ModNation Racers: It’s a DLC “Air Raid”!

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In anticipation for our ModNation Racers release on May 25th, and to celebrate ModNation May, we are going to drop some free ModNation DLC before we even launch the game! So what DLC are we hooking you up with?

I’d like to introduce you to Air Raid!

ModNation Racers: Air Raid DLC

ModNation Racers: Air Raid DLC (Mod)ModNation Racers: Air Raid DLC (kart)

Get an AIRMEN CAP and FLIGHT JACKET to use on any one of your Mod creations!

Air Raid is a sweet Mod that drives an even sweeter Fighter Plane Kart. If you’re lucky enough to get a voucher for this character, you don’t just get to play as Air Raid, but you can get all the accessories that come with him to create your own “Ace” driver and slick Air Fighter-styled kart.

ModNation Racers: Air Raid DLC

Pilot your Kart with a YOKE steering wheel or take aim with CROSS HAIR hood ornament.

So the big question is, “How do I get a voucher, Chuck?”

We will be giving away a bunch of voucher codes in many different ways, and we will let you know which ones right here on the PlayStation.Blog.

The first site that is hooking you up is our friends at GameSpot! They are planning on doing two code drops, with the first one being on May 10th. They have a limited quantity, so be sure to get in there before they run out.

ModNation Racers: Air Raid DLC

Expect more hints about where you’ll see Air Raid next soon, right here on the PlayStation.Blog.

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  • Woollymonster73

    hey chuck is that for a paid account for gaemspot or just a regular account? thanks chuck
    P.S. i love you MAN!

  • Woollymonster73

    btw would something like a lutwafe from Ww2 be redflaged?

  • oh Gamespot….lol… I was miss reading…. Gametrailers is a bit better..

  • Well, I got both Red Dead Redemption and Modnation racers so do I know have a horse that drifts and shoots missiles?

  • Make sure you check out it’s a forum for Fans of Modnation Racers. We hope to grow our already growing community by adding more members who are also fans of the game. Modnation Racers for the win!

  • what about canada

  • I hope the redemption for these are easier than for the GOW skins. I’m still waiting for them.

  • I thought we had flying karts for a second lol.

  • its a shame that the final game code review for this game was kinda of low on and other sites giving it 7 out of 10 they say that racing wise the game is to cruel to gamers plus the loading times are ridiculously long will these problems be fixed in a download patch?

  • This looks like a good time but I will be waiting to purchase until I hear the load times are fixed

  • The load times are really not that bad when you consider everything that happens in the background….Borderlands has long loads as well sometimes..

  • Already pre-ordered mine, looking forward to playing it on the 25th.

  • So excited for this game! The load times are a little discouraging, but hardly get in the way of my excitement. I probably will be away from the computer when you guys give this away at Gamespot, so I’ll hope for the best on the next oppertunity. :(

  • Thanks for the info as usual Chuck, especially the link to the Gamespot site giveaway!

    Also, really excited to hear that there will be a PS3 demo at some point.

    All great news as always.

  • chuck,it says at the website “Offer open to U.S. GameSpot members 13 and older.” so does that mean Canadians got screwed over again?

  • Chuck this is killing me honestly.

    I have got to get this. Question, if I happen to be one of the unlucky ones because that’s the case, I’m not manipulating you so don’t feel bad.

    Back to my question hahahaha If I get unlucky is it possible this will come out later on as DLC? I would be willing to pay for it.

    For others, visit my dedicated little big community.

    www. playcreateandshare .com

    • Nice work! Thanks so much for the support. I don’t know if this will be available as paid DLC later on, but I promise there will be several ways to get it before launch. Just stay tuned.

      Sorry to be killing you.

  • WOULD Chuck hook the Bandit up with a code?..Doubtful. COULD Chuck hook the Bandit up with a code?..even less likely. WOULD he laugh at this comment?..definitely!

    Now, do you see what I did there?!

    *Bandit gets code for making absurd ‘Would Chuck. Could Chuck. Would’ post*

    • Well played Bandit. Well played.

      For that I’m hooking you up with a code.

      Just go the GameSpot on May 10th and it will be there waiting for you.

      (See what I did there?)


  • I really want thus game !!!!!!!!! I got my grandpa to take me recycling this saturday and I think I figured out which game (Or games) to sell Sorry nintendo, mariokart just isn’t as fun as it used to be. I have the demo for the psp and am waiting for the ps3 demo(do u think u can tell us when that is?) and will never delete it untill I get the game. Found out how to get ratchet and clank. But I don’t want to go preorder from I guess I will have to settle for kratos. I’m not a fan of GOW but I could post the code on the Internet for the poor person who couldn’t preorder it. I also agree with # 37.


