ModNation Racers Artist Spotlights: Sucker Punch rebuilds Empire City!

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Greetings all and Merry ModNation Monday,

Just like the past two weeks, we’re kicking the week off with a new Artist Spotlight video. Last week we had the mind behind Twisted Metal and God of War, David Jaffe, give us his uncensored opinion about making games and his thoughts on ModNation Racers (okay, it was kinda censored). If you visited GameSpot at all last week, then you might have learned that we handed a copy of the game to the talented folks at Sucker Punch Productions to see what they could do with the ModNation creation tools.

So what happens when the crew responsible for the PS2 classic Sly Cooper franchise and the recent PS3 hit inFAMOUS decide to have some fun in ModNation?

Sly Cooper in ModNation Racers

Empire City gets rebuilt… ModNation-style!

This is an example of what happens when you combine some time and imagination with ModNation Racers. We look forward to bringing you more examples of this in future installments of the Artist Spotlights video series.

ModNationTV Spot hits the Airwaves

If you caught Peter Dille’s post last week, you know all about Kevin Butler‘s new ‘stache and uh…orange shorts. The VP ModNation Motivation hits Comedy Central on April 28th during the South Park season finale!

If you liked the orange shorts online, you’ll like them even better in HD!


Pre-order Mystery ModNation Mods and Karts Revealed Tomorrow!

If you pre-ordered ModNation, you scored either Kratos, Ratchet and Clank, or Nathan Drake. But you ALSO scored one of four mystery mods and kart packs!

??? in ModNation Racers ??? in ModNation Racers

??? in ModNation Racers ??? in ModNation Racers

Stay tuned on the PlayStation.Blog this week as we announce not only the Mystery Mods and Karts you will have a chance to score by pre-ordering, but a NEW familiar character who has decided to get a kart and join the RACE!

??? in ModNation Racers

See you then!

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55 Author Replies

  • @48

    You know these companies hold all the really cool stuff from the game for DLC rite? That’s why I won’t buy the game itself.

    • Hate to disagree but ModNation comes with a ton of really cool stuff right out of the box-

      Over 25 Tracks
      Online and offline splitscreen
      Full Track Studio, Mod Studio, Kart Studio
      Thousands of accessories, colors, stickers, etc. to create with
      Share and Download as many creations as much as you like.

      Doesn’t sound like we are holding back much does it? :)

  • Now, all we need is the following to complete the SONY family :) …

    1) A Killzone map
    2) A Killzone playable character
    3) A God of War map
    4) A Fat Princess map
    5) A Fat Princess playable character
    6) And finally a Resistance character and map

    If these were available out of the box, great! If not, DLC PLEASE!!!

    SONY FTW!!!

  • The Infamous track looks awesome. He was even playing for so long that he needed to recharge his controller (02:11). Will you be able to make indoor tracks in ModNation Racers?

    Also, there needs to be a Sly Cooper game for PS3!

    • Ha! I noticed that too. I haven’t seen any indoor tracks, just tracks with tunnels. I suppose we would need a big dome or something. But with that said, I would have never thought Empire City could be recreated with the current tools but Sucker Punch proved it was possible, so maybe an indoor track can be done.
      Just hasn’t been made yet!

  • I guessed it was a Helghast from Killzone, but then after seeing the comments here it probably is SackBoy.

  • What’s with all the negative comments about DLC? Anyways every new post that I read about modnation racers keeps getting me excited and sad because it is still a month away! I was sold when they said 4 player split-screen! Thanks chuck for the info keep up the good work!

  • so the mystery mods are only available if you buy it from amazon, bb, or gamestop? i preordered from overstock when they had it for $40 but that was before the preorder bonus was announced. will i still get a mystery kit from them? if they didn’t already charge my card i would cancel and go with someplace else.

    • I’m not aware of the offer being on Overstock. Unless they state that on their page, I don’t think you get one. The retailer would say what you get with the pre-order. GameStop, Amazon, BB and I believe GameCrazy all have programs tied with the Mystery Mods.

  • I played the beta…. For all of three days that I had access to it and definitely saw the potential but was still hesitant until more info came out from later builds and learning most of the issues I had were resolved. Pre-ordered almost a month ago now from Amazon.

    Just hope with the major increase of parts available it will also mean a large increase in how large and complex you can make your track. I saw this video a couple days ago and IMO it’s the most impressive example of what you can do with the track editor yet, the Empire City track looks absolutely amazing and possibly my favorite example of the potential of the track creation tool from what I’ve seen so far. The potential is definitely there for some awesome tracks I just hope people keep it creative and don’t get too obsessed with recreating tracks or characters from other games.

    Will there be animated lighting effects that can be added to karts? Would really help with one kart I was working on in the beta but couldn’t get right because of there not being anything, I had to settle for horizontal red text..

    • I agree, this is the most impressive track made to date that I have seen. Can only imagine what else is possible. I’m not sure about the lighting effects I’m afraid. All I know is that the parts you got in the beta was just a fraction of the actual game. I’m sure you will have a lot to play with. :)

  • You should have everyone do a studio-themed track like this one. That’s how you would co-promote all titles. This video right here made me excited for both inFamous 2 (we know it’s coming :P) and Modnation Racers. Although this level does look time-consuming.

