3D Dot Game Heroes: IT’S A RAP!

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(and, coincidentally, it’s also a WRAP, too!)

What am I yammering on about? Why, only the fact that 3D Dot Game Heroes, the PS3-exclusive action-adventure game that takes those gosh-darn-awesome gaming classics we all grew up with (you know, _______, ________, and who could forget ______ ___ _______) and renders them with current gen pizzazz!

3D Dot Game Heroes 1

“I have the power, rawr.”

To celebrate the game’s release, we’re also releasing a fifth video vignette. Not only does it show off the mini-games you’ll be distracted by (dooming the poor citizens of Dotnia to never being rescued from the clutches of Dark Bishop Fuelle), but it also happens to be the most radical video we’ve put out for the game to date.

3D Dot Game Heroes 2

“No, it is too retro-sexy, señor”

So, why should you pick up 3D Dot Game Heroes? Is it safe to assume “because it’s awesome” isn’t quite enough information? Well, how about the following list of things, bulleted for your convenience (and mine):

  • An awesome marriage of old-school 8- and 16-bit sprite style art (in beautiful 3D, mind you) with the full power of the PlayStation 3 system.
  • A retro-yet-modern soundtrack, filled with addictive tunes that you’ll be annoying people in public spaces with your involuntary humming for quite some time.
  • A huge, lush kingdom to explore. Dotnia is filled with secrets, large dungeons, powerful bosses, quests to solve, and hilarious characters. Search every nook and cranny; you’re bound to find something amazing!
  • Tons of replayability, whether by means of the mini-games, the new game + modes (yes, there is more than one post-game mode to try), or trying to collect all of the swords (many of which are not easily found).
  • Have we mentioned it’s only $39.99?

3D Dot Game Heroes 3

“Ew, a spider, kill it! Oh wait, that’s us…”

Have we told you about the “Hall of Heroes” yet, PlayStation Blog friends? You know, the handy, dandy repository for all of your awesome custom heroes (assuming they don’t infringe on any rights you don’t own)? The place where you can go to download new designs from Crafty McCraftersons around the world? The place where if you submit a great design in the next month or so, you could be eligible to win some Amazon Video Games credit? Oh, NOW we have your attention. Well, we might as well pimp the link: http://www.3ddotgameheroes.com/hallofheroes

So, in conclusion… Stay the course… A thousand points of light… And remember to pick of 3D Dot Game Heroes for your PlayStation 3 system today. It’s only $39.99!

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  • oh yeah the creation mode is pretty damn extreme too!!!

  • Great Job ATLUS! Game is everything I hoped and dreamed for, all the subtle references are the best. Looking forward to exploring every last dot in Dotnia. And yes, I too was swarmed by angry chickens, but they had it coming!

    p.s. Demons Souls FTW!

  • Thanks Aram. I didn’t sleep last night, lol.

    Hey, any chance you guys could pop in a 3D patch for this game. Looks like it would run great in 3D this coming June :)

    • Sindred,

      We’re both sorry and pleased that you got no sleep last night :)

      I would think a 3D patch would be unlikely, but you never know. Thanks for supporting the game!

  • Oh and By the way, judging by my local Gamestop, you guys seem to be doing well with this… Well deserved sir. Well Deserved.

  • Played this for the entire evening last night. All I can say is WOW!!! From Software and Atlus really nailed it. Two of the best games that I’ve played in years in one year from the same companies.

    1) I know it’s a bit early to ask this question, but are there any plans for a sequel to these games?

    2) Also, what is your next PS3 project?

    3) Any chance of you guys localizing Tales of Vesperia or picking up the port for The Last Remnant?


  • I will probably get this.

  • My package comes from Amazon today. I can’t wait to get home and play. My most anticipated game since Demon’s Souls and persona PSP.

  • aaah, now I understand why everybody’s excited about 3D Game Heroes, it just looks AMAZING! XD

  • The game must be selling nicely – I have FIVE “unboxing” videos next to each other in my Youtube channel subscriptions (that’s even more unboxings than God of War or FFXIII had among my subscriptions ;-) ).
    I have to wait till we get it in Europe in a few days, I wanted to support our local release to ensure that we officially get these kinds of games in a timely fashion.