    • Maybe you can trade with someone? Anyone what to trade a Ratchet and Clank for a Kratos and Kart? Hit Jacob-813 and let him know. :)

  • my birthday is may 7th. can i plzzz get one? im serious u can even check my psn!

  • Awesome… FREE DLC? H@LL YEA! You can bet I have this pre-ordered.

    Go Sony/United Front!

  • I want one so bad i have both the psp and the PS3 version of this game on pre-order just like when i found about the psp version of Littlebigplanet… I love them both the same :)

  • I landed the demo of this game too and was in the beta and i’m totally psyched :)

  • Oh man. Now I’m going to be blasting “Ride of the Valkyries” while playing. XD

  • what about canada no love its the same with the video store

  • i hope I get one for pre-ordering or subscribing to the modnation mailing list. I got a voucher for everything else thru that.

    BTW. I’m loving the Speedy Gonzales mustache…

  • I don’t understand why it is US Only? those codes work for Canadians as well… so what is the problem? there is no need to make a US account when it works perfectly fine

  • Oh Chuck…you are such a generous soul! *psst!* just don’t tell anyone else about it mmmkay?…*wink.wink.nod.nod*

    i really wanted to put a ‘SHOULD chuck hook the Bandit up with a code..” in there, but it didn’t fit with the ‘How much wood could a wood chuck chuck’ theme unfortunately. Maybe next time!

  • Great, DLC before the game even comes out. Think I’ll wait for the “Game of the Year edition” @ $30 that includes all the DLC.

  • does the work with the driving force gt

  • “I’ll work with our Canadian team to see how we can get some love up north.”

    I’m going to hold you to that Chuck. Ask Jeff or GvD, they know how tenacious I can be on stuff like this.

  • cool kart, but im banned form gamespot, for using bad words, an i think they have my IP adress because i can’t make another acount even with a new email adress, i tried an they won’t let me post till they check my account an then they ban me agian, really retarded, i might go to a freinds an try on there internet

  • Man. Day one dlc is not the way to hype up a game, I’m sorry it just isn’t. While it’s awesome your giving some away, the majority of people whom acquire this will have to pay for it.

  • go canada

  • Not just this one tho but any CODE GIVEAWAY it says US only… it should really be North America Only because US codes work for Canadians although I’m not sure if that goes vice versa tho

  • I won a PixelJunk Shooter contest where I won the full game and the code was suppose to be US only so they had me make a US account, but I just put it into my Canadian account and BAM it works perfectly fine

  • EmperorLawlight

    Will there be a patch for the loading times?

  • I will get the game day 1;)

    BUT is it true about the long loading times tho? That really put me off MotorStorm 1 when i got that game :-/ It was a amazing game but i didn’t want to play it anymore because of the long loading times.

  • ah i knew there would be something like this! thanks for the update chuck! i know where ill be scrabbling to on May 10. it just stinks cause ill be away at my brother graduation from college that day so my chances r slim :( oh well thanks for the info Chuck!

  • Well this is ALL fine…but according to many reviews of this game…sadly the Load times are terrible….. This better be fixed before release….

  • I have it peordered and cant wiat for it to come out, I went to gamespots websight but very unclear on how to even get into the drawing to have a chance to win any help would be appreciated. Thanks

    • From what I understand you go to that page on that date. You have to be a registered member of the site as well, but that’s free.

  • Great work Chuck

    Do Europe get this as well, or can’t you say?


  • @91 – IGN said the load times can be a bit long, but usually not to off putting. Also, said they were well worth the wait because the game is so good.

    Chuck, if you can get Canada some love on the DLC giveaway you are the MAN!

  • coooooooooooool

  • I’ll be to busy playing World of Outlaws,sprint cars a man’s racing game

  • I love this DLC and want it so I will be looking out for this contest to win a copy of add-on.

  • I would expect it to be with IGN. But, I guess a gaming site is just a gaming site. I hope there is more and more DLCs when the game is out. I already pre-ordered it at Gamestop to be able to play as a Kratos!!! So, I am pumped up for it. Way to go Playstation, after the smoke clears and the other two companies have exhausted all their charms; the PS3 stands tall and firm being Number 1. WAY TO GO!!!!

  • With all due respect for the fact I think this game looks amazing and am really looking forward to it I think this is getting a bit stupid.

    Nine exclusive characters now that lots of people are gonna want but the majority wont get. The first three were fair enough at a pinch but now this is overkill if they will never be put on the PSN Store.

  • Getting closer to buying this day one…

    I’m sure they will drop free dlc just like LBP did when it first came out.

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