ModNation Racers Artist Spotlight: Designer Jesse Hernandez Shows Us His “Vinyl Addiction”

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Happy ModNation Monday!

To kick off ModNation May, we are bringing you a new Artist Spotlight!

After seeing some of the gaming industry’s top talent and development icons take ModNation for a spin, our next Spotlight takes us to a completely different scene. ModNation definitely has a unique art style, and if you’ve seen any of ModNation’s behind-the-scenes videos, you might know the look of the game was inspired by the Urban Vinyl art movement.

ModNation Racers Artist Spotlight: Designer Jesse HernandezModNation Racers Artist Spotlight: Designer Jesse Hernandez

No one knows this scene better than artist Jesse Hernandez, the man behind Immortal Studios and host of Vinyl Addiction, a show that covers the designer toy scene.

We spent sometime with Jesse, not only get a bit of insight on the scene and to explore his art, but to see how a true Vinyl artist could express himself with the game while having some fun along the way. What we saw was how easy someone can bring their vision to life, even if they are used to a totally different medium.

More Spotlights to come in the weeks ahead! As you noticed, Jeff has hooked us up with a sweet new COUNTDOWN clock! (You can see it by looking over to the right!)

Just 22 days left!

To quote Jesse, “That’s What’s Up!”

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  • there should be a youtube in this game so you can record all your matches EVEN you tracks so everyone can watch it in youtube>> hey that will be Sweet!!

  • Woollymonster73

    i just bought a ps3 this week just for this game i so cant wait.
    in meantime im playing some really good games LBP and uncharted 2
    my son and i cant wait! hurrry hurry demo this week please

  • Every ounce of braincell tells me to buy this game and pre-order it. But I don’t have a PS3! :( Since I don’t have that, how is the PSP MNR coming along?

    • MNR PSP is ready to go and it’s incredible. But don’t take my word on it, everyone who’s previewed it online agrees. Once of the fullest featured game on PSP and just super fun to play.

  • Jesse what’s your PSN ID cause I wanna play and share cool mods that I know that I’m gonna create I also like that kind kind of stuff like Graffiti and Aztec Urban Style things they are very, very cool too draw.

  • Can’t wait for this game. Dang. Why did my PS3 have to die now?!

  • 22 days is too long! I cant wait to play this fantastic game again! i do have one question though, i had the beta and made some great Mods, Tracks, and Karts, that both me and my friends loved! will i be able to get those back? I really hope so because me and my friend have an unsettled dispute over lap times on my Windmill Mt. track, and my Mesa Rally track. it would be a sad day if we never found out who was truly the victor! haha! Keep up the good work on the spotlights, and i second the Naughty Dog idea, that would be an awesome spotlight, oh or better, Burnout Team, i know theyre not exclusive but id like to see a track from them!

    • You’ll have to settle your dispute on May 25th then! Mano y Mano, Mod to Mod. :) I don’t know if the beta creations will make the final server to be honest. The game has changed since then so the data might not work. If that’s not the case, we’ll be sure to let you know. Good luck!

  • I So want this game!!!!!
    Need to make $60 in 22 days. Ahhh! What to do!!
    Maybe my dad will take me recycling and u might sell a game or two?
    Go modnation racers!!!

    Ps: will there be a demo on ps3? I missed the beta? :)

    • Yes there will be! More info to come soon. (Recycling is good for the planet so you kill 2 birds with one stone!)

  • Hey Chuck (again), what’s up? Modnation is looking tight now that I watched the spotlight and read the article. Can’t wait till the 25th. P.S. Jesse is BEAST!


  • AnthonyTonyMagic

    Kudos to Chuck, for all his hard work and for giving readers real replies on this blog. I think a few of the other managers find us blog readers ‘intimidating’.

    Not Chuck though, he’s really active here. These ‘Artist Spotlights’ that we’re being bombarded with are really getting me psyched about the game too, and I’m definitely going to buy it.

    Is there going to be any kind of moderation on MNR? I’m just thinking that if we make tracks that are too similar to those on another popular kart racing game, would we run the risk of deletion.

    • thanks for the kudos TonyMagic! The Bombardment will continue as long as folks are digging it.

