New Release: Super Street Fighter IV for PS3

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Hi PlayStation fans!

I’ve listened to PlayStation users voice their opinions for the past 10 years. They’ve said, “We’re waiting for the next numbered sequel to Street Fighter!”

I have to apologize that it took Capcom almost a decade to make the decision… but, I really appreciate your continuous support, and I’m now armed with weapons and armor to fight as Capcom’s voice in this tough global market. It is as if I’m fighting as King Arthur from Ghosts ‘n Goblins!

The original Street Fighter IV was released in February 2009. Before that, it has been about 15 years since the SFII series, and 10 years since the SFIII series. I strongly feel that SFIV wouldn’t have happened without your support. I’m glad that Street Fighter is now back, and I’d like to say “thank you” to all of you.

Super Street Fighter IV (PS3)

And now SFIV is fully renewed and, to reinforce the upgrades, we’ve added the pre-fix “Super.” All of the additions are a reflection of what you, the fans, have voiced, so I hope you will continue to play it as long as possible. Also, please be sure that I truly did try to listen to your requests as much as possible in deciding the new characters.

There are also fans demanding functionality related to PlayStation Network, so we’ve implemented the “Endless Battle” and “Team Battle” modes. “Team Battle” allows users to play as a team, and provides you with a platform for researching which are the best teams. Also, all of the modes have the “battle observation” mode, which allows you to watch the matches as they are played by your friends. All battles can be saved with the replay save request if you want. These features were created to build a stronger community within PSN.

Also, all SSFIV replay data which is saved on your PS3 can be shared with other online-connected PS3’s worldwide. This “Replay Channel Mode” allows you to watch any replays and is available 24/7 on the PS3 through PSN. Now you can’t hide from Street Fighter anymore!

As many of you know, we had a PlayStation-supported SSFIV Fight Club event with the fans in a Los Angeles suburb on Friday, April 23rd. It was a big success, and I was pleasantly surprised that about 1,000 fans attended! It is this amazing support that is exceptionally important, and provides the motivation for us to develop new projects in the future. To be completely honest, I’m absolutely exhausted now since I’ve been running non-stop for several years, so please let me take a break for a little bit. J I’m sure that the break won’t last that long…

I’ll be back in the near future with a great idea for a new project which will hopefully get you excited!

Super Street Fighter IV for PS3

Super Street Fighter IV for PS3Super Street Fighter IV for PS3

Well, the last topic on this blog is about the Super Tournament Mode that will be available as a free download for SSFIV this June. To showcase how great this new mode is, we’re planning to organize an online tournament in cooperation with SCEA. Tournament Mode allows us to create exclusive “titles” (like a champion belt) that will be awarded to the winner of the tournament. Please look forward to it, and stay tuned!

With the big support from all the PlayStation users, Super Street Fighter IV has been excitingly launched! I consider a fighting game to be a virtual “tool” of real fighting. And, as in real-life fighting, perfection is what we are striving for. So if any unexpected bugs happen, please let us know and we’ll do our best to fix them.

It would be highly appreciated if you keep conveying your requests and voicing your opinions to us moving forward. We will try our best to implement your requests in the future.

Finally, I’m looking forward to seeing all of you somewhere in the future. And, I expect you to “Smile” with “Surprise” then.

Everyone, again, thank you very much!

Yoshinori Ono, Producer, Super Street Fighter IV

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  • Is there any chance that Capcom will release a DLC upgrade for those who ponied up for SF IV last year?

    I wouldn’t mind paying $20 to upgrade my version, but I really hate to pay full retail AGAIN for a few more characters and moves. This isn’t the 1990s.

    I realize it’s logistically problematic (since people could install rental copies or friends’ copies), but maybe some sort of voucher could be set up where owners of the game could send in the back page of the manual or something in exchange for a code linking to a $20 download.

