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Howdy gang! I am going to tell you a bit about Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West, a fast-paced, team-based multiplayer shooter released today on PSN.

So What Does It Play Like?
Many comparisons have been made (by people watching previews) to Team Fortress 2, which is understandable due to the similarity in genre. Although we do love TF2, we are very confident that the gameplay and feel of Lead and Gold has an identity all of its own.

Lead and Gold features six multiplayer maps, five multiplayer game modes, a co-op mode and a single player practice mode. The matches are five-on-five affairs and the game mechanics, game modes and maps have all been designed with one common goal: team play.

Let me give you some examples:

  • Player characters have aura buffs — we call them Synergies — that strengthen your gang-mates if they stay in your vicinity. This is a simple but effective way to encourage players to work together.
  • The experience system rewards actions that actually help the team, such as carrying mission objective items and reviving gang-mates. The experience system is non-persistent so everyone starts a new round on equal terms.
  • You can revive fallen comrades. Before death, players are usually left in a knocked down state from which they can be revived by a gang-mate. This is yet another incentive to hang around your mates.
  • Game mode objectives generally require cooperation. Carrying a heavy sack of gold or a keg filled with gunpowder makes you quite an easy target, unless you have back up.

Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West

Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West

Who Do You Play As?
There are four professions to choose from. We have the shotgun-toting and dynamite-hurling Blaster, the quick-shooting Gunslinger, the mid-range marauding Deputy, and a long-range specialist known as the Trapper. Each class has their own special ability, or traits as we call them. The blaster chucks dynamite, the gunslinger fans his revolver for unparalleled rate of fire, the Deputy tags enemies making them more vulnerable, and the Trapper can lay traps to incapacitate her prey.

Game Modes?
Lead and Gold offers a rootin’, tootin’ selection of game modes that fits nicely into the Western setting. Conquest is a zone capture mode…with a twist. The zones must be captured in sequence, which makes for a focused and intense tug-of-war like battle. In Greed, the objective is for both gangs is to bring as much gold as possible to your drop-off zone. Remember to cover your teammate carrying the gold! In Powder Keg, one team must sabotage a specific objective, like a waterwheel, while the opposing team tries to defend it. The attacking team needs to bring a powder keg to the objective and shoot it to blow it up, while protecting the player carrying the keg. Then there is my personal favorite, Robbery, which plays like a combination of Greed and Powder Keg. The attacking gang must first bring a keg to a safe to blow it open, and then carry the gold to their drop-off zone. There is also Shootout, the only game mode without specific objectives — it’s a straight-up team deathmatch.

Why the Wild West?
When we were thinking about our next project, there was one thing we all could definitely agree on during our creative discussions and ramblings. It was the fact that the Wild West has been a criminally neglected setting in videogames for many years. One day, in one of those meetings, we had a collective revelation. Gunshots and screams of horses were heard in the distance, a fragrant smell of campfire beans filled the room, and a Morricone medley played on the old static ridden radio.

We realized we need to make a cowboy shooter. A multiplayer, third-person cowboy shooter.

Best Moment in the Game?
For sure when you get shot down and face off with another shot-down enemy. It is a bit like Monty Python and the Holy Grail where he screams, “I can still bite you!” I love it!

You can find more information about the game at

Thank you for your time!

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12 Author Replies

  • This looks sweet.
    Will a Demo also be released soon?

    • Today*. :-) It does look sweet, doesn’t it? Digging that ultra-slick framerate you can see in the video…can’t wait to try it myself!

      CORRECTION: My brain skipped over the word “demo” above. It is actually the full Lead & Gold game. My bad! Will teach me to read more carefully in the future…;-)

  • Looks good. Not a multiplayer online only type person but I wish you well.

  • Hi

    When will the PSN Store Update?

    Thank you :)

  • This looks like Read dead redemption without horses.

  • im 38 yrs old, westerns were my s*it, this for the psp and red dead redemption yeaaa!

  • I JUST CANT WAIT! The hell with Team Fortress 2 and Valve with their updates and hatred towards PS3! Show ’em whos boss and what can be done! I gotta say, this is how the wild west should be done! A few questions though.

    1. 5.1 & Custom Soundtracks?
    2. PSN and PC exclusive?
    3. 1080p?

    Thanx, YeeHah!

    • 1) We have support for 5.1 but no custom siundtracks sorry.
      2) Only out on PSn and PC as of now.
      3) No sorry 720p

  • Red Dead Redemption is just around the corner, so i’ll probably pass – bad timing for this game.

  • lol i just woke up and sped read it, :( thought for psp “(

  • Looks good, I just rethought about my MW2 map pack purchase. Might have to get this instead.

  • Looks really good does it have local 4 player split screen? thank you!

  • REAL Bad timing on the part of US PSN. Europe received this 2 weeks ago, giving a good amount of time to play this and have fun before Read Dead Redemption.

    Even developer Fatshark thought it was coming out on the 22nd in US. Then they thought it was coming out TODAY in the US. Apparently not.

