Toy Story 3 for PS3: First Look

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Hi everybody! This is John at Avalanche Software. We’re hard at work finishing up Toy Story 3: The Video Game, due for release on June 15th. Toy Story 3 is much more than your average movie-based game. The game gives players two ways to experience Toy Story 3: Story Mode and Toy Box Mode, a sandbox style of gameplay set in the Toy Story universe.

Toy Story 3: The Video Game for PS3

In Story Mode, the player plays as Buzz, Woody, and Jessie, each with their own unique play style, to play through eight action platforming levels. While not a complete retelling of the movie plot, the player will visit some of the places, and meet some of the new and classic characters that are in the film. We take the player to some totally new places as well. Also in Story Mode, we’ve stashed all of our collectibles. The collectibles, when found, allow the player to unlock new toys for the Toy Box.

The Toy Box is a totally different experience from Story Mode. Here we put the player in an open, non-linear environment and allow them to play with Andy’s toys any way they like. The player is free to complete missions for different characters, customize the townspeople and buildings, race in various vehicles, and much more. The more adventurous and creative you are, the more you will get rewarded. I encourage you to unleash your imagination in this mode of the game.

Toy Story 3: The Video Game for PS3

Toy Story 3: The Video Game for PS3Toy Story 3: The Video Game for PS3

In the Toy Box, the player can play as Buzz, Woody, or Jessie. I am happy to announce that exclusively on the PlayStation 3, you can also play as Zurg! Zurg has many of his own unique missions. Whether it’s driving around in his own custom vehicle, or blasting everything in sight with his tri-gun, players can help Zurg achieve his singular goal of eliminating Buzz Lightyear, or just do whatever else they’d like.

I’m also excited to let you know that Toy Story 3: The Video Game will be compatible with PlayStation Move. It was cool working with Sony and this new technology to create downloadable mini-games designed specifically for this new motion controller. So, come Fall, there will be even more ways to play with Toy Story 3.

Now, check out our Zurg exclusive trailer and game screens for a taste of what you can do as this dastardly villain, and don’t forget to watch out for Toy Story 3: The Video Game in-stores, June 15th!

Toy Story 3: The Video Game for PS3

Toy Story 3: The Video Game for PS3Toy Story 3: The Video Game for PS3

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  • Looks cool :) Any chance of a Demo on PSN?

  • Now we can see if the PS3 can truly have “Pixar-like” quality. Looks awesome. Can’t wait to read about it coming up on the PS Blog!

  • Looks great! Im wondering if there is any COOP mode for the story?

  • don’t count on me i don’t like those animation movie that always has the same plan

  • Wow! Looks very, very good! I may think about getting this later on in the year! Neat!

  • had fun with pixar UP! and this looks like a great follow up..cant wait for PS MOVE!

  • You guys should push for those Move features more (as in saying it louder). I bet it’ll give you that little bit of extra sales.

  • it looks realy bad :( hope it ant anything like toy story on ps1

  • would of sold milions on the wii not sure about the ps3 tough

  • looks like it could be fun :D

  • Great that SONY have gotten exclusive ingame content! Keep it up and I hope this movie-game is for once a good one. Whit Playstation Move it has a good change of being that.

  • Does it have any kind of multiplayer mode?

    This is one of those games I’d like to play with my little brother or even the whole family. Hopefully you can add some PlayStation Move supported multiplayer mini-games in the future.

    Thanks for keeping us informed! Oh, and also thanks for the exclusive Zurg!

  • Ok, that looks pretty fun. You have my attention :-)

  • Hopefully this will be one of the rare movie games that is actually good.

  • Wait a minute.
    This is a Ps3 exclusive? thats pertty cool.
    its nice to see that this game is actually looking kinda fun (for a movie game)

  • know sens its coming can we have pshome update on it :) like a space n a new store called pixar store n other goodies ^_^

  • FYI, guys, only Zurg is PS3 exclusive. The game will be coming to several consoles. Looks good, though.

  • 24 yrs old, married no kids…yet, will buy it! This is actually the first movie to video game that I’ve ever been interested in and the more I see is the more I like. The fact that you guys even came on the blog to tell us about it sealed the deal for me.

    I know its marketing and all but it worked, on me at least. Move support is just a sweet bonus for me. Big fan of Toy Story since the original came out when I was 10. I’m a proud Toy Story kid.

  • everybody run it’s a licensed movie based game ahhhhhhhhh!

  • This actually looks awesome. I love Toy Story…When i was a kid it was just amazing, the best thin ever (well, it still is amazing). Looking forward to the film immensely and now the game actually looks fantastic!