      Like LBP, Moderation will be run by the community. If someone is offended or if something is copied off an actual Intellectual Property, then it might be flagged by someone and submitted for review. From what we saw from the beta, we know there will be many “tributes” to popular characters so we’ll see who flags what. Now tracks could be a different story since I’ve never heard of someone copyrighting a Track.

      But then again…I’m not a lawyer. :)

  • AnthonyTonyMagic

    Will there be a PSP demo released outside the US? I got my demo code, but it doesn’t work on my non-US PSN account.

    I’m still getting the game, but hope that the demo is released in all regions

  • I’m waiting for the 360 version ;-)

  • @62 lol… right

  • does this game have some kind of Arena game? like the one on Mario Kart? i’d love to have one, it would be perfect! (does UFG read this blog?)

  • Since im in the UK, havnt had a chance at the beta, what are the match making times like? Is it literally zip in and out or will we be waiting a few mins, ditto to loading times? For me thats what will make or break this game.
    As with guitar hero 3 to world tour, 3 = zip in and out, 4 = twice as long loading. 4 was traded in.

  • that greaseball punk looks like the motorcycle thug on THE O C

  • Can your mod character get out of the kart or are they always ‘stuck’ inside of the vehicle? Just curious.

  • it’s a must buy

  • woot just awesome I actually viewed the whole video :D

  • I still have my fingers crossed for MNR Dyanmic Theme and Avatars at launch, either available on-disk on via PSN store. (At no extra charge)

    What would be really sweet, would be the ability to have your own personal MOD as your avatar on PSN…now that would be Krazy.

  • I made a sweet Racer X in the beta. I call dibs!

  • I had a post earlier and forgot to ask where you preorder to get ratchet and clank.

    Thanks for listening

  • Oh wow I’m forgetting to put every thing in one post.
    Anyway, how much money do you think I might get for two
    wireless ps2 controllers. I hope I can preorder the game and get the special mods. I like that you actually answer the comments and questions people have unlike other posts. Go Modnation Racers!!!

  • This game is just going to ROCK! XD

  • My first goal… 1,000 mods and karts…

  • Great artist, can’t wait to see what other things pop up for this game. Day one purchase for me

  • An awesome dragon helmet.

    I cant wait to see the rest

  • i have a psp but no ps3. if someone puts a mod, kart, track online that they made on a ps3 version, can someone with a psp version be able to download it? Getting the game on the 25th. WOO HOO!

  • Woollymonster73

    ign gave it a 9.0 in its review today cant wait

  • I haven’t seen precipitation yet, or much of any weather. It would be cool to drive through a rainy, stormy, foggy or snowy day! Dust storms would be neat to see as well.

  • Hey. i have a question, will the mode last kart standing be available for the ps3 or is a psp exclusive. And can we mod the preorder characters and karts or do they ave to stay that way.

  • hey chuck, the main problem reviewers (IGN GAVE MODNATION 9.0!!!!!!!) had for Modnation racers was long load times. are they going to be shortened more and more as more updates for the game come out (like LBP) or are United Front working on the problem in time for the release of the game? or both?

  • I have become just as excited for ModNation Racers as I have been for Gran Turismo 5. (and that is saying alot)

    I am planing on picking up a Wheel and Pedal setup for GT5,(a Logitech G27 or Driving Force GT) and was wondering if I would be able to use a Wheel & Pedal setup with ModNation Racers?

    Keep up the good work, and I’ll be on the lookout for the next Artist Spotlight.

  • When we get the demo for ps3 and lets say we make an awesome track…will we be able to get it back

    if you dont thats ok because you are so AWESOME chuck! you respond to every question we ask and people hardly notice it! im 11 and i understand…….people suck….SOME….only some

  • dont KNOW…oops typo

  • First,I have 2 questions. 1.are you sure you will get a sackboy with your pre-order bonus? and well, this one really isn’t a question but i’ve thought loooooong and hard and it looks like im going with Nathan Drake. Thanks for the options for me. I grew up with Ratchet and Clank but I think Amazon would just mess up my order.Kratos is awesome but my edge card at gamestop has no money on it =(. Thanks for the answers and im really looking forward to the game. WOOOOOOOO!! IM FINALLY AT TROPHY RANK 10!!!


