New Release: Super Street Fighter IV for PS3

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Hi PlayStation fans!

I’ve listened to PlayStation users voice their opinions for the past 10 years. They’ve said, “We’re waiting for the next numbered sequel to Street Fighter!”

I have to apologize that it took Capcom almost a decade to make the decision… but, I really appreciate your continuous support, and I’m now armed with weapons and armor to fight as Capcom’s voice in this tough global market. It is as if I’m fighting as King Arthur from Ghosts ‘n Goblins!

The original Street Fighter IV was released in February 2009. Before that, it has been about 15 years since the SFII series, and 10 years since the SFIII series. I strongly feel that SFIV wouldn’t have happened without your support. I’m glad that Street Fighter is now back, and I’d like to say “thank you” to all of you.

Super Street Fighter IV (PS3)

And now SFIV is fully renewed and, to reinforce the upgrades, we’ve added the pre-fix “Super.” All of the additions are a reflection of what you, the fans, have voiced, so I hope you will continue to play it as long as possible. Also, please be sure that I truly did try to listen to your requests as much as possible in deciding the new characters.

There are also fans demanding functionality related to PlayStation Network, so we’ve implemented the “Endless Battle” and “Team Battle” modes. “Team Battle” allows users to play as a team, and provides you with a platform for researching which are the best teams. Also, all of the modes have the “battle observation” mode, which allows you to watch the matches as they are played by your friends. All battles can be saved with the replay save request if you want. These features were created to build a stronger community within PSN.

Also, all SSFIV replay data which is saved on your PS3 can be shared with other online-connected PS3’s worldwide. This “Replay Channel Mode” allows you to watch any replays and is available 24/7 on the PS3 through PSN. Now you can’t hide from Street Fighter anymore!

As many of you know, we had a PlayStation-supported SSFIV Fight Club event with the fans in a Los Angeles suburb on Friday, April 23rd. It was a big success, and I was pleasantly surprised that about 1,000 fans attended! It is this amazing support that is exceptionally important, and provides the motivation for us to develop new projects in the future. To be completely honest, I’m absolutely exhausted now since I’ve been running non-stop for several years, so please let me take a break for a little bit. J I’m sure that the break won’t last that long…

I’ll be back in the near future with a great idea for a new project which will hopefully get you excited!

Super Street Fighter IV for PS3

Super Street Fighter IV for PS3Super Street Fighter IV for PS3

Well, the last topic on this blog is about the Super Tournament Mode that will be available as a free download for SSFIV this June. To showcase how great this new mode is, we’re planning to organize an online tournament in cooperation with SCEA. Tournament Mode allows us to create exclusive “titles” (like a champion belt) that will be awarded to the winner of the tournament. Please look forward to it, and stay tuned!

With the big support from all the PlayStation users, Super Street Fighter IV has been excitingly launched! I consider a fighting game to be a virtual “tool” of real fighting. And, as in real-life fighting, perfection is what we are striving for. So if any unexpected bugs happen, please let us know and we’ll do our best to fix them.

It would be highly appreciated if you keep conveying your requests and voicing your opinions to us moving forward. We will try our best to implement your requests in the future.

Finally, I’m looking forward to seeing all of you somewhere in the future. And, I expect you to “Smile” with “Surprise” then.

Everyone, again, thank you very much!

Yoshinori Ono, Producer, Super Street Fighter IV

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  • waiting my preorder arrive =/

  • Awesome! Sounds like a great package!

  • Absolutely loving the game. It is a huge improvement over vanilla-SFIV. Really hope you get to do a Darkstalkers game next.

  • I already have 50+ hours in Super Street Fighter IV! I’m loving the game. Thank you for listening to the many fan requests, I’m sure everyone appreciates it. I’ve been keeping up with those developer blogs since the team started doing them. Hopefully Capcom does more of this for all their games.


  • i bought my copy already.

  • I heard the save files were no longer copy-protected, if so thank you!!

  • Actually I’ve been waiting for Capcom to stop selling us DLC that is already on disc and to stop with the time exclusives to other consoles and to bring Monster Hunter to the PS3.

  • Now hurry up and release curse you!

  • The american cover is horrible! The Japanese Cover is the best… what’s happing with Capcom USA? :(

  • Been looking forward to this, thanks for the post.

  • I love this game and i dont care if i sux on street fighter i have too much fun playing it (:

  • lol im gonna have to agree that the cover is pretty terrible.

  • All the great reviews are making the wait harder :|

  • Not the biggest Street Fighter fan, but with everything added into this version and the price; I’m going to pick it up.


  • I’ll be waiting till this comes down in price ($20?). Pretty cheap for what really amounts to as a mere patch with DLC what could have been DLC thrown in. You don’t see Naughty Dog selling us Super Uncharted 2 Among Thieves Turbo Special Edition Deluxe Hyper do you?

  • I picked up a copy before class today and I’m loving it so far. The new characters are great, especially Juri. Now I just need to get one those Blanka action figures…

  • hadoken!

  • That’s damn nice boxart. The PS3 logo really looks like it BELONGS there, y’know? There’s just something about the combination of the two that just looks really good. Take whatever metaphorical statement out of that you’d like- it simply looks like a very natural fit.

  • I’m going to hold off until it’s $20. I already own Street Fighter IV.

