3D Dot Game Heroes: IT’S A RAP!

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(and, coincidentally, it’s also a WRAP, too!)

What am I yammering on about? Why, only the fact that 3D Dot Game Heroes, the PS3-exclusive action-adventure game that takes those gosh-darn-awesome gaming classics we all grew up with (you know, _______, ________, and who could forget ______ ___ _______) and renders them with current gen pizzazz!

3D Dot Game Heroes 1

“I have the power, rawr.”

To celebrate the game’s release, we’re also releasing a fifth video vignette. Not only does it show off the mini-games you’ll be distracted by (dooming the poor citizens of Dotnia to never being rescued from the clutches of Dark Bishop Fuelle), but it also happens to be the most radical video we’ve put out for the game to date.

3D Dot Game Heroes 2

“No, it is too retro-sexy, señor”

So, why should you pick up 3D Dot Game Heroes? Is it safe to assume “because it’s awesome” isn’t quite enough information? Well, how about the following list of things, bulleted for your convenience (and mine):

  • An awesome marriage of old-school 8- and 16-bit sprite style art (in beautiful 3D, mind you) with the full power of the PlayStation 3 system.
  • A retro-yet-modern soundtrack, filled with addictive tunes that you’ll be annoying people in public spaces with your involuntary humming for quite some time.
  • A huge, lush kingdom to explore. Dotnia is filled with secrets, large dungeons, powerful bosses, quests to solve, and hilarious characters. Search every nook and cranny; you’re bound to find something amazing!
  • Tons of replayability, whether by means of the mini-games, the new game + modes (yes, there is more than one post-game mode to try), or trying to collect all of the swords (many of which are not easily found).
  • Have we mentioned it’s only $39.99?

3D Dot Game Heroes 3

“Ew, a spider, kill it! Oh wait, that’s us…”

Have we told you about the “Hall of Heroes” yet, PlayStation Blog friends? You know, the handy, dandy repository for all of your awesome custom heroes (assuming they don’t infringe on any rights you don’t own)? The place where you can go to download new designs from Crafty McCraftersons around the world? The place where if you submit a great design in the next month or so, you could be eligible to win some Amazon Video Games credit? Oh, NOW we have your attention. Well, we might as well pimp the link: http://www.3ddotgameheroes.com/hallofheroes

So, in conclusion… Stay the course… A thousand points of light… And remember to pick of 3D Dot Game Heroes for your PlayStation 3 system today. It’s only $39.99!

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  • haha, now that’s funny.

  • Love the game glad I picked it up!!!

  • Sweet!!!!!!

  • Got my copy in the mail today and I justed finished the first temple and I have to say that this game is awesome!! I’m a big fan of games that let you explore any area right from the beginner!! It makes me sad that most games these days don’t let you do this and are very linear.

    Also, the references to Demon Souls in this game made me lol :P

    I hope the team behind this game are considering to make a sequel. I love games that are done in this retro style, and for those of us who grew up playing games like ______ ___ _______ and were waiting forever for a someone to capture that classic feel, 3D Dot Game Heroes is like a dream come true.

  • Picked it up today. Very fun.

  • Mine shipped from Amazon.com yesterday! I’ve had this pre-ordered
    since the first day it went up on Amazon. I cannot wait for it to get here :D

    Thank you so much Atlus for bringing this to the USA; I wrote you guys a letter asking you to please publish this game over here in the states as soon as I saw the screenshots from the Japanese release. I’m so happy you guys were able to pull it off.

    I hope you post again after the release so we can tell you how much we love the game :)

    • jh6269,

      We appreciate your support!

      3D Dot Game Heroes is one of those games we think is very much a labor of love, whether you’re talking about the talented folks at Silicon Studio/From Software or our incredibly passionate team of translators and editors (i.e. our localization staff). Everyone involved flat-out loves video games, and we believe that shows in the final product.

      We’re glad you’re enjoying the game!

  • Bought it, love it! Thx for the great retro game.