  • Damn lol. This video just took $60 away from Skate 3 and towards MNR. Whatever, Skate 3 can wait till September. I’m off to Gamestop tomorrow to pre-order. Been looking forward to this since 2009 E3 and now it’s finally here :) Yay! And the release date coincidentally is when my last week of school and exams are, so I’m home by 10am and ready to play. Double Yay!

    And if you look at the top-right head of the mystery mod you can see where it is stitched. Just sayin’ :)

    • hmmm…could just be a helmet. Just sayin’! :)

      Thanks for the support and congrats on the last day of school! (I miss those!)

  • KEVIN BUTLER’S KART and Character!!!!!!

    What? He is a PlayStation Icon now, Everyone wants it to do the Sony E3 Conference.

    The Fat Princess Kart and Character also sounds amazing!!

    Looking Forward for this great great game, looks like tons of fun.

  • KEVIN BUTLER’S KART and Character!!!!!!

    What? He is a PlayStation Icon now, Everyone wants him to do the Sony E3 Conference.

    The Fat Princess Kart and Character also sounds amazing!!

    Looking Forward for this great great game, looks like tons of fun.

  • Awesome!!

    Maybe you guys at PS Blog should have the countdown timer for Modnation Racers. God of War 3 has been out for over a month now lol.

  • Really wanna play that track

  • Everyone >> Look i was in beta in game ,i was going to download a Mod and when i saw the list it was HUGE HUGE list Mods, i mean there were a Mario mod a Luigi mod, Helgahst Killzone mod not one but like ten Helgasht mods , im saying there alot Mods that people created from everygame that released so day one purchase also they created Halo mod too, dude look real same

  • This game took the awesome that littleBigPlanet has and makes it much more user-friendly, As much as I love LBP, the time it takes to really make a detailed awesome level was a bit too much for my liking. in MNR, you can make really fun levels in seconds, and if you want to, spend the time to go into every little detail. I can’t WAIT for this game!!!

  • Sucker Punch really needs to make a Sly 4.

    Anyways, that was completely awesome. I’m guessing Naughty Dog is next. Media Molecule will probably show up sometime too as this game follows LBP’s tagline. Not to mention that looks like Sackboy…

    • I have to agree. Where is Bentley when you need him? :) Next week we will leave the video game world a bit and spotlight someone with a different take on ModNation. Very excited to bring it to ya.

  • i want to play that track and these videos are making me want the game more and more and didn’t think that was possible not going to pre-order though since I don’t pre-order games

  • I want an Arkham Asylum track and kart pack! Actually, that will be my first project.

    My questions to those who think they know who the Mystery Mod is (Sackboy, Cole…). What’s the Mystery Kart?

  • C’mon Chuck, only 36 err..37 more comments to go. You can do it buddy! Your halfway there!

  • wow thanks for replying so much-i kno ur buzy and evrything but its nice wen u reply

  • Here in Australia, when you pre-order, you get all 4 sony characters plus 6 bonus characters. I’m just wondering, do you know how we’d get the Sackboy, I mean, secret well known bonus character? And also will the empire city track be available in the full game?

  • Wow, this game just keeps on impressing me more and more. The Modnation Beta was fun! Was smooth too! I made a Kratos looking guy. :p

  • Wow!! That track looks amazing!! I love sucker punch and especially Infamous. Just pre-ordered THREE copies of this game!! LOL one for me, one for my brother, and one for a co-worker.

    BTW goHastings has this game for 39.99 if you pre-order….best deal ever!

    • Wow. You got an automatic online Faceoff there. :) I wonder how Hastings is pulling that price off? If it’s legit, more power to you!

  • Can I break silence on my beta creations, I think people would get really pumped if they could see what we made back then, especially when they get excited over simple mods.

  • I really want to show of my Axl, but I don’t want to break those old beta agreements

  • where are my Motorstorm map and Motorstorm avatars ? anyways day 1 buy for me ( im getting both versions ps3 and psp GO same day ) i think i will have to pre order the ps3 at best buy or gamestop? man its a hard choice lol

    • Nice! It is tough choice. But if you wait, you will actually get to see these Kratos, Ratchet, Clank, and Nate in action this week. Just stay tuned to the blog and you can make your choice then.

  • Just a quick question hopefully i get a response!

    Will there be any pre-order bonus for the psp version? or will it just be for ps3 users only? sadly i dont own a ps3 only a psp and i do plan on getting this game, but i would like to know if us psp users are also getting any kind of bonus?

  • I want that InFamous shirt!

  • @iTofuMan I agree, I’d like to hear about if any of these preorder goodies will be available on the PSP version, and if so, if they’ll be made available to those who plan on buying the PSN version (like I am).

  • Already stole that Sly pic as my avatar on blogs…get him on PSN now please.

  • Totally looks like sackboy in the final silhouette.

  • We TOTALLY need a track based on the ol’ PS1 classic, Jumping Flash.

