Toy Story 3 for PS3: First Look

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Hi everybody! This is John at Avalanche Software. We’re hard at work finishing up Toy Story 3: The Video Game, due for release on June 15th. Toy Story 3 is much more than your average movie-based game. The game gives players two ways to experience Toy Story 3: Story Mode and Toy Box Mode, a sandbox style of gameplay set in the Toy Story universe.

Toy Story 3: The Video Game for PS3

In Story Mode, the player plays as Buzz, Woody, and Jessie, each with their own unique play style, to play through eight action platforming levels. While not a complete retelling of the movie plot, the player will visit some of the places, and meet some of the new and classic characters that are in the film. We take the player to some totally new places as well. Also in Story Mode, we’ve stashed all of our collectibles. The collectibles, when found, allow the player to unlock new toys for the Toy Box.

The Toy Box is a totally different experience from Story Mode. Here we put the player in an open, non-linear environment and allow them to play with Andy’s toys any way they like. The player is free to complete missions for different characters, customize the townspeople and buildings, race in various vehicles, and much more. The more adventurous and creative you are, the more you will get rewarded. I encourage you to unleash your imagination in this mode of the game.

Toy Story 3: The Video Game for PS3

Toy Story 3: The Video Game for PS3Toy Story 3: The Video Game for PS3

In the Toy Box, the player can play as Buzz, Woody, or Jessie. I am happy to announce that exclusively on the PlayStation 3, you can also play as Zurg! Zurg has many of his own unique missions. Whether it’s driving around in his own custom vehicle, or blasting everything in sight with his tri-gun, players can help Zurg achieve his singular goal of eliminating Buzz Lightyear, or just do whatever else they’d like.

I’m also excited to let you know that Toy Story 3: The Video Game will be compatible with PlayStation Move. It was cool working with Sony and this new technology to create downloadable mini-games designed specifically for this new motion controller. So, come Fall, there will be even more ways to play with Toy Story 3.

Now, check out our Zurg exclusive trailer and game screens for a taste of what you can do as this dastardly villain, and don’t forget to watch out for Toy Story 3: The Video Game in-stores, June 15th!

Toy Story 3: The Video Game for PS3

Toy Story 3: The Video Game for PS3Toy Story 3: The Video Game for PS3

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  • Nice looks pretty fun!

  • Ok, Toy Story 2 is in my opinion one of the best movie tie in game in history, now i wanna now more about this “Toy Box” mode.. Is this something like LBP/Modnation or is it something like Mercenaries/GTA or maybe even ala PS Home style of freedom??

    I would very appreciate it if you would answer, thanks!

  • what about trophies? and how does the co-op work online or 2player?

  • Any chance of a movie/game bundle?

  • Meh, look like another movie tie-in game.

  • Hey John :) I’m loving how the game’s looking so far and I’m a HUUUUGE fan of Toy Story!! So needless I’m looking forward to this game a hell of a lot!

    But there’s only one concern I have. Whenever I’ve ever played a game that’s based on or tied with a current movie it’s been … let’s just say well below sub-par lol. The last movie tie-in game I’ve bought was King Kong: The Game, that was a big mistake, so I haven’t bought one since.

    My question therefore is what separates your game from all the other movie games that went straight to the bargain bin?

  • Glad to see toy story back!

  • Were you guys able to score the original voice cast?

    Disney seems cheap in this regard, except it seems, with Kingdom Hearts.

  • Why include exclusive content for a lame disney game? this is lame

  • Mmmm…Just one quote on this & trash me if Im wrong …”WHAT GOOD GAME HAS DISNEY EVER PUBLISHED?” …exactly & now they releasing TS 3 ?…what am 6 years old?…DONE HERE (^_^)

  • Any chance for lbp dlc? I would totally buy buzz lightyear for sackboy!