  • Made me lol pretty hard

  • Man i want this game!

  • notebook_holder

    This is going to be such an epic game… I ordered it today because i thought it wouldn’t be sold out boy was i wrong… But not to worry friends i ordered it online and should be coming soon… I’m so glad this is different from all the other generic stuff now and days.

    • notebook_holder,

      And on the subject of availability, while some situations where the game isn’t available are indeed the game selling out (which is great, of course), there are also cases in which the game may not make it onto shelves until tomorrow (varies based on location, retailer, etc), so we ask for some patience for anyone who goes out to pick a copy up and walks away discouraged.

      Also, it’s a nice opportunity to remind that pre-ordering, in addition to helping to give us and our retail partners an idea of how much demand is out there, also kind of eliminates any challenge associated with finding a copy at launch.

      Just slipping that in there ;)

      Thank you so much for ordering!

  • Haha, oops! That should say beginning, not beginner in that post.

    Like jh62669 said, I also wanna thank Atlus for bring this game over to the state side… and for such a reasonable price too!

    That rap video was pretty cleaver. :P
    An 80’s T.V. Commercial parody for a game that parodies video games from the 80s.

    If others don’t know what video I’m talking about check here.

  • Its not a TRAP?!

    • I seriously considered some Ackbar action for this one, but in the end I figured that the meme was a bit too powerful to have people see “RAP” and not think “TRAP.”

      And we don’t want people thinking trap! :D

  • haha i thought the title said …. ITS A TRAP

    oh what the mind does at times

    anyway … i need to get this game asap

  • Already got it pre-ordered, just waiting for Amazon to ship.

  • @14

    Lol, same here! I’m just waiting on Amazon too.

  • A tower defense minigame? Aram Jabbari’s posts are, as always, full of win!

  • I’m hoping someone gets me this game for my birthday! If not then I’ll just buy it myself after May 22. I can’t wait!

  • Got mine earlier today on the way home from work and enjoying it was we speak.

    For some reason though Target didn’t even have it in their inventory, like at all, not even in the system. Ended up having to go grab a copy at gamestop but they had about 3 or 4 left on the shelf.

    • Ramage,

      Unfortunately, not every title is brought in by every retailer, which would explain what you encountered.

      Fortunately, there are plenty of purchasing options for 3D Dot Game Heroes, and we’re glad you managed to find (and purchase, of course) a copy.

      Thanks for supporting the game!

  • I’d love to be playing this right now but Best Buy didn’t stock it in time and I got the “we have 6 copies on order but we don’t know when we’re gonna get them”

  • off topic, what’s with the PS3 shortage everywhere? Target, Gamestop, Best Buy, Wal-mart, and even Amazon is sold out.

  • Thanks, Aram.

    We need some DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince up in here!

  • lol, nice rap! XD This blog shoulda been 3DDGH all day today, screaming it from the mountain tops (well.. laptops I guess..) It’s a game with a kid made out of blocks saving the world and it’s published by Atlus, like anything else matters after hearing that. :D

    Got my copy today. Thank you SO MUCH for the work you did getting this published in the states. THANK YOU!! (Of course a big thank you to Silicon Studio & FROM Software too!)

  • Can’t wait for my copy to arrive in the mail tomorrow!

  • Love the game got when i got right after been playing it since

    Awesome game
    and I love the Demon Soul parody

    Hero Soul
    Stick Stuff in my hair

    Also would u guys be realeasing in the hall of heroes like a template for male/female characters?
    sort of a body figure to get started

    • EddyC__,

      Not a bad idea re: a template model or two for the “Hall of Heroes.” We’ll look into it! :)

      (of course, maybe some talented gamer with time on their hands will submit a couple, too…)

  • right after school**

  • Game is in-hand. Made a special trip out of the cave today to pick it up. :D

  • gonna get my copy tomorrow! this game is gonna be a classic! been itching to get my hands on this game, so i can reminisce the good ol’ days of gaming (8bit/16bit era)yet, with the power and visual graphics of the ps3!!! just amazing!

