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Howdy gang! I am going to tell you a bit about Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West, a fast-paced, team-based multiplayer shooter released today on PSN.

So What Does It Play Like?
Many comparisons have been made (by people watching previews) to Team Fortress 2, which is understandable due to the similarity in genre. Although we do love TF2, we are very confident that the gameplay and feel of Lead and Gold has an identity all of its own.

Lead and Gold features six multiplayer maps, five multiplayer game modes, a co-op mode and a single player practice mode. The matches are five-on-five affairs and the game mechanics, game modes and maps have all been designed with one common goal: team play.

Let me give you some examples:

  • Player characters have aura buffs — we call them Synergies — that strengthen your gang-mates if they stay in your vicinity. This is a simple but effective way to encourage players to work together.
  • The experience system rewards actions that actually help the team, such as carrying mission objective items and reviving gang-mates. The experience system is non-persistent so everyone starts a new round on equal terms.
  • You can revive fallen comrades. Before death, players are usually left in a knocked down state from which they can be revived by a gang-mate. This is yet another incentive to hang around your mates.
  • Game mode objectives generally require cooperation. Carrying a heavy sack of gold or a keg filled with gunpowder makes you quite an easy target, unless you have back up.

Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West

Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West

Who Do You Play As?
There are four professions to choose from. We have the shotgun-toting and dynamite-hurling Blaster, the quick-shooting Gunslinger, the mid-range marauding Deputy, and a long-range specialist known as the Trapper. Each class has their own special ability, or traits as we call them. The blaster chucks dynamite, the gunslinger fans his revolver for unparalleled rate of fire, the Deputy tags enemies making them more vulnerable, and the Trapper can lay traps to incapacitate her prey.

Game Modes?
Lead and Gold offers a rootin’, tootin’ selection of game modes that fits nicely into the Western setting. Conquest is a zone capture mode…with a twist. The zones must be captured in sequence, which makes for a focused and intense tug-of-war like battle. In Greed, the objective is for both gangs is to bring as much gold as possible to your drop-off zone. Remember to cover your teammate carrying the gold! In Powder Keg, one team must sabotage a specific objective, like a waterwheel, while the opposing team tries to defend it. The attacking team needs to bring a powder keg to the objective and shoot it to blow it up, while protecting the player carrying the keg. Then there is my personal favorite, Robbery, which plays like a combination of Greed and Powder Keg. The attacking gang must first bring a keg to a safe to blow it open, and then carry the gold to their drop-off zone. There is also Shootout, the only game mode without specific objectives — it’s a straight-up team deathmatch.

Why the Wild West?
When we were thinking about our next project, there was one thing we all could definitely agree on during our creative discussions and ramblings. It was the fact that the Wild West has been a criminally neglected setting in videogames for many years. One day, in one of those meetings, we had a collective revelation. Gunshots and screams of horses were heard in the distance, a fragrant smell of campfire beans filled the room, and a Morricone medley played on the old static ridden radio.

We realized we need to make a cowboy shooter. A multiplayer, third-person cowboy shooter.

Best Moment in the Game?
For sure when you get shot down and face off with another shot-down enemy. It is a bit like Monty Python and the Holy Grail where he screams, “I can still bite you!” I love it!

You can find more information about the game at

Thank you for your time!

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12 Author Replies

  • $14.99 is way too expensive for my taste. I’ll just wait for Red Dead Redemtion.

  • What about mw2??????? its supposed to be out today and its not in ps store….. in not even on this page any info on this???????? please reply

  • Everyone keeps mentioning Red Dead Redemption. While it’s easy to be reminded of that totally awesome game coming soon, this game is nothing like it. Apples and oranges.

    They are both awesome games from what I’ve seen and comparing the two is like saying Metal Gear Solid and Assassin’s Creed are the same because you sneak and kill people.

    Enjoy them both!
    And LnG is cheap! Even if you’re wanting to hold off for RDR, do what i’m doing, pick up this cheap and fun looking game to keep yourself busy until it comes out :)

  • yeah, its like RDR = MW2 and LaG = Team fortress 2 , they are different

    hey I just realize the short for Lead and gold is LAG

    did they fix the lag issues that the pc version has?

  • looks nice. great framerate + animations

  • This looks fantastic to me. If the price is right I’ll definitely download.

  • Would buy it but read dead is on its way. Ill have to leave this for a summer purchase..

  • Custom Soundtracks?! If so, I’ll bite. If not, RDR is just around the corner.

  • Hmm this sounds like a lot of fun. Any word on pricing yet?

  • billyTHEkid_lll

    what time does the PSN update? i got the day off today and i’m still waiting for an update. what is taking so long???

  • Superstrokey1123

    Is this a 60fps game? Looks crazy smooth. Also 1080p? I assume not if 60fps but just checking.

  • looks fun! If its got 4 player splitscreen then im sold!!!

  • Great game so far, except for that danged aiming reticule. Why is it so huge and so hard to see thru? Couldn’t you have made an option to tone it down / turn it off? I highly suggest you fix it soon. It is very distracting and taking away from my enjoyment of the game. Thanks.

    • Thanks.

      We should probably add an option in a patch or DLC where you can tuen it down.


  • me gusta ese juego amigos

  • I have red dead redemption paid off already…I think this will give me the perfect warm up before it releases…heading to download it now =)

  • Will there be a demo?

  • Mr Sid Shuman. You got my hopes initially saying there would be a demo released today. Disappointed….

  • Oh this is MINE,,its downloading NOW as I write this….

  • Thanks for the info and it does look fun to play with friends but I always want to try the demo before I purchase a game in the store. The same reason that I rent a game before buying it, either way good luck with this project!

  • Despite some worries, I decided to get this game and… I am impress. Pretty fun, the controls are pretty good, and there doesn’t seem to be that much lag. I probably would have enjoy the PC version a little more but I am happy with the PSN version. Hope to see some cool updates for this game.:)

  • Games like these should be free with some support from advertising somehow. I would like to play it but I don’t have enough money, and if nobody plays it it would have been a waste. It is difficult to buy something that might not last even a week.

  • im am sad i bought this game . when the room is full it is fun when it’s 1 v 1 it sucks . i don’t see anyone playing this game in 2 months and now i’m out 15 bucks . oh well live and learn.
    @71 ikki is right this should of been free . with micro transactions for more maps and accesories and stuff.

  • DEMO, DEMO, DEMO! Why isn’t there one for this game?

    • We put in all the effort and money into the actual game. We might release a demo come this summer.


  • If there were dedicated servers I would haved picked this up already. I just can’t deal with P2P lag and hosts quiting all the time.

    If that happens in the future, I would gladly purchase a copy.

  • It’s pretty fun. There are some AI bot bugs in the co-op mode (guys running in circles or getting stuck running against rocks). Hopefully an update will fix that kind of stuff. Otherwise it’s a nice change of pace from MW2. Do more levels unlock in the co-op mode or are we stuck playing Harvest Hill?

  • Hey Gang…after an all nighter with this game…the mechanics that have been put into this quite suprising to me and those I have turned onto.Their is some really good team based objectives that are suprising for 15 bucks…I would have paid more….guns in game…are as acutate as any shooter on the market.Very fun ..I will even go as far to say..its as fun as uncharted 2 online play..certain aspects are better…

  • This is some bullshiggidy! Where in the world is the Tecmo Super Bowl Throwback? Forget yall Sony. Going to download the original from the Wii. Jive turkeys!

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