  • i love the fighting games you guys have made since street fighter II. i just bought super street fighter IV today and ive just played 8 hours straight. you guys are the best when it comes to creating fighting games. btw i’m also still playing tatsunoko vs capcom and i’ll be purchasing marvel vs capcom 3 when it comes out. thank you capcom and keep on making those awesome fighting games

  • This cover art is way better!

  • So…is this the same game that came out last year, but with a few tiny extras to make it an overpriced game? Does it at least have trophies?

  • so happy that I picked it up today much more improved

  • z…z…z…z…z….z…z…(Blanka>ALL!)

  • Dear Sony,
    In all honesty, I love my PlayStation 3. It has the best games, better visuals on exclusives, and is overall a better machine. With that being said however, it seems you guys really don’t seem to listen to what the gamers truly want. It seems Sony thinks Backwards Compatibility is an unwanted feature,if you truly believe this, then you are not listening to the consumer at all. Id say a good 75 percent of PlayStation owners would love this feature and would gladly pay for it. Cross Game Voice chat? Im curious as to why this feature has not been implemented yet. Its been asked for time and time again and the only viable reason I could come up with as to why it hasn’t been implemented is that Sony is either having difficulties implementing it, or they refuse to give a consumer what they want. Support for MKV files, better support for the web browser, facebook twitter and youtube integration with the XMB, sorted friends list, have also been asked for and unimplemented.
    Let me finally say, I want Sony to continue to succeed in there gaming division. I think all they need to do is to listen up a little more.
    Good Luck on the consoles wars Sony,

    • We’ve been taking more steps to open the dialog, like launching And I’m always available to listen on Twitter @SonyPlayStation. I can’t speak as to specifics (frankly, the answer usually is: “I don’t know”), but I know that your opinions count for a lot at PlayStation HQ. Keep using Share to vote on the best ideas, and I promise you they’ll get read. Thanks for speaking your mind!

  • My copy should be arriving in a few weeks. Thanks!

  • Yes! I completely suck at fighting games but I still love to play em. Thank you for a great game!!

  • Capcom, thanks for another great game. Question about the gift for owners of SFIV. If I own the PS3 version of SFIV and get the 360 version of SSFIV do I still qualify for the gift?

    Sony, you try to take away my OtherOS I spend my money elsewhere.

  • This is why I hate Capcom. Why not just release the extra stuff as DLC? Nope, they’d rather make someone buy a brand new game (even thought hey already have SF4) and waste more money.

    But what am I saying, SF4 sucked anyway.

  • I don’t always hear a developer thanking its fans. Capcom will always be good

  • who wants to fight!?

  • I love complainers

  • smile….surprise? EYE TOY TOURNEYS!!!!!!

  • I’m not holding my breath on this release. I’m actually waiting for Street fighter III strike to be available on the playstation store.

  • It’s awesome that now the post cut to the chase with the “New Release” in the title.

    OT: I really liked SF4, but my favorite Street Fighter is the Alpha Series. I really hope your team could release the 4th installment.

    Congratulations on the excellent job you are doing this generation Capcom.. (except for the milking DLC though ¬¬)

  • So is all the Home content from the original SF4 still there?

  • I got my copy…Thanks Capcom…

  • gxs194 tell me something do you really need the os anyway i’am sure that you can live without it, as a ps3 owner i’m glad they remove it because i can live without it, you say your spend your money somewhere else then your on your xbox360 then oh by the way you can’t use other os on xbox360 either.

  • WaveLightning, there is Home content but I haven’t checked if it’s the same shirts from the original I doubt it though.

  • squalbdlion heart maybe if ppl would stop complaining about things that they don’t have and start being greatful for things that they do have then maybe sony will listen to us more. And secondly Sony has bend over backwards trying to make PS3 customers happy to no avail know matter what they do or give PS3 customers they will still complain about every little thing. Try to put your self in Sony ‘s shoes for once

  • gxs194 then spend your money on your xbox360 then

  • Yoshinori,

    quick question. What exactly was the ‘incentive’ for owners of Street Figher IV to pick up Super? I remember hearing there would be something but after that I didn’t hear anything.

    Could really push me over the edge and get me to purchase this title. I probably will anyways, but as it stands now my money is going to 3D dot game heroes and modnation first.

  • it would be nice if you guys bring youtube support to the game. you know…uploading a video of your favorate fight on a social network so people all over the world can see how awesome you are outside the SF community?

  • If you really wanna thank us, give us a real gift for owning SF4. A filter doesn’t count.

  • All i can say is… KEEP ON WITH THE GREAT PLAYSTATION HOME CONTENT Capcom! We on the Playstation Home forums love Capcom because of all the great Capcom items and spaces we recieve. :D

  • yes thank you Yoshinori Ono for ruining street fighter with bland gameplay uninteresting characters swollen character models. so, yes thank you for the super massive black hole of suck that was and is street fighter 4. just ’cause everyone else drank the kool-aid doesn’t mean i will.

    p.s you stay away from darkstalkers bengus’ designs deserve better then you. you already wrecked one or his babies keep your hands off the other.

    if i seem angry it’s because i had high hopes for street fighter4 and it turned out to be no better then pit-fighter.

  • What the hell happened to the special thing CAPCOM had in store for those who originally bought Street Fighter 4. You guys lied to us!

  • Thanks Ono for fixing the PS3 load times, the game loads much faster now, It even loads faster then the 360 version now.

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