Wakeboarding HD Demo!

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Greetings again, PlayStation faithful. Scott Hyman from Tik/Creat, dropping by yet again. I hope I’m not catching you at dinner, or breakfast, or while watching Lost or Glee or playing God of War III. But with so much happening here, I just need to keep coming by to tell you what we’re up to.

Wakeboarding HD

This time around, I’m happy to let you know how we’ve been listening to you all. We’ve enjoyed the great reaction to Wakeboarding HD, but we understand how some folks like to try before they buy. Sometimes, you want to taste the new flavor of ice cream before you make the purchase, and the same goes for many video games. We’ve read all your emails, and lots of your comments online, and we’ve responded…

Wakeboarding HDWakeboarding HD

TikGames/Creat Studios is proud to offer a free-to-play demo version of Wakeboarding HD in North America and Europe on Thursday, April 29th. Now, you can discover what all the fuss is about by making high-flying jumps, performing insane tricks, and dodging pesky Great White Sharks before purchasing the full game.

Wakeboarding HD

We’re confident that after playing the demo, you’ll be craving more. Just like the server behind the ice cream counter, we are more than happy to offer a sample of the latest Tik/Creat flavor. And please stay tuned, as there’s always plenty of new flavors, er… I mean new games to come!

Wakeboarding HD

As always, thanks again for everyone’s support. We love making games, and you are the reason why we can do it. Please keep the comments and suggestions coming. As I stated above, we are always reading and listening!

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  • Awesome! I had a watching eye on this game, heard some good thing, and this demo will be just what I need to get pushed over the edge!

  • I was eye balling this game all week and really want it but not sure how it play. Thanks for the demo!

    • We’re happy to help you find out just how it plays, Trieloth. Have a great time, and be careful around the exploding mines.

  • Awesome, i’ll try this out. BTW i would like an ice cream…oh wait you are a game company :( it would be nice if you could give us ice cream too :)

  • Sorry for the double post, but maybe you could make your next game about ice cream…that way you could give us a game and ice cream in the same package. Just make sure to give me some royalties if you use my idea :D

  • Scott, how do one go about it for the billboarsds.. u can messege me this is my screen name, thanks! Phil aka polo155

  • Sounds nice, i’ll try the demo. By the way, it’s really nice that you have answered every comment. Really humble and kind. I hope the game sells well.

  • Thanks for listening, guys.

    However, I think it’s sad that there needs to be ‘demand’ for a demo. People ALWAYS want a demo to try a game out before committing money to it. Why do so many devs find that concept hard to understand?

    Love you guys anyway, you make some of my favorite PSN titles, and props for responding to people’s requests and posts.

  • How much is Wakeboarding HD? Is it $14.99? Or is it $9.99?

  • Thanks for this! I know you guys make great games, but this was such a different offering I had to hold off on buying it until I could get my hands on a demo! Good going, definitely going to try it out this weekend!

  • Cool! Thanks for the demo guys! I’ll definitely give it a shot. I’ve been skeptical about this one so I was afraid to buy it. The graphics are really nice for a PSN game but I didn’t know how the gameplay would be.

    I guess I’ll find out tomorrow!

    And I’m still convinced that Creat/Tik is the best PSN Dev/Studio combo out there right now.

  • I saw the preview video for this several days ago , Been considering purchasing since . I think the colors would look brilliant on my 52 inch , 1080p . hmmm may give it a whirl .

  • Thanks for the demo.

    Bought “Mushroom Wars” after the demo. Great game. Never in a million years would I have bought a game that looked like that with that name. Even the videos made me say “what the?” But the “gameplay” of the demo sold it.

    Bought “Magic Orbz” after playing what I recall was a demo maybe a year ago on my PC? [Since you said you guys were Sony only I guess it wasn’t Magic Orbz but it was dam close.]

    So we’ll see how this one plays but you’re certainly on a roll.

  • i will defiantly be tryin this an how about bringing MAG BETA back with a new server

  • Is it wrong that I read the title as “waterboarding” at first? haha, damn American news >_>

    I’m definitely gonna try out the demo though this game looks kew. The water/sunset in the last picture is beautiful also. Your games have great visuals/art styles.

  • @39 That would make for AWESOME online play ! imagine competing with another person . while you do your run , the other player drives the boat and then when your run is done you get the chance to run him through the wringer and drive it as well .

  • I’m not much into sports games myself… but It can’t hurt to try! :D

    in the meantime… make more of those awesome addictive games like Hamsterball and Majhong!

    u guys are sure to be as big as Pop Cap :)

  • Hi Scott!

    Thanks for the Wakeboarding HD demo. It looks fun. Do you think you’d be able to get a Magic Orbz demo and HamsterBall demo?

    Thanks again for the great sale you had recently. I picked up Cuboid and Mushroom Wars! Fun stuff! Thanks!

  • Wow thats cool now i can se if i would like this game or not! :) I really needed to know if it was just another bigshot game or a sixaxis failure..

  • downloaded the demo expecting a shark behind me but no :(

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