  • I wish there was a way for normal peeps to reply to comments >_>

    gor1llap1mp, you get two extra costume colors if you have a SFIV save. It’s nothing major, but still a nice addition. Color 11 adds a really nice ink filter to your character. It’s the only one I use now.

    secularsage, Super SFIV is cheaper than a full retail game. It’s only $40 instead of $60 and adds much more content. It’s a no brainer for fans. Fighting games last a very long time and if you’re serious, you can easily clock several hundred hours into the game. Super is no different and you’ll rarely find any other game that you can play for such a long time. For the price, you really can’t go wrong.

  • @secularsage

    The game is retailing for $40 instead of 60 as the poster above me noted. Amazon has it for 36.99 (qualifies for free shipping) and $10 credit toward the next video game purchase (that credit does have an expiration date though).

  • SSFIV is amazing. I’m having so much fun playing it (Ibuki is my favorite character atm). It’s so much better than the original. I’m looking forward to Tournament Mode in June. I wonder what special belts Capcom has in store for us gamers. This will definitely hold me over until Marvel vs. Capcom 3 arrives.

  • They say you can’t please everybody I understand that but for people to have complaints about the pricing is just ridiculous. Seriously, SSFIVs retail price of 40 bucks is a steal. Capcom could’ve easily charged 60 bucks for this game but they didn’t. The game is fantastic I definitely got my moneys worth.

  • will there be more characters added as DLC? me want R. Mika!!!!!!!!!

  • Rrrrrrainbow!

  • “New project”, huh? Looking forward to it.

    I’ve heard that people that already own SF4 will get a new filter option to use in-game, sorta makes the graphics and characters look more like the announcement trailer with Ryu and Ken.

  • Ono,

    Thank you for for making a great game even better. Please release a psp version, I’d love to play this game on the go. There is a version of Street Fighter IV on the ipod touch, so at very least that version should be able to be ported over to the psp (with control enhancements. Thanks for reading and continueing to make great games.

  • OK ,Let me get this correct..You wan us to buy a game that you released last year with lots of flaws in it but this one has the same ,other than 4 or 5 new characters?& a prize of 39$ , but still the same exactly game as the one I already have & paid 25$ when it became a total fail!!!… but you still want us to buy it cause you listen to us & you are awesome… NAH !!! I ‘ll keep my 39 $ & really spend it on a better more redefined game …Or wait for SSF 4 to collapses again & then buy it for 19$ ..after all thats what a DLC for STF4 should it cost… & dont you dare remake a darkstalkers game & kill the value of my PS2 games.

  • @49 – gor1llap1mp

    I’m glad I wasn’t just making things up in my head. Hopefully somebody here knows.

  • And look at that someone did know!

    So colors eh? Yeah this can sit on the backburner for now since when I do buy it I’ll be wanting to get a fight stick as well.

  • Is it me or is Hakan about to get incinerated? He is pouring oil (a flammable liquid) on himself as C.Viper lights up.

    Maybe they added Fatalities in SSFIV?

    Can’t wait for my pre-order to arrive :D

  • Also if you want a suggestion, would be great to get the rest of the SF cast in when you announce the “new project” – could it be “SSFIV – Turbo”?

    Here’s hoping! If you backfill all the missing charas that would be immense.

  • SSF4 is an amazing and worth while upgrade for any fighting fan. There is far more added to this game and it’s longevity than I’ve seen in any DLC to date. If you’re a fan of fighting games, if SF4 is already one of your favourites, you wont be disappointed with SSF4. Play the damn game, you’ll see.

  • Hadoken…..foolszzz!!!!

  • $40 SSF4???
    might wait to see if Super Street Fighter Turbo hits next year. I’ll be waiting;)

  • @zombie9

    Capcom said they won’t be making anymore installments in SFIV, but I guess that depends on how much you trust them.

    Anyways, thank YOU for the game Ono! I missed out on SFIV last year myself, so this is a no-brainer. Haven’t picked it up yet because it’s finals week for me, but I’ll get it on Friday. Can’t wait for what you reveal next.

    With this game, Marvel vs Capcom 3, and Virtua Fighter 5: The Final Showdown (Sega game, but still awesome), it is a sweet time to be a fighting game fan!

  • So what is the “surprise” then?? Any ideas???