  • Oh yes! I remeber my other question. Does the psp version connect to the ps3 so people who have either version be able to challange each other to see who’s king of karts?(In other words, will both versions be able to connect to each other and race?)Food for thought.

    • There are some benefits to having both games, but right now there isn’t any interconnectivity between the 2 that I know of.

  • Personally, I think it’s funny that people are so adamant about getting the Sackboy, Ratchet & Clank, Kratos and that brunette in the Jeep. I won’t deny that LBP was a spectacular, cute, interesting game. Ratchet & Clank ranks as one of my favorite game series ever. I don’t do gore and realistic or intense violence, so I’m not personally into God of War or Uncharted, but I can appreciate that people love those games too. What I don’t get is why they are a hot item for a game centered and built around the idea of User Generated Content.

    I love these artist spotlights and think it’s fantastic that other developers and artists are getting into the ModNation mood. Their excitement piles onto my excitement, making me quite a happy guy. I just don’t get why playing as someone else’s creation on a game meant for your creations is such a big deal.


  • (cont.)

    Maybe I’m missing something. Is it that these people who are excited about it don’t have that much creativity in and of themselves, so getting to use something already established as awesome is enticing? Is it the fact that you’ll get to race characters from worlds that would otherwise never coincide? Is it the fact that these characters were made for something exterior but will be forced to play in an arena of your own making now? Maybe since there isn’t already a Ratchet & Clank Kart, using Ratchet or Clank here in this serves as a substitute.

    All I know is that this is working. I’m not going to argue against a working business mechanism. You do whatever you need to increase sales, as long as the consumer isn’t getting the short end of the deal. What I could use right now is the understanding of why it’s working. I feel stupid. I get the feeling that it will end up being a short, obvious answer, but I’ve over-thought the process and can’t come to the appropriate solution. Blah..

  • Jak_HAk,im just worried for others.I also want to know apoxomitley how many days the sackboy costume will be available. But yes good opinions.

  • is there a possibilitie that kratos and the other exclusives to make their way in dlc form cause i’m from mexico and there is no other way to get them

  • @donvarone i bet they will be released as DLC after a couple months just like MM did with their kratos sackboy costume.

    @JAk_HAk i think the reason people get excited isnt from lack of creativity, its just the fact that they CAN have their favorite characters form other franchises in the game along side their own creations. i know for me personally the reason i chose to preorder from Amazon and get R&C instead of getting nathan drake, is because i can see other possibilities in the parts that are on both R&C, however nathan drake doesnt have to many obviously special parts aside from his jeep which is cool but i like the car bodies better. so the reason im excited about gettin R&C with my game is because im creative and i want to have acces to those parts. you do have a good point tho, it is kind of silly to offer premade characters as bonuses for a game about having nothing premade! i think they should have had R&C THEMED parts, such as the ears and stuff, and a big gun that you can put on the Kart or something like that instead of R&C themselves.

    anyways amazing game 19 days is tooo long to wait for this game!

    counting the days,

  • Great video. This beast is pre-ordered!! I’m stoked about the sackboy mod. I love when we hear the little girl in the video go “Oh, sh-” and then it cuts to another clip :)

  • hey chuck 11 days until this games is realesed…can’t wait to get my hands on it..i pre-ordered this game but i heard i have to pay extra money for any game i pre-order is that true???

  • Mine just got despatched today (Tuesday 18th) from a company that always gets you the games a bit sooner than release date, in the UK, so I should have it tomorrow…2 days prior to official UK release. Be warned…I’m gonna develop some super slick skills before you yanks get online with it. ;)

  • I can´t wait tha is family entertaintment Hey my last name is Hernandez too; Coould be relatives?

  • 1 MORE DAY!!!!!
    Alpha massive disambiguation!!!!!!!!!

    also how long would it take to reach me
    Im in canada edmonton

  • Um NVM

    2 more days!!!
    1 day and 23 hours!!!!!!

    i should get to bed

    i want to make some of my art in game
    im not the guy in the video but i make some good human-esk charecters


  • ok where to i put in to download jesse hernandez and huck gee’s sweet mods, karts, and tracks?

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