Wakeboarding HD Demo!

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Greetings again, PlayStation faithful. Scott Hyman from Tik/Creat, dropping by yet again. I hope I’m not catching you at dinner, or breakfast, or while watching Lost or Glee or playing God of War III. But with so much happening here, I just need to keep coming by to tell you what we’re up to.

Wakeboarding HD

This time around, I’m happy to let you know how we’ve been listening to you all. We’ve enjoyed the great reaction to Wakeboarding HD, but we understand how some folks like to try before they buy. Sometimes, you want to taste the new flavor of ice cream before you make the purchase, and the same goes for many video games. We’ve read all your emails, and lots of your comments online, and we’ve responded…

Wakeboarding HDWakeboarding HD

TikGames/Creat Studios is proud to offer a free-to-play demo version of Wakeboarding HD in North America and Europe on Thursday, April 29th. Now, you can discover what all the fuss is about by making high-flying jumps, performing insane tricks, and dodging pesky Great White Sharks before purchasing the full game.

Wakeboarding HD

We’re confident that after playing the demo, you’ll be craving more. Just like the server behind the ice cream counter, we are more than happy to offer a sample of the latest Tik/Creat flavor. And please stay tuned, as there’s always plenty of new flavors, er… I mean new games to come!

Wakeboarding HD

As always, thanks again for everyone’s support. We love making games, and you are the reason why we can do it. Please keep the comments and suggestions coming. As I stated above, we are always reading and listening!

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  • Yay. I will definitely try this.

  • Nice. I’ve been looking forward to a demo for this game. It looks like a lot of fun, but it strikes me as a definite try before you buy situation.

    Looking forward to giving the demo a nice workover.

  • Your guys’ games rule!

  • Why do we need a demo? Its wakeboarding! And its in HD! And it has water. It’s the essentials of life!

    • If only the whole world had your wisdom, Jetup! But we are happy to offer the demo to help the rest of the world to catch up to your incredible insight.

  • please keep the stories and demos coming
    we are always reading and playing

    • Thanks, Diggy305. We are always reading and working hard to make more cool games for you. Please let us know what else you would like to see.

  • Wait, so will the demo come with a free sample of ice cream?

    Oh and thanks for the demo. Will definitely be trying it out tomorrow. I’m always looking for quick fun games to kill time before work or whatever.

    • Sorry, Zarxce. We’ve been working on downloadable ice cream technology, but so far it’s really messy.

      Please let us know how you like the demo. We’re pretty sure you’ll be enjoying yourself.

  • sweet. now only need to patch in online co-op and I will be buying :)

  • Demos are always welcome, I will check it out.

  • Every game maker should have your attitude about demos. You get +1 intelligence bonus. I will definitely try and demos make me much more likely to purchase if the game suits me.

    Now everyone go find the Crash Commando demo and buy that game too, it’s the best PSN multiplayer IMO.

  • awesome , I usually don’t buy without a demo

    how long is it ? is it a complete level or time limited ?
    inquiring minds want to know .

  • Looks cool but it’s not my kind of games.

  • is any one on that can help me

  • Thanks for the heads-up on the demo, Scott. Is Tik/Creat working on any dynamic themes?

  • No demo, no purchase, is a customer rule.
    Game makers better listen.

    • We’re listening, tenshin78. We’ve made demos for Smash Cars, Mushroom Wars and Digger because of customer feedback. Thanks for the input.

  • I will try this out, I do like magic ordz game thats the only Ive played from yall.

    • Thanks, Hustleman24! We’re thrilled that you like Magic Orbz. Check out the TikGames/Creat Studios Publisher Page and you will find all TEN of our PSN titles. :-)

  • SWEET. I have been wanting to try this one. It looks great.

  • Thanks, gosox!

    You never answered my all-important question in the last blog…

    Which Sox? White or Red?

  • True to the above. I love it when a demo is released. Makes me much more likely to buy a game.

  • I love it when every comment gets a reply!

    • I’m working it, MooseDog. Can’t do them all… I do have to go back to making games. But it’s great to correspond with everyone. We are very thankful for Sony to giving us the forum.

  • That would be Red Sox, Scott. Thanks again for the comments. They are appreciated.

    • Now that’s the right answer, gosox! :-) We’re based in Boston, and I was at Fenway Park just a couple of weeks ago.

      Go Red Sox!

      (ok… back to video games)

  • Great, thanks for the demo, will definitely be checking it out. I think this is the only Tik/Creat game I don’t own yet, but I still have plenty to 100%

    • The only one, acerazer1? Then it’s a good thing we got this demo out just in time to convince you to complete your collection.


  • I’ve recommended this game even without a demo. I bought it day one and have enjoyed many hours with it. It’s such a nice break from the head pounding frustration of God of War III. It takes me to my happy place.

    • Wow, Rampge76. We’re honored to help bring you to your happy place. We hope our future games will continue to bring you there.