    This game going to get killed now. Too close to RDR, and the community will be dead.

    I was really interested in this game when I learned about it last December, but the delay of putting it on the US PSN has killed my interest since RDR comes out on the 18th.

  • I’m a sucker for Westerns. I loved Gun and I still play through Freddy Pharkas Frontier Pharmacist, so you’ll be getting my gold on this one.

  • And when will it release in The Netherlands?! ME WANTS IT NOW!

  • Where is Tecmo Bowl Throwback????????????

  • Wow….this looks really fun

  • I love westerns. An underused genre in gaming. The timing is unfortunate for this game considering Red Dead Redemption comes out this month. Hopefully there is room for both.

  • good game ^^ unless if you dont want a broken thumb after 10-30minutes of playing :/ need to hold the left analog stick down all the time to able to run! it hurts so bad -.-

  • their betta bee 4 demo launchez today too show sony meanz buisness on tuesdeyz where iz prince of persia,second split,ufc2010,mod nation racer demo, omg da list goez on N on I DNT PLAY GAMEZ letz get it poppin iron MAN!!!!!!!

  • really important!

    I’ve heard of lag issues! does it still exists??

    I’m really waiting for the response so i can buy the moment it releases on psn!

  • I am really drawn to this game, but………Red Dead is right around the corner and I’m sorry to say, unless this game is 5.99
    I feel I’m going to have to pass

  • QuebecSuperstar

    “Released soon” as in “not today”? :(

  • I am glad to see the Western motif getting some treatment, I agree that it is oft overlooked.

    I am dissapointed that this is coming out so close to Red Dead Redemption though, my gaming dollars had already been set aside for that title; if this had come out earlier, I would have grabbed this right away.

  • LOL @ 12, yeah, they’ll probably be gettin my gold as well man.

  • im gonna be so pissed if this doesnt release today. ive been waiting since 4/29. so fatshark/sont get this ish out now.

  • *sony

  • Rather play Red Dead. At least I won’t care when the online finally dies.

  • when will it be released. and is their a fear that this game won’t get it’s just dues , because of the upcoming release of red dead redemption. i’ve gone 5 years without a 3rd person western shooter now i get 2 in the same month. sensory overload.

  • It looks good, but I’m sceptical. The controls of a third person game, especially when fast-paced and online, are extremely important. If there’s a demo I’d definitely try it though.

  • Red Dead Redemption?

  • how much will this title cost and how big will the download be.

  • Not to shabby!

  • If its out today it’s a must buy for me . If not ur screwing ur self fatshark . Ur website says may 4th but ur blog post says soon??? SO WHATS THE DEAL???????????

  • Way to time your US release of the game to compete with Red Dead Redemption. I’m no industry expert, but that can’t be good for your potential sales.

  • Looks like fun. It mentions a co-op mode but no detailed or expanded description. Is co-op basically the multiplayer modes but with bots? Or is there a co-op campaign with some kinda of story? Could be a nice game to hold me over till Lost Planet 2 or Red Dead Redemption comes out. I hope you do well, and thank you.

  • The reticule looks odd, that distracts from the game for me, although the rest of the game looks cool its a no buy for me because of that one item

  • @ 30# game costs 14.99 & dload size i think around 1gb.

  • It’s not out today?

  • looks good but i have a couple of questions
    1. will it support voice chat
    2. will the ps3 version have new things that are not on the PC version
    3. Demo?

    • 1) Yes it supports voice chat!
      2) It is some small changes to suit the PS3, more in terms of controls.
      3) Maybe later not now.

  • see the potential sales here. if it’s not released today might as well kiss a nice sum of money bye bye.

  • @38# It has voice chat but the demo is planned

  • @36 thanks doc good lookin out.

  • This looks really really good. I think it will be a buy.

  • Looks fun. I will definitely be picking this up today.

    Now let’s just hope these new Tuesday PSN updates have a specific dedicated time they will be updated each week so I don’t have to keep checking back every so often all freaking day and night…

  • VanilaGorila-x-

    I got my $15 dollars ready. The game looks fun as hell.


  • What the price and does it support local offline match play? Can I play 4 player split screen with my buddies?
    Does this support in-game music?
    Youtube support?

  • looks great.. third person shooter sign me up!!!!

    Looking forward to try the demo today.

  • Read on Kotaku that this game has just about the absolute worst net code out there today. :-\

  • How come you guys are showing the 360 version of the game. I noticed the A & B button showing at the bottom of the screen.

  • WOW! This looks great. Ill be sure to get this. I like online shooters. Any price listing yet? ANy possible release date?

    And I would like to say I support you guys. I know some of you were originally part of GRIN studios and just announced Bionic Commando: Rearmed 2. Its great to see that you guys are working hard once again in game development. i support you guys and wish you all the best. And hopefully Rearmed 2 comes pretty soon to. thanks.

  • It actually sounds pretty good… will definitely give the demo a try!

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