ModNation Racers Artist Spotlight: Designer Jesse Hernandez Shows Us His “Vinyl Addiction”

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Happy ModNation Monday!

To kick off ModNation May, we are bringing you a new Artist Spotlight!

After seeing some of the gaming industry’s top talent and development icons take ModNation for a spin, our next Spotlight takes us to a completely different scene. ModNation definitely has a unique art style, and if you’ve seen any of ModNation’s behind-the-scenes videos, you might know the look of the game was inspired by the Urban Vinyl art movement.

ModNation Racers Artist Spotlight: Designer Jesse HernandezModNation Racers Artist Spotlight: Designer Jesse Hernandez

No one knows this scene better than artist Jesse Hernandez, the man behind Immortal Studios and host of Vinyl Addiction, a show that covers the designer toy scene.

We spent sometime with Jesse, not only get a bit of insight on the scene and to explore his art, but to see how a true Vinyl artist could express himself with the game while having some fun along the way. What we saw was how easy someone can bring their vision to life, even if they are used to a totally different medium.

More Spotlights to come in the weeks ahead! As you noticed, Jeff has hooked us up with a sweet new COUNTDOWN clock! (You can see it by looking over to the right!)

Just 22 days left!

To quote Jesse, “That’s What’s Up!”

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  • Cant wait to get this game. Looks so dope!!

  • Awesome

  • Love this dudes style. I have a question though. If creaters, like Jesse Hernandez for example, create something in the game or something that becomes a part of their character, can the rest of us somehow download those bits and pieces and use them for ourselves? I think LBP let us do that.

    Thanks if the question is answered. i’ll make sure to pick this game up day 1. Looks like one of those games that’s worth every penny.

    • Yup! If Jesse made his creation will in-game accessories, uploaded it, and let people download and remix it, you can get all the pieces that make it up as it’s all in-game accessories.

  • Can’t believe 22 more days is left, but that just bad news for me. I will not be able to purchase another video game until I finish with my senior project. If I purchase a new game, I know I will be playing it rather than work with my group to complete our senior project. I will be buying this game on June 13th :)

    • I say, get a friend to pre-order the game, pick it up with all the pre-order goodies, but promise not to give it to you until you are done with your project. Bam! Best of everything. Then then, get on that Senior Project BlooodyCow. There are Races to be raced my friend! :)

  • whats up chuck? i have been waiting for this post all day. is there going to be a naughty dog spotlight? ans sadly for me i have to wait till my birthday july 4th to buy this game because im low on money and have to buy the mw2 map pack because i dont want to be that one guy that didnt get it wen all my friends are enjoying it. men i need some kind of miracle. love ur posts, keep up the good work.

    • Let’s say I wouldn’t be surprised if there will be. But when is anyone’s guess. :)

      Thanks for the support and we’ll see you on July 4th! (Look at my suggestion above, maybe you can have your parents or whoever hold your gift till later?)

  • yeah this was awesome! looking forward to play the game with my two daughters! About the same ages as Jesse ; but I don’t have the tattoos! (yet) ;-)


    • Ha! I have to say, that was my favorite part.

      “Worry about what you’re doing kid.”


  • the psp one is crazy fun like the ps3 beta was locoo

  • AHHHH 3 weeks from tomorrow! Must.. wait.. longer..

  • Wow its cool how u can desing it before u can play. Awsome game.

  • Jesse Hernandez is one of the sickest vinyl artists and Vinyl Addiction is a great and long overdue show for art toy collectors.

  • Can’t wait for this game. The whole play, share and create thing is so much better than waiting for dlc to come out every 3 months. Little Big Planet is still just as playable as it was day one and I’m sure ModNation Racers will be the same.

    thx for the update Chuck.

  • even if you don’t preorder do you still have a chance at getting Sackboy?

  • man im torn. i want a new kart game so i can sell my mario kart(finally) but the preorders for ps3 are 2 gud. kratos, sackboy and another mod. Guess i have to get both

    • you get both Kratos and Sackboy when you order from GameStop so you don’t have to be torn! :)

  • I completely dig the whole graffiti-Aztec style of his.

