophies?” seriously? That’s been a requirement for how many years now and people still ask that question?

  • is this the reason EyePet was delayed for almost a year in the U.S.? an update couldve done that dude. eyepet is soo last year now, all the hype an ads in HOME to Pull it, ya too funny. sorry, imo

  • #11

    It’s been a requirement for games in 1year and 5months.

  • Ghettocarpenter

    Where can i buy his shirt?

  • My kid was excited last year for this as I showed her some videos and still waiting on it.

    I agree with others that the move didnt add much to this game that the card was doing.

    In any case my daughter will enjoy it this holiday season.

  • #12

    If I remember correctly, it was delayed to give time for creating awareness of the product. I’m sure there will be a huge marketing campaign for the Move and Eyepet will now be apart that marketing thus creating more awareness of the product.
    Just sayin.

  • @16 i kno thats is what they said, i too remember u r correct just that you wont get the same fire from me, i cant speak for all but im not getting it.

  • what are the requirements to run PlayStation move on your ps3 80gig newest version USA
    i have 4 Gig left do i need more!! also to run this game same system

  • LOL this Playstation move remindes me of the wiis controller. As a wii owner,I think They are 100% identical. I remember you guys saying several years ago that Nintendo is for kids and Sony is for winners or somthing like that. It seems like you are looking up to Nintendo now. HA, anyone agree??

  • I always wanted a Gizmo and this will probably be as close as I get

  • no @19, i disagree… ps3 games are not kids stuf like 99% of wii… a controller is not a kids toy… motion is different then the wii’s by a thousand miles dude, the power of ps3’s Cell will melt a wii.. be forreal. good day.

  • @19
    Looking up to the wii, I think not. So far I feel the Move has been having kind of a negative impact. Us first day PS3 owners saw through the Gimmick of waggle. I have bought every Nintendo system up till now. Nintendo lost me at casual gamer. Now Sony has taken the hard road, which has been an uphill battle for the best gameing experience out there. I think by sticking to their guns and new marketing campaign PS3 is truly the best system out there. Not perfect by far, they seem to ignore somethings that need attention.

  • i will hands down be getting the Move, ive used it myself in my hands nd spoke with Dr Marks and Antwan* sorry if misspelled, and asked my question and were happy with the answers and im sure itll be even better when it comes out, not that i had issues with it in the first place, it worked flawless for me!

  • By the time this thing finally comes to North America, my daughter may be too old to enjoy it. She (and I) have been excited for EyePet since we first learned of it, but 2 birthdays have passed since then. Will she still want it for her 10th birthday?…TBD!

  • Seems like some unhappy campers for this blog post, I doubt we’ll see any replies. Prove me wrong Sony, prove me wrong.

  • they made there bed.

  • What happens when I punch it?

  • @27
    It jumps. You can youtube videos of eyepet since its been out for over a year now.

  • Looking forward to play this game.

  • Highly disappointed this isn’t out in the USA yet. Though it will achieve it’s goal of making me adopt the Move so long as there is a bundle with the Move Controller and Sub controller minus the PS Eye since I already have one.

    How about throwing in that red “Adopt Me shirt” too?

    @19 imabigplayer
    Wii isn’t exactly 1:1 accurate.

  • Looks good. Hope it doesn’t get delayed again.

  • I’m assuming the move controller will make it so you can play this game in a dimly lit room better than if you were using the cards. Anyone who has played Eye of Judgement knows what I’m talkin about…

  • Wow, considering the accuracy I’ve gotten from Wii’s they pretty much got smoked judging from the video… Even though I’m 16… I gotta say, that’s pretty damn cool, lol. Although I am looking forward to other games such as SOCOM and that fighting one, I think that at least trying this one is something I should not miss out on. Looks great!

  • All I have to say is that I hope THIS is the game that is packaged with MOVE when it releases.

  • Petro Piaseckyj, you have the BEST AVATAR EVER!!!!!!! :D

  • hmm. I cant see the video due to the ps3 browsers cutting edge technology … oh well (sigh) .

  • @Vex_Doppel really there nothing good for the eyetoy, well you must never heard of the games that came out (Aquatopia 11/19/2007- memerize trace 1/16/2008- operation creature feature 11/19/2007- tori emaki 1/16/2008- trials of topoq 12/19/2007) i own aquatopia an operation creature feature= both are great games, they do need to add more, the games i mention mostly use your hands an just the ps eye, i wonder whats taking so long to make more

  • @yayday i don’t agree with you, i have played a Wii an i think Nintendo went the cheap way out, the move will blow the Wii into pieces, this will be soooo much better even with the sports games its will still be better, just because it’ll respond better an HD being a plus, it’ll be like a new Wii (better graphics) an hopefully the reviews are right, which i have a good feeling there are

  • @Chuckbait i know what you mean, thats the main reason i sold the eye of judgement, the light on the move should solve that problem an with other games like the new socom, i would play in the dark, even thro on MGS4 says to play in a lighted room, i don’t

  • @emjayx how do you know what his AVATAR looks like? its not in the vid, an he hasn’t responded anyone, i would like to know what it is, so i have a clue to why you think its so great, all so why did you post that on here?

  • can you please price PlayStation Move low enough as i will have to purchase 2 sets of them right off the bat if i want to play the fighting game, it looks like it is required for that particular game to have 2 glowing orb controllers.

  • that’s some pretty neat 2D animation frame sketches. I’d like to see a 2D eyepet online cartoon D:

  • @ yayday

    You are either a troll or have not seen anything about move and have not bothered to be informed before putting input. I would even say you have not even watched the video. Because if you had you would have noticed the difference. Let me very simply enlighten you.

    1) CAMERA this is really all I need to mention but I will go on. This adds a 3rd dimension and allows you to use you’re hands with no controller as well as move forward and back on the ground and the camera notices this. I don’t recall we being able to wipe steam off the shower window without having a controller in you’re hand. You also could not wash the little guy without a controller and I don’t know about you but I think that would constitute abuse if you were hitting him while trying to lather him up. That sounds dirty…

    Anyways I could go on but you were probably just trolling and really don’t care about facts just want to try (although very poorly) to discredit the move.

  • @ S-E-G it’s already been priced. I can’t find the more official video I watched but you can see here it’s under $100 for camera one controller and game which seems awesome to me you still need the sub controller but whatever wii did the same crap. At that price it will probably be cheaper to by 2 starter kits and just sell the 2nd camera.

  • @ S-E-G it’s already been priced I found a website but every time I try to put it on it says my comment is being moderated. Anyways do google search it’s 99.99 for controller camera and game. no sub controller but that still seems like a good value to me.

  • So, no answer to my “How does Move make this game better” question.

    I gues it doesn’t and its completely pointless.


  • Aaah, we can’t wait for this game! It looks SO cute, and it looks like the Move is incorporated well to me. It’s made it so the camera is really just for seeing yourself on TV rather than doing the actual control, meaning it should all be so much more accurate. We call it “Monchichi Puppies” in our house, and everyone, from four-year-old to parents, is looking forward to it.

  • awww, the game should’ve been delayed rather than EU gettin the version without Move Support (initially, its gettin patched), coz da people in NA will think that this title’s soo lamooo (coz its old and released last year), and thinks its all bout UC2, GoW 3, ModNation Racers, GT5, Agent, DCUO, The Agency, Free Realms (maybe), etc. etc. etc.

  • Will the european version receive a patch to make it Move compatible?

  • This just confirms my belief that Playstation Move will only be used for gimicks and sports games =/

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