  • bought the game first day, great game! Just hate those sharks…

  • Wow, Rampge76. We’re honored to help bring you to your happy place. We hope our future games will continue to bring you there.

    • Oops.. comment slip!

      Glacier928, we’re glad that you’re enjoy it. But you need to learn to love the sharks. They only eat you because they love you.

  • Go Red Sox.. that is great that ur based in Boston. You guys definitely have my support.

    • We would like to think that we have your support because of our games, but we’ll take it for our baseball loyalties, too!

  • Awesome, i can finally decide to buy it after playing the demo
    this is what all game developers should do!

    • Let us know what you think after you play, Killzone79. Feedback from our customers is why we made the demo in the first place.

  • @Scott Hyman

    hmm…i guess they would explain why they always try to eat me lol. Well i’d definitely like to say you guys are an excellent development team and look forward to seeing your future titles on the psn.

  • Thank you hopefully more companies will realize a demo is very important especially for $15 titles

    • You’re quite welcome, The1stMJC. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, and we hope you will give Wakeboarding HD a try.

  • quick question creat/tik games

    the games you make for PSN are they PSN exclusives and not on other consoles?

    • Every game we have released on PSN is indeed a PSN exclusive. We love us Sony, and we have faith that they will continue to the love.

  • Scott, I am gonna try this out for sure, but I have a funny story you might enjoy. I am a Cubs fan (and a glutton for punishmentapparently). I was in Boston last Saturday at a wedding and after the reception we got on the train to head to the hotel with a bunch of RedSox fans right after the game was over. Thanks to the open bar, I was jokingly jeering the Sox and even tried to get a “Let’s Go Cubbies” cheer started. I might have even said something about Beckett and Tom Brady scissoring. The whole train was great about it though, they just laughed at the guy in the tux who overindulged at the open bar. +100 for BoSox fans…pretty sure I would’ve gotten stabbed if it was Philly or New York.

    • We BoSox fans are a bit more subdued since 2004. Had you tried that in 2003, I probably would have been too angry respond to this post.

      Have faith, halebound00. Our drought ended, and yours will someday. And it will be worth all the heartache, I assure you.

  • The water looks beautiful, I’ll give you that.

  • Luv u guys! This game was a pass for me, but I’m still looking forward to some Euchre…maybe…PLEASE!!!!????

  • Wake boarding? Ran out of ideas, eh??

  • this looks soo fun, is it remote playable aswell, this i will get dispite.. but lmk, thanks.

    • Not sure about Remote Play, polo155. I’ll see what I can find out. Let us know what you think about the demo.

  • opps, also, can we advertise on those billboards?

  • Thanks for the demo. Will definitely pick it up when it hits a sale price.

  • I’d download this, but I already have the game! Which is great by the way, everyone should check this out!

  • You know just last night I was looking through the store, saw this and After Burner Climax, and thought about how I might get them if only I had a demo to know it was worth it or not. Got to love coincidences. Should be interesting to try out.

  • never heard of this game…but looks really fun. is it a PSN or bluray disc game??

  • Is there an option where we can be the one driving the boats?

    • Sorry, RaymondBel. You’re at the mercy of the sadistic boat driver.

      But that’s a heck of a DLC idea!

  • Good to see a demo. IMO, the biggest failing of PSN is not requiring demos for all PSN downloadable games. Screen shots and controlled video don’t let you know how well a game controls.

    • Thanks for sharing, Grognard66. We’re happy to provide the demo, and we hope you’ll check it out.

  • Scott, if you pickup my idea… just make sure you send me a free copy ;)

  • @Raymond Bel and Scott Hyman

    It could also be a sick Co-op idea. One person drives while the other one is on the wakeboard.

  • yep, the only one lol. I got a bunch during the sale and really have too many games atm, so I haven’t even gotten around to playing all of them yet. hopefully by the end of the summer i will have cpmpleted them all, but by then i’m sure you guys will have released another 3 or 4 games and another magic ball pack lol. they really are some great games :)

    • Well, thank you for all those purchases! Let us know how you enjoy them and what you think of the Wakeboarding HD demo.

  • omg i LOVE getting from school and receiving great news! makes the school day totally worth it!

  • @ poodude

    It could also be combined to mod nation to become Aqua-Nation where you could built your own boats and tracks… on, under and above water. That could make hellava tracks for those hanging on the boards!!!… even multi-boards on one boat!!!

  • @Raymond Bel

    Oh man, the possibilities are endless. Now I’m aniticpating Modnation even more so I can build a Wakeboarding HD-inspired track. Though I’ll probably just get lazy like I did with LBP and never finish the level.

  • i plan on getting this, just as soon as it gets a price cut…

  • I loved the Smash Cars game if the same people are putting it out then i probably will love this too

    • We like to think so, too, mechtech15. And we are indeed the same folks behind Smash Cars. And Mushroom Wars. And Magic Orbz. And… ok, I’ll stop.

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