  • Was already going to buy this game (waiting on some Best Buy coupons to activate – then I’m preordering for the Nathan Drake bonus!) BUT….

    Today my sons (12 and 8)have ganged up on me! They’re suggesting we buy TWO copies for our PS3s (since we have 2) and pre-ordering from Amazon for the R&C characters. Apparently having 2 copies will allow them to play against each other so they can “bond”. At least part of the new “plan” includes my 12 year old using his OWN money for his copy. Then there’s the PSP version as well. Now that they’ve got my wife convinced – I’m DOOMED!!!!

    Looks like you’re going to make a lot of money from my family… ;)

    • Ha! Your sons are my heroes. LOL But I don’t see why they need 2 copies to bond, you can just race split-scree…Oh…I mean…YAH!

      You should TOTALLY get 2 copies!


  • that was pretty cool, I hope that track is going to be available, got my Drake pre-order & can’t wait for this game

  • That was a really impressive track from the guys at Sucker Punch. It really stands out visually from all of the rest I’ve seen in gameplay videos so far.

  • So ready for this game. I already have idea’s lining up in my head (i should prolly write them down so i don’t forget),i still need to preorder from hopefully i’ll do it sometime this week

    • Definitely write down your ideas. I learned from LBP that creations always turn out better if you jot things down and sketch it out. It’s gonna work the same with ModNation. A few notes go a long way.

      But then, just jumping in and seeing what happens is just fun!

  • I want to preorder but i want to know if the sackboy character will be available for everyone or will i have to preorder this week for the sackboy character?

  • also can you make roller coaster loops?

  • track was amazing! can we see infamous 2!!

  • 1) A Killzone map = $5.99
    2) A Killzone playable character = $2.99
    3) A God of War map = $5.99
    4) A Fat Princess map = $5.99
    5) A Fat Princess playable character = free
    6) And finally a Resistance character and map = $9.99

  • I think it’s either a Helghast or sackboy. I already have this game preordered can’t wait to play this online with friends.

  • @ Chuck I Can’t wait for this game its on my invisible wish-list lol but my dad already pre-ordered from GameStop for me so I can have the awesome Kratos and Kart!!I also can’t wait for the NEW Mystery Mod and Kart which is (*SPOILER* SackBoy *SPOILER*)I hope anyways :P …I hope I can get like Ex:Kratos and his Kart,then the Mystery Mod and Kart that comes with it,then also the NEW Mystery Mod and Kart,I’ll just have to wait and see this week (right?)and find out why the people or Pre-Ordered is gonna have smiles on they’re face (including me).

  • Will we be gettin these special tracks created by these professional geniuses?

  • What is crazy is that all Sucker Punch used were the in-game tools. No development tools at all. SICK!

    This makes me nervous. Granted this particular level looked awesome, but I really hope we don’t find levels in the game that we ourselves can’t make, that would make me sad.

    I believe this is why somebody else mentioned they wouldn’t buy this new, due to the milking of dlc. I loved LBP’s editor do not get me wrong, the game was amazing. However they wouldn’t let you make good looking characters and forced you to buy dlc to get unique characters. While alright at first, it became a bit disappointing in the long run when you look up the price tag to get all the outfits.

    Now granted from the stuff I’ve seen it seems users definitely have a lot up their arsenal for the editing in this game, it would just be a shame not to have the full potential available to us.

    Regardless it’s been a day one purchase for me for a while, can’t wait see what the mystery kart is for Gamestop preorders.

    • Let me clarify. The level that Sucker Punch made was created completely with all the tools you get with the game. So if you had similar time and imagination, you would most definitely be able to make that track without any additional DLC.

      So I don’t think you will have any reason to be sad.

      You have TONS of stuff to make your own original creations from the get go. :)

      Also no matter which retailer you order from, you will have a chance of one of the 4 Mystery Mod and Kart packs. It’s the luck of the draw!

  • @ Chuck and and your reply.

    We’ll see 3 months after it’s release. I can almost guarantee a ton of over-priced DLC will come out for this game just like LBP. If I’m wrong, then rub it in my face. But I know that this type of game is very much like LBP in terms of modding/creating. So it’s a dead giveaway, it will have milked/over-priced DLC.

    • Well I won’t be rubbing anything in anyone’s face. :)

      If you aren’t a big believer in DLC, that is totally fine. I get that. I’m just saying, you don’t need DLC to have a great time with ModNation Racers. Just like you didn’t need DLC to have a great time with LBP.

      DLC is stuff that can enhance or extend your gaming experience if you want to. It’s never required to to play the core game. At least, this is what I’ve seen for most of our titles.

      It’s too bad that will prevent you from purchasing and having fun with ModNation, but hey, I respect your opinion and your choice.

      Hopefully you’ll change your mind over time!

  • it would be cool if it was a Stig character with a Top Gear kart

  • Is it possible to make a Crash Bandicoot character? or maybe a Gex character…

  • I like the Infamous theme track that those dudes from Sucker Punch did, it’s awsome!!!


    Please leave this track you’ve created available for us gamers to be able to download apon the game’s launch. that track looks like it would be so fun to try out. we would highly appricate that



  • Got to love the sack!

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