    Also enjoying the amount of different styles of artists out and beyond the video game industry.

    Now to see somebody design a MOD Salvador Dali style.

  • @Chuck Lacson
    My Senior project is a 17 week project with 150+ page of documentation, we have to build a prototype and present it for out professors.
    But you did gave me a great idea with the pre-order and my friend.

    • Goodness. Good luck on that. You’ll deserve a lot of gaming after you are done. Hope MNR is waiting for you at the end of the finish line!

  • I’ve had this game pre-ordered since October and my disc drive just failed this past weekend. I’m not so worried about games I’m playing now as I am about getting my PS3 back from Sony in time for this game :)

  • I bought my copy of ModNation Racer, now I’m ready…

    “To Let The Rage Of Sparta Guide My Kart”

  • This is going to be the best kart racer ever, that’s whats up!!

  • I can’t believe in just 3 short weeks I’ll finally have ModNation Racers! I’ve been waiting for this game since it was announced. The E3 demo last June just blew me away and I’ve been soaking up every bit of information I can since then. I even bought a Qore subscription in July just in case it got me into the beta (worked like a charm). I paid off my pre-order in December and have been counting down the days ever since the release date was announced.

    I can’t remember the last time I was THIS excited for a game. I can’t wait. Keep up the good work Chuck and happy ModNation Monday/ModNation May to you.

  • lol@ chuck, make avatars and dynamic themes too unlike GoW3 and U2

  • This game will be amasing. Love these Artist Spotlights.

  • Jesse’s art style is sick wit it!

  • hey Chuck, do you know anything about upcomeing DLC’s?

    • We are locking in plans and hope we can give you guys more info soon. A lot of fun stuff I hope folks will dig.

  • I like that he has his own style. I don’t personally like his style but I will definatley enjoy making my own styled Mods.

    • That is what the game is all about in my opinion. Express your own style and Race with it!

  • yeah the 24 is bd this is bd present i will buy it

  • I really enjoyed the first beta only problem was I couldn’t get anyone to play my level (they didn’t like racing up and down a mountain that doesn’t have any guard rails. I thought it made the race more challenging)But i hated the size limit and was worried about it only having small tracks.But after seeing a few of these videos that worry is gone thanks for posting them.And the other day someone asked if you could make a indoor track.If you guys don’t already have a way to do this add in stright walls and ceiling tiles that have a light source.(or just a flat peace of glass that the light comes through to save on item population).If you already have walls any number of items could be set as a ceiling as long as its got a big flat bottom.but i just cant remember if one of the blacked out items was a wall if not please get a basic brick wall ready before release.10×10,10×20 and 20×20 would be the easiest to work with.because setting up buildings so that it looks like your inside will be ugly.

  • pre-ordered Modnation Racers at Gamestop… WOOT! :) Kratos DLC FTW

  • also i have a question you should be allowed to answer.will the pre order stuff be in separate pieces where we can use them to build onto our other racers.Our just a 1 piece thing like the outfits in LBP.

    • The mystery mod and kart packs that come with your pre-order will come with accessories to use on your own Mod and Kart designs. Take a look at the last post on Monday to get an idea of what you can score.

  • Wow, i really can’t wait for this game. Great work fellow Canadians!

  • Hey Chuck, how’s the game coming along?

  • Dig it. Slightly off topic, this video highlights one of my favorite parts of the Gamer Nation. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you’re from, how you grew up, gay, straight, black, white, yellow, brown, purple, green: If you game on, you’re one of us.

    My hope for games like this is that they will really highlight the best parts of us as a community, and by “best parts” I don’t mean wang. Though, I’m sure there will be plenty. So goes unmoderated user generated content.

  • @ndw4 should be gold already and ready to start shipping.I mean 3 weaks couldn’t be enough time to print out a couple million copies and ship them to all the stores world wide before the release date.but you never know.