    Good work Disney :)

  • Now this is cool! For once, we can play as Buzz Lightyear’s evil
    nemesis, Zurg! The Toy Box mode seems like cool too. It looks like LBP, but this time it’s with Andy’s toys. I might rent this one first before buying. One thing’s for sure though, I am definitely going to see the movie in theaters this summer.

  • This game so far is the best adaptation for a movie I have seen since Peter Jackson’s King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie, Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, and Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. The trailer for Zurg is cool, too.

  • Finally, Toy Story level graphics in a video game!:p

  • The box cover and video is misleading,unless the GAME is exclusive not the content you should fix it.

    Other than that great gfx a demo would be cool.

  • Hahaha this actually looks surprisingly pretty fun!! Avalanche Software should make all of Pixar’s movie tie-in games!!


  • definitely gonna buy this, is that a case sleeve aswell? cause it would look great with that

  • @15 jeez, read. Zurg is exclusive to PS3 the game is not.

  • Yeah this game is not PS3 exclusive, it’s coming out on Wii as well as far as I know.

    This actually looks pretty good. I’m a total Pixar fanboy, so I might even like this.

  • This actually looks cool, and the box art is awesome.

  • @27
    oh, its just that the box art says ‘Only on PlayStation’ so i just assumed because games that are exclusive usually have that.

  • @30 yes the box art is deceptive. The parts in silver say exclusive content…play as zurg, but the only on playstation being in black makes it look like a PS3 exclusive game.

  • The box says “exclusive content only on playstation”

    Why is that so hard to understand?

  • It’s kind of deceptive but not really. It obviously says Exclusive Content- Only on Playstation

    But it will trick those families who wanna buy Toy Story 3 after they see the movie. That’s kind of what Sony wants, they want the game to sell more on their platform.

  • Looks nice. When it comes out ill make sure to buy it :]

  • @32 It was clear to me but,as happened, someone saw the ‘only on playstation’ part in black. I’m just saying this:
    was clearer.


  • I didn’t even know there was a Toy Story 3 movie. I must live under a rock.

  • This is the way Sony should get kids back into the PS brand. The PS2 had some of the best looking and playing kids games around even by Xbox360 standards the PS2 still had some great kid titles. We currently have Ratchet, WipEout, and a slew of cool sports games for the PS3.

    Now this should help push gamers in the PS3s favor. Not only dose this game look great, but the frame rates are awsome as well, on top of that the PS3 is the only place you can get the famus enemy of Buzz Lightyear. That was a great move. I look forward to Sony doing this with more developers in the future:

    Hint hint the fallowing titles:

    Crysis 2
    Red Faction 2
    DarkSiders 2
    Dead Space 2
    Batman Karkham Asylum 2 (Did I spell that right?)
    Saints Row 3

    Get it Sony? Game Developers want to sell big on your platform just like on the Xbox, so if you make sure their games run super smooth, or better on the PS3 plus include exclusive DLC, or content in the box. Gamers will take notice. BTW: This game looks like great fun! I might just get it!

  • This is awesome. Will look forward to it.

  • There is definitely co-op play for PS3. Zurg as a playable character is exclusive to PS3. As far as I know, none of the other platforms have exclusive playable characters.

  • Trailer made me laugh, therefore the game has piqued my interest. I may not get it right away but now I’ll have my eyes on it.

  • looks like a lot of fun!!!!! hope launch it soon (also hope PSN demo)

  • as a big fan of toy story when i was smaller so ill be getting this you can play as the 4 of them thats pretty cool. a demo would be great

    This should also support Sony’s Exclusive “Play, Create & Share” Genre, to create characters, toy boxes (environments), toys to play with (vehicles etc.), etc. etc. and levels to upload, download and send and reccomend etc. so we can all paly it! XD

  • @37 if you havent noticed sony usually only gives a damn about their exclusives and to tell you the truth i don’t blame em because most multiplat games are garbage compared to their exclusives just for the simple fact they have to be dumbed down to be equal to 360 and of course im sure they make a bit more money from exclusives.
    Well now that that’s out of the way seriously i cant wait for this game and usually i don’t do the movie game thing but this is different……… 3 year old and i are going to have a blast!!!!

  • Several of you asked about multiplayer. Yes there is co-op play in both story and toy box mode. And yes, both players can be Zurg, so no need to fight over him :)

  • Actually It looks interesting, the video is funny and the design of the box cover is great!

  • Awesome! Zurg is great! This game looks like a blast. :)

  • Looks like a good movie game o_O any inspiration from LBP?

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