  • Picked it up at Gamestop yesterday. Tried it out last night for a bit before passing out with controller in hand, (not cause it was boring, just stayed up too late the night before) and waking up hours later to see my hero still alive but staring right at the wall. I can’t wait to get home tonight and play for reals now that I now that I got some of the sleep I guess I needed.

    Thanks Atlus for bring us this awesome game!!!!!!

  • Superstrokey1123

    Any press release that has radical in it is full of win.

  • Superstrokey1123

    Also i have the game on preorder but the bestbuys up here in canada didnt get them yesturday… got to wait till thursday they said.

  • Fun game. Picked it up last night and made it through the 3rd dungeon. By far the best throwback game to date. Had me laughing pretty good there with “demon souls trade, cause its so hard”.
    Instant classic, and im looking forward to see what people come up with for the character download site you set up. I did read that its compatible with the japanese files as well. Is that true? If so any chance we can get a link to their share site. Not knowing how to read Japanese makes it a tad difficult to navigate their websites. I also read about some character packs that were made available over there as well. Were these part of the initial offerings on the american disk, or do you plan some DLC packs for the future.
    Either way stellar job guys and gals at Atlus and thanks for bringing this game over for us to enjoy.
    Bring it on dungeon 4 after work today!

  • Sorry, Amazon screwed up. Unfortunately this is going to have to wait until they give me my money back.

  • Picked up this one!!

  • picked up my copy today at futureshop, only 4 copies they had and i picked up the last one. glad i did. love it!

  • Hey Aram, is there a way to remove the blur on the stuff in the distance?
    I remember you saying something about there being a bunch of video/colour options in the game but i cant find them.
    The blur burns the hell out of my eyes when i look up the screen. Probably because im supposed to wear glasses…

    No big deal though. Love the game. :D I felt like an idiot, but i bought 2 copies at once. One for my friend, but still. lol.

    Yeah. Blur. Remove. Possible. Yes? No? D:

  • This game looks pretty sweet. Demons Souls is an amazing game, so I’ll prolly get this one day…

  • I, just got done making 3D Dot KRATOS! Now I’m ready to save the kingdom.

  • Sadly, noone in my town has this game to buy yet – No idea when I can get my hands on this. Makes me a sad panda. lol

  • @chuckbait

    Amazon and Gamestop were have pricing duels over Demon’s souls a few days ago, it went for $30. Might want to check around they might still have it at that price.

    It deserved GOTY.

    New Egg has 3d.Heros for $35 and free shipping. get it while it is hot.

  • so i just played thru the second temple and on my way to the desert! I must say this game is sheer brilliance! I have Demons Souls and love all the sweet in game references! IF YOU DONT HAVE A COPY, GET ONE ASAP!! you’lll love it the second you start playing!

  • I loved the answer post # 29 got.

  • So much full of win! :D

  • Honestly one of the greatest games I’ve bought in years!

    The graphics are unique and bright, a large amount of hours can be put into the game, classic music that stays in your head for hours after playing it and best of all I get to swing a 100 yard sword.

    And you would think “well you can swing a 100 year sword, it must be super easy,” and then you fight the first boss, get hit once – and it all goes down hill from there! Certainly adds a degree of difficulty.

    The game is also quite humorous with subtle jokes, or references to other games making exploration even more enjoyable.

    Only negative thing I’ve been able to pick out is that the game has froze my system twice since I started playing it, something I have not experienced. Good thing there is open world saving :P!

    Overall – great game and I would not change a thing.


  • I love this game. So fun. I started playing it after I beat Demon’s Souls. From Software has got my attention. I love your level design and the atmosphere you create. Also the DS references in 3D Dot Heroes was a great touch. Guys, keep it up. If you can find it in your hearts to give us Demon’s Souls 2 or at least unlock that broken arch stone that would be great. And 3D Dot Heroes is a winner. Keep it up. I will be buying your next game for sure. :)

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