    This is all just gravy. SF4 was awesome in its own right, but all of this is brilliant and tasty gravy. Thanks to Capcom for the love!!

  • I got the game, but I had to make a new PlayStation Network account which I’m not very happy about. When I bought my PS3 I lived in America, so my ID is registered there. Now I live in Japan. The new sorting by location feature for online play as me marked with an American flag when on my normal account. This is a huge issue because people with horrible lag get try to join me and I get kicked because people think I will have bad lag. Anyway to fix this issue so I can play on my real PlayStation ID an not this new temporary Japanese one I just made today?

  • To anyone that is living in Canada, currently Best Buy store is doing a trade-in game promotion for Super Street Fighter 4 for free at local participating store. Check the link below for more detail. Event starts April 27th, 2010 and last until April 29th, 2010, so hurry before you missed out!

  • lol@ all of the obvious trolls posting here. Anyone with half a clue of how fighting games work, and certainly ANYONE who played and enjoyed SF4 would know that SSF4 is pretty much a completely different game.

    Um, let’s see. Completely rebalancing the game from top to bottom, adding TEN new characters, each with their own individual move sets, special, super, and ultra moves, adding a new ultra combo to ALL of the existing characters. Adding bonus stages, several new online game modes, a brand new ranking system, replays for EVERY match, new stages, music, etc… the only thing that stayed the same were the character models! Even if this WAS DLC, we’re probably talking about a full DVD worth of new content anyway!

    Let’s face it. You guys that are hating probably never played Street Fighter anyway and just wanna bash Capcom for putting Monster Hunter on the Wii! Go cry elsewhere and let the real gamers enjoy the epicness of Street Fighter, and MVC3.

  • I really hope this time the save game isn’t copy protected.

  • Its a shame I can not enjoy SSF4 as I suck at fighting games Dx Everything looks so cool, its just the fighting puts me off =(

    Also guys (PSblog) you should check the submissions on PSblog, there might be a few good ones yet to be confirmed ;)

  • I’ll not be making any more knee-jerk buys from Capcom after the “shady Final Fight DRM without warning” fiasco. And if there is DRM in the product that keeps me from playing the game or DLC on the two PS3s that I own, I won’t be purchasing them at all. Limiting games to one Master Account and its sub-accounts is reasonable. Limiting them to only one profile on one system is not. Down with anti-consumer DRM and the shady ways they are slipped in. Shame on you Capcom.

  • I remember a couple of years back when someone from Capcom essentially said “we’re not making fighting games any more.” Those were sad times. I guess that guy got yoga-teleported into a mailroom position because its clear the Capcom fighting spirit is back! :p

  • Any chance of getting some more SF3 characters in the future? I would love to have Sean from SF3 Third Strike. Just so I can beat Dan down over and over again! LOL.

    This game iz gonna be AWESOME! =D

  • wow, i find this rather.. funny that people would willing buy a remake of a game that is barely a year old…I’ve learned my lesson with capcom games no more day one buys from them wait 2 years until they rerelease the game for a 3rd time.

  • “I love this game and i dont care if i sux on street fighter i have too much fun playing it (:”

    Now that’s the spirit. Keep it up :)

  • “Um, let’s see. Completely rebalancing the game from top to bottom, adding TEN new characters, each with their own individual move sets, special, super, and ultra moves, adding a new ultra combo to ALL of the existing characters. Adding bonus stages, several new online game modes, a brand new ranking system, replays for EVERY match, new stages, music, etc… the only thing that stayed the same were the character models! Even if this WAS DLC, we’re probably talking about a full DVD worth of new content anyway!”

    Mmmm… nothing a paid patch cannot do. And why shoud we care about the size? The things that stayed the same were the character models, the stages, the background music, the cutscenes (almost nothing, as you can see)…

    And guess what? No DLC, no buy. You can LOL all you want, it makes no difference.

  • how do i get those display props for my home?

  • When will we see Home avatars for the new characters that made it into Super Street Fighter 4? I hope it’s soon, because I’m gonna be Dudley until some other avatar equally or more awesome arrives.