  • This game Rocks!. It would would be cool if we could use a Wacom Tablet or maybe the PS Move to get more accuracy when designing.

  • radiantshadow92

    day one for me ^_^

  • ahh another great update chuck! always keeping me and everyone posted man. thanks so much. only 22 more days until we have a good ol fashioned racing showdown

  • Awesome simply cannot wait, I cannot wait till I get my hands on this game so I can start creating some interesting stuff I got in my head.

    Looking to join a MNR Community? Please visit playcreateandshare . com

  • This spotlight is interesting. I haven’t heard of Jesse Hernandez, but from what I’ve seen in this video, his art toy designs are kind of neat in my opinion. Can’t wait to get my pre-ordered copy in the mail!

    • Yeah, his work has been featured on some of the biggest Vinyl toy lines like Kid Robot’s Dunny series and Toy2R’s Qee line. Now he has his is own original toy. Not just very talented, but a cool dude. I’d check out his show Vinyl Addiction if you get a chance. A lot of sick artists and toys out there.

  • no problem chuck. been here from day one of this great game and the updates by you and im sticking to it till a good few monthes after the launch. your one of the few associate marketing managers that actually answers a very LARGE majority of the comments on your updates. dont forget to hit me up with a friend request any time man.. i would do it to you but your psn is a little unknown lol. thanks so much

  • Chuck Lacson, Really appreciate the fact you take time to respond to a lot of comments. It’s really nice to see someone that’s passionate about the game and community.


    • My pleasure Kenan. Least I can do. We wouldn’t be anywhere without your support and I really appreciate that.

  • Hey Chuck…. I want to know when demo comes and all tracks that everyone made >> is it going to be in the final game .. all mods ,karts is it ????

  • Wooo, can’t wait for MNR! LETS GO!

    3 weeks wish there was a time machine!!!!!!! dont you????

  • You guys are going all out with the Modnation Racers advertising and info… I’m seeing it all over the place now. Makes the wait even more unbearable.



    someone who cant wait for modnation racers to come out!!

  • As much as I luv racing games, I cant bring myself to buy this.

    It is just to cool, to many options and to much variety, to much to do, to much goodness, the ability to mod…well…everything.

    Building your own tracks and everything.

    Being able to create your own (avatar) race it, mod it…express yourself though in-game content…

    Its just wrong…

    We need limits, with to much freedom, we will have fun and games are not about fun and creativity, they have structure and use dice or a spinner.

    The last real game I played was Snakes and Ladders, followed by To Grandmothers House We Go…the games in which rules are printed on the inside of the lid and everything and set in stone, you dont mod your grandmother do you?? I didnt think so.

    So what needs to be done, is give everyone the same racer, same car, 1 track, have them roll dice to see who wins…..Wait just a freakin min…what the hell am I saying?!?!

    (pre-ordered months ago)

  • Man !!! i so want to get into this PLAY , CREATE , SHARE thing . One problem …. I cant stand cartoon characters with large heads and tiny bodies . I DONT KNOW !!! its a quirck of mine that dates all the way back to early childhood . I love the concept of little big planet … but guess what sackboy has ??? large head, tiny body . and now this … another game with a concept that intersts me . BUUUT . guess what ? darned quirck !!!

  • The game comes out the same date as hexyz force, this must be a sign!!!! I must get this!!!

  • Will MNR have in-game photos/video recording options?

    • It as an in-game Screen shot system that lets you pause the action and take SICK shots at every angle.

  • man those vinyl toys look sweet

  • What kind of themes are in this game? We’ve seen the forest mountain kind of themes, a desert, I remember seeing a city.

    Will their be a space type theme, we want to make a rainbow road.

    For the remixing does the person have to change the uploaded track or mod they copied? In LittleBigPlanet it was a huge problem with people just copying others work and saying it was their own without even changing anything. I don’t want to see that happen here.

    • Not to worry. The original creator of the Mod, Kart, and Track will always have credit! :)

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