  • I just got taken out by a pack of pissed off chickens… >_________<

    • jimmyfoxhound,

      The question you really have to be asking is “why do the chickens hate me?”

      I think the answer justifies your fate…

  • Once I heard “your parents help you hook it up” line, it suddenly came to me that its a parody to the old Nintendo commercial.

  • I’m glad that Atlus always localizes the best games from Japan… but you know… there’s one franchise that you’re missing. It’s… Yakuza (Ryu Ga Gotoku)!! You should definitely localize Yakuza 4!

  • I love you guys.

    Seriously, I do.


  • Wow, great parody of the old Zelda commercial! I couldn’t help but laugh at the “Your parents help you hook it up!” part. Also, it’s a great game; I’m having a ton of fun, and have already made my first character.

    FYI: If you try to open a non-3DDGH screenshot when viewing your album it exits the game to the XMB without warning. If you could patch this, it will probably prevent a lot of frustration.

  • iiiOSKBARBERiii


  • iiiOSKBARBERiii


  • Picked this up today and love what I’ve played so far. Nice trailer too.

  • I’m rarely a fan of Japanese games these days, but when I saw this I was intrigued. Looks to be right up my alley! Hilarious, just waiting for Amazon to deliver my order now…

  • Looking forward to getting this in the mail tomorrow. Great video. Had no idea it had that many little mini-games and other things to do. I was just looking forward to getting a fix for old style games on the PS3. Now the hard part is whether to play this or finally get cracking with Demon’s Souls which has been sitting on the shelf due my backlog of games to play.

  • LOL Awesome commercial! I hope that’s the trailer that came out on the PSN today.

  • Atlus, bring Monster Kingdom: Jewel Summoner to the PSN. Also , have you guys considered bringing Coded Souls PSP to the US?

  • Rock out with your block out?

  • Nice, I’m gonna pick this up later this week at best buy and pre-order Persona 3 PSP on Amazon for the Cap. I enjoyed Demon’s Souls and I’m probably gonna enjoy this retro game too.

    So, Aram, Can we expect to see Atlus at E3? Announcing Anything Major? Specifically for the PS3? or Will this be the last PS3 title you will be releasing for the year? I know this too much to ask but Is there any news on Steambot Chronicles 2? Whatever happened to that game.

  • Did you guys hire Will Smith for that vid? Haha
    Just got the game today and I’m loving it! THANK YOU ATLUS!

  • I really wanted this, but I thought it was going to be a downloadable game :(

    $60 is too much for me right now, I have to buy SuperMario Galaxy 2 AND I have to get ModNation Racers..

  • ^ the game is $40

  • Should be in my mailbox when I get home. Fingers crossed.

  • Argh. This game had completely slipped my mind. Tooo busy being hyped for LBP 2 and MvC 3. But that was awesome, though.

    I’ll make sure to buy it.

  • Just picked this game up yesterday cant wait to start playing! you guys take the entire RPG standpoint and launch it miles ahead! cant wait to start playing and make my heros! thanks for this game and even demons souls Atlus!!

  • We played this last night and it’s everything we expected, and even a little more. Can’t wait to check out the minigames, especially tower defense!

    Hey Aram, how much liberty was given to the localization team? Are some of the references with the townspeople changed or made into ones more accessible to Westerners?

    • rmx687,

      There were some situations where the script specifically referenced games or IPs that have no presence here in North America. In many of those instances, the team tapped into their years of gaming experience to pull some appropriate North American analogies.

      If you’re laughing out loud at some of the jokes and wondering if the original Japanese script is just as funny, I can assure you that it is; this is a game that seeps with video game related humor.

  • got it yesterday morning. what an awesome game!! and the mini games are good also. rush is good but tower defense shines. i like how the levels are. so glad i decided to buy it!! awesome job ATLUS!!!!

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