  • If i would have known this version was going to be released i would have never bought the original sf4.

  • Please fix the voice chat for this game whether it’s endless battle mode or reply mode the voice chat is choppy atleast this needs to be attended to immediately.

  • @82: Okay, if you really think all of that stuff could have been included in a patch, then why bother making Uncharted 2? Just patch the first game. It has the same character models, theme music, and game mechanics as the first game. Sure, let’s just throw in an online mode, add a few new maps, music, and cutscenes and that’s it. I mean, it’s so simple. I mean, it doesn’t matter how big the patch would have to be, or that it would take a few days to download it.

    It’s funny how people will complain about this and then run out and pay 60 bucks for Madden 11.

  • I’m still PO’ed that my copy of SFIV is now bunk. Honestly, SSFIV is out and SFIV is now crap.

  • to everyone complaining bout the game stop being so ignorant. what is packed in super sf4 is nothing like DLC and theres been so much changed in the game from character balancing, moves (every character has 2 ultras), and online you can clearly tell that this couldnt be fixed with a patch or added dlc. and if 40 dollars is a problem u shoulda traded in sf4 towards a preorder and the game woulda been more like 20! as a previous sf4 owner i can honestly say playing with the original characters the game feels completely new to me and i dont ever wanna think that sf4 existed now cuz ssf4 is it! im loving the extra effect unlocked from previous sf4 saves that makes the characters look like they are from the opening scenes :) all i can ask is that maybe the game be patched to support youtube uploads also since it is a feature that the ps3 has been hasnt been used often (pixel junk eden is the only game so far that i know of that has this). Glad to see u guys kept the xmb in-game music available thanks capcom, until Marvel vs. Capcom 3 :)


  • @lostinplainsight

    There is no way a company can satisfy everyone in the artistic style of a game they release. The unique art style is briliant in my opinion and I am sure the same can be said by millions of SFIV owners out that. And yes, once you learn the basics, the gameplay is much more interesting in SFIV compared to the older SF games.

    At least give it a try and you will love it.

  • any new unlockable shirts for home?

  • Let’s get some PSN SSFIV action, come on sony and capcom you know you want to.

  • Does this game have secret, unannounced DRM?

    I would just like to know in advance before I give
    Capcom one more penny.

  • Ha ha ha ha!! I Told you so….I just go a used copy of SSF4 from some guy who went & resell it to gamestop…They were paying him 10$ for it & 16 for store credit..he didnt want to so I offered 20 $ for it…& now I have my DLC SSF4 Disk !! Like I said 39 its to much 4 the same game & extra content …So is you the fanboys of STF who should shut up & learn to deal with scrutiny from capcom…I’m not a hater or anything ..Im just good with money value perspective thats all….& SSF4 its not ,I REPEAT ITS NOT WORTH THE 39$ YOU PAY FOR A DLC!!…anyone interesting in buying STF4 ? 30$ only!! COME ON!! YOU LIKE PAYING LOTS OF MONEY FOR STUPID THINGS !! DONT YOU?….(ToT) ha ha ha ha!!!

  • nice posters i liket :) DX

  • OK I apologie to you …I just played SSF 4 and got the amazingly surprise that all figthers are unlock !!… I mean ALL OF THEM!!..On SF4 this was my most hateful issue ,not anymore, & finally I get yo play with my favorite FEI-LONG !! yes!!..anyway so I’m playing & I got to say this is not SF4 in fact it doesn feel anything like it,finally combos conect!!..gameplay has improve a LOT!!. Graphics still the same but who cares when doing ULTRA COMBOS.. I Try the online & IT HAS CHANGE OR BETTER SAY …IT HAS IMPROVE!!…OH YEAH!!…Im on board for this ..Im sorry for act like such a JERK !! but after so much dissatisfaction from SF4 ,I was doubtful of another SF game …Anyway best 20 $ I had spend!! See u in the network for some WHOPPA X!!!

  • Since I bought sf4 for 20 bucks used I didn’t mide paying 40 for ssf4.

    I wish there was a world tour mode like in Alpha3…

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