  • @DragONheart_27_X: The Toy Box is not a level builder as abstract as LBP/Modnation. Instead, the player is using Andy’s toys from the movie, as well as a few that are original to the game. The player can interact with these toys in many creative ways, including changing the look and feel. Many of the characters in the Toy Box will give the player missions to complete, allowing the player to experience short story arcs. At the same time, the Toy Box is entirely non-linear, with the player free to do whatever he or she chooses.

    @IGLOO05: There are almost 40 trophies in the game, and you earn them in both story mode and the Toy Box. Co-op is 2 player split screen, local only.

  • @damonthemoney: This game has several unique features you will not commonly find in movie tie-in games. First, it is an excellent value. Between the two modes of play, we expect you to be able to spend over 15 hours on this game. Second, we have focus tested this game throughout its development to ensure that it is fun, easy to understand, and satisfying. Third, we have collaborated each step of the way with Pixar making sure that the game is true to Toy Story, and that it reaches a quality bar appropriate for a game based on a Pixar film.

    @Korbei83: Yes! Many of the voice actors from the film also did the work in the game.

  • I loved playing Toy Story 2 during PS1 era. TS3 looks awesome for a movie tie-in. Zurg Rules. But, I really wish it had a better physics though.

  • @John Day
    Sorry JD (Scrubs…best show on TV :P), but movie tie-in games are never a great value and we heard plenty of times when movie tie-in developers said they work closely with the movie studio.

  • hey it kool like a good game i am going 2 get it

  • it looks okay,, maybe if ya’ll made a better trailer id look more in to it but it looks a little bit boring from my opinion.

  • So, another game is claiming that this won’t be your usual “movie-tie-in-piece-of-garbage” game?. Bold claim, Avalance.

    Yeah, this game does look interesting. Then again, so did X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Having played part of it, I don’t remember that game being that much fun.

  • this looks great. Im just worried that this may end up like as an average movie tie in game

  • Its looks very fun for a game based on a movie.

  • I can understand why some people here are iffy about the whole movie-to-video game transition; we, as gamers, have never gotten the same amount of attention and respect as the actual movie process. However, for those who are just simply complaining that it doesn’t look appealing because you don’t like these type of movies, or games, or you think it’s simply childish- why are you even commenting on it then?

    When watching Disney/Pixar movies, do you actually go into them thinking that they are gonna be something with massive graphics, great story, sensational audio, etc.? No- you go to watch them because they are simplistic, easy to watch, fun and enjoyable, and if nothing else- they are consistent. Movies like these are loved all over because they never disappoint. The same goes with video games- how many times have we been promised epic gameplay, superb graphics, unrivaled technological advances, only to have the game suck on a massive scale in every other aspect?

  • That’s what this game is- sure it’ll more than likely be childish, ridiculously easy, short, and somewhat cheesy- but I’m sure it’ll do all of that WELL. So how can you go around knocking a game for not being something it never claimed to be, and at the same thing, nagging on it for being what it is, extremely well? I, for one, will get a lot of enjoyment out of a game like this- where it’s simple, straightforward, and going to be a funny, enjoyable experience. We all get so caught up in everything being so complicated, over-drawn, and too much of a hassle, that sometimes it’s nice to just sit back, play a fun, simplistic, nostalgic game and enjoy it for what it is. I will def. be getting this when it comes out.

  • will there be a demo?

    • Unfortunately no, we will not have a demo available. We dedicated all of our time and resources to making the finished product the highest quality game we could.


  • Will this be online?

    *This brings so much child memories.

  • We can not wait for this! It’s so great to see more family-friendly games coming to the PS3. My four-year-old Toy Story fanatic is VERY excited. He’s a big Zurg fan, too, so that is just the icing on the cake! Yay!

  • @38 there already is a red faction 2, you mean Red Faction: Guerilla 2

  • John, man…I am so excited for this game. My son is 4 on Sunday and a HUGE Toy Story fan (as am I), and we’re both looking forward to this. I have to say, as with most any movie-based game I was a bit apprehensive when I dropped my 5.00 to preorder it a month back, but when I heard it was being handled by the same studio responsible for another favorite of mine (Tak & The Power of Juju), I was sold.

    I’ve watched the trailers, I’ve seen the editorials…and it makes the June release/wait all the more unbearable. Then you go and tell us MOVE support & ZURG?!? You’re killing me man!

    • It’s nice to see a long time fan of the studio. Tak 2: The staff of dreams was the first project I worked on. The game is great. You and your kid will dig it!

  • Our family of 5 have bought a few movie based games in the past and with the exception of Avatar they have all been without a doubt total stinkers….

    We love pixar and our family loves the toy story movies and we are eagerly awaiting the new toy story 3 in 3d movie. But the few screen shots and the very short promo video at the beginning of this topic are not by any means enough to sell us on buying this game.

    We have made it a point of fact to research our games thouroughly before purchase by reading reviews, visiting the Playstation forums, and watching game video. but the number one factor that will sell us on buying a new game or NOT especially a MOVIE based game is a playable demo.

    Lets hope the toy story 3 game has been given the care and attention it deserves so that when we plunk down our $60 and sit down to play it it becomes just as fun if not more fun than the movie. A playable demo sure would help us!

    • Unfortunately there will be no demo for this game. We’re gearing up for more press coverage in the coming weeks, and hopefully you get to see more of the game that way. We wish we could have done a demo, but with a strict schedule and a whole lot of game to make, we simply didn’t have time.

  • Finally someone picking this up! (movie). Does any one no how long it’s been since the 2nd one came out?!? (Like a long time ago.) lol
    Good to see a game along with the movie,should be good.

  • this is funny first the Joker with Batman AA and now Zurg for Toy Story 3 this is funny

  • im 18 years old….this made my day

  • looks good!

  • This is one of the few movie based games I won’t mind playing.

  • Movie products move units but as a general rule are not very good.

  • i wasnt expecting this, it looks very good! i might end up buying it

  • It looks like a boatload of fun, and I’ll most definitely rent it at least.

  • this might be the first movie based game that looks really good, & getting to play as Zurg is going to be sweet

  • It looks good. I would get it. Most likely.

  • Hey hey, just got the latest Game Informer, and Toy Story 3 was the first thing to catch my eye. I’m rooting for you, Avalanche! This game looks like fun, and thanks for the PS3 content, this should be a rare ‘movie-game’ that is worth it AND lasts.

  • John,

    What made you pick the PS3 as the exclusive platform for Zurg, compared to other systems?

    • At the office I concentrate on the development of the game itself, not the relationship with first party, so I can’t give you the blow by blow of how it went down. What I do know is that Sony was shown the game earlier in development and thought it looked like a great product, and something they wanted to draw attention to on their console. Our publisher then reached an agreement with them.

  • I think this may be one of my favorite games in June. I’m already sold. But if it has online co-op I’ll be in love.

  • Looking decent, hopefully you’ll be able to join the rare good movie tie collection like X-Men Origins and Riddick well yeah thats all i can think of

    • Goldeneye on the n64 is probably another one people cite a lot. I am stoked about this game, and think it will definitely break the “typical movie tie-in” mold.

  • Local Co op only?
    That’s disappointing though i’ll still probably be getting it for the fantastic box art.

    • Online co-op is something we wanted to include as well. However, with the schedule of the project, and the sheer number of other features and new tech we developed for the game, we had to let some lower priority features fall off the bus. The local co-op is a hoot tho. There is no shortage of things you can do together, as well as competitively.

  • Looks very awesome!!!!!

    keep up the good work on the exclusive’s!

  • I have no real intention of buying this game, but that line “Hello square person” almost made me a convert. Hilarious.

  • Looks nice. :)

    And those that keep asking about trophies, all PS3 games since 2009 have had trophies except PSONE downloads and Minis….which would be even more awesome if they were reworked with trophies too.

  • oh my goodness!!! I love toy story!!!! cant wait to get this game!!!

  • AWESOMEgamer875

    I’m kinda sad to say it, but I might buy this. It looks pretty good.

  • this is not my type of a game but as PS3 exclusive news is a great news.

    it will attract more people to the PS3

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